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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 15 : Chapter 15
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“Of course I’m upset!” Albus cried loudly to Scorpius as they followed the other students who were making their way down to Hogsmeade. Albus was pointing over at Mariah who was walking next to a seventh year Slytherin and laughing at what he was saying to her. “They’re going on a date.”

“You would care because?” Scorpius said slowly looking at his best friend as though he was crazy, which was true, he was crazy.

“Because I feel sorry for the poor bloke,” Albus spluttered out unconvincingly, “I couldn’t care less about what she done.”

“Yeah sure,” Scorpius scoffed.

“And what is that suppose to mean?” Albus cried turning to look at Scorpius with his eyebrows raised to see Scorpius not looking at him. For a best friend he wasn’t very nice, Albus thought to himself.

“It means that you’re only outraged, because Mariah isn’t on a date with you!”

“WHAT?” Albus yelled taking in a loud gasp of air before trying to look offended by his comment, a few other students around them turned to look at them in confusion and with frowns set on their faces; naturally Scorpius and Albus ignored them and carried on their conversation.

“You’re being loud,” Scorpius scolded him ignoring Albus’s outrage.

“And you’re being a Flobberworm,” Albus shot back, Scorpius just shook his head at him so Albus continued, “you’ve dressed like one too.”

Scorpius shoved Albus roughly, causing him to fall into the path of a few of the students, who ended up kicking him, accidently before landing on him in a heap. Scorpius just growled down at him and stormed off, before Albus had a chance to get up from the now big pile of people that Scorpius had caused to fall on top of Albus.

“Fine! I’ll go off with my other friends then, I don’t need you.” Albus yelled, slightly muffled as people got themselves off at him and tutted down at him as they dusted themselves off and carried on walking, clutching hold of any injuries they may have gotten.

Albus knew that he would have to buy Scorpius something really nice if he wanted him to talk to him again, because Albus realised that Scorpius was basically his only friend apart from his own family.


Amelia was shivering as she wrapped her arms around herself, trying to get warm from the bitter coldness in the air, but she wasn’t able to warm herself up. She was currently standing outside Honeydukes waiting for Kelly to make an appearance, she had said to meet her here and she was about twenty minutes late according to Amelia’s watch.

Amelia was getting slightly annoyed at having to wait around for her friend but managed to pass the time by watching Albus Potter, who had been hiding behind the bins of Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes for the same length of time that Amelia had been waiting outside Honeydukes. He was kneeling down behind the bins and was peering over them and into the shop that his uncle owned. Why he was doing this Amelia could only guess at, and her guess was that it had something to do with Mariah, who she spotted earlier walking with her cousin Reginald, both of them had gone inside the shop that Albus was lurking outside of. Amelia noticed that Albus had a deranged look in his eyes and had the appearance of someone who had been run over by a herd of Hippogriffs, she knew that this wasn’t the case as she had seen Scorpius pushing Albus under the feet of students before storming off earlier.

“Don’t your knees hurt?” Amelia asked after she had walked over to where Albus was squinting, Albus shook his head at Amelia as he continued looking into the shop.

“Are you going to tell me why you’re stalking Mariah?” Amelia asked Albus, who scoffed loudly.

“I’m not stalking her, I just merely dropped my quill and I’m trying to find it.” It was the story he had thought up to give to the ministry when Mariah finally got a restraining order against Albus, Albus knew it would only be a matter of time before that happened and he couldn’t wait to be rid of her.

“For the last twenty minutes?” Amelia asked her eyebrows raised at him.

“What’s your point?” Albus asked turning to face her and ignoring the pain that was shooting through his knees and the fact that he had the feeling, that he was in a puddle from the wetness of his knees, that or he had cut them open.

Amelia just laughed at him before shaking her head. “You look crazy, you know that right?”

“When doesn’t he?” A voice said from behind Amelia.

Amelia turned with a smile to see James was walking over to her and his little brother who just nodded at him in greeting before glaring back into the shop, his eyes searching for Mariah.

“Where’s Adam?” Amelia asked, looking around for her brother and seeing no sign of him.

“He ran off just now, muttering something about gold,” James said with a shrug as he gave his brother a strange look, before shaking his head and turning to face Amelia again, “I think he’s going to go rob someone or something?”

“Oh, so you’re alone then?” Amelia asked trying not to sound too hopeful, turning her back on Albus who was muttering under his breath about Mariah and Toby, who could be seen sitting on top of Mariah’s head. He liked to venture out to Hogsmeade on occasion as he got spoilt by Mariah, he was currently holding a tiny bag in his mouth and looking quite smug.

