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Partners in Crime by marauder134
Chapter 1 : the deatheaters daughter
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Tessa pressed an ear to the door of the headmistresses office to listen more intently to the conversation happening on the other side. She could here the murmur of voices from inside the office and got a few words, but not the full thing. This had been going on for what seemed to Tessa, hours. The whole thing had been really annoying to her, not knowing what was going on, having other people decide what was going to happen to her. The parts that she did hear though explained enough, “…she is a death eaters daughter!…we cant just leave her…Voldemort’s dead…”

Tessa grinded her teeth at the sound of his name. Voldemort. Just the name sent chills up and down her spine. Voldemort. The man who got her parents sent to Azkaban, who practically broke her family apart piece by piece with an awful smile on his skull like face, laughing like it was nothing. The man who left her alone, who took her family from her. The man who she was raised to follow, and trust. She never trust him, not in any way. She hated him.

At least, she sort of did. Its kind of hard to hate someone you were born and raised to honor and model your life on. But now, that he is dead, she had no reason to worry about him ruining her life anymore. Even if her parents were in Azkaban, at least they didn’t have to report to that monster anymore.

The door knob twisted before opening, but Tessa had already ran to the spot the headmistress had seen her last, not ease dropping at the door, but sitting in the chair, her foot tapping consistently on the ground while she looked around curiously. Tessa looked up at the headmistress innocently; the teachers brown hair was pulled back in a tight bun, streaked with gray. A few strands fell loose from the stress of deciding what to do with the nuisance, her hazel eyes drooping from the dark bags under her eyes. To Tessa, she looked ancient, like a wrinkled old mummy. But of course, she didn’t say anything, if her mother taught her anything besides the three curses, it was to be a people pleaser. Not that that was easy to do being a death eaters daughter.

Next to her stood a huge guy, with a dark beard and brown eyes. He wore leather clothing that looked like he stitched it himself. His saucer sized hands were lined with scars and burns, but his face was gentle. He was the kind of person that you liked immediately, and Tessa did.

“Tessa Haynes, please come in.” Professor McGonagall gestured for her to enter her office. Obediently, she did, brushing past the Headmistress and into the huge room, careful not to bump into the huge man. Moving portraits hung on the wall; some glared at her, others didn’t even look her way. One, with a golden plate beneath it, smiled a devious smile at her, his dark eyes watching her every step with interest. Normally, she would have yelled something at it, but not in front of the Headmistress, who was now sitting at her desk.

Tessa sat uncomfortably across from her, shifting awkwardly in her seat. Before she could stop herself, the words flew from her mouth. “Am I going to be sent to Azkaban?”, she bit her bottom lip to keep more words from spilling out. For a moment, the Professor was emotionless, before in the very corner of her mouth, a muscle tweaked. It was gone so fast Tessa thought she had imagined it.

“don’t be silly, children don’t go to Azkaban.” she stated, slipping on her glasses. They made her eyes look slightly bigger in a way that would have made Tessa laugh. Some how, she held it back. “no, you will be attending Hogwarts. You obviously posses magical abilities, but they are dark. We can fix that, don’t you worry.”

Tessa did worry though, in fact, she had never been so nervous before in her life. Not even when she had first joined Voldemorts ranks. She could feel her heart pounding painfully against her rib cage, and her hands were getting clammy. Her stomach was twisting and turning. Nervously, she fiddled with a strand of her brown hair, twisting it around her finger.

“so,” her voice sounded an octave higher than usual. she cleared it by coughing. “you are letting me stay?”

The teacher nodded. Tessa felt tons of relief wash through her like a dam being released. She slumped in back in her chair, feeling totally relaxed. She wasn’t going to prison, she was going to go to school.

“but,” McGonagall standing up. “you must behave. Life is not the same here is it probably was for you. You are sixteen, so you will be in your 6th year. Since you haven’t been here for a few years, I will assign you a sort of guide to show your were everything is and stuff. But first, we need to see what house you are in.”

Tessa watched as the teacher gave flick of her wrist, making a spark of golden fire shoot from the tip like a fireworks. A hat flew from no where, landing in her frail hands. It was dusty and old looking, and when the Professor held it out to her, Tessa hesitated. Its just a hat, she told herself skeptically, while reaching out for it with a shaky hand.

