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The Time Of Their Lives by HorseGoddess
Chapter 2 : The Announcment
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He kissed her passionatly and she moaned happily. They kissed for a few minutes and then Harry pulled off his and Hermione's robes. He undid the bottons down the front of her shirt, still kissing her. He undid the first, the second, the third, the fourth, th fifth, and the shirt was off. He fumbled with the hook on her bra and it came undone. He pulled it off and then slowly started kissing lower and lower, kissing her breasts as she threw back her head and moaned softly. She pulled off his shirt and then unzipped his pants. He kissed her again and then kicked off his pants, standing in boxers. He kissed down her stomach and then took his hands and pulled on the button on her pants. He zipped them down and pulled them off, pulling off his boxers too. He then pulled of her underwear and they pressed their bodies against each other. They made their way to Harry's bed and Harry laid on it. Hermione straddled him and then thrust her body on top of his. She kissed his face, his neck, everywhere she could. Harry taced her lips with his fingers, kissing her once more. He slowly kissed her neck and then made his way to her breasts, kissing them softly. he kissed her stomach, her thighs, covered her in kisses. Then...a knock on the door.

Harry and Hemrione sat up quickly. "Who is it?" Harry called.

"It's Ron! I need in!" called the voice. Harry sighed.

"Hang on, Ron!" he slowly stood up and reluctantly put on his clothes. Hermioen also dressed and then he kissed her soflty on the lips, touching her nose. He undid the locking charm and opened the door. "Waht do you want Ron?" he sighed. Ron pushed open the door and then saw Hermione standing there, her top shirt button undone and her hair messed up.

"Whoops....sorry to...umm...disturb you, but it's really important." Ron said.

"What?" Hermione said, a little crossly. Ron gulped.

"Hermione? Um-remember when you went to Madam Pompfrey for a pregnancy test?"

"Yeah?" she answered. Ron gulped.

"Well...ummm....y...your pregnant." Harry's mouth flew open.

"What!?" Hermione gasped. Ron handed her a pieec of paper.

Hermione and Harry--

Congratulations! Hermione is expecting a baby boy on September 1st. Tests have found out that it is indeed Harry's son. Please come to me with any questions!

--Madam Pompfrey

Hermione read the paper, harry looking at it over her shoulder. They looked at each other and Hermione squealed.

"Harry! Were going to have a son!" she gasped. Harry hugged her tightly.

"I know!! This is wonderful!" Harry cried.

"Sh...should we go tell everyone?" Hermione said, trembling. They walked down the stairs with Ron, and entered the common room. Hermione shook and harry put his arm around her, calming her down a bit.

"Everyone??" Harry said loudly. No one paid any attention. "ATTENTION!!" he yelled. Every head turned to look at him. "Hermione and I have an announcement," he said, trying to sound calm. He looked at Hermione and squeezed her hand. "We...were having a baby." He stuttered. The room got quiet and then errupted with cheers. Ginny Weasley ran up to them and hugged them both.

"You guys are having a baby!?" she squealed. Hermione nodded and a smile spread wider on her face.

"On September 1st. A boy," she said excitedly. Ginny hugged her again.

"That's wonderful!" she squealed again. Everyone came to Harry and Hermione, hugging them, congragulating them. The portrait hole opened, and Madam Pompfrey entered. She walked to Harry and Hermione and looked at the room.

"I'm guessing you've told everyone?" she laughed. "Well, Hermione's parents are here." Hermione's face got white.

"Th..their here? Do they know?" she whispered. Madam Pompfrey nodded.

"Yes, they know. They are in the hospital wing, waiting to see you two." Harry nodded and followed Madam Pompfrey out the portrait hole. The three made their way to the hospital wing, to see Hermione's parents sitting in two chairs. Hermione's mom looked up and ran over to them.

"Hi, mom. Hi dad." Hermione said shakily, "so..I guess you've heard."

Mrs. Granger nodded shortly. Hermione had a lok of terror on her face and her mom laughed. "Oh Hermione, we couldn't believe it! Were going to be grandparents!" Hermione sighed happily as her dad came and hugged her too. Mr. Granger shook Harry's hand and Mrs. Granger kissed him on the cheek.

"You two are getting married in a month, and your having a baby in three months!" Mr. Granger laughed. Then he looked confused. "Wait...Hermione, you don't look 6 months pregnant."

"There are spells we use so if this situation occurs, the girl won't look pregnant. This is so she can still attend classes, tests-so she doesn't miss school." Madam Pompfrey explained. Then she saw the alarmed look on Mrs. Granger's face. "It can't hurt the baby at all, it doesn't actually make Hermione or the baby any smaller. It's just a visual thing. She can stil be active and do asnything she wan'ts, without any chance of losing the baby." Hermione smiled and looked at Harry, who had a huge smile on his face.

"Hermione, you'll be staying in the hospital fot he last week of school. Harry an stay here also." said Madam Pompfrey. They both nodded. "Okay...I suggest you go back to the Gryffindor tower and pack you things. I'll bring your trunks down later. You guys still have classes and meals with everyone else. I'd just rather you two stay here so I can keep a watch." A troubled look came upon her face and then it melted away to a smile as she clapped her hands. "Go ahead now!" Hermione hugged and kissed her parents, who hugged Harry. Then Harry took Hemrione's hand and they headed back to the tower.

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The Time Of Their Lives: The Announcment


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