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What If? by patronus_charm
Chapter 3 : Romeo and Juliet
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“Yes, but it was fine in the end, wasn’t it? Aren’t you supposed to be a romance fanatic, given the amount of times you’ve read those awful books by Jane Austen?” Albus asked, being dim-witted again. Of course it wasn’t fine in the end. If it had been fine I would be marrying Scorpius, not Xander.

“Al, if it was fine I wouldn’t be here would I? And honestly, Jane Austen is not awful! Have you even tried any of her books? They’re superb.”

“I’m agreeing with Rose here, Al. I don’t know what’s going on in your mind, but Scorpius went and messed it up, didn’t he? You need to see Pride and Prejudice though, the TV version mind. It’s great, and this is coming from the girl who doesn’t like films when the guys don’t take their tops off.” Dom was cut off by a new voice which had suddenly appeared.

“Albus, he’s here.” The voice sounded very out of breath due to the heavy panting it emitted.

With my curiosity aroused, I turned to find my cousin, James Potter, not exactly looking like a Quidditch player at his peak. If his coach could see his star chaser now, I doubted he could run away fast enough to avoid getting out of trouble.

I was rather bemused as to why James was here. I thought he was greeting the guests. Though we liked one another, our personalities were too different for us to become close due to me being ‘boring’ and he being stupid. So him being here did spark my curiosity.

“Who’s here?”

“No one Rose, don’t worry,” Albus said, trying to soothe me. He had always thought that if he calmed me down I would forget about whatever bothered me. Come on, I was a Ravenclaw. We loved getting to the problem of things, so if he thought he could get away with it that easily, he was wrong.

“No, it must be something to be worry about. This person made James run all the way here, so it has to be someone special.” Only one person could cause such a ruckus. And that person just had to choose today, of all days, to appear. Or I could hope it was something innocuous, just someone who was gate crashing.

“No, I can’t. It will just make the situation worse.” Albus sounded nervous, and he began to fidget. Having read nearly all of Freud’s work, and being a Healer meant that I was able to read body language well, so something clearly was up. Plus, Albus was a terrible liar.

“Albus Severus Potter, if you do not tell me who this person is, I will call up your mother and get her to force it out of you.” I knew this would probably work; Albus grew up with Ginny Potter as his mother which meant he would cave under the slightest bit of pressure. Aunt Ginny could be a very intimidating person at times -- one glare from her, and you blurt out everything.

“Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s Scorpius, Rose. We tried to not let him come, as we knew he would just cause trouble, but he seemed to have found out.”

Why did my Ravenclaw deduction skills have to be right this time around? Why couldn’t I have a happy fairy-tale ending where I just go riding off into the sunset with my prince. My parents got it; Albus was going to get it, so why was I denied it? Why did he have to deny me it? Why couldn’t I be allowed my happy ending? I always knew that if he reappeared things would change for the worse. This was just my theory being putting into action.

“I need to go. I need to get away and think. That’s what I need to do.” I wasn’t really sure if I was talking to the others or myself. But one thing was for sure, I needed to get away.

I ran off down the stairs, and I could hear my name being cried out faintly. I didn’t respond to it. I couldn’t respond to anything. I just needed to remind myself of how it ended. It was all I could think about, and that was the only thing that could save me. Save me from wondering whether this was the worst decision I was about to make, or possibly the best.

Ever since that argument happened things just seemed to continue to go downhill. There was nothing I could do to prevent it. Nothing Scorpius could do. It was as if we were falling, and we knew that we would hit the ground soon. It was simply a question of when.

After one particularly bad argument about me supposedly preferring my work over Scorpius, he announced he would be gone for a month. He had been sent on a training mission in Chile. I was secretly glad he was going; Chile, after all, was too far away to remain in contact, so no arguments would happen during that month.  Also, whenever one of us left for a long period of time, everything seemed so much better when we were reunited. It provided a fresh start; one that we so desperately needed.

I sat at home one evening, recovering from my previous night out with Dom and Victoire  As Scorpius was away, I could read my scientific journals without him moaning. He believed when I read I did that so I needn’t talk to him.

There was a sudden pop, which announced someone apparating into the flat. I was confused about who it was. Besides Scorpius and I, the only other people who could apparate in were close family members, and that was only in a case of an emergency.

“Rose, are you there?” Albus Potter’s voice piped up.

“Yeah, in here. What is it Albus? You better not just be here to say hi.”

“No I’m not; you have to come quickly, it's Scorpius,” Albus said anxiously.

“What’s happened?” I asked. What if it something bad had happened? The way we ended things wasn’t how I wanted it to be. I needed to make it up with him, I thought resolutely.