“come on, I am not getting any younger here.” said a voice that was totally not Professor McGonagall. Tessa jumped backwards, almost falling out of her chair. She stared in horror at the hat, her hand clapped over her mouth in amazement.

“its alright, it wont hurt you.” the head mistress assured her, before reaching over and placing the hat carefully on Tessa’s head. Her heart quickened, but she didn’t take it off. Even though it didn’t cover over her eyes, she closed them anyways.

Hmmmm, lets see….You are a real trouble maker, huh? and a Death eaters daughter, how interesting. Very clever, and cunning. There is no doubt about it…SLYTHERIN!” the hat yelled, its voice filling the room. As soon as the words were spoken, Tessa felt the hat pulled from her head, making her eyes flutter open. Slytherin. Was that good, she thought, was this house like the evil ones of Hogwarts? She was evil, she guessed, she was a death eater.

Professor McGonagall pulled out her wand again. It was a twisting piece of wood, that had a reddish tint to it. It had been so long since Tessa had been able to use her wand, they had to take it just for safety. It was a rune-scribed wand, dark markings traveling like veins up the holly wood. She longed to feel the tingly feeling of the magic pulsing through her, the familiar hum as if it were alive.

Professor put the tip of the and to her throat, right below her jaw. Then, in booming voice, she practically shouted, “Jackson Noble, please report to the head mistresses office.”

When she pulled the wand away from her, she smiled down at Tessa, which Tessa though was weird because the entire time Tessa had seen her, she was scowling. “Jackson is Slytherin, and is very…quiet. He will show you around, is that ok Ms. Haynes?”

Tessa gave a sharp nod just as the door opened, and the apparent Jackson walked in, his robe trailing behind him. Tessa noticed he stuck his chin up slightly when he walked, which made his nose look more pointed and his stature taller. He had thick wavy hair the color of coal black that he smoothed down with the palm of his hand. He had fair white skin that reminded her of vampire, or snow white, she couldn’t decide. He ignored Tessa and walked straight to the Head Mistress.

“you called?” he asked, his voice smooth and confident. Even sitting down, Tessa new he was taller than her by a couple of inches. She was tall for her age, but he was extremely tall. And this annoyed her.

“this is Tessa Haynes, she is new here and in Slytherin. I would like for you to show her around-” The professor started, when suddenly someone burst through the door. The trio turned.

Standing in the doorway was a very flushed teacher, his long face red, his sapphire eyes glaring and his reddish brown hair ruffled with frustration. Next to him was a boy about her and Jackson’s age, a grin stretching from ear to ear. He had midnight black hair, and green ember eyes that twinkled with amusement. His stance was careless, even though the teacher had a firm grip on his forearm, a murderous look in his eyes.

“Professor McGonagall! Potter has done it again! I can not handle this any more, first his older brother James, now him! They are exactly the same! Both trouble makers! I will not have it, I wont!” the teacher exclaimed, a deranged look spreading through his face. The boy shook his arm free, his laughing face now filled with anger.

“I am nothing like my brother! He is absolutely the most ugliest thing to ever walk on the earth, where as I-” as he began to protest, the boy’s green eyes wandered to Tessa, and suddenly softened with confusion, his hands falling slowly to his side. Their gaze held for a moment, before Tessa turned away harshly to look at the Head Mistress. She could feel her face burning, but the boy luckily continued. “besides, what I did wasn’t even that bad-”

“Albus,” The head Mistress sighed, her hands pressed tightly on the desk. Her face was stern, but under the straight face, she was trying to hold back a smile, Tessa could tell. “what is it you did?”

The corners of the boys mouth grew upwards, flashing teeth his green eyes sparkling. “well, it started with-”

“oh please, potter.” Jackson exclaimed, leaning against the desk, a smirk plastered on his face. “why do you even try? You know you will never be as famous as your father was, or as perfect as your brother.”

“that’s not what your dear mother said last night.”
Jackson’s face burned, and he whipped out his wand from deep in his robes, holding it out dangerously to Albus, who smirked at it, holding his ground. If the Head Mistress hadn’t stepped in, Tessa was sure they were going to duel.

“boys! Enough! We don’t need anymore fighting! Five points from Gryffindor and Slytherin!” she exclaimed, before letting out a long sigh and collapsing in her chair. Behind her, a fire cackled, its orange glow casting creepy shadows. She turned to Tessa, who felt the warm glow of the fire on her cheek. “I am so sorry, Tessa. Its your first day and it is absolutely insane!”

