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CoMpLiCaTeD crushes.... by shinichi
Chapter 2 : Prologue 2
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Prologue 2-


It seemed very weird. She kept on staring me.

“Hey, does the weasel like you?”

My best friend Blaise asks while we are in the Great Hall. The weasel, Ginny was continuously staring me.

Of course I am used to girls staring me but I never expected her.


“Uh, I don’t know…” I simply said.


“Fine. But why are you staring back?”


I didn’t know that either.

“Just for fun…” I answer back. “I keep on staring at many girls…it makes them feel happy…” I felt silly replying like that. Well of course, it did make them happy because I was their prince charming…wasn’t I?


I am Draco Lucius Malfoy, the most rich and good looking guy in Hogwarts. No one can match my high standards and position. From Quiditch to potions, and girls and guys, I am the only one “Mr. Popular.”


No one dared to say anything in front of me…but only one person who was brave enough to compete with me was “Harry Potter” also known as “Pot head”. I call him that.


Well, the worst part is that, he is selected for the Tri- Wizard tournament. He is not old enough for it, only in the fourth year, same as I am…so why wasn’t I chosen? I am much worthier than him.




We all get up from our chairs and leave the Great hall. I once again look back to see whether the weasel is still staring me or not. No, she is talking to Luna. Well, I just hope she doesn’t like me. I don’t want to be in a relationship with the blood traitor’s sister! Never!



We go straight away to our respective classes. But I don’t think I am going to like this class. It’s Professor Snape’s class in which the bookworm is answering all the questions. Rightly said, she is an insufferable know-it-all. It’s strange but sometimes I am jealous of her, I mean- she has so much of knowledge and nice brains; she’ll surely become the brightest witch of our age. I kind of admire her, though she is a mudblood. So, why not become friends with her? No, dad will kill me and she would never be friends with me; as I always keep insulting her. But I really don’t do it happily, it’s just that, huh, I think that I am too proud and I can’t befriend a muggle-born.


Urgh, I think I should stop thinking about her.



“You are all going to be divided into pairs. You will have to work with your partners and make all the potions together. So please from a line everyone.”


We all get up and form a line. I am the last one and the bookworm is just in front of me. I don’t know what happened but someone pushed from the front and bookworm fell on me. She fell in my arms and when she knew it was me, she quickly got up. I don’t know how to describe my feelings at that moment. I felt really nice. Her touch made me feel…….oooh, I just loved it.


Everyone gets paired up pretty quickly. And at the last four people remain- Pansy, the weasel, bookworm and I. I wish that the bookworm becomes my partner. I know that was not expected by me, I myself never expected that I would wish for her sitting with me, huh……I think I wanted to know more about her and become her friend.



And yes, my wish came true.   

“Pansy, you’ll sit with Ronald and Draco you can sit with Hermione...”


I sat on the bench but she said- “Professor, please I can’t sit with him, anyone but not Malfoy, please sir…Even Malfoy wouldn’t like me sitting with me” 


“No, I wouldn’t mind at all…” I blurted out. Hermione looked at me…probably shocked. I mentally kicked my self for saying that.




“Ms. Granger, if he doesn’t have any problem then I think you should learn to adjust with him…”



“Yes professor...” She replied and angrily looked at me.

Everyone took their seats. Wow, I was going to get a new experience- yes sitting with Granger was going to be a new amazing and unique experience….I guess so.


She took out her books and I kept looking at her. She did look pretty; her curly brown hair falling on her shoulders while she tried to keep the strands of hair away from coming in front of her head; huh my hand slowly went towards her hair…..and I didn’t know why I was doing this but I placed her hair back and smiled… ….then her chocolate brown eyes gently met mine…..I think she got surprised……and then she started smiling too…I looked back…huh that smile was not for me but for Saint Potter who was smiling back to her. I sit with my arms-crossed…why does Potter get everyone’s attention? Hmmmmmm…..I think I really should befriend Hermione, and show that Pot-head that she prefers me to him.


But she’d never ever be friends with me…


I was soon interrupted with my thoughts as the bell rang….damn! I couldn’t spend much time with Miss Know it all today………but I am sure I will befriend her.


I picked up my books and followed Granger. I really wanted to talk to her. But unfortunately she was walking with Pot-head and Weasel. The Weasel was continuously staring her, while she was staring Potter. Did she like him? Huh, who cares?


