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In Love and War by Phoenix Quill
Chapter 13 : Official
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Wow, this was a long wait. If you're still reading, I admire your patience. And I love you for being patient with me!

After watching Albus walk away, I went back into the common room, where Scorpius was sitting beside...Ricky? Really, Ricky of all people? I walked over and sat next to him, putting my arm around him.

"Hey, what are you talking about?" Scorpius laughed nervously and looked over at Ricky, who seemed amused.

"Well, your charming brother has just threatened me with a number of curses if I ever hurt you in any way. Who would have thought?" I glanced over at Ricky, shocked. He was blushing slightly with his head ducked down.

"Does this mean you actually care about me?" He blushed even more and ran away, mumbling something I couldn't understand. I looked at him and watched as he ran into the boy's dorm blushing intensely. I looked over at Scorpius and laughed. He grinned wickedly.

"I was lying, in case you didn't pick that up. I told him we were shagging on a daily basis and he believed me." I tried to look offended, but soon we were laughing hysterically together. I looked around and saw Jasmine had walked in and Evelyn was filling her in. She spotted me and sauntered over, looking remarkably like a wildcat chasing a mouse. She sat on the arm of the couch and smiled wickedly at me.

"So, now we're all lovey-dovey, are we going to celebrate?" I almost felt my ears perk up, but seeing as I'd never learnt how to move them, they remained flat.

"Party next Friday night?" Jasmine nodded.

"You know it girl. Use your contacts, because this one's gonna be good." I froze. Tears started welling up, but I managed to blink them away. Jasmine noticed my silence and moved closer, her face going from excitement to concern.

"Taylor, what happened?" I swallowed hard and looked over at Scorpius. He put an arm around me and began rubbing my back soothingly.

"Um...Winky is...well...she's...dead. She died a few hours ago." Jasmine gasped and hugged me tightly as I tried to keep my eyes from filling again. Everyone had loved Winky, but they all knew I was the closest to her. When my eyes remained dry, I pulled back and coughed.

"The house-elfs are going to have a funeral, but I get the feeling we won't be invited. This is probably the best way to celebrate her memory." Jasmine gave me a sombre look and nodded.

"I'll get everything. Don't you worry about a thing. I even have the best place for it." I smiled and wiped away the tears from my cheeks.

"Thanks, Jasmine. You're a life saver." Bad choice of words.

Oh, there I go again. Crying. Yay, me.

Scorpius seemed a little confused as to what to do. With a stern glare from Evelyn and a head jerk towards me, he figured it out, though, and came over. Scorpius wrapped his arms around me and rubbed my back. It felt a little awkward, but it was soothing. I thanked him and wiped away the tears, slightly ashamed at myself.

"Go into the dorm and rest. We'll plan everything while you sleep." I smiled weakly at Jasmine and went into my dorm, Scorpius following.






The next day, everyone was busily chatting. Everyone would stop talking every time I went up to them, which pissed me off to no end. I couldn't get even a hint of what was happening. Finally, it was the night. I dressed in black, to respect Winky, and swore I wouldn't drink.

Yep. Me, not drinking.

This was fucking serious.

Jasmine met me on the stairs. She grinned evilly and blindfolded me.

"Jasmine! What the fuck?" She giggled, a very sweet sound from such an evil girl.

"I'm making sure you don't know where the party is. I know you'll like it, though." She must have levitated me then, because my feet weren't touching the ground, eliminating my final chance to figure out where we were going. We walked - well, I floated and Jasmine walked - until we reached the mystery destination. Jasmine set me down then removed the blindfold with a flourish. I looked around and gasped.

We were at the Black Lake. There were torches set all around, illuminating the surface so it shone like a rare dark jewel. There were tables floating inches off the ground, probably thanks to Kaitlin, who I was sure had been recruited straight away. On them were every delicacy imaginable, and every liquor. I almost ditched my promise then, but I was true to my promises, so I resisted. Roxanne came over, with Lydia by her side. They were giggling.

"Hey, Taylor, your little Chaser prodigy is really fun to be around? Why didn't you tell me?" I shrugged, giving Lydia a raised eyebrow.

"She hasn't shown her fun side before. I need some food." Roxanne presented me with a cake, which I scoffed down. She grinned as I ate it.

"You didn't..." Fire coated my throat, licking at me. I shouted and grabbed the nearest drink - a pumpkin juice - and drained it, fanning at my tongue. Roxanne laughed.

"Fire Flakes. Brand new from Uncle George's shop. Guaranteed to put the flame in your friend's belly!" Roxanne laughed and handed me a drink. I sniffed it and noticed it was Firewhiskey.

