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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 46 : Interview
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 Chapter Forty Six

“So you two are like together” asked Dom after Lily and I had finished kissing in front of them all at dinner

“Why yes brains of Britain what gave it away” Lily replied scathingly. Dom chucked a grape at her

“You guys having a full on make out session in public” whispered Al angrily “Look, I have no problem with you two going out but do you have to be so… publicly passionate”

“Chill will you Al” said Lily “We’re in love, you should try the whole emotional and feelings thing some time bro you might enjoy it”

I smirked but Al gave me a cross look so I merely looked at the ground and then to Hugo who shrugged and gave me a ‘if you must’ kind of look. It had been Lily’s idea to announce our relationship to the school through a passionate public kiss than tell everyone; I hadn’t been too keen on the idea but it sure as hell seemed easier and a lot less irritating than having to explaining it to anyone with an interest. Lily was a Potter, everyone was going to interested

“This is so great” squealed Rebecca “You two together means we can finally double date and shit like that, oh my god this is going to be so great”

“Chill Becca” said Dom with a smirk “You seem to be more excited about these two being together than they are”

“Not possible” said Lily with a satisfied smile as she kissed me on the lips once again. Malfoy walked passed us and coughed loudly but then Louis, being the lovely legend he is, stuck his foot out and Malfoy went flying. The whole hall erupted in laughter as a red faced and furious Malfoy picked himself off the floor and ran out of the great hall followed by his Slytherin cronies. Louis looked incredibly pleased with himself. As expected the news that Lily Potter and I were in a relationship didn’t only just spread around Hogwarts like wildfire, it spread around the wizarding world fast than anyone realized news could travel. Lorcan Scamander, one he’d seen Lily and I kiss, called his mother at the Quibbler who immediately put out a story surrounding Lily and I that was almost entirely inaccurate due to Lorcan’s complete lack of knowledge regarding the relationship between Lily and I

But despite the inaccuracy’s in the article it was enough to set the ball in motion and soon enough every print in the country seemed to be reporting the story on some level. I felt really uncomfortable with the whole situation and was terrified that my father’s condition could become even more well-known as it only took one journalist to do some background digging for that to all come out. Lily seemed pretty laid back about it all which worried me however Hugo reminded me that Lily, and the rest of her family, were used to the constant press intrusion in their lives. I wasn’t, nobody prepared me and journalist scared the shit out of me

“Oliver Benson?” an attractive middle aged woman approached me as I walked down towards the rock one evening the next week “Hi, I’m Caitlin Darcy editor of Witch Weekly I just wondered if you would like to answer a few questions for us”

I wanted to run away but for some reason, most likely me hating to say no or disappoint people, I stayed and told Caitlin Darcy that I would be happy to give her an interview when I learnt that I would be getting paid for it. Caitlin led me to Hagrid’s Hut where she and her team had been staying for the past three days whilst Hagrid was off doing whatever half-giants do when they go on Holiday to France with Madame Maxine

“You do know this is technically squatting” I observed as I was sat down at the little table in the centre of the hut. I’d always wondered how Hagrid being the size he was managed to live seemingly comfortably in such a little hut

Caitlin laughed but I couldn’t tell if it was genuine. It probably wasn’t

“So Oliver tell us about yourself” said Caitlin taking out a quill and some paper “Don’t worry I’m not like that horror Rita Skeeter, I want to know about you, paint a picture of the boy who has stolen Lily Potter’s heart. Because Oliver, it seems to us that as a whole the nation is very protective of the Potter family and would hate to see Lily get hurt”

“Well” I stammered “What… what would you like to know”

“How did Lily and yourself first meet” asked Caitlin

“Oh right, easy enough, we met on the train to Hogwarts in first year” I began “I was sitting with Hugo and two other friends when Lily came in and started shouting at him for leaving her with Rose on a platform. I thought she was hilarious, we began talking and the rest is kind of history”

Caitlin nodded

“So was it a love at first sight kind of encounter” she asked

“Not really” I replied, the more I talked to Caitlin the more trustworthy she seemed to me “Lily and I were best friends after we first met and it was like that for about two years. We talked to eachother about anything and everything; we knew eachother’s deepest darkest fears, we were pretty much inseparable”

“So when did you first start to notice you feelings for Miss Potter were changing” was Caitlin’s next question

“Well, I knew I liked her by the end of second year” I said “But I don’t think it was really ever a crush until third or maybe even fourth year, but even then it was only me crushing on her I don’t think she felt the same back about me”

“Well this is all very interesting” said Caitlin “Let’s just leave the Lily situation for the time being and learn a little bit more about you as a person Oliver, really paint a picture of yourself – what are your favourite subjects or pass times”

I sighed

“Ermm, I like studying Defence, Transfiguration and Charms” Caitlin smiled and jotted down my answers “I have to admit I do quite like History of Magic as well as geeky as that sounds, I am a bit of a geek to be honest which was why I never felt I was good enough for Lily”

“I’m sure your good enough for her” said Caitlin and for the first time I felt as if she was being truly genuine in what she was saying to me now. “Now, Oliver, it’s no secret that James and Albus Potter are notoriously protective of their younger sister does this worry you”

“In all honesty no” I said with a shrug “I’m not scared because at the end of the day, Lily and I love eachother and there’s nothing anyone can do that will tear us apart. Al already knows and he’s been fine about it, I’m not too sure how James will react but I hope he can respect that I love Lily and I’ll never hurt her in a million years”

Caitlin smiled and nodded “And Lily’s parents I suppose are fine-“

“Yeah Harry and Ginny are cool” I replied “They’ve known me since I was eleven years old so they know I’m not a bad guy and Ginny told me she’d always thought Lily and I would get together in the end, I just hope they trust me enough with her”

“I’m sure they will” said Caitlin “In all honesty Mr. Benson you seem to be a very well-mannered and polite young man you’re a credit to your parents and whilst we’re talking about your parents…”

“No” I interjected immediately “I’m all for the public getting to know me as Lily’s boyfriend but the stuff the goes on between me and my family is very private and you’ll never find me talking about it, it’s never going to happen so don’t even try”

Caitlin nodded once again “I can respect that”

Half an hour and the interview was done, I left Hagrid’s Hut satisfied with myself

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Escaping the Friend Zone: Interview


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