Tessa shrugged her shoulders, “I’ve had worse.” she said, and it was the truth.

“McGonagall, I don’t mean to intrude, but are you going to punish Potter or not?” the teacher asked eagerly, his eyes flickering from an annoyed Albus to an expressionless McGonagall. All eyes were on the Head Mistress now; Tessa watched, the scene entertaining to her. She tried not to show it, but the corner of her mouth quirked up.

The Professor thought for a second, ignoring the eyes watching her. Finally, she spoke in her sophisticated voice of hers, “Potter will miss one week of practice for Quittitch, but will be allowed to play in the game on Saturday. That will be all.”

There was an outburst; Albus just about exploded; Jackson had a satisfied look on his face; the teacher obviously expected more punishment and was trying to get it out of the Head Mistress; and Tessa just sat, confused. What the heck was Quittitch? “enough!” the professor yelled. Tessa felt a pang of pity for the teacher. Just in the little amount of time Tessa was there is was crazy. Tessa wondered if everyday was like this.

McGonagall’s chest was heaving beneath her robes while she dismissed them from her office. Quietly, they all shuffled out, heads hung, leaving behind the Headmistress, her lifelike portraits and talking hat.

In the hallway, the group separated; Albus and the angry teacher heading left while Tessa and Jackson walking right. Jackson was a very quick paced walker, and Tessa had to practically jog to keep up with him. She couldn’t keep the Questions from flowing from her mouth:

“what is Quittitch?” she asked him. He kept his attention focused ahead of him, his eyes narrowed.

“have you been living under a rock? Quittitch is only the most thrilling sport out there, way better than all the muggle sports! It involves brooms, a quaffle, a beater and a snitch…” and he went on and on, explaining every single little detail to Tessa, who dozed off about in middle of him telling her about what happens when a Beater hit’s a player. They were walking towards the far end of the school, winding down a maze of hallways. Tessa tried to memorize her passing surroundings, to make it easier to find later when Jackson wasn’t with her. They passed a floating ghost, his head half hanging off. The see through person smiled at her, bowing politely. His head almost fell off when he bent down. They passed tons of portraits, some huge and small, some moving, others not. Finally, the hallways became more dim, the lights lined on the wall turning a greenish color, casting eerie shadows. They slopped downward, deeper into the heart of the school. Suddenly, Jackson came to abrupt stop, and Tessa almost slammed into him, but caught herself at the last second, standing inches behind him. Tessa watched wide eyed as Jackson’s long slim finger reach out to the painting. In front of them was a portrait of a snake, its red slits for eyes watching them carefully, swaying back and forth, ready to pounce at any second. Its tail rattled warningly. Jackson’s finger cautiously reached forward and through the portrait. Tessa breath caught in her throat as he gently ran the tip of his finger on the scaly head of the snake. It purred.

Jackson stepped back, and Tessa did to, standing behind him and away from the snake. Voldemort had a snake, she remembered, it was huge and always slithered around her feet at meetings. The portrait swung open, revealing a black wood door. Jackson pushed it open and strutted inside, Tessa followed.

The room was cold and drafty, and dim, she noticed, but Jackson didn’t seem to mind. Over the cackling fire place hung a portrait of a man, his sleek back hair gelled back over his dark eyes. He was slim and tall, a smug expression on his face, watching the group of people play chess by the fire. There was very few people here, probably all at dinner. To staircases stood opposite from her, winding up to somewhere unseen.

Jackson pointed to the right stair case. “you are up there. You might want to go take a shower or something.” he informed her, his eyes raking her body up and down, before going to the group of people on the couch. They welcomed him when he sat down, leaving Tessa all alone.

With one final glance at Jackson, she made her way up the stairs taking her own sweet time. When she reached the top, she shouldered open a door that said Girls Corridors, in gold curvy letters. Rows of beds lined the long room, and in between every two was a bathroom or a window. The windows had green velvet curtains draped over them, letting little light seep into the room. Tessa spotted her bag on the very last bed at the end of the room, a black suit case flopped on it with an open treasure chest sitting at the end. She started towards it, her sneakers tapping on the cold stone floor. As she did, she passed a group of girls three beds down from hers, whispering and giggling about who knows what. When she passed, they looked up and stared for a moment with wide curious eyes, before going back whispering something probably about her to each other, their heads huddled together. Tessa plopped on the bed.