"Nope. I'm going sober tonight." Roxanne raised her eyebrows.

"You're kidding, right? This is you."

"Nope, I'm deadly serious. No drinking." Roxanne shrugged and went to drain the drink, before she seemed to have an idea.

Any more thought and there would be a light bulb above her head.

"How about you make a speech, then start drinking. That way, you're sober for the important part. Okay?" I considered it. Well, it wouldn't -

"A speech?" Roxanne nodded.

"You're giving a speech in Winky's honour. Hey, come on! It's starting now!" Lydia and Roxanne grabbed me and dragged me over to a large stage, where Jasmine was holding a piece of paper.

"Hello one and all. This is the official celebration for the house-elf Winky. Please show your respects until the karaoke is pulled out." A small cheer went up. "Now, we have a speech from Taylor, who was with Winky when she died." Roxanne pushed me up with a cheer. Jasmine grabbed my wrist and tugged me up. I swallowed and looked out at the crowd.

"Um, hi." They kept staring. That was really unnerving. "I didn't...prepare a speech. Um..." I looked around, mind blank.

"Winky was a...a really good house-elf. More than that, she was a good friend. She was almost like my mother. In fact, she treated me like her own child. Yesterday, when I found felt like I'd lost a piece of my heart. Winky was courageous, loving, beautiful and above all, loyal to her friends. I'm going to miss her." People started cheering. I stood there, frozen with shock, until Roxanne pulled me off.

"That was great! Okay, only one more speech. This one's from a...special friend." A little boy mounted the stage. I looked closer, and saw it was actually a house-elf, which bore striking similarity to...

"Hello. Winky is Dobby's mother. Dobby was named after Winky's close friend. That is not important right now. Winky was a great mother to Dobby. Winky was always kind, and never said a bad word to Dobby. Dobby is glad that Ms Taylor liked Winky. Dobby is proud to have had Winky for a mother..." The little house-elf burst into tears and ran off. Jasmine went back up to the stage.

"Okay, the sombre part of the evening is over. Now, we drink until dawn!" A cheer went up. Someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned and saw Scorpius, holding two drinks. He handed one to me, which I drained, giving a slight shiver as it left a trail of fire.

"Damn, that's good Firewhiskey. Where did you get this?" Scorpius just gave me a mysterious smile and gave me the other glass, which I drained a similar amount of time.

From then on, it was like any other party. I drank a heap, and even tried karaoke.

Despite my tone deafness.

It was awful, but no one complained. I think they were too drunk too.

Then, someone had the idea to dive into the Black Lake.

Of course, we were all for it. I went first, stripping down to my underwear. Everyone quickly followed my example, with the drunker people getting their clothes off the fastest.

Probably the whole lack of inhibitions things.

Yeah, that was probably it.

Jasmine was first to jump in, screaming the entire jump. She surfaced and started laughing, her cheeks flushed.

"Jump in! It's really cold, but you'll adjust." I shrugged and ran forward, leaping into the dark waters. There was a moment where I was flying through the air, then I broke the surface, plunging into the inky depths. I swirled around, not sure which way was up. There were a few moments of confusion, then my own buoyancy lifted me out of the water, bringing me to the surface. I popped up right next to Jasmine, who wrapped her arms around me, laughing.

"Nice work, Tay Tay. Now, let's see if - " A cry interrupted us, and Scorpius plunged into the water beside me. He surfaced in an instant, shaking the water out of his hair.

"Good job, Scorp!" He smiled and kissed me, giving me a little bit of warmth in the cold waters.

"Okay, you lot, what are you doing?" Everyone froze. I swore.

"Bubblehead Charms!" Everyone cast the charm and dived down into the depths, dodging the Giant Squid's arms as it swam past. We ended up on the bottom. I quickly put a speaking charm on myself.

"Everyone down?" Jasmine spun around, counting heads.

"Yep. This is so awesome!" I laughed, the sound echoing in the watery depths. Everyone joined in, the sound seeming almost spiritual in the depths of the Black Lake.

"Hang on...aren't there mermaids down here?" Jasmine swore.

"Everyone get up! Now!" I kicked my legs, pushing up to the surface. Luckily there was no teacher there, so we were safe for the moment. I pulled up Roxanne and removed my Bubblehead Charm.

"That was...amazing!" I laughed and dried my clothes with a charm while everyone clambered up.

"Okay, we should get back. Everyone, house groups, and head off. See you tomorrow!" Gryffindors, Ravenclaws and Slytherins grouped up.

