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The Worst by adluvshp
Chapter 2 : The Worst Had Happened
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A/N: There have been a major change regarding the "apparition" in the first chapter, so I suggest re-reading that chapter if you read the unedited version. 

Awesome chapter image by aurevoir @ TDA

She ran, the gravel crunching under her feet and the wind whipping around her face, while her heart beat faster than ever. She could hear howls echo through the empty night and she increased her speed. The sound of footsteps pursuing her drew closer and fear gripped her veins. Her breath came in short gasps as she struggled to continue sprinting through the ominous dark forest and then, she tripped. As she scurried to get up, her knee bleeding with searing pain shooting through it, a hand offered to help her. She gratefully took it to hoist herself up and turned to face the man that had helped her. Then, before her very eyes, his kind eyes turned into a pair of yellow monstrous ones and without warning he sunk his teeth into her soft flesh. She screamed.

Dominique's limp body twitched uneasily and she struggled to move but found herself unable to do so. She wanted to shout, to gasp, to cry out, but she couldn't.  

The side of her neck was burning. A throbbing pain spread through her veins. It only intensified when she tried to open her eyes or flex her fingers. She stopped trying to move.

The pain lessened but the fire increased. Her whole body was on fire now. The flames were torturing her and she wanted to yell at someone, to ask them to douse the fire. But a part of her knew that the fire was inside her, that it couldn't be doused, and it only scared her further. Her heart beat sped up and she felt herself slipping into the unknown. 

Lights popped in front of her eyes and she tried to shake her head. She still couldn't move though her body ached. Her mind was fuzzy yet a face with horrible yellow eyes and a long snout was plastered in the front of her mind. The dream came back to her as the pain began to dull.

It was only a dream, right? As if on cue, her mind cleared. She was no longer burning.

She could feel the air around her – it smelled clean and sterile yet not quite familiar. Her heart rate slowed as she registered this detail and slowly slipped into reality; the pain had gone, the dream was over, the fire doused.

“Fleur, I think she’s coming to. I swear I saw a few fingers move!” She heard a man murmur. She struggled to place the voice that had been followed by the sound of soft cries. A woman was weeping.

Maman, don’t worry, Dom is fine. You just wait; she will open her eyes very soon.” A tinkling sound reached her ears and the wooziness cleared. It was her sister. Her voice appeased with a certainty only Victoire could muster in troubled times. 

As the conversation of her family began registering in her brain, Dominique wanted to do nothing more than assure everyone that she was okay. She knew it was useless to try to move her body so she concentrated on attempting to open her eyes, and moments later, she felt her eyelashes flutter slightly. 

A sharp intake of breath and a squeeze on her right hand made her realize that Teddy was there too. This strengthened her resolve and she finally managed to open her bright blue eyes slowly. Blinking against the sudden bright light, she squinted a bit before focusing on the worried faces of her father, mother, and sister standing in front of her at the foot of her bed, and then at her boyfriend who stood up from her side to hover above her. 

“Dom, how are you feeling?” Teddy murmured anxiously as he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

She managed to give him a small smile but found herself unable to speak. Panicking a little on the inside at this, she wondered what had happened while trying not to show her alarm. Instead, she directed her eyes around the white room, taking in her surroundings, and concluded that she must be in the hospital. But why?

Pushing that thought aside, she judged the hassled appearances of her parents, Victoire, and Teddy. Her father had deep dark circles under his eyes, her mother's and Victoire’s usually perfect appearance was anything but that, and Teddy’s mousy brown hair and sombre black eyes told her that he was very upset and worried. Clearly, they all hadn’t slept in days and her eyes pricked. She wanted to tell them all that she was fine – at least she felt fine – but was frustrated at not being able to speak. 

“Why isn’t she saying anything?” Teddy asked as the brown shade of his hair paled. 

“I think the healers placed a Paralytic Charm on her. She was thrashing and muttering too much in her state of unconsciousness,” Bill explained worriedly before calling for a healer. A kind looking woman entered the room minutes later and after a quick conversation with Bill, flicked her wand in Dominique’s direction. 

She instantly felt a tingling sensation throughout her body and was relieved to discover that all her body parts seemed to be functioning normally.

“I am feeling just fine, Teddy,” she told him and squeezed his hand which was still entwined with hers reassuringly. “Mum, Dad, Vic, I am really okay. There’s nothing to worry about,” she informed them all calmly. However, none of their expressions changed into relieved ones as she had expected. Instead, they all exchanged strange looks that were beginning to worry her.

“Miss Weasley, do you remember anything that happened prior to waking up here?” The healer moved forward and asked her. Dominique frowned. 

“I-I remember the…dream,” she whispered, suddenly afraid if it was true.

“What was your dream about Miss Weasley?” 

Dominique recounted her nightmare warily and she felt Teddy stiffen. 

“So, a man helped you up, and then transformed into a werewolf?” The lady enquired gently and Dom shuddered before nodding. “And you don’t remember anything before the dream? As in, you don’t recall any real events before it?” 

“Well, I remember packing my rucksack and trying to apparate but not being able to... and then heading out towards the cabin door, but after that, nothing, except…pain. A lot of pain,” she mumbled, suddenly horrified as her free hand flew up to the side of her neck where a throbbing pain still remained. She felt a soft tissue of sorts covering the spot instead of her usual smooth skin. “Is-Is my dream true?” 

Fleur’s cries suddenly became louder and she vaguely heard her father pacifying her.

“Not exactly, that is not how the events occurred, but the dose of the healing potions administered to you tends to alter the most recent memories sometimes. Nothing to worry about though, you’ll recall the correct events in about five minutes or so.”

“What do you mean? C-correct events?”  

