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Running by TimeSeer
Chapter 6 : The Detective
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 When I was four years old, I went out with my mum and we went to the coast. I had always been fascinated with water and could not wait to see the coast. When we finally got to the coast I saw someone with tattoos and piercings all over their body. Being a four year old with no tact, I immediately turned to my mum and asked, quite loudly, “Why is that person covered in ink and metal?”


The man heard and he scowled at me while my mum murmured an apology to him. He walked off and the whole time he was walking I just stared at him.


My mum then turned to me and told me, “It is not polite to stare, never do that again.”


The problem is that I am staring again. In fact everyone in the Three Broomsticks is staring.


Let’s review shall we.


Since James punched Scorpius, Scorpius is now lying on the ground with a bloody nose and glancing between James and Rose.


James is glaring at Scorpius, mumbling something like, “Stupid Malfoy.”


Rose is staring at Scorpius in surprise to the blood dripping down his face.


Morgan is staring at the scene with a smirk, which can never be very good.


Sophie is looking at Scorpius probably to make sure that he is still alive and his brain still functions properly.


Al is staring at his brother with his mouth hanging open.


Everyone else in the Three Broomsticks is staring at Scorpius and/or James.


I, however, am the one person not looking in that direction.


Instead I am gaping at the door like a fish.


I blink once.




A third time.


I can still see the hair that I could never miss.


That red hair that could only belong to someone that is a part of my family.


My damn sister’s hair.


I see my sister’s hair for the first time in about nine years and all I can do is continue to gape at the door she just walked out of.


No one has moved in about a minute; unless of course one counts James’ mouth because he is still muttering swear words.


I guess I can finally guess where Rose gets her swearing gene from.


I don’t think any of this has sunk in yet.


It has all just happened to fast that I cannot even process what is going on.


When it finally processes I will probably have a heart attack.


I mean, it is not every day that you see your sister that you have not seen in nine years and your best mate’s date is punch in the face by her super overprotective cousin.


No, stuff like this does not happen every day.






OH MERLIN! I think it is starting to sink in.


The only problem is, I have no idea what to do.


Do I stay and make sure Scorpius is okay?


Do I help Rose beat up her cousin, which is what she looks like she is about to do?


Do I run off after my sister?


I don’t know what to do because stuff like this does not happen to me. I bet this is karma for stealing that pair of shoes three years ago.


It is not my fault I had to steal them! I mean someone else had just stolen my shoes! Off of my feet, I might add! Where is their karma? How is this fair?


So instead of making a decision on what to do I continue to stare at the door and contemplate karma.


I am such an excellent person.


I hear a chair move, so I am finally able to snap my gaze back from the door. Rose seems to be standing up all the while glaring at James.


Everyone else besides the two of us, Rose and I, have not moved a muscle.


Rose’s glare is so full of venom that I see a few other customers start to squirm and she is not even looking at them.


“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?” Rose screeches.


Everyone is still too busy to even comment on Rose’s language around younger people. So everyone just continues to stare.


“WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ON A DATE WITH MALFOY?” James screams right back.


That is a fair question, I will give him that. In fact, I might be wondering the same thing if I hadn’t seen a vision of this.


Plus, at least now three people have moved.


“WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT?” Rose screams back.


Since they seem like they are just going to continue screaming at each other I turn back the door and stare at that instead.




“Language,” I mumble still continuing my door staring.


I hear and see most of the people in the restaurant turn to look at me instead of the main attraction which is Rose and James.


Poor Scorpius, it seems that everyone has forgotten about him.


Actually that is probably better because it means he won’t be beaten up anymore.


“Excuse me, but what the fuck are you playing?” James seethes.


“Your language. There are third years in this building and you aren’t exactly holding your tongue,” I say back even though I have yet to look away from the door.


“Shut the-” James starts to say before he is cut off.


“What are you looking at, Liv?” Rose asks.


I guess it is decision time.


“The door,” I answer absentmindedly.


I can almost feel the eyebrows being raised around the building.


“Why are you staring at the door at a time like this?” Albus asks.


I turn around but instead of looking at Albus I look at Rose. I think that she can tell that I really need to leave the building now. She searches my face for a while trying to find out why I need to leave, but I guess she cannot find the reason. So she just gives a slight nod and says, “Tell me why later.”


That is all I need. So I stand up and head over to the door feeling everyone staring at me as I pass them. When I finally make it to the door, I turn back to see all the people from the table staring at me except for Rose who went back to glaring at James. James must have felt the glare because he turns back to Rose and starts cursing at her.


I turn back to the door and walk out. I look both ways to see if I can see the hair. I catch a small glimpse of the hair pulling someone to another store. It looks like they are going to Honeydukes.


I start walking in that direction before a thought hits me and makes me stop.


What am I doing?


I cannot just follow my sister around all day. For one reason, that is just creeperish. For another reason she is bound to recognize me because I look like a Thompson. I have the Thompson hair and everything.


Thompson hair…


I know a few hair charms because I was reading Witch Weekly while pretending to listen to Rose ramble that one time.


I can easily change my hair color. That at least will not make me immediately recognizable. Or at least I can cross my fingers.


I go into an alley way once I see my sister and her friend go into Honeydukes and perform a hair color change charm so my hair will now be black.


I have no idea why I changed my hair to black but I guess that it was just because I thought it was the furthest hair color from strawberry blonde. I look into a window on the side of one of the buildings I went in between and see that my spell was correct and I am now have black hair.