No Hufflepuffs.

I know it seems cruel, but they're just...yeah, it's cruel. But we are cruel people. Deal with it.

We headed off to the dungeons, laughing loudly. Somehow, we made it without being seen by any teacher. I ran into my dorm and threw myself onto the bed, laughing and falling asleep almost instantly.

The next morning, I was greeted by a pounding headache. I groaned and grabbed my bottle of hangover potion, standing up. I pulled on fresh clothes and wiped off the remains of my ruined makeup from last night. I ran down, head pounding viciously. I groaned and walked down to the Great Hall, spotting Jasmine and Scorpius. I grinned and ran down, ignoring the headache that pounded at my temples.

"Hey, you guys." Scorpius gave me a peck on the cheek and handed me a muffin. I forced myself to take a bite and followed it down with a healthy dose of hangover potion.

"My head is not happy about last night. I don't know about you, but I need a day of recovery. That means, no homework or working in general." Scorpius grinned.

"Nice try. I'm having a Quidditch practice today, hangover or not." Jasmine and I groaned in unison.

"Don't sound so sad. It'll be fun! That is, once we run ten laps..." I groaned again.

"Well, I'm not telling the others. You can. I'd prefer to stay alive." Scorpius swatted me over the back of the head. I punched his arm in return.

"Oi! That hurt!" I snorted.

"Please. That was weak as!" Scorpius rubbed where I hit him, frowning.

"Want me to kiss it better?" Scorpius pouted and nodded, before the pout dissolved into a smile. I kissed the forming bruise - okay, maybe it was a little harder than intended - before moving my lips up to his. Jasmine made gagging sounds.

"Save it for the dorm, you guys. Now come on. I'm not telling everyone alone. Duncan and Jason would probably tear out my throat, Lucas would just give me puppy dog eyes, Lydia is probably hungover severely right now - " Jasmine and I shared a smile at the mention of our pupil - "and Merlin knows where Ricky is." I groaned internally at my brother's name.

"Well, I guess we have to find them. Hey, I have an idea. MAS, right now. Let's go." I grabbed a muffin and ran off, Scorpius and Jasmine following me.






The MAS, or Magical Announcement System, was built from the remains of materials a woman called Dolores Umbridge had set up around the school. Rumour was she was a tyrant, but she was attacked mysteriously by centaurs.

I'm still not sure how that happened. I mean, centaurs live in the Forbidden Forest. What did she do, wander down and shout that she wanted a pony ride, and she'd give one of them two Galleons for one?

I would do that.

If I was drunk, of course. No sane - or sober - person taunts a centaur and comes out without a scrape.

Umbridge had set up a PA system around the school. We'd discovered pieces of it in the Room of Requirement, when it was in its 'full of meaningless crap' guise.

Okay, it probably wasn't all meaningless. But still, there was a lot of random shit in there.

Kaitlin had enchanted them so they still worked, and we'd placed them in spots along the school, such as outside our common room, the Great Hall, and multiple snogging spots. There was a device to use them in my dorm, which was very amusing when someone's rat set it off and all you could hear for a whole day was squeaking and scratching, until someone found the rat and put it back in its cage.

That actually happened. True story. I ain't a-woofin', et cetera.

I ran into the dorm and grabbed the little box device, pressing the button on the side which activated the charm.

"Flying Snakes, head to the nest when the hand hits three. Thanks." I put it down. The 'Flying Snakes' was our name for the team, after one of us heard about snakes with the ability to fly. The 'nest' was the Quidditch ground. It was probably pretty easy to figure out, but it was funny watching Hufflepuffs wondering about it.

My happy mood sank as I realised I still had homework to do.

Oh, joy.






After completing all of my homework (which included an essay - yay), I went back to my common room. Scorpius and Jasmine left to their own dorms while I grabbed my bag of Quidditch gear and broomstick. Completely ignoring rules, I mounted it and flew out a window towards the Quidditch pitch, praying to whoever was listening that no one saw me. Since there were no shouts of amazement or disapproval, I assumed no one did.

I landed on the grass outside our change rooms in a few seconds, running inside. I pulled on my Quidditch robes and various safety equipment, such as shin guards, elbow guards and thin leather gloves to protect my hands from my Beater's bat. Jasmine strolled in and saw me ready to go.

"How the hell did...oh, never mind. I'll meet you out in five." I nodded and ran out, grabbing my broomstick as I ran. I kicked off, swinging my legs over my broom as it launched into the air. I looped around the goalposts and ended up hovering above the middle of the pitch, watching a Jasmine-shaped splodge emerge and fly up. Jasmine was somehow controlling a Bludger with her bare hands.

