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Secrets Can't Be Secrets Forever by rainstormsatnighttime
Chapter 11 : Chapter Eleven
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 Chapter Eleven


A/N: Hey guys! I’ve missed you! BRACE YOURSELF FOR A LONG AND FAIRLY FLUFFY CHAPTER AND THEN THE WORLD’S MOST RAMBLY AUTHOR’S NOTE AT THE END. NOTHING belongs to me. Hope you enjoy this. Please leave a review!




“Scorpius, I’m serious. Stop it.”


“No,” I cut him off, turning to face him with a stern expression. “Stop it. You are having this party,” I commanded.

“Emma I don’t want a party,” he insisted.

I rolled my eyes and turned back to the book shelf. “Well that’s just tough then, isn’t it? Because everyone else in the school wants you to have this party, and I know that you do. So you’re having it. Now would you stop stalking me?” I begged, glancing over my shoulder at him.

He gasped, clutching his chest, a look of horrified offense on his face. “Stalking?! This is the verbal abuse I receive for wanting to spend quality time with my sister?”

“Yes,” I replied simply. I spotted the spine of the book I needed on the top shelf. I huffed and stretched onto my tiptoes, trying to reach it and failing miserably.

Life is hard.

Scorpius easily extended his arm over my head and pulled down the book, handing it to me. He smirked down at me.

“Go away,” I whined, pouting. He laughed and passed me the book. His face turned serious and I sighed, knowing I couldn’t put this off any longer. “Scorpius, I swear, I’m fine. It’s your eighteenth birthday! For Merlin’s sake, celebrate it!”

“Emerald,” he said seriously, authority taking over. “You had to sleep in the hospital wing and you screamed until I woke you in the middle of the night. Dom and Louis are constantly asking questions and if I get completely wasted who knows what’s gonna slip out?”

“You’ve never let anything slip before,” I pointed out.

“They’ve never asked so many questions before! I mean, we’ve not been back for very long and you’ve already collapsed. I feel like… like there’s something wrong. Like something bad is going on.”

I wanted to argue, and tell him he was being stupid, but if I was being honest, I agreed. Something wasn’t right. I’d never struggled so much at the beginning of a year, and neither had Scorp. But it would do no good to dwell on any of this. It was Scorp’s last year, and I would ensure he got drunk and had fun whenever the opportunity presented itself. Like his birthday for example.

I wasn’t going to let him waste it worrying about my… ‘little episode’.

“Scorp. We’re at Hogwarts. We’re okay. I’m fine, you’re fine. It’s your birthday tomorrow. Be happy, okay? Smile. Laugh. Drink. Etcetera.”

“Emma you can’t pretend like this isn’t important,” he told me.

“Scorp, I know I upset you, but-”

“No, Emma. It’s my job to look after you and keep you safe.”

“I don’t need to be looked after Scorp, I’m turning seventeen this year. And I’m twice as responsible as you. No offence.”

“You are my sister. When you are twenty you will be my sister. When you are thirty you will be my sister. When you are forty you will be my sister. You will always be my little sister, and it will always be my job to protect you.”

“You can’t protect me from the past, Scorp,” I told him softly. He looked so devastated, and I hated it. So I smiled. “Hey. I’m fine now anyway.”

“You’re never fine.”

“Then I guess I might as well always be fine,” I argued with a playful smile. The hint of a smile snuck onto his face. “Make sure you buy plenty of alcohol. Should be entertaining.”

“The big brother who calls himself protective and then supplies his baby sister with alcohol. That guy must be a bit of a twat.”

“He’s the best big brother anyone could ever ask for I countered fiercely. He looked down on me with a soft smile, before taking the books out of my hands and placing them on the edge of the closest shelf. He pulled me into his arms and rested his head on mine.

“Happy birthday Scorp,” I murmured. “And… thank you, for everything.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


It was six o’clock, and I’d positioned myself outside the bathroom door, my wand raised in front of me. Dom got in the bath at 4 o’clock.  Something was seriously wrong.

I tried to mentally prepare myself for whatever was on the other side of the door. In case she could hear me, I announced, “Dom, I’m coming in.”

And that was when she shoved the door open, right in my face.

