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As The Days Grow Dark by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 17 : The Next Target
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Chapter 17

As Raven walked into the deserted warehouse, a smile spread across her face. It wasn’t an outrageously happy smile; it was a sly smile of a terrible woman who was enjoying how well her plans were going. She had recently received some news that made her feel happy and successful. Her well planned murders were causing major alarm among the members of the family she was working on destroying. They all thought that some death eater was back doing the work. If only they knew the truth.

“You seem happier than usual,” Viper noticed as his partner entered the warehouse.

This happiness scared him a bit. The last time he remembered seeing her happy was when they were at Hogwarts. Later, he had found out that it had all been an act. After working with her and killing several friends and members of the Weasley family, he realized that the fact that Raven was extremely happy was something to be frightened about.

“That’s because I bring news,” Raven replied, “The Weasleys and their pathetic friends had a meeting the other day. They are all worried about dying. Most of them think the death eaters are back; no one has a clue that it’s really us.”

That put Viper at ease. As much as he loved killing these people who thought they were all that, he always worried that he would get caught. If he were to get caught, it would be almost guaranteed that he would spend the rest of his life in Azkaban. That is, if he wasn’t killed before he reached the terrible prison.

“How long do you think it will stay that way?” Viper asked.

“I have no idea,” Raven replied, “However, we are not the type of people who would be suspected at all. They’re probably going to pin it on some Slytherin.”

Viper smiled at this news. People were worried, which was good. It also meant that he was less likely to be tortured today, something that always made him feel better. He just had to continue killing people so that the happiness in Raven lasted.

“So is there anyone in particular you want to kill next?” Viper asked, eager to kill again.

“Not a particular person, but I would like to kill someone that we went to school with,” Raven replied, “That’d feel quite good.”

Viper could work with that. He started naming off people they went to school with, hoping that one of them would be decided on soon.

“Kristen? James? Andrew?”

“Not yet, even though I do plan on killing them eventually. Someone who we can’t be closely linked to is what I was thinking.”

Names continued to race through Viper’s head and he said them out loud. He wanted Raven to decide on one soon.

“Jessica? Taylor?”

“They were still in our year; they’d still be able to trace easily.”

Silence filled the warehouse as both people thought of the best person to kill next. It needed to be the perfect person; someone who would cause suffering to the Weasley family but couldn’t easily be traced to them.

“What if we killed Scorpius Malfoy?” Viper asked after a long silence, “He’s close to the Weasley family since he’s married to Rose. He’s two years younger than us as well, so there’s no real connection between us.”

“The only problem with that is that by killing him we could lose support from some former death eaters,” Raven replied.

Death eaters? Why did they need any support from those people? It was an incredibly different operation! Viper was confused by this.

“I thought we were a separate entity from them,” he stated, “Why would we need their support?”

“Viper, the Weasleys bread like rabbits,” Raven explained slowly, talking to Viper in a tone someone would talk to a little kid, “There may come a point when the two of us alone are unable to kill all of them and may be in need of another partner.”

Viper was relatively surprised. He had thought that these murders would be exclusive to him and Raven. He didn’t want to share the glory with anyone else.

“You do realize that those people hated us in school, right?” he asked, hoping Raven understood that getting any death eaters or their children on board with their plan would not be an easy task.

“We’re not in school anymore,” Raven replied, “Besides, this time we all have a common goal that will unite us.”

“What’s that?”

“We all hate the Weasleys.”





***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) Do you have any more thoughts on who Raven and Viper really are? Do you have an idea about who is going to be the next target? I'd love to know! As always, I hope you continue to read, review, and enjoy this story :D ***

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As The Days Grow Dark: The Next Target


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