I turned back and went to my dorm. My room mate Blaise Zabini was looking through the window. I came near and looked at what he was looking. Huh, it was Pansy Parkinson- our best friend.

I think you can make a guess…yes, Blaise like Pansy and unfortunately Pansy had no interest in him.


“Oh mate, so this what you were looking at…” I said with a smirk.


Blaise suddenly turned back with a surprise.


“When did you come in?”


“Just now…and I am sorry…you can continue staring her…”


Blaise scowled.


“Ok fine, see…I got to tell you something…something important…”


And so I told him all I had thought during the class.



“You’re going to befriend that mudblood?”


I was a little uncomfortable with the word “mudblood” but I carried on.


“Yes my friend……we’re partners now and I just want to show Saint Potter that he’s not the only one who gets her attention.”


“But why only that girl? You chose a mudblood to prove that…”




“Oh come on…I am just ready to do it……create peace between a mudblood and a pureblood…”



“Ok fine…as your wish…but I bet you she will die, but never become your friend…”


“I bet you she will…”


“Fine…here’s the deal…befriend the mudblood…make her fall for you and…”


“Make her fall for me?? That was not the bet!”


“So make it the bet……and nobody cares even if she falls for you…but you don’t end up falling for her…”


“Oh no never…I promise…”


“Alright…but you got to do this in a given time……”


“Not this year…let me just be friends with her for now…I’ll see later what to do…”



“Ok…” Blaise left the room leaving me confused.


I walked out of my room for a stroll in the garden when I saw the Weasel. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. Things had changed after we had collided a day before. She really looked cute…and I think she liked me….


I quickly drifted my thoughts back to my plan…how could I make Hermione my friend?


Ginny's POV-
I smiled at Draco and he smiled back. Wow, I think it was working.

“Luna…what should I do now?”


“Try to talk to him…”


“But what? What if he thinks I am a bore…”


“Just give it a try dear…now go..!”


Luna pushed me. I looked back and smiled.

Draco was just walking in front of me…


“Draco!” I shouted just not confident of what to do.


“Yes…?” He turned back. Uh…he looked so, so damn good. His soft blond hair…his steel gray eyes…and his attitude…really my choice was very nice…


“Hi…” I said walking towards him.


“Hi…” he said looking a little surprised I think.”


“Ummmm…actually we collided that day…and…”


“Oh yes, so?”


“I am sorry for that, I was just not paying attention and lost in my own thoughts…I was thinking about you…” I said the last sentence a little low so that he couldn’t hear.


“It’s alright…you don’t need to be sorry…” Draco said in his friendliest voice. This would be a kind of practice for me…if I keep on practicing; I will soon speak in a proper way with Hermione.



“Oh thanks…the weather’s so...umm….. nice isn’t it?” I said whatever came to my mind. I just wanted to continue the conversation.


“Ha-ha…yes it’s nice…by the way……your funny…”


“Oh thank you!” I said with a slight blush appearing on my cheeks.



“Well, do you know what the date today is?”



“Uh yes…it’s 9th February…”



I mentally counted how many days were left.


“Wow! Only five more days…”


“Five more days? For what?”


“Valentine’s day…”


Suddenly Luna called me and I said goodbye to Draco.


‘Bye…” he replied back.



Draco’s POV-



I really like that weasel. She gave me an idea which I never thought of…Valentine’s day! This was the most perfect day…I could make friends with her. Wow…… Miss know it all…just watch out…you’re going to get a surprise…..






Heyyyy guyzzz…..this was again a very short chapter……sorry for that…I promise you all are going to get all huge chapters once all the Prologues end and that will happen very soon. Huh, I am too too busy with exams so you’re going to get the next update a little late. Sorry for that. And I will soon update the 6th chapter of   WANGBTORW  too.


So guyz,,,please reveiew!! Your reviews make my day. :)


And do check out my other stories.


Dramione rockz,





PS- Thanks to the lovely reviews I got for the previous chapter. I was happy to know that you guyz expect a nice story. Well, sad to say these prologues are not going so nice…but hopefully you guyz will get a good big chapter.


And don’t mind any mistakes plzzz. If you feel anything awkward then tell me, I will try to improve my writing.














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