I cried out and stumbled backwards. Oblivious to the fact that she had just assaulted me, she started to rant. “Excuse me, Emma, for wanting to look beautiful for your brother’s birthday party. It’s not my fault if I want to look good, and that takes effort.”

“You always look beautiful, Dom,” I sighed, shaking off my (VERY SERIOUS) face injury and wondering back to my bed, fixing a poster on the wall behind it before turning and sitting cross legged facing Dom.

She pranced through the room gracefully. She seemed to… almost… glow. Even with a towel wrapped around her head and another around her body, she looked beautiful.

“Merlin, Dom, if I were a guy I would be involuntarily displaying how pretty I think you are,” Poppy announced.

Lisa came in behind her, laughing. “Calm yourself. It’s just a towel. Wait ‘till you see her dress.”

“Ugh, dresses! Do we have to wear dresses?!” Poppy cried, disgusted.

“It is a cross we all must bear,” I replied solemnly.

Poppy’s dark brown eyes widened with fear. “No.” She shook her head frantically. “No I refuse.”

“Oh come on!” Lisa teased. “Don’t you want to look pretty?”

“Don’t you already know the answer to that?” I interjected. Lisa rolled her eyes and fell onto my bed before me.

“Oh,” I said. “Hello.”

She grinned up at me angelically.

“I don’t need to wear a dress. Jeans and an… unmanly top? Please?” Poppy begged.

“I fully support this,” I voted.

“Absolutely not!” Dom argued. “I say we tie her to a chair and force her into a pink dress, cake on the makeup and shove on six inch heels.” Poppy looked mortified.

“It’s down to you, Lisa.”

Lisa thought for a little while. “Oh what the hell. Let her have the night. Just make sure the top is very unmanly!” she commanded.

“Oh thank you!” Poppy gushed dramatically.

“NO!” Dom shrieked. She grabbed a pink dress and proceeded to chase Poppy around the dorm before Poppy broke out onto the staircase. Dom was quick on her heels.

It took all of thirty-one seconds for Dom to realise she wasn’t wearing any clothes. Instead of retreating to the dorm, she decided the best solution would be to pin Poppy to the ground and strip her as surrounding twelve year old boys entered paradise.

Lisa and I looked at each other and with silent agreement, we backed into the dorm and locked the door.


I sighed and shook my head as another dance song started, blasting loudly in my ears. I sipped my butterbeer and chuckled as I watched boys follow Dom, who was dancing around in a tiny pink dress, happy and carefree. The boys were oblivious to Al following them with a baseball bat in his hands.

Merlin knows where he got that from.

Louis was dancing with Amelia Fall. Their first date had been earlier today and by the looks of it, everything had gone really well. Scorpius was lost in the crowd of excitable, drunk teenagers dancing and having a good time.

And I?

I was sat in my hidden faded red corner chair, drinking butterbeer and listening to Danny ramble. Drunk Danny, that is. Even better.

“-And I just think… I mean, I LOVE dancing! But what if?! What if I told Martin I had a sex dream about him?” he slurred, looking up at me with wide eyes. “Then everyone would know I like men,” he whispered.

“You had a sex dream about Martin?” I asked, amused.

He nodded his head eagerly. “But shh! Don’t tell anyone. Not even Emma.”

“Not even Emma?” I repeated sadly.

He hesitated. “Well okay, you can tell Emma.”

“Good,” I nodded. “I’ll be sure to.”

“I don’t like alcohol,” Danny sighed sadly.

“I know darling,” I comforted him, stroking his hair and kissing his head as he snuggled into me. He turned over and put his head in my lap so he was facing me.

“It makes me say silly things and my head will hurt yesterday morning and everything.”

“Tomorrow,” I interjected.

“That’s what I said. And then you have to take care of me too!”

“Well that’s okay by me. I mean, you look after me when I get drunk, don’t you?”

“Only if I’m not drunk too. And you hardly ever get drunk. And when you do I only look after you until I give you to Scorpius,” he confessed, before bursting into tears. “I’m such a bad friend,” he sobbed. “I’m so, so sorry, Emma.” He sat up and covered his face with his hands, hunching over.

