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Pregnancy Jitters by aquabluez17
Chapter 3 : The Morning After
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 Hey guys! Thank you so much for all of the reviews left!! It was all really helpful and made my day, so thank you! Now here's an update =) I'm not too happy with this chapter and I did try to edit this but didn't go to well. 

Ruby felt a cold breeze hit her back as she turned over on her side. Feeling uncomfortable with the chilly wind, she snuggled in closer to her personal blanket, her Al. Ah the benefits of marriage, she thought to herself drowsily as she placed her head on his chest, he should have put this on the list when he was trying to convince me why we should get married. She felt his arms snake around her as he turned slightly, bringing her closer to himself.

The blanket they were covered in, moved down, making her husband shiver besides her. Normally Ruby would never wake up from her sleep especially not when she was so comfortable, but the thought of her Al not being comfortable compelled her to get up. She slightly lifted herself off of the bed to grab the blankets they were using, bringing it up to her his chest, completely covering her face. She snuggled into him once again and fell fast asleep.

Al winced as the sunlight shown in his eyes. Mumbling, he turned towards Ruby's side of the bed, getting even more frustrated when he did not feel her next to him. Opening his eyes, Al saw where the dreaded light was coming from, the light that had dared to break Albus Severus Potter's peaceful slumber. When Al saw where the light was coming from, he shook his head sheepishly at his silly thoughts.

The light had been sneaking into their bedroom from the slight part open in the curtains. Since this girl has come into my life, she dares to challenge me about everything! Before that same light would never even bother coming near me. Now it is trying to be sneaky and ruining my sleep. How will I go on like this?!!?, Al thought to himself. Though he knew that did not mind the light that the sun was bringing in his room or the imaginary light that his wife had brought in his life.

She had made him live again, breath again. She had made him human again. She had been his princess, who had broken him from his nightmare, his hibernation that he had slipped into. She had come for him, and figured out who he was. She had waked him up as Aurora had been waked up by her prince.

Though Al knew that Ruby was not just his Aurora. She was also his Bella, the princess who had seen past the beast. The one who had loved him even when he did not care for the world. She had seen past the mirage that he put up in front of people to keep them away. Without him even telling her, she had seen the broken man besides the beast, the beast who had always tortured her, the beast who had always pained her. She had found the man behind the beast with her one kiss, the kiss that had changed his life.

Though people might just see his wife as a person, he saw her as his princess. She fit the description of any Disney princess ever thought of, Actually she was far better. He knew that he could never love anyone more than his wife. No one in his life could be more important than his wife and his Lily. They were the only two females he cared for. Well actually them and Katie too.

Before he could think any further on this thought, his eyes glanced at the clock, the one he refused to live without even if he wasn't a muggle, that was sitting on Ruby's side of the bed. Bloody hell! It is 9 o'clock in the morning!! I am going to be late to work!! He quickly sat up on the bed throwing the whole blanket over Ruby's side of the bed who, he had not realized, was still sleeping next to him, in his haste. Grabbing his clothes from the closet, he entered the bathroom to get ready. What's wrong with this girl!? Why didn't she wake me up!? It's 9 o'clock! I'm going to be late damnit!, he thought to himself.

Al walked out of the bathroom, trying to dry his hair since he had just taken a shower.

"Ruby? Ruby! Ruby, I need my wiztop!! Where is my wiztop!?" he asked, yelling so she would hear him from where ever she was by now in the house. His job had required him to get a wiztop which was similar to a laptop in the muggle world but worked by the use of a wan.

Waiting for her reply, Al paced the room, still attempting to dry his hair. When she did not reply for one whole minute he yelled again.

"Ruby? RUBY!?!!" Al bellowed this time, getting more agitated the longer he had
to wait.

Ruby was still sleeping peacefully all warm and cozy, thinking she was still next to Al when really she was just covered with the whole blanket. She was dreaming about making lots of pickles as she loved to do in her free time and feeding them to everyone in the family, especially Blakey. His name was Blake, but she called him Blakey since he was such a mischievous child! Just like I was!, she thought fondly.

That is when she heard someone screaming her name. She frowned as she broke out of her dreams. She clutched on to the blanket that she holding, thinking it was Al, trying to tell him to stop yelling since she was having a great dream. Ruby started to slip back into her sleep when someone bellowed her name, a voice that she would recognize even in her dreams! Why is Al yelling in my dreams? Am I going crazy? That's when she heard the last call, making her wake up from her sleep and sit straight up on the bed in shock.

What she came to see shocked her even more than she already was. Al was facing his garden, trying to dry his hair. He was now engaged in a conversation on his WizTooth, allowing Ruby a moment to gather herself. She glanced at the clock sitting next to her, her eyes widening in shock when she saw that it was 9:30 a.m. and she was still in bed! She looked from the clock to Al and back to the clock, her eyes instantly flying back to Al. Oh merlin! He's so late! How?!! Her worries just mounted on as she saw Al turn around and yelled for her once again, stopping when he saw.

