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As The Days Grow Dark by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 19 : Realization
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Chapter 19

A knock on the door woke Savannah up the next morning. Annoyed, she got up. Today was the one day she got to sleep in because she didn’t have to work. Opening the door, however, she was happy to see Lily. What worried her was the expression on Lily’s face.

She had known Lily for years and never before had she seen an expression like the one she currently wore on her face. Savannah could tell that Lily was barely holding back her tears. Lily wasn’t the type of girl who cried at the drop of a hat; something really bad must have happened.

“What’s wrong?” Savannah asked, stepping aside so Lily could walk into her apartment.

“It’s Hugo,” Lily replied, trying not to cry.

Savannah remembered the conversation she had had with him last night. She already felt really bad about it and planned on talking to Hugo about it that day. Her heart skipped a beat when Lily said something was wrong with Hugo.

“What happened?” Savannah asked quickly, desperate to hear what had happened.

“He’s dead,” Lily cried, “He was murdered last night in his own apartment.”

With those words, Savannah felt her world crashing down around her. Hugo, her best friend, was dead. It seemed impossible. She sat down on the floor and sobbed into her hands. She couldn’t believe that Hugo was dead, and the last thing that she had told him was that she had never loved him.

Why didn’t she lie to Hugo? Why couldn’t she have given him a small ounce of happiness before he was murdered? Instead the last thing she had told him was that she had never loved him. She had known how terrible that was. But she was mad. Hugo knew she was with Daniel and yet he had kissed her. This was one giant mess.

Lily shut the door and sat down next to Savannah. They sobbed together for a long while before any of them were able to speak.

“Do they know who killed him?” Savannah asked, hoping that they did so that Hugo could get some justice.

“No they don’t,” Lily replied, “All they know is that the person did not break into his apartment; Hugo opened the door to them.”

Savannah knew it was stupid to think that they would have caught the killer. The killer had killed several other people and they hadn’t caught them yet. Why should Hugo’s death be any different? However, the fact that Hugo had opened the door to the killer stuck in her mind.

“So that would mean he most likely knew the killer,” Savannah stated.

The two friends pondered what this meant for a while. It could change the whole way they thought about things. It could change the whole investigation. Maybe they would finally be able to catch the killer.

“Do they think his murder is related to the other murders in your family?” Savannah asked eventually.

“Yeah, I think so,” Lily replied, “After all, it’s highly unlikely that it was a coincidence after all the murders that have occurred so far.”

“Do you think someone that is friends with the family is committing all these murders? Maybe a member of the family who secretly turned bad and wants to off his good family and their friends? After all, they probably would know where everyone lived and wouldn’t be suspected.”

This had been something that everyone, even the golden trio, had overlooked. With the previous Wizarding war, they had pretty much known who was on what side. Friendship and loyalty were two things they had and treasure. Now, even those were being tested.

“Who hates our family enough to kill us?” Lily asked.

She tried thinking of people but couldn’t. all the friends of the family were extremely kind. They weren’t the type of people who would secretly commit mass murders. However, the evidence was making them think that that was the case.

“That’s the problem. Whoever is behind this whole scheme is a good actor. Otherwise we would have figured out that they were a phony long ago,” Savannah replied.

“So we really can trust no one?” Lily asked.

That was a scary thought. Every person they loved and every person close to the family was now a suspect. One of them was possibly guilty of all these murders. This fact changed their perspectives on their lives and everyone in it. Someone was a liar and a murderer. The question was who?

“No one. We can trust no one.”




***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) Any idea on who Raven and Viper are? Any ideas on who will be targeted next? I'd love to know! As always, i hope you continue to read, review, and enjoy this story :D ***

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