"Think fast!" Jasmine hit the Bludger towards me. I swung my own bat at it, sending it careening off towards the ground. It swerved up to try and get Jasmine in the ass, but she was too quick, and hit it towards me again. We hit it between us for a few minutes until Scorpius and the others turned up. Lydia looked surprisingly not sick, but Lucas was another story. He must have really drunk a lot last night.

Everyone got changed and kicked up, Ricky with an annoying little laugh as he did. Stuck up prick.

"Okay, everyone, standard drills. Chasers, throwing, catching, scoring. If it gets easy, we'll get the Beaters to start hitting things towards you. Beaters, hit the Bludger between you, until I tell you otherwise. Then, hit them at whatever I tell you to. Keeper, try and block the throws. I'll be watching from above. Let's get to it!" I sighed and hit the Bludger towards Jasmine again, while the Chasers started throwing the Quaffle at Lucas.

"Beaters! Hit them at the Chasers!" I nodded and swung it at Ricky. He dodged, giving me the finger as he did. It came zooming back, so Jasmine hit it towards Duncan. He almost didn't dodge in time, which seemed to give Jasmine a heart attack, but finally he ducked.

"Beaters! At the Keeper!" The Chasers scattered as a Bludger hurtled towards Lucas. He sped down, looping up as soon as it was safe. We kept doing this for a little bit.

"Beaters! At me!" I gulped. This was going to be hard.

"No hesitation, Zabini!" I grimaced and hit the Bludger up at Scorpius. He sped out of its path easily, sending the Bludger  back at us. Jasmine hit it up again, with less hesitation.

After an hour, we were finally allowed to stop. I landed, groaning and rubbing my thighs where they stung from flying for so long.

"Good practice today, team. Now hit the showers." I sighed in relief and ran in, shedding gear and robes as I did. I grabbed my towel and toiletries I kept in the locker at all times, heading into the nearest shower. I sang along to a little tune I had stuck in my head while I scrubbed my scalp with grapefruit scented shampoo.

Hey, it smells good! And it helps my hair stay frizz-free...this mop needs maintenance!

"Mmm mmm, you've been good to me, but it's time to leave it behind, oh oh, I'm stuck, stuck in our love, and it's getting on my mind, oh yeah." I heard someone laughing.

"Um, who is that?" The voice sounded masculine.

"Relax, Taylor, it's me. Your lovely Captain and boyfriend?" I relaxed and kept washing out the shampoo.

"That's really embarrassing..." Scorpius laughed again.

"You're actually really good. Did you write that yourself?" I laughed.

"I...yeah, I did. I just fiddle around with lyrics and songs every now and again. Helps with the stress, you know?" I turned off the taps and wrapped my towel around myself, pulling back the curtain. Scorpius was holding my bra and underwear.

"Oi! I need them!" He dangled them over his head.

"Get them if you can, Taylor." I stretched up, keeping a hand on my towel to stop it falling, and easily grabbed my clothes.

"You forget I'm almost your height now. I've been growing." I pulled on my clothes under the towel, then grabbed my jeans and tank, slipping them on. Scorpius kissed me and passed me my shoes, just simple flats today, to save my feet from destruction.

I always wear flats after a night out. It's my rule.

What, I can't have rules? That's cruel.

Scorpius and I walked out, laughing.

"So, what are we going to do with the rest of the day? I finished most of my homework, except the essay, so-" A familiar noise came to my ears - the sound of someone snogging in a cupboard. I frowned and looked around. A nearby gear cupboard's door was shaking slightly. I smiled.

"Is that you, Jasmine? Did you catch yourself a new boy toy? Come out!" I walked over to the door. There was a muffled sound, then more snogging noises.

"I'm opening it in three, two, one..." I flung the door open. The first thing I saw was a mess of curly dark hair. The second was violet eyes.

"You're fucking kidding, right?" Ricky blinked.

"Um..." I dragged him out by the hair, Lydia coming out after, blond head ducked in embarrassment.

"Taylor, what's going on?" I shoved the couple - oh Merlin, were they a couple? - in front of me.

"These two were snogging in the cupboard!"


Wow...Rycia! I like that. I like that a lot. It was good. I think that was good.

The song lyrics were written by me. Yep, I write lyrics. No judgey.

Sorry about the wait. I had awful writers block. Ugh.

Sorry! And please keep reading!

Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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