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Carpe Diem by heartjily4ever
Chapter 1 : Hogwarts Is a High School (Duh?)
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 Disclaimer : I do not own any Harry Potter characters you recognise, credit goes to the woman we all love, J.K. Rowling.

A/N : So yeah, guys, I have started another story. I know I really shouldn't, what with my other Royal Patience sequel, adding the last chapter to Royal Patience and my James/Lily story. But this idea just came to me, and I really wanted to write it. I'm not sure whetheror not it will definitely continue, probably will, but I would love reviews to know what you think. 

Just gonna say, this is just a starter prologue type thingie. The chapters will be better, longer and in my main characters first person.

So yeah, read and review and wait for more to come.


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To go to Hogwarts you have to be a witch or a wizard. That's a pretty obvious unsaid rule. Not really needed to be said. A Muggle would never be accepted. But the rule stills hangs there. Silently. Everyone watches your magic, secretly of course. Just to make sure.

Another unsaid rule is never mix up the cliques. Cliché huh? I think it's a pretty silly rule to be honest. But Hogwarts has changed since the Golden Boy Who Lived Days. The upside of the "Unite the Wizards and Defeat Snake Dude" war was that discrimination between houses stopped and everyone became friends. Even between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Especially between them. They were all friends.

But then, something else clicked. I guess, since Hogwarts is a high school, there needed to be groups, people needed to have people they didn't like. But instead of going back into their houses, different groups formed.  Cliques. And over the years, the cliques in Hogwarts became more and more prominent, until now people hardly speak to others in different cliques from them. There are the same cliques in every year. I'm actually surprised the Sorting Hat hasn't just started sorting people into cliques instead if houses.

As soon as you arrive in first year, you basically have to choose. Some cliques depend on what house you are in. The sizes all differ and they are very different. There are mostly 6 cliques.

First there is the "Study Nerds." These are the clever clogs, who just focus on one thing and one thing only. Schoolwork.  They are usually mostly Ravenclaws, but you do sometimes get an odd Gryff or Puff sneaking in there.

There are also the "Party Nerds." I don't personally see how they are much different really. They are just the Ravenclaws who don't want it to be study 24/7. Just most of the time.

There are the "Daredevils." These are usually guys, although some hardcore girls sometimes join the 'fun'. Often just Slytherins or Gryffindors. It's usually the biggest clique in the school, because most of the boys in those two houses join.

There is also the "Addicts." These are slackers who are addicted to something or other. I sometimes like to think the "Study Nerds" should fuse with them, because they are addicted to learning.  They are sadly usually Hufflepuff's strayed from the true Puff fashion.

There is the clique I belong to, "The Greatest Ones." Others call us "The Nicey's". Usually always Puffs. We are cheery, decent and in my opinion the bloody best clique in this place.  And the most normal. But I guess I am biased. We're not top of class or hardcore partiers, but just average. We do that stuff in smaller amounts. Less of a shock I guess.

There are the "Perfect Girls." Always girls, usually Slytherin and Gryffindor, mainly Gryffs.  They are the type of girls who have perfect looks, locks and chests. And matching giggles. And accessorise with boyfriends. The "Daredevils" and the "Perfect Girls" usually talk.  And date. Mainly because they don't usually have members of the opposite sex in their "club". Clique. Whatever.

That's usually where everyone stops.  That's the usual amount of cliques. But our year has the special( sense the sarcasm) privilege of getting one more clique. It only has four members, but it only needs four. It still rules the school.

Well that sounded cheesy.

Anyway ours gets "The Chicks."

They are four girls, one from each house. Everyone does what they say. Just because they are all gorgeous and witty and very kissable. Stupid. And they somehow get the privilege of being able to talk to everyone, date anyone.

From Gryffindor it's Rose Weasley. I know, a Weasley.  She is the daughter of two of the famous three, so was already pretty well known, before she became Hogwarts It Girl.  She has the usual Weasley charm and hair, her mother's cleverness and hair volume and manages to capture a boy with one smouldering look. And she has her own private army of about 30 or so cousins, who protect her at anything. So it's really no wonder she is the top of the school, even when she isn't in the top year.

Domnique-Yes-Another -Weasley is the Ravenclaw Chick. She's is one of Rose's closer cousins. And she is part Veela. I wish that was all. She has blonde silky hair, a sylph like figure and a temper no-one can contend with. And a romantic French side. It's just unfair.

The Chick from Slytherin is Rachel Parkinson. She's curvy, rich, with long jet black hair and tanned skin. She also has Hogwarts hottest "Daredevil" bachelor, Scorpius Malfoy, as her man candy.

And finally we have Meredith Bones, a Hufflepuff who doesn't seem to have any Puff spirit. She's mean, backstabbing and yet still cruelly beautiful with wavy brown hair and long sharp red fingernails.

Everyone loves them.

Everyone hates them.

No-one messes with them.


There is one other rule Hogwarts, that doesn't need to be said.

Never, I repeat never, insult a child of the Chosen One. As in Harry Potter, the dude who killed the Dark Lord without ever firing a killing spell.

His children are supposed to be as pure.

As if. They are all devil childs in the making.

I know that some rules are meant to be broken. It's just these are the sort of rules no one breaks.

And no-one did.

Until me that is.

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Carpe Diem: Hogwarts Is a High School (Duh?)


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