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The Piano by TheHallow
Chapter 5 : An Introduction to Nyrie Valhaven
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Nyrie Valhaven


A few days later, the summer heat had finally decreased and there was a light breeze outside. It was Saturday and I had nothing else better to do, so I was walking near the lake. I sat down, leaning against a tree trunk and took out my book.




I turned to see Nyrie Valhaven walking towards me. She is my roommate along with Alice, and my cousin Dominique. (or Dom as we all like to call her)


“Hello” I said as she sat down next to me.


“I haven’t talked to you at all since school started, and James told me you were out here so I went looking for you.”


I smiled at her; Nyrie was one of those people you knew kept your secrets. She and I have had a small past of sharing some in our second year at Hogwarts. Nyrie has brown curly hair and chocolate brown eyes, she loves to wear sweat pants and t-shirts, but if there was a nice hot day she would always wear sweats that had been cut into shorts. She also secretly loved to read muggle fiction, but she is born of pure blood.


 The Valhaven family doesn’t necessarily care about whether a person is pure blood or not, but they aren’t the type of people who forced their ideals or what they believed in. They just don’t care what anybody needn’t know about them.


I put my book away and turned to her, “So how was your summer?” I smiled.


She looked up and puckered her lips as if thinking, “Nothing much really just me and my sister hanging around and going out, having fun. We went to a zoo! And that was pretty entertaining!” Nyrie’s sister was ten; her name was Nattalee and was a big bundle of fun and joy.


“You?” she asked me.


“I had a pretty good summer, pretty much the same as always hanging around with my cousins, playing quidditch and messing with Uncle George’s new products before they came out!” I laughed remembering how Albus’s lips turned into a duck’s beak and Uncle George had no idea how to change it back. Albus had that beak for about two weeks until Uncle George figured out how to reverse it. Aunt Ginny was furious.


I told Nyrie the story as we walked back up to the Castle, It was about lunch time and we were hungry.


As we walked into the Great Hall we sat down across from Alice who was completely immersed in the book I read over the summer.




The next few weeks passed by, School was average, and before I knew it was already October.


I had been so busy in September that I had a hard time keeping up with piano, today was Sunday and after finishing my charms paper I decided to go to the Room of Requirement, nobody had heard the ‘Mysterious Music’ in a while. I smirked to myself.


I landed on the seventh floor, looking around I noticed that nobody was on the level. Passing the Tapestry of the prancing unicorn I closed my eyes and thought, “I need a place to hide,” I know that it was pretty basic but the Room of Requirement wanted me to be truthful, because if I thought, “I need a place to play piano,” The Room of Requirement gave me the harpsichord. But if I wanted to hide then the Room will give me whatever I wanted.


I walked inside looking at the room as I hoped it would, It had a window on the right side of the wall, on the left there was an unlit fireplace with a small red love seat. Next to the window there was a book shelf with music theory and piano songs in it. In the center of the room were my black and white keys.


I smiled and walked up to the Piano; sat down, and played.

I played for a while until I heard some shouts and running on the other side of the door.




Scorpius was running for his life. Well not his life, but he was running away from JP who decided he was the reason for blowing up his charms paper. Which it wasn’t, JP just tended to blow things up.


Scorpius was walking through the court yard when he heard a “BANG” looking towards the study room he burst into tears as JP was sitting at his table with his hair singed.


JP looked outside to see Scorpius laughing and suddenly charged him, burnt hair and all.


JP whipped out his wand and Scorpius ran, damn, Scorpius thought as he went up a flight of stairs past on the fifth floor. I need a place to hide; I need a place to hide.


“Come back here Malfoy so I can jinx your head off!” JP shouted.


Scorpius ran past the unicorn tapestry, I need a place to hide!


Suddenly a large door appeared; Scorpius flung it open and flew inside.


I stood up as a saw the door reappear on the south side of the room, the door opened and Scorpius Malfoy flung himself in, huffing and puffing, he had his eyes shut.


“Where’d you go Malfoy! You can’t hide forever!” a voice called out that I recognized as JP.


Soon the footsteps disappeared and Scorpius slowly opened his eyes.


Upon seeing me his eyes were wide with shock. I was frozen probably with the same deer in the headlight’s look.


“Didn’t expect me here did you?” I told him watching his eyes flash from the piano back to me; I rested my hand on it and looked at him. I had a sudden urge to want to protect it.


Inside I was freaking out, but I had to play it cool and ensure that he will keep my secret before he can leave.


When Scorpius caught his breath he finally said, “Is that a muggle instrument?” he pointed at the piano.


“It is” I said, “But it’s not called a muggle instrument, it’s called a piano,” I replied.


“That’s a dangerous instrument to play Weasley.” He stated.


“I know, but I don’t care.” I stared at Scorpius Malfoy, “Can you keep a secret?” I asked him.


He nodded his head, I smiled at him, “I don’t know if I should trust you,” I said as I bit my lip, “But you have changed since fourth year, so I guess I’ll bet on that.”