“Hey, hey,” I argued softly. “Don’t ever call yourself a bad friend. You’ve been my best friend since I was tiny. Remember when we used to meet in the park and see who could swing the highest and you always won because you have the longest legs? And then you’d get off the swing and you’d push me and make me fly into the air. And when I started to like different music and different clothes you didn’t get creeped out even though your friends at school were scared of me? And you always kept my secrets and whenever I had to come to you without Scorp you made me feel better. You’re my best friend for a reason Danny. I love you.”

“I love you too,” he murmured, smiling up at me with teary brown eyes.

“And now, because Scorpius is scared of killing his sister, and because most of you are too drunk to tell the difference, we’re gonna play the alternative take on dance music,” the DJ announced, and Good Charlotte began to blare from the stereo.

I laughed and shook my head. Dan smiled contently and put his head back in my lap, closing his eyes and beginning to snore softly. I rolled my eyes and shifted him onto his side with my wand. I absently stroked his hair and listened to the music.

I looked up as I heard someone sneaking into  our corner. It was Al.

“Hey,” I smiled. “How drunk are you right now?”

“Well, I know who you are, and there’s only one of you, and I’m upright, so not very. Or maybe I’m just used to being worse,” he observed, sitting down in the armchair opposite me and Danny.

“Looks that way. How come you stopped dancing? Did I ruin your fun with good music?”

“The opposite actually. I haven’t heard this song in years. I didn’t know you were into this kind of stuff.”

“Are you into this kind of stuff?” I asked, surprised.

“I love this kind of music,” he replied enthusiastically, his beautiful emerald eyes sparkling. “Anything from alternative to metal.”


I couldn’t believe it. Music was the most important thing in the world to me behind the people I loved, and I had it in common with the boy I was in love with.

And I wasn’t used to having music in common with… well anyone.

I felt really happy all of a sudden. I beamed at him.

“Absolutely. Oh God, I love this song,” he gasped. “I’m gonna go get so drunk that I can’t tell if I’m still dancing or not. But me and you, Emerald Malfoy, will definitely be talking about music very, very soon,” he promised.

I laughed. “Of course. Don’t vomit on anyone pretty.”

“They’ll get over it.”

He flashed me a winning grin and left me with my own grin that I just couldn’t pull off my face.


“So get out, get out, get out of my head, and fall into my arms instead...”

Oh. My. God.

I froze in the doorway, mouth wide open with shock, eyes larger than saucers.

It’s truly a beautiful day when you walk in on your sixteen year old male close friend singing songs by One Direction and dancing to their CD in his dorm room.

Thank you, Merlin. Thank you oh so very much.  Louis caught sight of me in the doorway and a pink blush threatened to spread across his pretty face, but he shook it off and replaced it with a confident grin. “Dance with me Emma!” he demanded.

I laughed as he twirled me around, still singing, before prancing back towards the CD player happily, singing and dancing all the way. He knew every single word.

“I need that one thing, you've got that one- OH!”

I gasped and covered my mouth, my eyes travelling back in the direction the burst of light came from. Danny was holding the wand he used to shock Louis in one hand, sat with a disgruntled look on his face as he glared at him. “Too early. Quiet time.” He clutched his head and groaned. “For forever.”

Louis stood up and looked over at Danny with anger burning in his eyes. Trying to avoid a shouting match, I closed the door and sat on the edge of Danny’s bed, looking up at Louis. “I’m sorry, but when did you get so into One Direction?”

“You bought me the CD for my thirteenth birthday, remember?!”

“Yeah… as a joke, Lou,” I replied steadily, feeling slightly frightened. “I didn’t think you actually listened to it.”

“Well. The truth is... I'm... I'm a directioner."

"I was afraid of this."

“Yeah,” he sighed, his cheeks pink, but a childlike glimmer in his eyes and a bright smile on his face. “I was afraid to admit it before, but now… it doesn’t matter anymore, because these songs understand perfectly. They say it all.”

“Understand what?” I asked, grinning.

“My feelings! Emma, Amelia is… she’s just… incredible. She’s funny and smart and beautiful. She makes me laugh, she makes me smile, she makes me feel…” he trailed off, shaking his head with a dazed look on his face.

