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{ beautiful } by miluv
Chapter 1 : breathe
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disclaimer: I have black hair, cinnamon-y skin, and like, a jersey accent. If I want to have one, I can have an extremely thick Indian accent. JKRowling has blond hair, pale skin, and a british accent {so jealous of the accent, like omg}. Can YOU spot the difference?!


chapter image by the amazing decoded. @tda, who is second to none. 

btdubbs that was lana in the hott picture above. 

Now, onwards, dear readers!





Pop. Pop. Swoosh. Pop. Swoosh. I tilted my head to the side, mesmerized by the constant gum chewing of popular, perfect, prefect Lily Potter, as she told me off for leaving my lacy green boy shorts in strategic places around the Great Hall. Yeah, long story, don’t ask. Lily was really into the whole school-house-spirit thing, I noted as I looked her up and down in all her 5th year prefect glory. Gryffindor robes and tie, red and gold crop top under the robes (school spirit aside, Lily was trendy too), and various other implements of house pride on her person like the Gryffie keychain and the Dobby bobble head popping out of her bag. Merlin, even her gum was red! Okay, that takes it too far, she needs to calm her titties. I rolled my eyes, deciding I’d been here for far too long. I stood up, stretching.


“Calm your titties, Lilypetal. You’re going to get stress fractures if you don’t relax.” I flashed her my own green prefect badge and a grin, retrieved my bag and merrily began to make my way down the hallway, leaving her with her mouth open. Turning to face her again, I called “And if you don’t close your mouth, flies are going to be making their permanent home in your jaw.” Seeing her lack of response, I sighed, and walked over to her, snapping her mouth shut with my own hand. I gave her another cheeky grin, and skipped out, checking the note that had been crumpled into a ball by my clenched fists. McGonagall had said to meet her by 8:30, and it was already on the 25, so I hurried up the seven flights of stairs, a sense of apprehension prickling down my spine.






I stood there stupidly spluttering as that girl ran away. What just happened? I was just about to take points from an unsuspecting troublemaker for the first time and she just ran away! And she had a prefect badge too! My heart sank as I realized that the girl I had been trying to take points from was a prefect as well. Ugh how embarrassing! An older prefect, AND a Slytherin no less! She probably thinks I’m such a loser. My first day on the job and I’m already screwing things up.


I kicked the wall next to me with a sigh and started walking back to the Common Room. I am such a disappointment. I never do anything right. I’m like the worst Potter kid ever to grace this planet. I mean to be fair, I do have a lot to live up to, with my dad, Al, and James being so awesomely awesome. Wait, James and Al are both prefects as well, maybe they can tell me what to do. Even though the mystery girl was a prefect, she did leave her undergarments scattered around the Great Hall… that’s worthy of punishment right? Right. Okay so cool I’ll ask the next time I see them. And plus the girl’s in Slytherin, and so is Al. He’s bound to know something about her. Plan formulated in my head, I swiftly rounded the corner towards my Common Room. I was in need of a good sleep.






Humming to myself to calm the nerves that bubbled up in lieu of seeing Mickey G, I quietly knocked on her door. A sharp ‘Come in!’ sounded, and I quickly opened it.


“Ah, yes Miss Benvolio, have a seat.” I swallowed, plastered a smile on my face and sat down in of the two chairs in front of her, fervently hoping I wasn’t about to get in trouble for my stunt with the knickers. Something brushed up against my arm and I jumped and turned in surprise, my breath catching. To my intense astonishment, in the seat next to mine was the special James Potter {the second} who I had heard a lot about, but never talked to personally.


“What’s he doing here?” Confusion danced across James and my faces as I bluntly questioned McGonagall.


“This, Miss Benvolio, is James Potter, Hogwarts newest Head Boy.”




James quickly cut in, his words running over one another in his haste.


“I’m Head Boy? What! Mum and Dad are going to be so happy! Wait, are you sure? You didn’t mix me up with Rae right? Or Macmillan? Oh my Merlin, I think I’m going to piss myself. This cannot be happening. OH MY MERLIN.”


A smirk slowly unfurled across my face, as I opened my mouth to speak.


“While Potter over here continues to screech like a pubescent preteen girl fangirling over One Direction,” out of the corner of my eye I noticed Potter slowly shut his mouth, hurt spreading over his features, “I’m just going to cut in with a simple question. What am I doing here? I mean, don’t get me wrong, props on you Potter, but really, I don’t understand my purpose in this situation.”


“You, Miss Benvolio, are here because you are one of the candidates I have been considering for Head Girl. You both know that I hadn’t given the badges for Head Boy and Girl out over the summer, and this was precisely why. I simply could not decide who to choose for Head Girl. As of now, I have narrowed it down to two girls, one of whom is you. I have already spoken to the other girl personally, and plan to do so with you as well. No decision has been made yet, but we are close to making one.” My mouth dropped as she continued. “As it seems, you interact extremely well with Mr. Potter and I sense no animosity, so I would just like to know your thoughts on the position.”


I spluttered for a moment before my mouth opened and words began to spew out.


“I would be so honored to take this position up, I would give it all I had, and oh my gosh it would mean so much to my mom and my brother, I really think I could be beneficial to Hogwarts, and I don’t like hate James or anything, and I could do anything you ask and-“ I was cut off by McGonagall’s small smile and slight clearing of her throat.


“Just one more thing then,” She gave me a calculating, piercing look as she asked, “What are your flaws, Miss Benvolio.”


When I spoke again, my voice was much quieter and I had lost some of previous excitement.


