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This Predicament by slytherinchica08
Chapter 1 : The Beginning of It All
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Tears streaked my face as I ran out of the familiar building that was the Burrow. I could only think of one other time that I had been as humiliated as this and the same wretched girl was the source of my humiliation then as she is now. That ring on her finger should be on mine. I should be the proud women standing next to Ronald Weasley proclaiming that I was going to be a part of their large family. It was me that had stood beside him and Harry for all those years, and yet somehow all those years didn’t stand a chance against Lavender Brown and her flowing strawberry blonde hair.

I wiped away the falling tears harshly, as I quickly collected myself and my thoughts enough to be able to apparate to my own apartment, lest I wanted to splinch myself, though honestly I wasn’t sure I would notice the pain against the battering pain of my own bruised heart. My apartment was cold and lonely, even more so considering that all of my friends were now in serious relationships while I myself, have been pining after one of them like some love puppy. Alright maybe I wasn’t as bad as some love sick puppy like I envisioned Lavender Brown being, but Hermione Granger didn’t do love sick puppy.

“Hermione,” the red haired man of my fantasies called out tentatively, after the popping noise that indicated his own apparition to my apartment.

“Leave me alone Ron,” I yelled back to him from my bedroom.

“Listen Hermione, we really should talk,” I heard him say as the squeaking of the floor behind his feet told me that he was not going to heed my words.

“There’s really nothing to talk about Ron.”

The door to my bedroom peeled open slowly as he took a few sheepish steps into my room. “Wow,” he said, closing the distance between us. “I’ve never been in your bedroom before. It looks nice.”

“Thanks,” I uttered and furiously wiped away at the unbidden tears.

I refused to look up at him, unwilling to let him see just how much hurt he was causing me by being with another woman, even though it really wasn’t his fault that he had no idea I liked him. I felt the bed move as Ron sank down beside me, much to close for me to really think clearly, but it was when his hesitant hand fell upon my tensed up shoulders that any logical thought I had flew out the window. Looking around my bedroom, I couldn’t help but think about how glad I was that I had chosen this morning to spruce it up.

“They must be waiting for you, back at the Burrow to celebrate your engagement.” I whispered still refusing to look Ron in the eyes for fear of what that would do to me.

“I told them I won’t be back until I make things right with you,” he said, his arm that had been on my shoulder now slipped down my arm, lightly rubbing it. “I didn’t know that my news would have upset you so Hermione. I mean I’ve been dating Lavender for over a year now, I guess I thought that everyone expected it from me. If I would have known this was how you were going to take it I would have told you another way.”

“It didn’t upset me Ronald,” I told him, trying to play the whole thing off.

“Then why did you run from the Burrow so fast after my news?”

“I forgot I had a paper due for work tomorrow.”

“You never forget that kind of stuff Hermione. Knowing you it’s probably been done since the moment you were given it. And if that’s the case after all, then why are you crying?”

“Since when have you been so observant?” I asked with a slight chuckle.

“Hermione,” he whispered, wiping away a stray tear with the pad of his thumb.

I couldn’t take it anymore and finally looked up into his deep blue eyes, which easily sought my own out. There was something in his eyes as he searched my own, and suddenly, his eyes were getting much closer to me than they had been previously. I felt a shock as his lips lightly touched upon my own and I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped, allowing Ron to slip his tongue into my mouth. Distantly I could hear a groan come from someone and realized that it had come from me as another one was let out as Ron pushed me back against my bed.

His movement were determined, it was the most confident that I had ever seen him be, and wondered maybe if it was coming from me specifically or the fact that he had a women underneath him in general. Suddenly an image of Ron beaming with equally happy Lavender by his side this evening slammed into my head and was the proverbial cold water that woke me up from the wonderful haze that Ron brought to me.

“Lavender,” I gasped out.

“Don’t think about her, right now it’s just you and me,” he said, his lips making their way down to my neck.

I surrendered into the feelings once more though deep in my thoughts the fact that Ronald Weasley was not mine to have still lingered. His hands wandered my body and the feeling brought tingles wherever he touched. I had never felt this way before, and while it was true that I was no longer a virgin, something that Ron had gotten when we had tried being together after the war, the feelings that he was bringing forth now were even more intense than they had been then. It wasn’t until we both had had our releases that I had done the dumbest thing of the evening.

“Marry me Ron,” I told him in the haze of our afterglow.

“What- Hermione you can’t be serious,” he said turning to face me.

“But I am Ron. I love you and after what we just did, well, I know you love me too,” I peered at him shyly through the fallen fringe of my hair.

“Hermione, what we just did was nothing more than sex. I’m sorry that you got the impression that it was more. I love Lavender and I will be marrying her,” he sighed as he got up out of bed and began to redress.

I could feel the sting of fresh tears begin to form in my eyes at his words. I couldn’t understand how he could go from the loving gentle touches that we had just shared together to such harsh words. Besides if he truly loved her and not me, than why was it that he had followed me out of the Burrow at the sight of my distress and came here and made love with me? I watched as he crossed the room and paused at my door way, looking back at me once more he sighed.

“I’m sorry Hermione, but this is the way it must be.” Then he turned and left the room and with a small pop I knew he was no longer in the apartment.

The tears that had previously stung my eyes were now falling freely. My heart had been crushed not once, but twice this evening and I wasn’t sure how much more damage it could handle. I threw myself back onto my bed and allowed all the hurt to pour out. I clutched tightly to my pillow, and while I could feel a headache coming on from all the tears and heartache of the day. The last thought I had before falling into a troubled sleep, was how had I ended up in such a predicament? After all, I am supposed to be the brightest witch of my age, but somehow I ended up sleeping with a taken man.

AN: Thank you all for reading my newest Dramione! Yes I promise that this will be a dramione. I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter even with the errors that I'm sure are riddled throughout the chapter. I will be looking for a beta for this story soon so hopefully that will help! Please let me know what you think by clicking into that little box at the bottom of the page! I appreciate any review recieved! Also check out my other Dramione Life As We Know It which currently has 12 chapters.

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