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As The Days Grow Dark by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 18 : Disappearing Pain
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Chapter 18
Hugo Weasley sat on his couch in his living room, watching a muggle football game on the television. It was quite boring if he was honest with himself. It really seemed like a muggle version of quidditch that took place on the ground. The only real difference was that there were no seekers and beaters. Well, they didn’t use their hands either.

The only reason he was watching the game was to keep him from thinking about what had gone on with Savannah hours before. She had flat out denied him. She had told Hugo that she had never loved him and that she was in love with Daniel Grant. It was sickening. At least before he had had the hope that someday she would dump that bastard and realize he was the one she belonged with. Now he had nothing.

He took another mouthful of the fire whisky next to him. He wasn’t sure how much he had consumed. It made the pain numb for a little while and that was what he needed. How could she do this to him? How could she tell him that she never loved him and storm out of the apartment when they both could be dead within days?

A knock on the door took his attention away from the game. Sighing, he stood up and headed towards the door. When he opened it, a small but confused smile appeared on Hugo’s face.

“Hi,” he said, stepping aside so the guest could enter, pretending to sound happy, “What are you doing here?”

The person who walked into the apartment was Raven, even though Hugo didn’t know her by that name and didn’t know what she had done. To him, she was just another girl that he had seen quite a few times.

“I haven’t seen you in a while and thought I should stop and say hello,” Raven replied.

“I saw you last week at the meeting,” Hugo pointed out, “That’s not exactly a long time ago.”

“Details, details. So what’s new with you?”

Hugo sat down on his couch. He wasn’t too thrilled about talking about what had happened but there was really nothing else to talk about.

“I told Savannah that I still loved her today,” he stated.
“How did it go?” Raven asked, pretending to be excited, but really not caring.

“She said she never loved and was in love with Daniel.”

His voice cracked when he said it. It was obvious how much pain he was in. Raven didn’t know if she had ever seen someone so in love with another person as Hugo Weasley was in love with Savannah Wood.

“I’m so sorry,” Raven said quietly.

Raven put a comforting hand on Hugo’s shoulder. To her, this was actually good news. Once she killed Hugo, which was the reason she had come to his apartment, Savannah would feel terrible about everything she had said to Hugo. Maybe she’d realize she actually did love him. Better yet, maybe she’d kill herself so that Raven wouldn’t have to do it.

“Will this pain ever go away?” Hugo asked after a while, taking another gulp from his drink.

“Oh yes it will,” Raven replied, suppressing her smile, “Quite quickly I believe.”

“Why do you think that?”

He looked up at her. it was hard to imagine the pain ever going away? He never remembered hearing that Raven was ever in love with anyone; how would she know how it felt to have her heart torn to pieces and how long it would take to heal?

“You see, I have this remedy that works every time,” Raven said, remaining calm.

She was quite excited for this kill. This would probably be the hardest hit to the family yet. Hugo Weasley was the son of two members of the golden trio. It was going to be fun to watch the aftermath of his death.

She pulled out her wand.

“I don’t think I want to try anything involving magic,” Hugo replied, taking a step back, “I think that would cause more harm than I want it to.”

Raven chuckled. He was right to take a step back. However, taking a step back wasn’t going to protect him from the fate that waited him. She let a smile pass over her lips. She was doing Hugo a favor by killing him. Now he wouldn’t have to live any longer knowing that Savannah Wood had flat out rejected him.

“I never said that it wasn’t going to harm you; I just said it’d make the pain go away,” Raven stated, quickly pointing her wand at Hugo, “Avada Kedavra!”

Hugo barely had time to realize what was happening before the curse hit him square in the chest. His body dropped to the floor, lifeless. His last thought had been of him kissing Savannah at the final quidditch game during his third year; his best memory in his opinion.

“I told you I’d make the pain go away,” Raven said, a small smile on her face as she stared at his lifeless body.

She apparated from the apartment. Raven had succeeded once again.





***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) So Hugo died in this chapter? Who do you think will die next? Who do you think Raven and Viper really are? I'd love to know! There aren't very many chapters left! However, after this one there is the final book in the triligy!!! I hope you continue to read, review, and enjoy this story :D*** 

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