“I… I have many flaws,” I shrugged. “But, as I recently learnt, doesn’t everyone?” McGonagall smiled. “I have a tendency to underestimate my abilities. I feel things too deeply. I am much too empathetic. I have issues with self-confidence, and… and love,” I finished quietly.


McGonagall nodded.


“Roll up your left sleeve for me, dear.”


I took a wary glance at Potter who was confusedly looking between McGonagall and I like we were a tennis match.


“Are you sure that’s necessary?” She nodded, a sympathetic look gracing her features. I sighed, looked around me quickly, and rolled up my sleeve. As I glanced up, I rolled my eyes at the look of shock and horror on Potter’s face.


“Haven’t you ever seen cuts before? God, Potter, this isn’t a zoo. Quit staring.” He sheepishly looked down while I swiveled my head around to gauge McGonagall’s reaction. Her expression, to my surprise, seemed to signify that she had already resigned herself to the sight of the 3 horizontal lines embedded into my arm. She sighed as she lifted a hand up to gently trace the lone vertical scar transversing the other three.


“Potter, you may go. You will be called into my office tomorrow for a meeting with the Head Girl, whoever that may be.” He nodded, and with an awkward glance at me, he left the office. I sighed and turned to McGonagall, my good mood from before evaporated without a trace. I said nothing as I waited for her to speak.


“Miss Benvolio, you are not the most prominent choice for this job. In fact, Miss Chang is much more plausible candidate, with her top grades and impeccable records. She is sure to keep Hogwarts running fine, with no problems, issues, or… excitement. And here at Hogwarts, we tend to appreciate a little unpredictability. Boring is not our forte. We leave that to Professor Binns,” McGonagall said, as she flared her nostrils at the thought of the, ah, dead, History teacher, “But nonetheless, even with all of that, I have decided to offer you the position of Head Girl.”


She smiled at my flabbergasted expression. “So if you choose to accept this esteemed offer, as I hope you will, then I will see you back here on the morrow at the same time to accept your badge and go over the final details. Now, I’m sure you’re tired after your long day, involving suspicious undergarments and everything else in the average day of a Benvolio,” I gulped as she gave me the stink eye, “So off to bed with you. And please, Miss Benvolio no more undergarments in the Great Hall.” I gave her a sheepish grin as I thanked her and got up to leave. Halfway out the door, I poked my head back in.


“Professor McGonagall?” She looked up with an inquiring stare. “Why… why did you really pick me in the end? I mean, as you said, Chang is clearly the better candidate, and the favorite for Head Girl this year. And-“


“And, as I said, we at Hogwarts don’t like to play by favorites. No, we prefer the excitement that a rookie brings into the stadium, the anticipation that comes with the feeling of precarious responsibility. Will this gamble be a hit or a miss? Whichever it may be, as long as you gain something, anything, from it, it will be worth it. After all, life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain.” She smiled at me as I nodded, a bit bewildered, but smiling nonetheless, and exited her office.


A grin began to grow on my face as I realized what had just happened. As of tomorrow I, Lana Cordelia Benvolio, will be Head Girl of Hogwarts, prestigious Wizarding academy of Scotland. AH! A huge smile unfurled on my face as I continued to relive the momentous occasion that occurred mere minutes beforehand. McGonagall’s words swirled in my head. ‘You have to learn to dance in the rain.’ I smirked as I realized my feet had brought me to the Astronomy Tower.


Dropping my bag by the entrance, I quickly climbed the stairs till I reached the great big window unveiling the skies. Sparing it only a glance to realize that it was indeed storming outside, I grinned as my hands tapped over the stone wall searching for the brick that would be the key to my night. My fingers soon found purchase in a weathered stone, and after a lot of tugging, the wall itself opened, revealing a dusty passage way. Grinning in anticipation, I jumped in, following it up to another doorway, that led to another room, this one completely glass. I smiled at the familiar room, and then hurried over to the left corner, where I pushed open a square of glass that showed glass steps outside, hopped through and began climbing up the stairs.


Reaching the top, I took a deep breath, and then stepped into open air. Immediately, I could hear the wind howling, and my skin began to prickle from the cold rain. I looked around the weathered balcony and closed my eyes, seeing the first set of violinists pick up their instruments. I could hear the quiet counts, 1. 2. 3. 4. The dramatic first notes drifted in, getting louder and louder till they hit their crescendo. I opened my mouth, threw my hands over my head, and began to sing, embracing the rain.


You and I walk a fragile line, and I have known it all this time, but I’d never thought I’d live to see it break.






Author's Note: 

Hi everyone! So, this my first ever story... like ever. EVER. I'm really nervous about posting this, cuz ya know, first story and all, but I'd super much appreciate if you reviewed. You could just be like... muffins. Actually, I really don't like muffins. However hard I try, I can never, ever, EVER finish one. They're so intimidating. Like RAWR IM A MUFFIN, FEAR ME. And I always listen, and never finish. Muffins are so aggravating. Buuuuutttttt, if you're reading this, then I give you permission to talk about muffins in your review. Cuz you're gonna review, right? Huh? HUH? Now I'm intimidating too, just like the muffins. HA! Take that muffins. Okay, enough of my weirdness, just, thank you SO much for reading this and spending time on me and everything, that's literally amazing, and I love you so much for it, please, please, please review, and love you guys:)

Oh! And, the lyrics in the chapter and summary are from the Taylor Swift song Haunted. It gives me chills everytime I listen to it. You know, I think I'm gonna go listen to it now. PEACE HOMIES.

...Yeah I know. Never again.



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