“There was an attack on us by old Death Eater supporters. It was completely out of the blue so we were unprepared. We never anticipated anything like this happening. Come on, Rose!”

I knew that Al overreacted to things, but by the tone of his voice, this was something worth worrying about. I dropped the article on the floor, grabbed hold of Albus’ arm, and he apparated us to St. Mungo’s.

The next few days were living hell for me. It turned out they used some new experimental curse on Scorpius, so they didn’t know how to treat him or what symptoms to expect from it. It felt as if his life was on a tightrope, and he could easily cease to exist if there was one wrong move.

The only thing I could do was pace up and down the wards of St. Mungo’s while waiting for news about him. The rhythmic pacing seemed to calm my mind, and I learnt to only concentrate on the steps I took and not the situation going on around me.

On the fourth day of anxiously waiting to find out whether he would ever wake up, I was called into his room by the Healer. His parents had already been in to see him, and I was greeted by a warm smile from Astoria and a rather curt nod from Draco as they made their way out.

“Scorpius, I’m so glad that you’re ok I’ve been worried sick these past few days! The argument was stupid, and I was so worried that would be the last thing I ever said to you.”

“Rose, it's fine. These past few days have made me realise what I want from life, as I knew that I didn’t want to die before doing this. So I have something to ask you.” I could tell how badly he had been injured, as he was still so tired he could barely speak audibly.

“Yes, what is it?” I asked, while moving in closer as I had a feeling that this would be important.

“Will you marry me?” he asked with a massive smile plastered on his face. I was shocked to say the least; I didn’t know how to respond. There were conflicting opinions inside of me, my head saying no, my heart saying yes. I could hear my thoughts buzzing around, all saying different things. I couldn’t think rationally. It was just so unexpected.

Due to the confusion in my brain, I decided to go with my irrational side, and fight against my inner ‘Claw for once. I went with my heart and said yes.

What was it with me and proposals? Did I have something inside of me which made me incapable of saying no to them? Then the fall out of it always ends badly, it had happened before, and it was most likely going to happen again. I didn't regret saying yes to Scorpius, I loved him.

I had found some isolated spot in the garden of The Burrow, where I could think without interruptions. The garden was decked out for the wedding, and I could see spruced up rose bushes dotted around it. The old mulberry tree had bunting twined across it, and if I listened carefully, I could hear the string quartet tuning up.

This whole wedding seemed a little extravagant. I hated being made a fuss of, being forced to be the centre of attention. I prefered to lurk in the shadows and be inconspicuous. It was a much more peaceful way of life.

I tried to persuade Xander that running off and eloping in Gretna Green, like Teddy and Victoire did, would be a better idea. The press wouldn’t have a clue about what we did, and it would be more romantic, as it would just be the two of us.

He didn’t seem too keen on the idea. Well, his parents weren’t too keen on the idea was what I really meant. Blaise and Alexandra Zabini loved a show. They loved the glitz and glamour of everything. To have their only son run off and get married in some Scottish village would simply not do.

They only just allowed the wedding to take place at The Burrow. Of course they insisted on having another ceremony at their manor where only the ‘classy’ guests would be invited. So I would be forced to endure another day like this one and for what reason? This whole wedding felt like a show, a pretense.

I could still hear Dom, Al and James call my name. I should have replied. It would be the nice thing to do. The right thing to do. But for once in my life, I didn't care about doing the right thing and pleasing others. I needed this time for myself.

It was odd considering how much I explored the garden as a child; I never remembered finding this corner of it before. It was one of the few corners which had been left in its natural state. The grass was a few inches above the ground here, and daisies and dandelions popped up in between the heads of grass. I could hear some birds tweeting in the trees. For once we were getting a summer in England, so I could feel the sun’s rays warm my body.

This spot was so idyllic, I almost didn't want to leave it. It was a cocoon, and it protected me from the real world. It felt as if time had stopped, and I could stay here and live among nature if I wished to. But I knew I couldn't stay, I couldn't run away from decisions which had to be made. I needed to face them head on and take charge of my life. Even if it was unwillingly.

Nanna Molly was saying how much today reminded her of Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur’s wedding. It was the last one to be held at The Burrow, and the only one so far. After what happened at their wedding, no one wanted to have another one here. It would bring back memories of the war. Memories of Fred. Memories of Remus and Tonks. Memories of the suffering which happened.

It was odd how much those people mean to the older generations. To the younger ones, they were simply part of bedtime stories and family members we would never really know.

I hoped today wouldn't make the ones who lost someone suffer too much. I guess the last wedding held here signified that the war had begun; hopefully this one wouldn't have such disastrous consequences.

