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Chestnuts and Icicles by HermioneVoid
Chapter 1 : Chestnuts and Icicles
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Story line is mine- the rest belongs to the wonderful JKR!



The sound of sobbing reached Draco’s ears.




He never had time for criers- it was unsightly and slightly nauseating. Not to mention a sign of weakness. Albeit, he had felt like screaming slightly after his disastrous evening with Pansy; the Yule Ball really had been a flop, and it was only 8:15 in the evening.




He’d decided to return to his dormitory, but without Crabbe and Goyle for once. He’d taken the lengthier route, avoiding the packed corridors as students meandered and wandered around the halls.




It was there; on the fifth floor that he saw the pair of feet.




He stopped, rocking on his heels slightly. He didn’t quite know what to do. Was someone dead?




“Father will hear about this… Dumbledore can’t even keep murders from happening within the stupid Cast-“


His thought broke off as the sobbing was heard again, this time louder than before.




Of course.


The person sobbing was hiding behind a wall next to a suit of armour.


And from the sound of it, it was a female.




“Who’s there?” He called out, adjusting the collar of his dress robes nervously.




“Oh god… find someone else to annoy, Malfoy.” The girl called out acidly from behind the wall.


He knew that voice…






He called out, shocked instead of gleeful. The Mudblo- “Witch.” He corrected himself mentally.


He had long dropped that word from his vocabulary, mainly because of her hefty right hook.




“Take a hint, Malfoy, and leave me alone!” Hermione called out.




Instead of walking away- instead of leaving then and there- instead of doing the obvious thing- instead of doing what he should have done- instead of making everything simple-




He walked towards her.







“Oh for god’s sake!” Hermione hit the wall with her hand in frustration.


The one time she wanted to be alone, away from everyone, Draco Malfoy had to find her.








Sobbing in frustration.




About Ronald Weasley.




He was such a jealous idiot! Just because Viktor had asked her to dance before him!




And now Malfoy had found her, and she was about to be ridiculed. And her mascara was running.




She was not happy.




“Granger, are you OK?” Malfoy asked her.


Instead of triumph in his voice, she heard genuine concern.




What was wrong with him? In fact- what was wrong with boys in general?




“I’m fine- now go away!” She snapped, attempting to stand up.




Malfoy brushed his hand on her arm to help support her, and what felt like an electric current sparked between his fingers and her skin.




“What the-?” He whispered, taking a step back quickly.




She looked him in his grey, icy pale eyes and he looked back into her deep, nutty brown ones.




She shook her head slightly, as if shaking off sleep.




“Are you sure you’re alright?” Malfoy asked her, blond eyebrows furrowed down in confusion.




“Yes.” She replied curtly, turning to walk away in a huff. This was more than weird.


This was plain scary.






He almost murmured her name so quietly that she couldn’t hear it.




And she was horrified to find that her breath caught in her throat when he said it like that.







How could he be feeling like this? It wasn’t right- not natural! She was…well, she was- she was inferior! She was a muggle born, know-it-all, annoying, bookish…








Draco pinched himself.


“WHY THE HELL AM I THINKING LIKE THIS?” he cursed mentally.




Hermione- because that was her name. Not “Granger”- had turned to face him, and he realised he’d said her name out loud.




And from her wide, stunning chocolate eyes, he hadn’t said it the way he should have.




There was little distance between them.


And before he could stop himself, he reached forward and put his hand lightly on her cheek.




He noted how her lips parted slightly in shock, yet how she didn’t slap him away.




Her light violet dress really did look like clouds surrounding her ankles, and he was sure not to tread on any of her gown as he leaned in and pressed his cool lips to her hand.




“I’ve got you now, Granger.” He whispered.




Carefully- and achingly slowly- he moved his mouth to hers, moulding it perfectly.




And they stood there like that together until the clock tower struck 12.



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