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My Best friend's Sister by shinichi
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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 Heyyyy guyz!!! This is the first time I am writing a next generation story because I always write Dramione fanfics. Well, I hope you like the story’s plot.


Here’s the Prologue-

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starcrossedsoldiers @ TDA thnx!


Scorpius rushed to his dorm and locked the door. He breathed heavily as if he had just done a crime.


It’s not my fault…it’s not my fault…it’s not my fault at all!!!  He then thought after a second- Actually…huh…it’s my entire fault.


Wow…I had thought that life was going easy, beautiful and I was thoroughly enjoying it……what more could I expect?

Being the head boy of Hogwarts was a very proud thing……and this post was made lovelier when I came to know who’s the head girl- it was Rose Weasely, my unofficial girlfriend. And the best thing was that, Al was my best friend…Albus Severus Potter- a total nerd, but a very good Quiditch player…he was the only one who could compete with me ‘coz I was the Quiditch champion. I never thought that my life would have any complications, but I was wrong; life can’t go on and on without any complications right?



I had lied to Al that there was nothing between Lily and me and I had broken Red’s trust. (I call Rose as Red and she calls me Scorp. Huh what else can you expect from cute couples like us?) But I had spoken the truth to only one person- Lily Potter, (my best friend’s sister) that I love her.



Ok fine…I know…Lily’s just in her fifth year…but the truth is that I’m madly in love with her. This feeling developed when I started my first ‘classes’ of teaching her Quiditch. Actually, we both had some sort of connection-


Lily was mad about Quiditch.   

And I was an expert in Quiditch.

So, she loved Quiditch, I taught her how to play the game and soon I fell for her. When I realized my feelings for her were true, my meetings with her increased and soon Stephanie (Al’s girlfriend) aka Ms. Big Mouth (I gave her this name as she keeps on gossiping a lot…) came to know my feelings. She just had a doubt... as she always saw Lily and me together; actually nobody knew that I was teaching her Quiditch (except my mom- Astoria Malfoy …I shared everything with her. She once told me-“If you start liking Lily then be sure to tell Albus about it…because I know how strong your friendship is. If you don’t tell him then you’ll surely break his trust,” to which I replied- “Mom…Lily is my best friend’s sister; I bet that I won’t ever fall for her……” I said this with confidence, but I never knew that this would really happen).


Everything was going fine…but then I started ignoring Lily…because every time I saw her…I felt like kissing her…it was simply irresistible for me; I just couldn’t control myself or my feelings. Every time she talked to me about a guy who liked her or whenever she told me that she has a crush on someone…an anger bolt would run up through my spine…huh I felt so jealous. We were friends; I mean sort-of-friends (according to her) but I couldn’t be ‘just friends’ with her.


And today, she wanted an explanation of all this. She wanted me to explain her why I was ignoring her.



And no soon, I blurted out what I felt for her. And soon something happened- we kissed. I really loved that moment; of course this was not my first kiss (Unfortunately, I am still Red’s boyfriend) I hope this was her first one…


But that beautiful moment was interrupted by Ms. Big mouth. She saw us kissing and of course ran away as soon as she saw it. Of course, I went after her; ‘coz I knew this pretty well that she would tell Al everything.

But I was too late, I don’t know; she kind of vanished…


And now I am in my dorm…thinking what to do. Huh, my life was never so complicated, never.


Scorpius went out of his dorm in the search of Stephanie. He really had to explain her everything before matters got worse.


So, how was it? I tried my best…it’s my first next generation story ( I think I’ve already mentioned that right?) so Plzzz forgive me and don’t mind my mistakes… : ) And sorry for such a short chapter, it was only the prologue so... : )




Plzzz review and tell me how the chapter was. The second chapter will be out soon after my exams end. I hope you liked it.


Dramione rockz,



PS- if and only if you are a Dramione lover then please do check out my Dramione fanfics. (Well, you can check them out even if you aren’t a Dramione lover; it’s all your choice)

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