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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 3 : Thinking With Avoidances
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Chapter 3

Rose wasn’t sure what had come over her as she pressed her back against the cold surface of the tiled wall in the locker room. The room was empty and  deafening, nothing but the buzzing of the lights from the ceiling, which she was grateful for.

Holding her breath she shut her eyes, letting the warmness of her sticky dry skin clash with the coolness of the tile, engulfing her in chills. Chills that she felt creep up her spine, all the way through her scalp.

Letting her head fall into her hands Rose sighed. She knew that she was being childish but for some reason she just couldn’t help it. It wasn’t that she still had feeling for him, she reassured herself as her body quivered almost uncontrollably. She had made sure to burry away any emotions that she might have years ago. Although she had to admit that her reaction to him now compared to her reaction to him four years ago were two completely different situations.

It was easy for her to see him and catch up with him four years ago, knowing that when they left they would each return to their own separate lives which had nothing to do with one another. However now the thought of getting up every day and having to see him and work with him even if it was only for six months was unbearable.

Opening her eyes she looked at her shaking hands, noticing the dried blood under and around her fingernails for the first time, his blood, she thought. Suddenly the knot in her stomach started to rise as her hands shook widely.

Grabbing her towel she went into the nearest shower stall. Turning the water as hot as she could she waited for the small space to steam up. Not even bothering to take her clothes off she let the shock of the burning water jerk her back into reality, scrubbing her hands ferociously watching as the slightly pink water blended into the clean clear water forcing the blood to fade into nothing. She let out the sound of a relieved breath, placing a hand on the tile she leaned her head forward so that she was looking to the ground, staring at the water which pooled around the drain she attempted to think of nothing.

“Rose,” she heard a concerned voice call. Readjusting her posture she remained silent, listening as Carla walked further into the room. “I just wanted to make sure that you were alright?”

“I’m fine,” she managed to choke out.

“Are you sure you seemed pretty upset when you left the gym.”

“I said I was fine Carla,” Rose said in a clearer tone, taking short deep breaths.

Carla waited outside of the shower stall for a moment, she knew that she couldn’t drag information out of Rose, she would tell her in her own time, but at the current moment she didn’t feel that she should leave. Carla was the type of person who was there for a friend with no questions asked, and she knew that right now Rose needed her, and she needed her to not ask any questions… So she didn’t.

When Rose finally emerged from the shower soaked in her work out clothes Carla just stared at her. The slightest look of concern was in the cresses of Rose’s lips but she looked completely back to normal. Carla smiled “You know not many people can pull it off but you make that look hot.” She said eyeing Rose up and down.

Rose looked down, noticing for the first time that her clothes were still clinging tightly onto her body. Slowly she walked over to Carla and wrapped her arms around her embracing her in a tight hug “I swear Merlin is out to get me.” Was all she said.





Scorpius rushed to answer the knock on the door of his new apartment. “Hey,” he smiled.

“Out of my way Malfoy, lady with a baby coming through,” Stacy said as she waddled into the small apartment. “Loo?”

“Down the hall to the left,” he laughed as Bryan shook his head watching Stacy rush to the restroom.

“I hope you appreciate the crap we do for you,” Bryan stated as he pulled a large bag in behind him. “You do realize that my wife is six months pregnant.”

“I told you that she didn’t have to help, I only needed someone to pack the rest of my stuff.” Scorpius commented, he had accepted the position in New York with only a day’s notice, so he packed what he could and asked if Bryan could bring the rest.

Bryan let the bag fall to the ground with a loud thud, “First of all I don’t think you actually realized how much crap you have and second, she insisted on helping because she likes to think that she’s INVINCIBLE… when she not.” He made sure to yell the word invincible toward the general direction of the bathroom.

The toilet flushed and Bryan watched as Stacy came slowly down the hall her hand rubbing her stomach. “You know Malfoy, I don’t understand how you have put up with him for so long,” she mumbled quickly. “He drives me absolutely mental.”

“Years and years of practice,” Scorpius stated knowing, from having to live with him for six years at Hogwarts, exactly how annoying Bryan could be.

“Yes well I’m thinking at this rate we will be divorced in two years tops,”

Bryan slid his arm across Stacy’s shoulder squeezing it tightly “Oh is that so?” he asked with a grin on his face.