If I was dwelling so much on the past, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to think about how Scorpius and I broke up. My mood was already bittersweet, and there wasn't going to be that much which would change it now.

Scorpius’ recovery was a long process as the curse was unknown; they had to use experimental methods to cure him which didn’t always work. When he was finally released from St. Mungo’s he seemed to have a new sense of purpose, and he felt the need to change every aspect of his life. It was only until one June evening, when I realised how intent he was in changing things.

“Rose, where are you love? I’ve got some great news!” I heard Scorpius say excitedly. Even though he seemed pleased about the news, I waited for it with a sense of nervousness. Recently, I didn’t really know what he would get up to next.

“I’m in the kitchen,” I replied, and he quickly walked in, looking like a child on Christmas Day. Oh Merlin, I knew I was in for something big. He hadn’t looked this pleased since he discovered Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

“I got it, the job I wanted,” Scorpius said. I could tell how excited he was, as his eyes shone with happiness.

“Which job?” I asked. He had been applying for so many new jobs, I’d lost track of which ones he had got rejected from and which ones he was still waiting to hear back from.

“The Auror job in Switzerland! Isn’t it great?” Wait a second; he never mentioned having to move for any jobs. I was fine with him finding a new one, but moving to another country for one? I was not happy with that.

“You applied for a job in Switzerland? Are you out of your mind?”

Did he seriously expect me to uproot my entire life? I had just been promoted to Deputy Head of the Experimental Potions Department, and Scorpius knew how much this meant to me. My career was finally taking off, and he wanted me to sacrifice it all for him to move to Switzerland?

“Yes isn’t it great? We can live in the mountains, have cows, and fresh milk and cheese every day, it will be perfect.... What’s wrong?” he asked, trailing off from his idyllic dream, as he finally noticed the not too pleased expression on my face.

“You didn’t even consult me about this, so how you can expect me to think this is great? Am I supposed to become the perfect housewife there then, while you go out to work?” I spat out.

“Rose, don’t be stupid now. Can’t you see what an opportunity this is? Besides there are hospitals you can work at in Switzerland too. I hear there’s a great one in Geneva.”

“You’re calling me stupid? I have a life here Scorpius; you can’t just expect me to give it all up for you. I don’t even want to move to Switzerland, yet you expect me to. How is that fair Scorpius?”

“In relationships we have to make compromises, and this is your compromise for me,” he said pleadingly.

“Well I think this is a compromise too far. I’m sorry Scorpius, but if this is what you want, I’m going to have to end it with you. A person can’t just side-line their life for someone else’s.” I almost couldn’t believe that those words had tumbled out of my mouth. Was I really breaking up with him? I had always imagined doing so, but I never thought that I would put those thoughts into action.

I felt rather numb after uttering those words, was that the right thing to do? I knew agreeing to marry him was a mistake, but what if we went back to dating? Would it be better then?

“You’re breaking up with me? But you can’t Rose, it’s me and you. We’re made for each other,” Scorpius asked, and I could see tears glistening in his eyes.

“We’re not; look at how the past few months have been! I used to think we were meant to be together to, then I realised we’re too flawed, too incompatible. Think of us constantly arguing, isn’t that a sign? If we were meant to be together, I would want to go to Switzerland too.” I knew that was a big sign. If I really did love him, surely I would have gone with him? “Look, you keep the flat until you go, I’m going to my parents.”

And with that, I walked out of the door, and closed that part of my life forever.



Some people thought that I was stupid for breaking up with him. They said we were like Romeo and Juliet, as we came from families which supposedly hated one another and our love was like theirs.

But we weren’t like them. Dad and Draco became acquaintances, they could talk civilly, not much more. It was still more than Romeo and Juliet’s parent could do, as they were still bitter enemies to the end. Besides, Romeo and Juliet never doubted their love for one another, it was something I did frequently. I was still doing it now, just with a different person.

I didn't know whether Scorpius thought the same. I was inclined to think he did, because if one of us on a downward spiral, I would have thought the other would be too. I guess I would never know. I would just be left with what if, and whether the decision I made was a good one or whether the what if would have been better. It still didn't mean I wondered about us. I used to hope that he would come and say he loved me, or I would run off to Switzerland after him. Nothing ever came close to it until today.

Author Note: So now you know why they broke up. It will be explored again in the other chapters as well:) This story’s about half way through now, and I hope you like it so far! Thank you to everyone who’s left a review, or favourited the story, it means so much to me, I mean seriously it makes my day :D Thanks for reading this chapter, and if you want to be lovely, you can leave a review! Kiana!

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