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Mistakes by GrangerDanger76
Chapter 1 : Mistakes
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It was a mistake.

Every kiss, every touch, each fluttering time she looked at me with those big blue eyes, I shudder, sick with remorse.

We were two different planets spinning on different axes, never meant to touch, to fall, to collide.

But that’s exactly what happened.

And as I stand here, the walls caving in, I am the only one, the only thing left; forced to hold them up on my own.

My head is spinning as her screams echo in my hallow mind.


The day we met was disregarded, a long forgotten memory; simple passing of cards, meaningless numbers that usually would not grace the telephone. But she was excited and I was bored, so on a whim of pure enticement, my fingers dialed that number.

We met at a market. She was the only girl I knew who could ride a bike and wear a dress at the same time, looking elegant.

 “Hello,” she said, giving me a small smile.

“Hi,” Taking her hand I led her around. We made small talk and she laughed. A lot.

And maybe it was that laugh that made me call that number once more, twice more.

Maybe it was the way her blond hair floated in the breeze; and although she’s just a muggle there’s something so intensely magical about the way she walks, the way she smiles, the way she holds herself.

When I walked her and her bike back to her apartment in London, I lingered on her doorstep.

Taking her face in my hands, I kissed her. It wasn’t long or passionate, but rather soft, sweet, innocent.

Like her.


Sweat was dripping off her face as I stood and watched. I stood and watched the love of my life being tortured in a way so foreign to her beautiful body, a way that only existed  in world she did not sign-up for.

Her back arched and her screams echoed in the dark, empty mansion. Dark curtains, concealed the light outside, the black walls making the room feel like it was going to enclose at any minute.

I could feel her pain from the tips of my hair down to my soles. I put my head down and closed my eyes.

I heard the sound of heels clicking against the dark wood floor as my aunt walked over to me and grabbed my chin roughly.

“Watch Child, this is your misdoing.”

Her grip was so hard my face hurt. Black, beasty eyes stared into my green ones making my stomach contort. I swallowed hard as she pushed my face away, turning back to her real subject. The people around us in the room were staring at me. I could feel their eyes like little pinpricks in my back. I breathed deep trying to distract myself. Glancing down at my bare arm that was soon to be marked forever, just like the sullen people around me. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends, they all came to see me being marked, but they were in for an extra surprise; torturing of a muggle, a favourite pass-time really. The hate for them was evident it seems. And while she was being tortured, I was being scrutinized for affiliating myself with her.

“Crucio!” My aunt screamed, but her eyes were on mine, like if she could, it would be me she was torturing. And believe me; I’d do anything to be that one too. I wanted nothing more than to take all the pain away from my blue eyed beauty.

Her body contorted as she screamed, fear filling her soft blue eyes. Her porcelain skin was red and blotchy, pain ridden; her blonde hair, stained with blood, dirt.

How was it fair that she was being tortured in a way she never knew was possible? I just wanted to scoop her up in my arms and kiss her, take away all her pain, all the scars that would form. But I knew doing so would simply end up with death.

For the both of us.


“Come on, don’t be a slow poke!” She called, running through the field, basket in hand. It was a surprisingly nice day, the sky clear. She had begged and begged me to take her here, so with a small kiss on her forehead, we went for a manly picnic.

I’d do anything to please her these days. With just a month until I was marked, I knew it was dangerous being with her.

But I just couldn’t help it. And I didn’t want to either.

She lay down in the grass looking up at the sky. I did the same, and began kissing her. I was no longer shy or timid about kissing her, and she certainly didn’t mind. I loved the way her lips tasted, the way her hair felt between my fingers.

She giggled as I pulled her closer, enchanted by her smell, faintly of soap and strongly of lavender. I smiled into her lips and muttered her name as she pushed me away with a devious smile.

“Let’s eat first,” She said, getting out the sandwiches and tea she had prepared for us. Of course I obliged, there was no way I could protest her, she was so intoxicating. So I simply kissed her head and took a bite of my sandwich.

We stayed there until dusk. I held her soft hand and whispered words in her ear as we watched the sun venture down the hill. Yet that secret of mine was still tugging at my heart; my forearm already stinging, as though it were a sign, a warning maybe.

Mum said it was nothing to worry of, she said being claimed by the Dark Lord was the most exhilarating moments of her life.

But maybe I didn’t want exhilarating. Maybe I just wanted soft lips and blonde hair. Sometimes I have to wake myself up, say that one girl isn’t worth deter the future you could have.

But to be honest, I just want to keep dreaming, because a future without lavender would be no future at all.


Her screams could shatter windows, I’m sure of it.

I bite my tongue because I don’t know how much longer I can take this. My breathing is shallow, my heart races, but my mind for once is strangely empty. My heart is hallowed and my knees are weak.

The love of my life is sitting in a pool of her own sweat. She turned her head ever so slightly and I wished she hadn’t. Her eyes met mine.

All at once, the flood doors opened and everything went coursing through me. My knees gave way, and my heart exploded, all of my emotions running rampant at once.

“Get off the floor, boy.” My aunt snarled, glaring at me. Someone coughed behind me and I didn’t have to look to see who it was. My mum was trying to protect me, her little cough a signal to do as she says or trouble will come. But I didn’t care. They could do what they wanted to me, I would still be here, still a disappointment, still in love.

My aunt screamed as I stayed on the floor. I was stubborn and confused. I should have known that this was bigger than me.

She stomped over to me, a vein in her forehead pulsing, grabbing my hair and pulling my head up to meet her eyes.

“Now you’ve done it.” She snarled.

Taking her wand she screamed, “Crucio”.

Blue eyes widened, and her sweet voice screamed, echoing in the hall and all through my soul.

Her body convulsed, shaking rapidly as my aunt smiled.

And then nothing. Her body was still, her chest absent of the rise and fall of breath.

I covered my mouth to keep from screaming.

“You may now be marked. You are free from that dirty muggle. Come now, it is time to summon Him.”

The crowd followed my aunt into the next room, to prepare for my marking. The Dark Lord himself was coming, a rare honor it was said.

But I stayed behind, looking at the corpse of my one true love.

I bit my lip, and blinked back the tears.

Rising to my shaky feet, I swallowed my pride and bent down next to her.

I reached down to kiss her cold lips one last time. But what do you say to the one whose life is forever gone because of you?

What do you do when you’ve just lost the love of your life?

And what can you feel when you’ve felt all there is to feel?

I stood up slowly, closing my eyes. Breathing in the smell of Jasmine one last time, I put on a smile and walked into the next room.


“I love you,” She said, her voice soft, shy, uncertain. I leaned my forehead against hers, so close I could count the small freckles adjourning her petite nose. I touched my lips to hers, ever so slightly.

“I love you too, Jayme.”


A/N – Written for Courneyd’s Single Spell Challenge! Don’t forget to review! :)


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Mistakes: Mistakes


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