Merlin, I look weird.


That, however, is not the point right now so I set off for Honeydukes to do some sister stalking. Not many people can say that they have stalked their sister probably.


Well there is a first for everything.


When I get to Honeydukes, I walk inside and immediately head to the chocolate frogs section. If there is one thing I know about my sister, it is that she loves chocolate.


There is like an unwritten rule that in order to be a Thompson, you have to like chocolate.


Not that I know that many people who don’t like chocolate.


Once I am about an aisle away from the chocolate section I go in that aisle and move around some of the merchandise so that I can look through the shelves to see if my sister is there. I see that she is.


Perhaps I should explain about my sister. Her name is Kristen. She is a year younger than me and she is mostly likely a witch because one my family is pureblooded and she is in Hogsmeade, an all wizarding town.


I am quite the detective, you see.


Anyway, we were always the best of friends when we were younger. We did everything together, except for whenever I would go to the coast because she was scared shiteless of endless and vast water areas.


I always thought it was slightly odd but I knew she had her issues with oceans for a reason.


The point is that she was just as upset about me having to leave home as I was. We stayed in contact for a few months because I wanted to know if my parents would ever calm down. When I figured out that I would never be welcomed back into that house, I stopped replying to Kristen because I never wanted our parents to find out that we were still talking.


Plus I always got weird looks when I would talk to an owl.


Stupid muggles.


My sister continued to write letters to me for a few weeks before she got the message that I would not be replying anymore. That was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, and I lived on the streets for a long time.


But I digress.


I tune into what Kristen and her friends are talking about.


“But there was a fight back there. James Potter punched Scorpius Malfoy in public while accusing Rose Weasley of dating Scorpius Malfoy,” the friend says. “Can’t we just go back to see how it turns out?”








“No, we are not going back,” Kristen says while looking at the chocolate.


“Why not?” asks the friend.


“Because you gossip enough as it is, Alice,” Kristen states without looking away from the shelf filled with chocolate goodness.


“Please,” whines 'Alice'.


“No,” Kristen says. “Plus I really need to get some chocolate.”


I guess now is as good as any time to go over there. I check in the window to make sure that my hair is still black. When I see that it is, I head over to the chocolate section.


I start fake browsing the chocolate while actually watching Kristen and 'Alice' out of the corner of my eye.


“Please, it could really be entertaining,” 'Alice' tries again to make my baby sister to go back to the Three Broomsticks.


“For the final time no!” Kristen all but yells.


I just barely refrain from raising my eyebrows.


“Excuse me,” Kristen says as she reaches for a chocolate frog.


Which is what is right in front of me.


Which means she just talked to me.


My sister just talked to me for the first time in nine years.




What do I do?


“No problem.” It seems best to just answer her.


Kristen smiles at me while she grabs the chocolate frog.


“I just love chocolate frogs. They are amazing and I can almost never stop eating them because they are just that amazing. I just love chocolate so much. I wish that I could just eat chocolate all day long. Of course people would judge me if I did that. Or maybe they would just be wishing that they could be like me and eat chocolate frogs all day long.”


Why the fuck am I rambling?


I feel like Rose.


Damn it.


Kristen looks at me oddly before saying, “I like chocolate too. I guess it is amazing.”


Merlin, I love my sister for not judging me and my newly acquired rambling habits.


I smile back before grabbing a chocolate frog and heading back in the direction of the cashier. When I am sure that Kristen and 'Alice' are no longer watching me I go back to my previous spot of stalking and stalk some more.


“That was weird,” 'Alice' states.


“Well at least it was chocolate she was rambling about chocolate and not something disgusting,” adds Kristen.


They both shrug their shoulders and head to the cashier with their candy while saying they should head back to Hogwarts.


So my sister goes to Hogwarts and I have just failed to see her all of this time.


Maybe I am not that great of a detective after all…



When I make it back to Hogwarts, you know after stalking my sister the entire way all the way to Ravenclaw Tower and changing my hair back, I head to the Gryffindor common room. I have no idea if any of my friends are back but I have had a long enough day to not have to deal with anything else.


I make it back to the Gryffindor common room and say the password to the Fat Lady and enter into the common room before I freeze to a stop.


Albus, Sophie, and Rose are all staring at me like I am a very entertaining Quidditch game.


“Well she is back. Can we do something actually exciting now, Albus?”


I guess Morgan is here too.


All four of us, Albus, Sophie, Rose and I, all turn to glare at Morgan but she just glares back at me.


Before anyone else can say something the portrait behind me opens and in walks Scorpius.


“Hey, I couldn’t find her – oh, hi Olivia,” Scorpius finishes awkwardly while a small wave.


I just raise my eyebrows and turn back to the other four, three if you only count the important people.


Obviously I am not counting Morgan.


“Why are you all here?” I finally ask after a few minutes.


“Waiting for you,” Rose answers.


“Oh,” I mumble.


“So where did you go?” Al asks.


“Around,” I say evasively. “Sorry for leaving you Sophie when I said I would hang out with you.”


Sophie just shrugs and gives me a small smile.


I smile back.


“So how was the rest of Hogsmeade?” I ask.


That gets everyone talking at once and all the attention is taken away from me.


I just spend the time trying to figure out if the day was good or bad.



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Disclaimer: I own nothing recognizable.

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