Tessa hadn’t realized how tired she was until that moment when she shoved her suit case off the bed and onto the floor with a loud thump so she could lay down. Her head rested on the comfy pillows, her brown hair sprawled over them. Her eyes began to droop, her eye lids getting heavier and harder to hold up. It had been a really long day.

“hey you,” someone said in a snotty high pitched voice that Tessa immediately thought was annoying. Tessa didn’t bother to look up at the person, but continued to stare at the ceiling, silent. “aren’t you that Death Eaters daughter?”

Tessa let out a sigh. Here it goes, Tessa thought, I just got here and they already want to know everything about me. “what’s it to you?” she asked with no tone.

Tessa heard the girl laugh and turned her head to the side to look at the girl. She wasn’t exactly the prettiest girl, Tessa thought; a nose to big for her face, a slight mustache. But, she had a dark sort of mystery about her, they way her dark eyes watched behind long lashes, noticing any little thing you did. Freckles were sprawled across her cheek bones, and her dark hair was pulled back with a green ribbon.

“my mom was a death eater too, but she died in the war. My stupid father ran away from the Dark Lord, but I still believe in him.” she bragged, like it was something to brag about.

Tessa let out a loud snort of laughter, and sat up, her hunched over back to the girl. Tessa stared at her fare arm, where beneath her sweat shirt lay the mark, burning like it was mocking her. “Well, he’s dead now. So get over it.” she said, her voice metallic with hatred.

There was a noise that sounded sort of like the hiss of a snake, Tessa guessed came from the girl. There was another hiss, but not from the girl, but came from the same direction. A flash of blinding white light zoomed past her ear, hitting the wall before going out like blowing out a birthday candle, leaving behind a black burnt mark where it had hit.

Tessa was on her feet in a split second, facing the girl, her hand hovering over her back pocket where her wand was. Her fingers itched to hold the wand, but she somehow held back. Self control is a fine quality, her mother had said.

“how dare you defile the Dark Lord when all he has done for you and your family was to help you. Yeah, I know about you, Haynes.” she sneered, walking around the beds and advancing towards Tessa, who stood immobile, her eyes narrowed. “you family was the closest to the Dark Lord, your parents got all the attention and credit. He loved your family, and you worshiped him. What a kiss up you are-”

There was a shriek like the sound of a firework as a dark misty puff of fog shot from the tip of Tessa’s wand, engulfing the girl completely. Tessa was muttering the curse under her breath, the words of the runes engraved on her wand that made it work. The girls dark eyes widened, her mouth gapping open in surprise, but no scream came out. Tessa watched with no emotion as the girls limbs twisted and knotted into unnatural positions.

“don’t you ever talk about my family like you know them.” Tessa warned just as the fog began to disappear, fading away slowly. “In fact, don’t ever talk about my family, understood?”

If the girl could nod or say something, Tessa knew she would. you should see your face, she thought as she placed her wand back in her pants pocket. Then, she saw the others girls watching her in horror, there eyes as wide as saucers.

Tessa smiled a smile that stretched from ear to ear at them, and wiggled her fingers.

The look on there faces was twice as hilarious as the others girl’s.


Tessa wasn’t that hungry, but decided to go to dinner anyways. The hum of the faint magic still pulsing through her made her ears wring and her finger tips tingly. She never liked using that spell, it was always so disturbing to watch, and had weird side effects to the caster. Her dad had taught her that one, and she only occasionally used it. It was called Tilitcus, the twisting curse. Very few people new of that curse, and even fewer new how to use it.

She didn’t exactly wanted to use that curse either, her wand just casted it practically by its self. It had a way of doing that some times, coming to life all by itself.

When Tessa finally reached the great hall, the monumentous doors were open, and the lingering smell of turkey and mashed potatoes reached her nose. She peeked inside; there wasn’t very many students in there, like two or three groups at each table. She new the Slytherin table was at the end, the green table cloth and floating banner kind of gave it away. The ceiling looked like it was the night sky, stars floating like sequins on a dark surface. With a deep breath, she took a step inside.

Everyone’s heads turned; even the bulky man up front looked up from horsing down his food to gap at her. They all stared for a moment, before huddling together to whisper. As much as she tried not to, she felt her face burn.

