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Royal Patience by heartjily4ever
Chapter 15 : Chapter 15
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 "I'm not sure about this Chelsea," I mutter, peering at myself in the car windows.

"You're never sure about anything. Al is our friend, we have to go to the party."

I turn to face her and get the sight of her tongue sticking out as she concentrates on pinning a clip in her dark hair. She has about 20 in, trying to keep her curled hair up in the strange up do, because she thought a hair bobble would just flatten it and ruin the mood.

"Yes, but Scarlet is very likely to be there."

Chelsea grips my shoulders and stares deeply into my eyes.

"You are coming in. No more questions." I nod meekly, and give one final glance in the car window.

"Do you think we are dressed too casual? It is a party after all."

"Cordelia, it's not some sort of bloody ball, it's a New Years Eve party. You look fine."

I look down at the pale blue ripped jeans, floaty and far too low cut black top and leather jacket I'm wearing and give a little sigh, wave goodbye to my mum in the car and follow Chelsea up the pathway to the rather tall house that belongs to the Potters. There are a lot of pink flowers blooming in the garden on either side of the pathway, but they all look like Muggle plants.

The house is really big, with a big red doorway, and an old fashioned doorbell which gives a big deep ring, which we can both hear from outside, when Chelsea pulls it. The door swings open after a minute to reveal a grinning Rose.

"Happy New Year!" she calls out, gripping us both in a big hug, strangling us. She pulls us into the house after her, and over to Scorpius who is standing rather awkwardly at the side.

"Hey guys," he nods at us, taking a sip from his drink. I look around in awe at the massive room we are in. It has a big roof, and huge stairs case, with big chandeliers hovering in the air, apparently with nothing holding them up. The room is full with people laughing and joking, and the smell of food instantly draws my eyes over to the buffet table. I love these things.

Chelsea and I go for a wander over there, looking for drinks, and end up finding James, Fred and a couple of their mates.

"Hey guys," Chelsea calls out as we approach. The chorus of hello's ring out, but I push past as my eyes land on the bowl of chocolate frogs that are just lying there.

"Easy on the chocolate Cordy," I hear James say, as I rip open one. I turn to him with a bite of it in my mouth and give him my cheesiest smile.

Once I've swallowed, I retort, " If you'd been living with my mother and her camera diet, you would be happy to see decent, fatty chocolate too. So please just let me enjoy the sweets."

He laughs loudly, pulling me into a hug and ruffling my hair.

"Oi, easy on that. Chelsea will kill you, it took her at least half an hour."

I reach behind me to grab another chocolate frog and shove the old wrapper in his hand.

"I don't know where the bin is, because you house is so big," I say, laughing as he mutters something about stupid rubbish," You know, I'm going to like being friends with you James, especially if these parties happen often."

"You guys are friends now? How long will that last?"

We turn to see Albus, standing there with a limpet attached to his arm. Oh wait, sorry, it's Scarlet.

"Al!" I shriek, hurtling myself at him and ignoring the glare I get from "That Girl" as we shall now call her. I give him a friendly hug and step back, not missing the little growl I get from "That Girl". I turn back to the table again, but this time grab a Butterbeer.

"Happy New Year," I call out to Albus, who grins back at me, as I chug down some of the drink, " Amazing place you got here."

"Yeah, well it's not looked this clean in ages. Mum had an angry mad dash cleaning spree, and had a hissy fit whenever we walked through here," Al shouts over the music.


My feet start to hurt after a few hours of dancing, and it's quickly approaching midnight. I say a little excuse to James and Chelsea and exit the dance floor, making my way up the adult covered staircase, looking for the bathroom. Obviously since their house is so big, I can only seem to find vacant bedrooms and one room holding a very busy couple. It makes it really awkward when I realise one of the people is Roxanne, Fred's sister.

I eventually find a massive bathroom, with beautifully clean marble floors and basically a swimming pool for a bath.

The Potter's must be seriously loaded.

After amusing myself by smelling the selection of different shower gels sitting in the cupboard, my favourite being cherry, I exit the bathroom and realise it's only 5 minutes to midnight. I try to find my way back to the main hall. There isn't anyone I can kiss at midnight but it'll be fun to see which drunk cousin Chelsea has found.

There is always one.