James nodded at her in answer and Amelia gave him a smile, “I’m waiting for Kelly to turn up.”

“I thought I just saw Kelly walking with Scorpius just five minutes ago,” James said pointing behind him towards the rest of the town, “They were heading towards the three broomsticks.”

Amelia gave a groan, “So I’ve been waiting here like a chump?”

“You are a chump,” Albus muttered, “just like Scorpius, who I would like to add is dead to me.”

“Scorpius isn’t dead to you,” James told him, with a roll of his eyes, “you’ll make up in about an hour.”

“No we won’t, I hate him! He made me graze my arm,” Albus showed his arm off to James who just rolled his eyes again and gave him a sceptical look.

“Then you won’t mind if I take this big bag of Honeydukes chocolate then?” James said going to reach for the bag next to Albus, Albus was quick to snatch it out of the way.

“No! That’s for Scorpius,” he cried clutching the bag to his chest protecting it.

“Oh is it?” James asked, “I thought that you hated him.”

“Its hate chocolate,” Albus told him as though he were stupid, “it’s so he knows how much I hate him.”

“Whatever bro,” James said with a laugh and a shrug, before turning to look at Amelia who was laughing at the look on Albus’s face. “Do you want to walk around Hogsmeade with me?” he asked her.

“Sure why not?” Amelia said, her arms wrapping themselves around her tighter as she shivered again, “anything to stop myself being cold.”

James was quick to take off his Quidditch jumper and hand it to her, “here take this.”

“No I couldn’t do that,” Amelia said shaking her head and trying to hand it back to James who wouldn’t take it. “You’ll get cold.”

“No I’ll be fine,” James told her with a laugh, “I’m feeling extremely hot anyway, this way I can cool down and you can warm up.”

“You’ll catch a cold,” Amelia said.

“Then you’ll have to look after me in the hospital wing,” James grinned at her, Amelia felt herself blush slightly.

“I can’t just take your jumper,” she shook her head at him and tried to give it back to him, but James moved backwards from it.

“I won’t wear it if you give it back,” he told her with a laugh.

“Oh just put the bloody jumper on!” Albus snapped at them both. Amelia put the jumper on and felt instantly warmer as James just shook his head at his brother.

“Let’s go shall we?” James asked putting his arm around Amelia and pulling her away from Albus, as they were walking Amelia turned around to look at Albus.

“Oh Albus, you do know that the guy Mariah is with is her cousin right?” she said, James gave a loud laugh at his brothers expense.

Albus just looked at her for a moment before he gave a loud scoff, “of course I do! I’m not that stupid,” he said although she could tell by the way his eyes were shifting around that he didn’t in fact know.

Amelia just laughed at him as she watched Albus struggle to get off of the floor as his knees had gone numb, from having all of Albus’s weight on them and from the cold puddle that he had been kneeling in.

Amelia and James spent most of the Hogsmeade trip together, laughing wildly and enjoying themselves a lot. Exchanging stories about each other and finding out things that the other didn’t know, such as the fact that James had a small fear of Geese after going on holiday with his family once. Albus had pushed him into an enclosure that had contained quite a few angry geese that had chased him, annoyed that he had disturbed their sleep; he had to cower in the corner covering himself with half a barrel, before his father had come to save him. He was only six years old.

Kelly managed to catch up to them later on, apologising to Amelia, who didn’t mind in the slightest about her leaving her as she had had a fantastic time with James. Who bid them both goodbye once he had spotted Adam going into an apothecary ahead of them. They both watched him leave, Amelia with a smile on her face before Kelly laughed at Amelia who quickly turned her attention to Kelly.

“What is so funny?” she asked her seriously, Kelly rose an eyebrow at her before nodding her head back over at where James was walking away from them.

“You and James,” Amelia rolled her eyes at Kelly’s comment before linking her arm with Kelly’s and dragging her away towards a boutique shop a few meters away from them.

“There’s nothing going on with me and James,” Amelia told her seriously.

“So you’ve not been on a date with him?” Kelly asked her eyebrows raised as they both walked.

“No not at all, I was only hanging around with him because you ditched me to spend the day with Scorpius.”

“Which I apologise for, I should have told you,” Kelly interrupted, apologies written all across her face.

“Which I’ve forgiven you for, and Adam had ditched James, so we thought that we would spend the day together,” Amelia continued as both the girls walked into the shop and began browsing through the clothes hanging up around them.

“Did you have lunch?” Kelly asked as she looked at a few skirts.

