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Maybe Not Just That One Dance by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark
Chapter 8 : Epilogue
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Have you got everything, honey?” Hermione asked her daughter.



“Yes, mum, I have it all. But, I’ll check again, cos you’re going to make me check anyways.” She said mischievously.



“Sadie...” her dad said in a warning tone.



“Alright, alright. Sorry, mum.” Sadie apologised.



“It’s fine, sweetie. It’s just that you can never be too careful.” Hermione said.



“Your mother’s right, Sade, you can never be too careful.” Her husband said with sarcasm dripping from his mouth.



“Draco!” Hermione smacked him on the arm lightly. Sadie and Draco burst out laughing, Hermione joining in after a few seconds.



The Hogwarts Express rang its bell, letting all the students know that it was time to leave.



Sadie gave her bag one last check, before putting it over her shoulder. She quickly hugged her mum and dad, finally turning to her little brother.



“Do you have to go?” he whined; he was going to miss his sister a lot.



“Yes, but I’ll owl you every day.” She assured. Scorpius gave her a beaming smile in return. He hugged her tightly, Sadie retuning it with a small smile.



“Hey, Sade, hurry up or you’ll get left behind.” A red head popped his head from one of the door on the Hogwarts Express.



“I’m coming, Hugo. Tell Rose to save a seat for me.” Sadie informed him.



“She’s already done that.” He grinned. “Now, hurry up.” Hugo popped his head back inside the train, and left for the compartment his enormous group of family and friends were in.



“Make sure you send letters every day, Sadie.” Hermione said.



“Yes, I will.” Sadie glanced at the train, which had whirred to life, slowly starting to move.



“And you better tell us everything that’s going on at Hogwarts; don’t miss anything out.” Hermione warned having remembered what happened the year before.



Sadie glanced at the train; it had started to pick up pace. She had to get going or she was going to be left behind. “Alright, I have to go now. Bye!” she urgently bolted for one of the doors, which seemed so far to her.



“Stop the train!” she shouted, whilst running as quick as she could. “Stop the train!” she repeated, calling out just a bit louder.



Suddenly, a hand appeared out of the door that Sadie was trying to get to. She quickly rushed towards it, reaching for the hand.



The hand stretched out even more, revealing the face of her helper. Sadie shot daggers at the face. She didn’t seem to want the help anymore.



“What do you think you’re doing?” she snapped.



“What does it look like I'm doing? Helping you! Now, give me your hand.” The person stretched even more.



“No thanks, Nott. I think I’ll manage.” Sadie said with hostility.



“Don’t be so stupid, Granger, and just give me your hand.” Charlie Nott insisted.



“It’s Malfoy!” she shouted, she didn't understand why he kept on calling her that; it was Malfoy, though she had gotten used to it. “And no. Now, go away and call one of my friends.” Sadie demanded.



“Fine, if you don’t want my help, then I’ll just go.” He turned to go back inside the train, when he was stopped by Sadie.



“Okay! Okay, give me your hand.” Sadie surrendered.



“What’s the magic word?” he chimed.



“Don’t push it, Nott!” she exclaimed, having become very tired of the running. He held out his hand again, and finally she was able to get a hold of it. He pulled her onto the train in one tug.



However, he had pulled her up so quick that she collided with him. Making sure she didn’t stumble back, she grasped his t-shirt. His arms wrapped around her waist, quickly, before she fell back.



Surprised at their position, they jerked their heads to look at each other. Their eyes locked immediately, and they just gazed into each other’s eyes, intensely, neither able to tear away.



“Oi, Nott! Get your filthy hands off of Sadie!” A voice shouted from behind them.



Charlie let go and cleared his throat, taking his cue to leave without any word.



“He didn’t hurt you, did he?” Albus Potter asked, checking for any marks.



“No, he didn’t.” She said, still slightly dazed.



“Okay, let’s go. Hugo, Stella, Orion, Rose and Fred are waiting for us.” Albus pulled her towards the compartment, which was overflowing with the Potters and Zabinis.





“Well done, Tom. You’ve improved quite a lot since these past years.” Hermione praised the now young adult, with a smile. Tom blushed and continued to dance with his partner.



“Don’t give him all the praise. I deserve some too, don’t I?” a voice cut in, arms snaking around her waist. Now that he had gotten Hermione, he had gained his confidence, and most importantly, his infamous Malfoy smirk.



Hermione slapped his arm and pulled away from his embrace, though she wouldn’t say she didn’t like it.



“We’ll see. But right now, you’re supposed to help me, not being all romantic, Draco.” Hermione scolded him. If he wasn’t going to help, he should just take a seat.