Whilst I'm heading in what I think is the right direction, I pass a room with the door wide open. I peer inside and realise this one is obviously one of the families bedroom, and considering the lack of either fluffy pillows and elaborate bedspreads or leather, plastic or chain decoration, I don't think it's Al's parents or Lily's.

Suddenly I realise there is actually someone in the room, sitting by the window.

"Al?" I say, looking in. Albus jerks round and smiles when he sees me. So it's Al's room. I step inside, looking around, shocked at the amount of Muggle contraptions he owns. It's much tidier than James's dorm, much neater.

"Is this your phone?" I ask, pointing down at a slim mobile sitting on the desk beside what I recognise as an actually quite new laptop.

"Yeah, and that's the computer my granddad got me for Christmas."

"My sister would be jealous, she got hers taken away from her."

I feel Albus step up beside me, and turn to him, ignoring my heart beating fast under my top. He has a girlfriend now. I should stay away.

"So can I see your stash of Muggle things?" I ask, jokingly , but his face lights up.

"You remembered!"

He leads me over to a door that I would have missed if he hadn't showed me. It was the exact colour of the walls and had a very small doorknob. He pulls it open with a creak and reveals some shelves stacked with Muggle stuff. I recognise batteries, a plug and lead and even a toy remote controlled helicopter.

"You got quite a collection."

"Mm, yeah, but no-one knows. Not even my parents." He goes over to sit by the window. I close the cupboard door before joining him.

"Why are you up here by yourself?"

He looks over at me with a funny look in his eyes before answering. " I had a pretty big fight with Scarlet."

"What about?"


My heart starts to beat faster as I stare at him. Did he seriously say me? Me? Why would he be fighting about me?

I voice the last question out loud.

"Because she doesn't really want me to be friends with you," he answers, and I drop my gaze, " And she thinks that I have feelings for you."

My breath catches in my throat as I look back up at him. I just stare at him, unable to say anything.

"And the thing is, well she's right."

I literally stop breathing for a minute. Is he saying he likes me? Is he? Because when I've been asked out before, they usually just ask me straight out. But then again they don't usually have girlfriends.

I stare deep into Albus's green orbs, and this time I don't catch myself and stop staring. Because he is staring back. I hear people counting down for the New year, but I don't stop to think about this, I just look at him.

"Happy New Year Cordelia," Albus whispers, before leaning forward and kissing me when everyone shouts Happy New year. The kiss is soft and sweet at first,  like a completely new sensation and my stomach starts to flip. I lean forward against him, deepening the kiss. He tastes different, like a mix of Butterbeer and chocolate and I slowly creep my hands up around his neck as his snake around my waist.


We both jump apart as if pulled by string and turn to see Scarlet standing in the doorway, her hair flying up around her ears and her eyebrows reaching her hairline.


Albus jumps up and starts towards.

"I'm sorry Scarlet, I shouldn't have kissed her while I was still dating you."

Her face drops any more as she screams in rage.

"So you wish you had broken up with me. So you could be with that!"

At this last sentence she brandishes her hand towards me. I notice Albus's back harden and he steps towards Scarlet.

"Don't speak about her like that," he says, " I know what I did was wrong, but it's just. I'm in love with her Scarlet, and I'm sorry."

Scarlet gives a scream of rage and storms out of the room. Al looks like he's about to follow her but changes his mind, coming back and sitting down opposite me again.

"Where were we?"

I lean forward and we kiss again, and this time my hands tangle in his hair as I lean forward, pressing against him. When we break apart for breath he leans his forehead against mine, smiling at me.

"So, will you go out with me?"

I give a little chuckle before saying. "Usually that comes before the kiss, but I've never been one for traditional. Yeah, I will go out with you."

And I lean forward and once again capture his mouth in a kiss.

FINAL DISCLAIMER : everything J.K rowling came up with isn't mine.

It's the end guys! aaah, the end of my story. Sad day. I do realise that it took me much longer than usual to update, but I had to add some more stories.

THE SEQUEL IS UP. Yes, the sequel. This one is after Hogwarts, and in Chelsea's point of view.

A tale of growing up, orange berets and flicky fringes. 

You should check it out, especially if you loved this story.

I do also have another new story out, called Carpe Diem. I would love it if you checked that out too.

So this is it guys. My final, I would love a review to know your thoughts. Thankyou if you have sticked with me. All the people who have reviewed are the best. love you all loads.

Bye :D

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