Stacy only nodded her head as she smiled looking at her husband and kissing him quickly on the cheek.

Scorpius couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous over the happy couple.

Bryan lowered his arm, so that it was wrapped around Stacy’s lower back he honestly had never been happier, and when he ran into Stacy eight months ago at Diagon ally, he was beyond shocked that she had even acknowledged him, not to mention even agree to go out with. He was sure that he had scarred her for life, that one year that they lived in the head’s dorm at Hogwarts, and back then he would have thought that she was too much of a goody goody to date, but that day in Diagon ally it only took one look from her and he knew that his heart had been stolen. The hard part was actually getting her to marry him, she was beyond convinced that the only reason he was asking her was because she was pregnant, but the truth was that he had been carrying that stupid ring around in his pocket three weeks before they even found out about the baby.

“Is that everything?” Scorpius asked his voice soft pulling Bryan back into reality.

Bryan nodded his head “If there was ever a trace that you lived in that house it is gone now.”

“Good,” Scorpius said sternly watching as Stacy lowered herself onto the couch and closed her eyes. She sat still for a minute as she let her eyes close, her hands resting on the large bump, and her breathing short and rough.

“Do you need some water?” Scorpius asked slightly concerned.

“I’m fine,” she said after a moment, “I’m miserable, but fine.” She opened her eyes to look at Bryan and Scorpius, smiling.

“My godson giving you a hard time?” Scorpius joked.

“He thinks that it’s funny to jab his foot in his mummy’s kidney.” She said smoothly rubbing her hand over her side pushing her fingers into her stomach. “Also speaking of godparents Vivian said that she was extremely sorry that she was going to miss the shower but she will certainly be there for the birth and she sent us a lovely stroller.”

“Oh is that what that blasting thing was in the middle of our doorstep, great another muggle contraption that I have to build. Remind me to owl her a very lovely thank you note.” Bryan mumbled.

Scorpius rolled his eyes “I’m still not entirely sure how you and Vivian are still friends after that break up?” Scorpius stated, watching as Bryan took a seat beside Stacy and tenderly laying his arm across her belly.

“What can I say it was mutual, it took us two and a half years to realize that we weren’t in love with each other anymore, the friendship never died.” Scorpius caught the slightly uncomfortable expression that was on Stacy’s face at the mention of Bryan and Vivian’s friendship, but she quickly covered it up when she noticed that he was watching her. Bryan rubbing Stacy’s stomach added “And if I do say so myself it worked out for the best.”

Stacy nodded in agreement as she laid her hand on top of Bryan’s. Taking a sudden breath she asked in as serious voice “Do you have any of that fish flake ice cream.” the sudden craving for a carton coming on fast.

“Fish flaked ice cream,” Scorpius repeated slowly to make sure that he heard her correctly “I’m going to have to say no, but I do have bagels and left over steak.” He offered noting the fact that he hadn’t actually had time to go to the grocery store yet. Stacy scrunched her face at the thought and focused her mind on something else.

“Fish flaked ice cream?” Scorpius mouthed to Bryan with a horrified look on his face.

“Don’t ask,” he responded back sternly.

Scorpius only nodded his head, walking past the bag on the floor and taking a seat at one of the stools that was at the breakfast bar, he faced Bryan and Stacy, giving them a forced smile.

Stacy picking up on the look asked “So how are you holding up?” Bryan looked at Stacy with wide eyes, “What?” she said innocently “Are we supposed to pretend that it didn’t happen? No offense.” She said to Scorpius.

Scorpius felt as his nerves went numb slightly taken aback by the question. “I’m fine,” he managed to squeak out. He waited a moment making sure that he could actually speak before he added “What makes you think that something’s wrong?”

Giving an odd head gesture around the apartment Stacy let her eyes land on Scorpius “Hello, you moved out of London. You don’t think that this is a bit extreme?”

He didn’t answer that question instead he turned to Bryan “I have an idea let’s change the subject… How’s your new partner?”

“HA,” Scorpius laughed loudly standing up and walking to the kitchen sink grabbing a glass of water “Keep moving on to a different subject mate.” He said quickly.

“Why?” Bryan asked “She really uptight or something?”