Its not like she wasn’t used to people staring at her, she was a very famous Death Eaters daughter. And, not that she really cared or noticed, very pretty; slim athletic figure, wavy amber hair that fell to her shoulders, stormy gray eyes and angular features. She just didn’t like being looked at either way, even if she was used to it.

Tessa’s head felt dizzy, and her knees felt like jelly. Probably just another side effect of the spell. She spotted Jackson sitting at the table with a group of friends, each snotty looking like him. He looked at her, then looked away sharply. Fine, she thought, be like that.
Tessa’s eyes wandered to a girl sitting alone, reading a book while popping grapes into her mouth. Her curly short light brown hair was sticking every where, and her purple glassed made her eyes look huge. She, Tessa noticed, was the only person in the room not staring at her.

Hiding her eyes, Tessa walked over to her and plopped down across from her. The girl hardly looked up from her book when Tessa sat, but she didn’t mind. Instead, she began to load her plate with mashed potatoes, suddenly very hungry.

There was a clatter as Tessa set her spoon down on the golden plate, and finally the girl looked up. For a moment, the girl just glanced at her, before adverting her eyes back on the book. Then, as if realizing who she was, snapped her head up, her face full of shock.

“you-you are Tessa Haynes!” she stuttered, her brown eyes wide, her thin eye brows raised.

Tessa flashed a smile at her, all teeth, gazing at the girl through her lashes. She sort of reminded Tessa of a squirrel, jumpy and fidgety. “yep, and you are?”

The girl flushed, her dark skin darkening. “Lizzie Burma.”
Tessa eyes went blurry for a second, she saw two Lizzie’s. She blinked, the fuzziness disappearing with literally a blink of an eye. “whatcha reading, Lizzie?” she asked, trying to strike up a conversation. The book that was now laying on the table next to Lizzie’s plate of food had a tan color, with gold winding letters sprawled across the front. It said, A History; Hogwarts.
“Its for History class. I need to finish it by tomorrow or I fail-” she started, when someone slid next to Tessa and began to speak, interrupting her.

“Its Tessa, isn’t it?” the guy asked, flashing a half smile. He was handsome, Tessa thought, but she already new he was a jerk, by the way he new she would just pipe into conversation with him no matter what. “wow, your prettier than they said.”
His hazel eyes raked her body up and down, but his words almost had no effect on her. He kind of reminded Tessa of a bird of prey, and she felt like he was about to swoop down with his razor sharp claws on his next target, and Tessa had the feeling that she was his next target. Tessa narrowed her eyes on him. “Well obviously, you shouldn’t believe everything thing ‘they’ said about me.” she snapped, before turning back to Lizzie. Tessa’s head was spinning like a top. Her finger tips gripped the table top to steady herself.

“oh, even better.” he breathed into her ear, toying with a strand of her hair. “she has a temper.”

As quick as lightening, Tessa’s hand shot out, grabbing his wrist and yanking. Locking her fingers around his now painfully twisted wrist, she snarled at him through clenched teeth. “she also knows how to defend herself.”

Tessa tossed his bruising wrist to the side, and he rubbed it, glaring at her. She turned away, the dizziness coming back, making her vision fuzzy. Slowly, she pushed herself up and wobbled towards the doors. Everything around her was blurry, like looking into the reflection in the water. She could feel people watching her, but she hardly noticed with her head spinning-

SMACK. She slammed into something and almost tumbled to the floor. She wasn’t on the floor, her mind processed slowly, she was in someone arms. They smelled good, like a faint lingering body spray that was natural on someone. Her head was pressed against someone’s chest, and she could feel the drum of their beating heart.

“Whoa, easy there.” the person’s voice was airy, but familiar, but she didn’t quiet recognize it as she pulled away, slowly regaining her balance. Tessa could feel the heat of the person’s hand on her shoulder, helping her to stay up. She looked up at him.

It was Albus. She remembered his green eyes, and even blurry, she could see the deep green pools that shown with worry. If possible, she felt her self get more dizzy. “are you alright?” he asked, his voice warm and comforting.

She blinked, her vision becoming even more fuzzy. “yeah, I am fine-” she said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. She tried to took a step, and stumbled, falling back into his strong arms. Her eyes wandered to him, unfocused. They looked into his eyes and fell, deep into the green abyss and blacked out.










 hello! thanks for reading all the way through my story! Pretty please tell me what you thought of the first chapter, and rate ti good! thank you!



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