“Oh, alright.” He saw that all the students were looking at them. “What are you all looking at?” he growled, receiving another swat on his arm from Hermione again.



“Draco, stop it! If you’re just going to be rude to my students, then you can gladly take a seat, or leave.” Hermione warned him.



Draco immediately shut his mouth and assisted Hermione in demonstrating how to do the jive; one dance they had remembered quite clearly.



The students just watched them in awe; they didn’t know how they could imitate all those twists and turns and steps as perfectly as Draco and Hermione.



Draco finished their dance by dropping Hermione abruptly, holding her by her hands, with her just a few inches off the ground.



The young adults applauded their outstanding performance, as Draco pulled Hermione back up slowly. Their hands stayed moulded with each other. They both bowed.



Hermione turned to Draco as they bowed.



“I said to show them a simple move, Draco.” Hermione scolded him once again.



“Oh, come on, Hermione. I'm sure they can figure out how to follow those steps. Don’t worry, they’ll find no difficulty.” He smirked, knowing that the steps were difficult for those beginner young adults to mimic.



“Alright, guys, I'm afraid that it’s time to go.” She heard many groans of protests.



“I know, I know, but you’ve had enough time with her. I'm her husband; I have the right to get some time alone with her. So, run along; you’ll have Hermione to yourself next week.” Draco said, sounding a little threatening.



Some of the women cooed, while the men just scowled at him. They all turned to leave, allowing the couple to be left alone.





Hermione grabbed her purse and started to walk to the door, completely ignoring Draco, who was following behind her.



“Hermione, wait!” she didn’t stop; she continued to walk until she was outside. As soon as Draco exited the building, she locked the door securely, and then apparated on the spot without wasting another minute.



Draco followed behind yet again. He was slightly frustrated, that she was ignoring him like that.






When Hermione reached home, she smirked. She was definitely going to teach Draco a lesson.



She started to walk up ahead on the stairs, entering her and Draco’s bedroom.




Draco reached home, searching for Hermione. He couldn’t see her anywhere in the living room, kitchen, or in the conservatory.



“She went upstairs, Draco.” Narcissa informed him. He didn’t waste a minute and rushed upstairs to the bedroom. He was relieved to see her on the bed. She had her back to him.



“Hermione, why are you acting so weird?” he asked. She ignored him.



“Hermione, is this about me being rude to your students? If it is, then I apologise.” Draco said. She still didn’t respond. Frustrated by this, he walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder, jerking her towards him.



“For Merlin’s sake, Hermione! lis- Arrggggghhhh!” he screeched. That was definitely not Hermione. This thing has pure white skin, its eyes were unblinking, and it seemed like it wasn’t breathing. He tapped its shoulder and heard a hollow echo. It wasn’t skin that was for sure; it felt more like...plastic!



He then suddenly heard laughter coming from outside their bedroom. He turned around and saw Hermione, Scorpius, and Narcissa, their eyes burning with laughter.



His fingers clenched, and he gritted his teeth. “Mother, Scorpius, would you kindly leave? I have some important things to talk to Hermione about.” Narcissa and Scorpius took their leave, leaving Hermione alone with him. She entered the bedroom, that damn smirk still plastered on her face.



She closed the door behind her, and when she turned around, she was trapped by Draco. He had his hands pressed against the door, at the sides of Hermione’s head. He smirked, leaning down to whisper into her ear.



“Shouldn’t have done that, Granger. You know what happens when you pull pranks on me, don’t you?” he breathed the hot air on her neck, making her have that tingling feeling. Her breath got ragged, though she still kept her smirk.



“Why don’t you show me?” she challenged, whispering back just as seductively.



“Oh, well, aren’t you just a naughty lioness?” he smirked. “Come here.” He pulled her closer, as he pressed his lips upon hers.



They made love that night, only to break apart when they felt the need to breathe.



“I love you.” He pressed his lips on her forehead gently. She embraced him even tighter, Draco responding back by tightening his hold of her.



“I love you, too.” She smiled, her head resting on his bare chest.




AN: Well, this is all. I have finally completed this story! I feel so relieved, yet sad that it’s over. But, I’ve still got a lot of work to do on Connection With A Mudblood, so I should get started with that. Anyways, I hope you liked this ending. Please tell me what you think of this. I would really love to know your opinion! I will be re-editing this story so that everything is perfect.

Also, I have to thank all my reviewers for the support. Really, you guys have made me so happy with all your comments on this short story! I thank you all! ^_^ Here they are, you guys are awesome! : 



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