Scorpius took a large gulp of water; he knew that there was no way he was going to be able to avoid two conversations in a row. So he had to choose: either talk about his new partner or go back to his sudden move from London, neither of which sounded that appealing. Slowly taking another sip of water he said “Stacy when was the last time you talked to your old friend Rose Weasley?”

It wasn’t the name that was so shocking to Stacy, it was the person saying the name that surprised her. When Stacy first started dating Bryan she had learned early on that any subject involving Rose Weasley was forbidden territory and to remain unspoken. “Rose Weasley,” she repeated “Well there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. I think I owled her once maybe four years ago, to see how she was doing. Said she was good and living in Toronto, as far as I know she is still there.”

“Really?” Bryan said “I heard that she was in Fiji.”
“And how did you hear that?” she asked.

“Well I swore one day I overheard the Potter brothers talking about it, but I didn’t pay much attention about where.” He paused a moment “Maybe they were talking about Fred Weasley instead.”

“How on earth could you possibly confuse Fred Weasley with Fiji?” Stacy had wide eyes.

“I don’t know it was like six months ago, in my defense I was a bit preoccupied.” Bryan stated narrowing his eyes towards Stacy’s stomach with a grin on his face.

Scorpius pored the rest of his water into the sink, while listening to the conversation behind him. “What if I told you that you were both wrong and that she lives here in New York.” He kept his back to them as he said it. “Has been for nearly three years.”

The sudden silence from the couple was exactly the reaction he had been expecting turning around slowly to face them he leaned against the sink and crossed his arms. Both Bryan and Stacy looked at each other and then back to Scorpius with raised eyebrows.

“Oh and I might add, she’s my new partner.” He added, walking around the counter and back into the living room.

Stacy’s mouth was agape, “And how is she taking this.”

“Well she ignored me for two days and she attacked me today, so I’d say she is taking it pretty well.”

“Nice to know that that temper of hers hasn’t changed.” Stacy muttered.

“Not a bit,” Turning to Bryan who had oddly remained quiet on the subject “Any comments mate?” he asked giving him the chance to throw his opinion out.

“The curse of the Thursday strikes again.” Sadly Scorpius wasn’t sure if Bryan said that to lighten the sudden tension in the room or if he was being dead serious in that comment. Although knowing Bryan and having heard his theory on how Thursdays are the epitome of evil several times he was sure that it was probably the later.

“Oh for heaven’s sake,” Stacy rolled her eyes, pushing Bryan’s hand off her stomach and giving him a serious look.

Scorpius couldn’t help but laugh “Actually this particular event happened on a Tuesday.” He corrected.

An excited look appeared on Stacy’s face narrowing her eyes to Bryan as his face went from one of certainty to confusion with a hurt look in his eyes. “Oh Malfoy I think you may have broken his heart with the knowledge that not every horrid event is because of a Thursday.” Bryan crossed his arms like a five year old who had just been told chocolate frogs weren’t real frogs. Stacy had to stifle back a laugh, keeping a serious expression on her face, “Sweetie,” she said attempting to comfort him by rubbing his arm. Bryan shoved Stacy’s hand away to consolidate his pain on his own.

Taking a deep breath she knew that this was going to take some time. “So it looks like we are going to be here for a few hours, how can I help?” Stacy asked motioning to the bag.




Rose stood in front of her dresser drawers with the delicate necklace in her hand as the marble ball swayed from side to side. She couldn’t tell how long she had been staring at it and she wasn’t even sure why she pulled it out of the box that she kept it secure in.

She remembered when he gave it to her in her seventh year. He told her that he was in love with her and kissed her right before school let out for the holidays and she had slapped him, even though he was right she did love him too. On the night of Christmas Eve she went to her room planning to go to bed when she saw it…the box was just sitting there on her windowsill, almost as if it had always belonged there. The memory was so clear even till this day, the memory of when she went against everything that she had ever known and she let him guide her.

He had waited for her all night, just for the slight chance that she might come to him. Rose touched the marble flame, she could never figure out how he was able to capture the flame inside the delicate glass bead, even now it still glowed as if the necklace had seen no time.