“My little Louis is all grown up,” I sighed, wiping away fake tears.

“Emma?” Danny groaned. “Will you make the ouching in my head go away?”

“Of course love, but you have to get up and go clean up whilst I go get it, okay?”

“Fine,” he grumbled, and begrudgingly rose from his bed and stumbled into the bathroom.

Louis’s eyes followed him. He shook his head disapprovingly and turned back to me. “Why do you look after him like that?”

“Because he’s my best friend. That’s what you do. You take care of Dom, right?”

“That’s different. Dom’s my sister,” he stressed.

“Louis. Let’s just not, okay?” I begged.  “Let’s talk about your date. Clearly it went well?”

His face lit up all over again. “Oh my God yes. She’s really funny, and she’s so nice. She’s really sweet. I mean, we don’t have that much in common but… I just… I really like her, and I think she likes me too.”

I smiled gently. “Well that’s good enough, as long as you’re happy.”

“I am,” he grinned.

“I’m glad. But now I have to go get some anti-hangover potion for Danny and your sister. Did you see how wasted she was?”

He winced. “We all saw how wasted she was, Emma. Way, way too many boys did.”

I laughed. “Well. I’m going to go and take all the banging out of her head and churning out of her stomach so she’s set to do it all over again next weekend.”

And with that I left the room and wandered back to my own dorm room.

As soon as I closed the door behind me. “Emma – potion – please – now,” Poppy managed to get out, while Dom moaned into her pillow.

I shook my head, amused and went into the bathroom, reaching up to the top shelf and grabbing three vials of potion. I handed one to both of the girls and left to leave one in Danny’s room, before heading down to the great hall.

I took a seat on the end of the pretty empty Gryffindor table. No one normally woke up until well after noon, but the day after a party there was no chance.

I waited patiently until a beautiful grey owl landed in front of me and dropped a letter. “Thank you,” I murmured politely, offering her a cracker (well I’m sorry if I don’t carry around dead mice, people) which she took hesitantly, but seemed to be satisfied with, before she flew off.

I’d been writing letters to Alice once a week, every week. I did every year. It was really hard being away for so long. Last year Scorp and I were granted permission to go home at weekends towards the end of her pregnancy because Alice had no one else and she needed to be looked after, but this year it was back to normal, and I missed her a lot.

I opened my letter.


Dear Emma,

Scorp told me about you collapsing. Is everything okay? What happened? Are you alright? He says you are but I just want to make sure. You know if you want to talk, I know it’s not the same as talking, but you can write about it and I’ll reply as soon as I possibly can. Did Scorp have a good birthday? Did you get drunk? What did he get up to whilst he was undoubtedly intoxicated? I miss you a lot. But hey! I made a friend! Well… that is, I got speaking to my friend Louise. I haven’t seen her for a year, but me and Maisy are going to see her tomorrow. It’ll be good to speak to someone who isn’t five months old (apart from Linda, obviously). Maisy’s growing so quickly, I wish you were here to see her. I even miss Scorp. Write me back really soon, Emma. I want to make sure you’re definitely alright. I love you,

Alice x

I sighed. Of course Scorp would tell Alice. Let’s just get more people to worry! Can’t understand why people think my brother is intelligent. I folded the letter and put it in my pocket, before getting up and wandering off to the lake.

It was almost Christmas, and it was freezing outside, but with a few long-lasting heating spells, I was good. Besides, no one else was outside and the icy lake looked really pretty.

I spent the next couple of hours listening to music on my wizpod (that’s right muggles. We’re just that cool) and finishing homework. I wrote a letter assuring Alice that I was perfectly fine and talking about how much I missed her.

I’d just finished my last essay when someone sat down next to me. I recognised the mop of messy black hair and then the bright emerald eyes.  My heart fluttered pleasantly in my chest.

“Hey,” he smiled. “What are you listening to?”

I delighted smile spread all over my face. “Here,” I offered, passing him an earphone.

“No way! How did you let me go so long without listening to your music?!”

“I don’t think we’ve ever talked about music. I mean people don’t normally share my taste. I’m sure a lot of people do, I’m just not close with them.”

“Well there’s me,” he responded with a friendly smile.