“We may have eaten a few sandwiches and had a hot chocolate,” Amelia shrugged looking through a few dress robes absentmindedly

“It’s a date!” Kelly exclaimed loudly clapping her hands, Amelia was quick to shush her.

“It’s not a date,” she told her. "He's only just broken up with Sarah."

“If it's really not a date, then why are you wearing James’s jumper?” Kelly asked moving over to look at the dress robes with Amelia.

“I was cold, he told me to wear it because he was feeling hot.”

“He was not hot! When I came over to you both, he had goose bumps.”

“What?” Amelia asked beginning to feel incredibly bad, “but why didn’t he saw something? I would have given him the jumper back.”

“Because he wanted you to wear it,” Kelly said as though it was obvious, which it was to everyone but Amelia.

“Well I need to give it back now! I can’t have him going around cold,” Amelia said grabbing hold of Kelly’s arm and exiting the shop with her.

“You were fine with that earlier,” Kelly stated reminding her.

“Yeah but back then he swore he was hot,” Amelia said.

“He was merely being a gentleman, which you don’t see a lot of nowadays”

Amelia quickly pulled Kelly down the road and towards the apothecary that James was standing inside of, his hands shoved in his pockets as Adam dashed around with the assistant as he looked at all different kinds of ingredients. Amelia pulled off the jumper as she let go of Kelly’s arm and walked into the shop with the jumper in her arms.

James looked up when they both entered and gave them a grin.

“Have you come to save me?” he asked them pleadingly.

“Why do you need saving?” Kelly asked him as the door shut behind them, she breathed in the weird smell that hung around the apothecary as she looked around with interest, she hadn’t had much of a reason to come in here.

“Because Adam has been looking around here for what seems like hours but has only been about five minutes,” he looked down at his watch as he said this and groaned, “How has it only been five minutes? Well Adam has left me here to fend for myself, whilst he talks what seems like gibberish with the shop worker. What are you two doing here if you’re not saving me? Don’t tell me you’ve gone down the same dark and boring path as your brother? I thought you were the sane one of the family,” he gave a laugh as Amelia smiled at him. Kelly walked away to have a closer look at what appeared to be a giant jar of pickled squid, she gave a loud disgusted cry before looking around the shop with interest.

“I’ve come to give back your jumper,” Amelia said pushing the jumper into James’s hands, he looked down at it before looking back up at her, “thank you for lending it to me.”

“Are you sure you don’t need it?” he asked her in seriousness. Amelia politely declined his offer.

“That’s ok; I’m feeling a lot warmer now. Thank you for lending it to me, you must have been really cold without it.”

“I was a little,” James said with a shrug as he pulled the jumper on over his head and straightened it out before taking a deep sniff.

“Your perfume smells really nice,” he commented, giving another sniff of his jumper, pulling it up to his nose, Amelia felt herself blushing again at his comment and actions.

“Vanilla right?” he asked her, she nodded at him; “I love the smell of vanilla.”

“It’s the present you got me for Christmas,” she admitted to him, going into her bag and pulling out the bottle to show James who smiled. He was only originally going to give her chocolate for Christmas, the idea that Adam had ruined when he began speaking about love potions, but James had popped to Diagon Alley quickly before going home on Christmas eve, when he had left Amelia and Adam’s house and spotted the perfume, he got a few sets for his family and decided to give one of them to Amelia, who loved it.

“Then I have great taste,” he grinned at her, Amelia nodded as she smiled. Kelly came over to them.

“Can we leave now? These pickled animals are giving me the creeps.” she told them, giving a quick shiver as though a cold had run through her, she tightened her robe around her.

“Yeah,” Amelia said before looking back at James, “do you want to come with us?”

“Nah you’re alright, I’ll give Adam another ten minutes before I drag him away,” James said shaking his head as he buried his nose in his hoodie and breathing in the vanilla again without realising.

“Be nice about it,” Amelia told him with a laugh, “don’t forget that this is Adam’s idea of heaven.”

“Don’t worry I’ll buy him one of these pickled animals as a souvenir of his time here, who knows maybe I’ll take a picture of us both enjoying ourselves here.”

Both of the girls laughed before they bid James goodbye and left the shop. 


A/N: So how are you all doing? How did you find this chapter? Let me know, reviews make me really happy.

Speaking of reviews, there's a really wonderful story on this site called 'Heritage' by lilypotterfan123 that's in need of some love. It's a really good story and I really hope that you'll all enjoy it, so yeah take a look my lovelies!


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