Closing her eyes she remembered the snow as she followed the flame to him, the early hours of the morning before dawn had even risen yet, the way he seemed so happy to see her meeting him in the woods. The hairs on her arm stood up as she remembered the way he touched her and kissed her, the way his warm breath prickled her skin as he told her he loved her. She had given up her resistance that day and told him that she loved him. She had promised to fight for him… A promise which she broke.

“Rose,” Carla said leaning into her room.

Jerking her head she was almost in shock as she recomposed herself. “What?” she spoke almost unsteady.

“The movie is almost ready,” Carla announced squinting her eyes to what was in Rose’s hand. “That’s really pretty what is that?” she asked.

“Nothing,” she quickly snapped clasping her hand around the marble so that Carla couldn’t see it. “Just a knickknack really,” Rose said a bit more relaxed as she dropped it back in the box and placing it in her top drawer.

Carla only nodded with a wry smile, as Rose walked pass her and into the living.

Matt was standing in the kitchen in front of the microwave as he waited the last ten seconds for the microwave to beep. “Alright so I’ve popped four bags of popcorn, and I picked up two cartons of ice cream on the way over here so we should be set.”

“Hey babe did you get the…” Carla yelled but before she got the chance to finish Matt was inside the grocery bag and pulling out a large package of candy and throwing it to her.

“Red vines,” he said watching as Carla smiled and walked to the couch to sit down. “And for you,” he said to Rose pulling out a box of Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans.

Rose smiled at the gesture knowing that he went out of his way to go to the grocery store that had a separate section in the back for witches and wizard goods, to muggles it would look like an employee’s only door but when you went inside there was potion ingredients, cauldrons, books, and even the candy that Rose had grown up with. Of course it was always a pain to go to that store because one ended up having to pay twice, once in the actual store for the grocery’s with muggle money, and then again in the back with Wizarding money.

That was another big difference between London and New York that Rose had to adjust to. In London there seemed to be much more accommodations for the Wizarding world, for crying out loud she grew up in a town full of nothing but Wizards and the use of public restrooms and phone booths as entrances to the ministry, but seeing as how Wizards originated from there it made sense. However in the United States the Wizarding world was much more dispersed and hidden. From what Rose could gather the Salem Witch trials really got some people worked up and the Wizards figured it would probably be best if they blended in with muggles instead of stayed to themselves.

Rose remembered when she first told Matt about Hogwarts a boarding school specifically for the teaching of Witches and Wizards he had never heard of a place. He told her how in the United Stated Witches and Wizards attended Muggle schools in the day time and then had after school clubs that they had to attend for their Wizarding lessons each day.

Taking the box of Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans, she looked at it. Matt stretched his hands above his head “If any one tried to tell me that I didn’t know the two of you like the back of my hand I would laugh at them.”

Slowly placing the box back on the counter “Thank you,”

Forcing Matt to give her a stunned look “What’s wrong,” he asked becoming slightly frustrated.

“Nothing I’m just not hungry.” She stated clearly.

“Are you serious? How are you not hungry? I have seen you eat, you have a bottomless pit for a stomach and you never gain weight.”

“You know occasionally I do become full Matt.”

“Since when?” Matt shot back pulling the last bag of popcorn out of the microwave and pouring it into a large bowl with the other three bags.

“Since now,” She countered.

Rolling his eyes Matt groaned “I have got to get some guy friends, I don’t know how much longer my insanity can take you twos bipolar disorders.”

“Hey Grey is your friend,” Carla said defensively from the couch.

“Yeah well I have to be nice to Grey because he is your partner.” He answered picking up the bowl and walking over to the couch and plopping down beside Carla.

“Grey isn’t that bad once you get past his weird sense of humor.” Carla argued.

“Hey take what you can get it has taken me a good six years to get used to him in general, I’m not even going to attempt to get past that sick humor of his.” Rose took a seat on the other side of Carla staring down at the television remotes, she could manage to levitate someone with a wand but for the life of her she couldn’t work a television. “You know the fact that you can tolerate him says a lot about your sick mind.”

“What can I say we were in the same group of friends in high school.” Was all Carla could say back.

Matt only shook his head as he looked to Rose “That guy Scorpius seems to be somewhat decent.” He watched to see if she would give any notion of who he was.