Al had been about to call Ruby again when Scorpius had called him to tell him something about the new idea that they had to handle, distracting him form what he was about to do. After hanging up the phone, Al turned around ready to call Ruby again, stopping midway when he saw her disheveled look, still sitting on the bed.

"Ruby!? You are still sleeping? It is 9:30!" Al asked concern lacing his voice immediately. He knew they had gone to sleep really late last night, but she never woke up this late. He watched as she jumped off of the bed, exclaiming in horror about how late she was, as if she had just realized the time. Not watching where she was going, as always, she slipped on the drops of water that he had been flicking out of his hair.

Ruby felt her foot slip on the floor and she closed her eyes, preparing herself for the fall. She waited until she made contact with the floor, but instead of crashing into a hard cold surface, she fell into a tight hold. Her hands flew around his neck as she held on for her dear life. A familiar sense of security filled her as she slowly let her body loosen up. She knew even before opening her eyes that it was her husband who had stopped her fall before she could hurt herself.

Off course it is him. He's so practiced in this anyway. Whenever he has seen you, you are always falling and he, like the gentleman he is, is always catching you so you don't fall! I wonder how many muscles he has gained due to this daily routine, Ruby thought to herself, smiling at her own thoughts.

She was shaken out of her thoughts when she felt him place her on the ground upright. Reluctantly, she opened her big eyes wide, to meet his angry green eyes. She mentally prepared herself for the scolding she was about to get. Off course he did not disappoint her.

"What is wrong with you?? Can't you watch where you are going??! What if something had happened?!" Al questioned her in rage, noticing vaguely how she was moving closer to him as he yelled at her. Normal people would run away from him when he yelled at them like he was doing right now, but not his wife. No, she would come even closer, trying to find solace in his arms even though he was the one yelling at her.

"Nothing would have happened Al! Why do you worry so much?" Ruby asked moving in closer to him as if clinging on to him would make him stop the lecture he was probably planning on giving her. She placed her head on his chest, her ear listening to his heart beat, which was not too hard to find since his heart was almost pounding out of his chest.

"Nothing would have happened?! What do you mean nothing would have happened!?! You could have hit your head on the floor!! That is marble flooring Ruby! You could have gotten a serious concussion! Nothing would have happened," Al grumbled in anger, painfully aware of her hair tickling his chin.

"How could have that happened?? You were here to make it wouldn't," she stated, pulling her head back to stare into his eyes which had now mellowed down.

"What if I wasn't here? I am not always going to b--," Al started when Ruby's hand flew over his mouth, stopping from saying what he was going to.

"What the hell does that mean!? How dare you even think about uttering something so absurd? How dare you see that? Nothing, I repeat nothing will ever take you away from me. Even you will never be able to do that. UNDERSTAND!?" Ruby yelled at him pushing herself away from him. Her heart had skipped a beat when she had realized what he had been about to say. How dare he? Does he think it's his life?! No it's not! His life is MINE now and I refuse to let it go. How dare he!?

Her thoughts stopped when she felt the room starting to spin underneath her. She saw black and blue underneath her eyes. She looked down and saw that her husband was wearing four shoes. Wait what? She snapped out of it when she felt Al place his hand on her shoulder.

"What happened? Are you okay?" Al asked wondering how many things could go wrong in one morning.

"Fine. I am fine. And don't you dare talk about such silly things again!" Ruby rebuffed at him.
With that she walked away from him going to the closet to grab clothes and ran to take a shower.

Al watched her sprint into the bathroom shaking his head, a smile spreading on his face. He walked out of the room to go floo Lily so he could talk to her about Ruby's health since the morning incident had just scared him even more. Ruby never slept that late and even though she had avoided the topic, he had seen how she had looked dizzy and her panicking at what he had not even been about to say just showed him that something was wrong.

As soon as he walked out of the room, he bumped into Katie, hearing Blake following behind his sister as always, letting him know immediately that Ellie was already at his home.

"Uncle Albie!, Hi!! Wheres Rubie??" Katie questioned trying to look Al in the eye by tilting her head as far as she could, in the process almost falling back. Al quickly put a hand on her back so she would not roll over Blake who had just crawled up behind her.

Katherine and Blake were the two kids that James, his elder brother and Ellie, his wife, had had. Katherine, known as Katie, was the older child, the oldest of the Potters. She was two and talked as much as her Aunt did. Ellie always said that it was all Ruby's influence since both the kids loved spending time with their silly Auntie. Al reached down to pick up Blake in his arms making Katie frown.

"Uncle Albie!" Katie whined throwing her arms up so he could pick her up too.

Al smiled at his niece, and bent down to pick her up too.

With them in his arms, he asked Katie, "Where's Aunt Lily??" knowing that if Ellie was here than so was Lily.

There you have it =) Hope you liked it and leave a review if you find the time =) 

Thank you!




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Pregnancy Jitters: The Morning After


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