Scorpius watched as I sat down on the piano bench and began playing Chopin’s Nocturn No. 2 in E flat Major. I learned it in second year, but it was an easy song now. Child’s play.


As I played I could feel Scorpius eyes watch me as he walked up to the Piano, he watched my hands as I played. When I finally finished the song, I looked up to him.


He gulped, looking at me he said, “Have you always been able to play like that?”


“Ever since I could remember” I replied, “It’s a secret though, the only people who know are my family and Alice, but Alice is the only one out of all of my cousins who really understand.”


“I see” he replied. I looked up at him and he smiled at me, his grey eyes looked into mines and I knew he would keep my secret.


“You will keep my secret,” I said, not in a question, or a demand, but as a fact.


“I will keep your secret,” he replied to me.


He has changed a lot.




I skimmed the books in the Library telling my story to Alice. Scorpius walking in on me in the Room of Requirement was not what I had expected. I skimmed the shelves looking for the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I forgot mines in my dormitory and I had no intention to go all the way back to find it.


“I still can’t believe you trust him,” Alice said following me down the shelves.


“Well I don’t exactly have a choice now do I?” I replied.


“Touché” she responded, something American’s enjoyed saying a lot.


I found the book and walked back to our table, Alice following me. I sat down, stroked the bind (careful not to let the book bite me) and looked up the page about Thestrals, unfortunately it was a rather short page since the writer had never seen one. It didn’t even have a picture next to it. I sighed and closed the book, “I can’t believe that this book is so lacking when it comes to Thestrals!” I exclaimed.


“Well, like Hagrid said, not everybody likes Thestrals.” Alice replied.


“Well it’s just ridiculous!” I stated, “If a person is going to write a book about magical creatures then they shouldn’t be biased about it! It’s important information,” I fumed.


I always enjoyed Care of Magical Creatures, not all magical beasts were my forte, but I enjoyed them, nobody understood them. I guess I could connect with them in a sense.


 I sighed as Alice continued to read the book I leant her. “Addicted huh?” I smirked at her, “Only a little,” she replied. I laughed and continued with studying for potions, which was proving to be difficult as I had a grey eyed boy on my mind.




I was shocked to say the least. I had no idea Rose had such a talent.


But when I watched her play, I didn’t know what it was, but it was beautiful.


As I watched the lights from the window illuminate the oak colored piano, her red hair bright against the wood color. I knew that she is special, she’s no ordinary person.


I felt my body move, I walked towards her, and I felt like I was out of my mind.


I didn’t even know I was moving until she looked up at me. She smiled her beautiful crooked smile. In that moment I realized I was all alone, with her. I could have said anything, but I let the music have its moment instead.


I never heard anything in my entire life. One moment I was running for my life, the next I was watching a Rose bloom in front of my very eyes.


No, I can’t like her. Stop.


But that doesn’t mean I have to be cruel to her either. So I smiled.


I rested my head in my palm, rereading how to make a swelling drought in my potions book. Zabini and I sat in silence, in the library, until he said, “That Rose Weasley is something huh?” he smirked reading his book. I looked up at him, “Weasley? I guess, I mean I’m not really allowed to think anything of her.” I replied, I hope he doesn’t know of my crush on her.


Zabini smirked, he looked over the rim of his book at me, “You’re not fooling anybody, Scorpius,”


Damn. He caught me.


“I don’t know what you’re talking ‘bout.” I stated leaning back on my hand looking out the window.


Zabini snickered, “Sure you don’t,” he replied.


I can’t like Rose Weasley, it’s just that simple. It’s not allowed.






That night in Gryffindor common room, I played some wizards chess with Albus, “Knight to e4!” I ordered, the knight trotted his horse to Al’s pawn and stomped it to pieces. That’s payback for crumbling my poor innocent pawn! Al grimaced then put his elbow on his knee and thoughtfully scrutinized the board for a new tactic. Nyrie was sitting on the armed sofa reading “Pride and Prejudice” a muggle book, while peering over at it looking at the back of Al’s head. I smirked at her and she blushed. Alice was gripping her bangs in frustration while writing her potions essay at the table on my far right. JP and his cronies where sitting altogether laughing and playing around with each other’s hair colors like idjots. JP will probably set one of their heads on fire for sure.


“bishop to e4!” Al smirked. AH! I forgot about Al’s bishop!


I watched as Al’s bishop strutted over to my handsome knight and flung his scepter chopping my beautiful knight in half. How could I have been so careless?


I glared at Al’s bishop contemplating my next move when I heard Al say, “So, you still playing that weird thing?” he asked.


I chuckled shaking my head, “Seriously Al? Yeah I am.” I replied, “When have I ever stopped?”


Al shrugged as I murmured, “bishop to d7”.  Can’t keep my bishop in one spot forever I suppose.


“Well I don’t keep track of when you play that thing.” Albus said.


“Al,” I said, “what are you trying to say?” I sighed.


Albus looked up at my with wide eyes, “nothing! Nothing, at all!”


I gave him one of my yeah right faces, “liar” I smirked.

Like I said my cousins don’t understand my gift. They have never even heard me play before.

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