Instead she remained expressionless starring at the screen flipping the remote in her hand and pressing random buttons. “I’m sure he can have his moments.” She answered her voice giving no clues.

Matt sighed extending his hand “Will you hand me that thing before you make the screen upside down again.”

Doing as she was told Rose handed the remotes over and listened as the movie began although her mind was somewhere else.  




Stacy sat on the floor as she pulled book after book out of the bag, Bryan had long ago fallen asleep on the couch and she let him because she knew that work would come early for him.

“You know if you want to get going you can,” Scorpius said stacking the books into a specific order and then waving his wand to place them on the shelf.

“No it’s fine, I don’t sleep much anyways, the baby’s always doing something so I mind as well do something productive with my time.” She said softly reading the titles of the books as she handed them to him. She had remembered Rose in school and her collection of books, which she thought was massive, that was nothing compared to Scorpius’ collection which was nearly double.

Scorpius nodded as if he understood although being a man he couldn’t possibly. Taking the book from Stacy’s hand he put in a pile to the side. “So how are you honestly with the whole situation here?” she asked pulling his attention from the pile.

“You know I’m not sure, I feel like I should be more upset about it than I am, but with everything else that has gone wrong in my life lately I can’t say that I am shocked.” Scorpius said more to himself.

Handing him another book she they went back to silence. “Scorpius,” she said suddenly.

“Your using my first name it’s time to be serious.” He joked lightly.

Eyeing him she continued “You know regardless of what you believe I have grown rather found of you and I don’t wish to see you get hurt.”

“Well I don’t have to worry about that much, she has made it perfectly clear that she want’s nothing to do with me… Which is probably for the best.” Thinking for a moment he said “I would go back… I just” he thought of how to explain it “I just can’t right now.”

“I understand, running is the easiest option.” She had a short tone to her voice.

Scorpius raised his eyebrows at how out spoken she was with her thoughts. “Right now it is.”

Stacy didn’t say another word on the subject as she reached into the bag and handed him another book an odd noise coming from Bryan’s lips in the background.

Looking over to Bryan as he stirred in his sleep Scorpius laughed “I think we crushed his dreams.”  

“He’ll forget about it in the morning.” She smiled tenderly looking at her husband.

Scorpius extended his hand to take a book but one didn’t come looking up he saw how Stacy sat still just watching Bryan, he wondered if that was what she did in her spare time when the baby was keeping her awake. The way she sat and observed him, so content and relaxed, she had to have been in a familiar setting.

Smiling Scorpius lowered his hand “You know when Bryan first told me that he had met the girl of his dreams and that he was in love with her after only one date I thought that he had gone crazy and then when he told me that it was you I knew he had gone crazy. Turns out I was the crazy one for not believing him.” Stacy turned to look at Scorpius with the same tender expression on her face.

“I know you think that Vivian still has some sort of hold on him, but I can tell you right now that she doesn’t.” Extending his hand to her shoulder so that Stacy was looking him in the eyes he said “He has never loved anyone the way he loves you.”

Stacy couldn’t help but blush at the words Scorpius had said to her “I think that might be the sweetest thing you have ever said to me.”

Scorpius only shrugged his shoulders as he lowered his arm. Reaching into the bag Stacy pulled out another book and handed it to Scorpius “And I think that this is the last of the books.” She said with a satisfied look.

“Well if that’s the case then I think we are done.” Scorpius announced as he stood up and helped Stacy off of the floor.

“Malfoy I know that we packed more than just books so what’s next?” Stacy said crossing her arms.

“Are you serious?” Scorpius looking at this small women who was six months pregnant and ready to do anything.

“Bryan wasn’t lying when he said that I thought I was invincible.” She said quickly kicking at the bag “So what’s next.”

Shaking his head Scorpius sighed “Clothes I guess, but if you feel the need to leave just let me know.” He insisted even though he was grateful for the extra help.

A/N: So I know there wasn’t as much Rose/Scor that you would have liked and yes it was a filler chapter but I hope you liked it. I hope that I gave a little bit more insight to Rose’s reaction to seeing Scorpius also what about Bryan and Stacy, for those of you who read Fighting Temptation tell me what you think about it. Thanks for reading and please REVIEW.



I will see you in two weeks with an UPDATE.

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