I met his with one I could only hope wasn’t too shy. “So I take it you like Green Day.”

“Green Day are quite possibly my favourite band of all time.”

“Serious devotion,” I commented.

“Absolutely. But there are a lot to choose from.”

“For example?”

“Well, to start with… Iron Maiden.”

“And Slipknot?”

He grinned. “Foo Fighters.”


“Black Veil Brides.”

“The Pretty Reckless.”

“Bullet For My Valentine.”

“A Day To Remember.”

“By God I could kiss you Miss Malfoy,” Al exclaimed, laughing a beautiful, happy, free laugh.

And despite the fact that I was hiding how my heart lifted, I laughed with him, because I could.

“I would really appreciate it if you didn’t,” a strangled voice begged.

We looked up to see Scorp, Danny, Dom and the source of the squeaky pleading, Louis as they joined us on the frosty grass.

“Don’t be silly, Louis. Albus doesn’t want me to punch him in the face,” Scorp declared cheerfully.

I rolled my eyes.

“Can I just ask why we’re outside in the middle of winter? I mean yeah, heating spells, but… why?” Danny pondered.

“Isn’t it obvious, Daniel?” Dom replied brightly. “We’re friends with Emma, and she’s a freak!”




And Dom and I proceeded to begin what was the greatest tickling battle of all time.

…Until we were both snatched into the air right before we could fall into the icy black lake and die. At this point we were sternly sent inside and marched to the common room where we were told from now on we weren’t allowed to use heating spells and would have to treat winter like winter so we didn’t forget and somehow die in one of the colourful ways winter provides.

But an overall good weekend set me up for a positive week to follow.

Then again, you know, lessons.

And also, there are times when life just decides: ‘Hey! You suck!’ and proceeds to punish you in the cruellest ways. On this particular Monday, just two weeks before we got to go home for Christmas, it happened like this:

Professor McGonagall was rambling on about teapots and ketchup at the front of the room. I didn’t know whether this was relevant to the lesson, or whether it was just one of those things people who are simply too old to be alive like to talk about. I wasn’t listening. I was drawing whiskers on Danny’s face in permanent marker which he had to accept as he’d written ‘I <3 JB’ on my hand.

Too far. Just too far.

All in all, it was a pretty typical Transfiguration lesson.

And that was then the classroom door burst open, and every half conscious teenager’s heads slowly swivelled to face the back of the room, where, with a sudden jolt, I recognised my brother to be standing.

His blonde hair was messier than usual, a panic in his eyes.

“Sorry Professor, I need Emerald, the head sent me,” he announced urgently.

“Very well,” McGonagall

“Scorp?” I said carefully. “What is it?”

He met my eyes with regret and fear.

“It’s Alice.”


A/N: I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for so long! And I’m sorry for how long this chapter is (I’m not sure if you think that’s a good thing or not) but it was two separate chapters but I wasn’t happy with the first part and I’m not sure if I’m happy with the second part either… but I really do hope you enjoyed it anyway and please let me know what you think!

Guys, the reviews have been absolutely amazing, thank you so much to all of you, and I lost where I’m up to, so I’m sorry if I’ve mentioned you before, but I’m just gonna list you all.

Thank you ScorpiousRose17, Voldy_Needs_a_Hug, potterfan310, Bethan, Galaxy567, TeddyLupinPotter, Ginger_Lust, BBWotter, Charlene and Megnog_yells_SURPRISE!! for all of your reviews; they all put a smile on my face and really made my day. And thank you so much to everyone who added this story to their favourites, it’s really encouraging, so thank you bananasareamazing, BBWotter, Bobmarley, Faerynn, fluffers202, Harry_and_Ginny, ibelieveinmagic, ines0803, jamessirius, lunaginny, ms4asia, potterfan310, ScorpiusRose17, Skyler315 and Voldys_Moldy. You guys are the best people ever ^_^

Also, if you’re ever feeling depressed/prepared to be depressed, will you please take a look at my other story Stay Warm and tell me how to improve? I know it’s not very good, but I’d love to know how to make it better! I need the constructive criticism guys! It’s super-duper UPER helpful when you review and teach me how to be smart. I LOVE YOU ALL <3

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