“I think it’d be better if you just let the memory come back to you, or have a family member tell you. Also, it'd be better if you didn't touch your wound just yet. It's still healing. The tissue is charmed to dissolve once the open wound has healed. Please excuse me now, and feel free to call me if you need anything. Of course I'll be back in some time to inform you about-” she was kindly saying when Fleur cut her off. 

"Later, Healer. We will tell her later about... that. Not today. She... she has had enough for today," her mother told the woman. The healer nodded understandingly and walked out of the room.

Dominique did not understand the exchange but she had more things to worry about at the moment. She sat up slowly and directed her questioning gaze at her family, removing her hand from her neck. Her father shook his head sadly, her mother continued to cry silently, and her sister refused to meet her gaze with her tear-filled eyes. She finally looked at her boyfriend who had a pained expression on his handsome features. 

“Teddy,” she breathed, “tell me.”

He ran a hand through his hair tiredly and sat down beside her. 

“Dom, before I say anything, I want you to know that you’re the same for all of us. Nothing has changed. I love you. We all love you. Nothing has changed,” he repeated forcefully, and a sudden fear seized her. 

“I don’t think I can bear to hear it, whatever it is,” she mumbled, though she almost knew what it was. “I’ll let the memory come back to me.”

Teddy sighed and gently caressed her cheek. She closed her eyes, waiting for the memory to come, and then, it did. 

A moment later, she could recall every single detail of that horrible night clearly and tears slipped through her closed lids. She could remember the wolf sinking its teeth into her skin, could remember the yellow eyes that had stared down at her, could remember the immense pain and blackness that she had experienced.

Tremors shook her body as the vile face of the monster that had bitten her hovered in front of her eyes. The pain she had experienced suddenly came back to her – raw and fresh – and she couldn’t control the sobs that escaped her lips. 

Fleur made a sudden gesture as if to reach out to her, but then rushed of the room crying, not being able to watch her daughter break down helplessly. Bill opened his mouth as if to say something then closed it sadly. He walked forwards, patted Dominique on the head as if telling her to stay strong, and then followed his wife outside. 

“Oh Dom!” Victoire ran to her sister and held her free hand. “You’re going to be fine, it’s okay. Please, don’t cry. You’re going to be fine,” she murmured to her and proceeded to hug her but Dominique jerked away. 

“I AM NOT GOING TO BE FINE!” She screamed and Victoire backed away, looking shocked. 

Dominique continued to cry, bringing up her knees to her chest and rocking back and forth.

“I am a werewolf. I am not going to be fine. It is not okay,” she said in a broken whisper after a pregnant pause.

Victoire's lower lip trembled and she rushed out of the room like Fleur with a pleading glance at Teddy, as if telling him to take care of her sister. Dominique continued to cry, and after a while, her sobs subsided though tears continued to fall. 

“Dom,” Teddy murmured tentatively, and she looked up at him, noticing how pale the brown of his hair had gotten. “I know you must be going through a terrible phase right now, and I am so, so, sorry. But we’re all here for you, love. Please don’t push us away,” he pleaded with her, and attempted to pull her into a hug. She leaned away from him. 

“Don’t,” she said in a flat tone. 

He let his hands fall to his sides helplessly. 

“Dom, please. It’s not so bad. You know my dad was a werewolf and he managed to control himself pretty well. He had people who loved him. He-”

“It’s not so bad? You don’t have to turn into a monster every full moon! You don’t know what it would be like! Have you ever heard Uncle Harry talk about the night they rescued Sirius Black?! Do you know what happened, Teddy?! Do you know your father tried to attack Uncle Ron, Aunt Hermione, and Uncle Harry after he turned? That Sirius Black had to turn into an animal to save them? That they all almost got killed, and Uncle Harry nearly got the Dementor’s Kiss all because your dad transformed!”

Teddy stared at her in shock and she shook her head sadly. 

“You don’t know any of it, Teddy, because he was your father and Uncle Harry would never tell you any bad things about your father,” she snorted. “Uncle Harry never talks bad about anyone. I don’t blame you; I wouldn’t have known any of it either if I hadn’t accidentally stumbled upon that memory in his pensive. I am not blaming your dad either – he was a great man – but you’re forgetting that when he turned he wasn’t a man anymore. He was a beast; a beast who couldn’t control his actions.”

Teddy was still speechless and she could see tears forming in his eyes. She felt bad for her outburst but she knew it had to be said.

“Don’t you see? It won’t matter that I have people who love me, because I might just hurt them too. I-I won’t be human anymore – I won’t feel in my… my wolf form. I’ll simply bite. Bite anyone and everyone around me. It won’t matter whether it was intentional or not, because I’ll ruin lives. Or try to, anyway.”

“No, Dom. You'll... you'll have the wolfsbane potion. You won’t-”

“Please don’t. The wolfsbane won't stop me from turning into a monster, even though it may let me regain some little sense. Do you think the pack of werewolves I went to interview didn't take the potion? Of course they did, and yet somehow one of them attacked me."

Teddy opened his mouth to protest but she cut him off.

"I don’t need empty words right now, Teddy. I don’t need your touch. I don’t need anyone around me,” Dominique whispered tiredly and closed her eyes, leaning her head against the wall. She heard Teddy’s dejected sigh and listened to his footsteps fade out of the room. 

More tears slipped through her closed lids. She was contaminated and tainted. A beast resided in her, waiting to take over her every month. There was nothing she could do about it. The worst had happened. 

A/N: What do you think of the chapter? Of her family's reactions? Of Dom's reactions? I always appreciate your reviews! Thanks for reading.

EDIT: 5 May 2013 (Added some small details).

EDIT: 22 May 2013 (fixed minor errors).

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