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A Bottle Full of Love by SlightObsession
Chapter 7 : One's heart to another.
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I dont know where you're going

but do you have room for one more troubled soul?

I dont know where im going,

but i dont think im coming home

                                                 -Fall Out Boy, Alone Together




 ‘’So, I was thinking we can book the Pure Arts. There fairly new, but there music is good.’’ Hermione looked up at Draco, to find him studying her. When he noticed he looked away quickly, embarrassed she caught him.

‘’Umm, what?’’

Hermione looked at him in frustration, he never listens. Git. ‘’Eurgh don’t worry.’’ i‘ll just book them by myself.

‘’Are we done?’’ Draco looked slightly frustrated.

‘’well, not really? We still need to sort out a date for the ball.’’ Hermione was starting to get annoyed at his sudden change of demeanour. This was your bloody idea. Merlin’s sake.

His eyes narrowed, he paused for thought. ‘’2nd January.’’ He got up and left.


Hermione. It was Hermione. She was the person in my dream. Every night she’s there. Why?

Why was she in my dream- she is the woman, NO it can’t be her. Shit.

He wrote this down, re-reading everything he had wrote on previous dates, frustration and anger stirred and grew inside him. He opened the door, and threw it in the bin in the common room, causing Hermione to jump at the slam of the door.


Looking down at the sheet or paper in front of her, Hermione sighed, she had just less than 2 months to sort out majority of the things on the current list, knowing Draco won’t help her.

·         Book the band

·         Get the seating sorted

·         Décor

·         Catering

·         Tickets – ooh cost aswell

·         Advertisement

·         Price

·         Permission

·         Room of requirement?


How on earth am I going to get all of this done? She looked up at the clock and saw it was nearing midnight. She knew she would be up in a couple of hours to see if Draco was alright. She would rise every night now to see if it was okay. No one should suffer like that, not even him.

She picked up the screwed up paper ball she had created prior to making the list, and went to put it in the bin. She went to leave, when she noticed something on another piece of paper in the bin. She was not one to pry, but this had her name on it, in Draco’s handwriting. Malfoy’s handwriting? Why would he write my name? She took the piece of screwed up paper, and took it into her room to read in bed.


Climbing into her bed, she un-screwed the piece of paper, and started to read.


‘It’s happening again. The dreams, ever since I got here. I don’t know why, maybe it is the bad memories?

They get worse with every dream; my father, torturing my mother, The dark fucking Lord torturing me in 3rd year, all of it, it’s coming back.

I don’t know what to do. There’s no one I can speak to about it anymore. Snape, my mother, both dead-then there is no one left. My father might as well be dead. He can rot away in Azkaban for all I care. He’s a prick.

I…I just don’t know what do or say anymore. It’s difficult, what with this Granger thing in my head.

She looks similar to the woman in my nightmares. The one who helps me leave the terror every night, and wake to the morn. I doubt it would be her though, there is no reason for her to be in my dream, apart from the fact that I got this thing in my head about her.  Scratch that.

The woman, she has been in my dream from the first couple of weeks in September, over a month ago now. I am glad she is there though; it helps, but not much, but a little is better than nothing.

Maybe writing down everything will help, but I highly doubt it.


Hermione. It was Hermione. She was the person in my dream. Every night she’s there. Why?

Why was she in my dream- she is the woman, NO it can’t be her. Shit.’


Hermione re-read the page 2 more times, taking in what she read. It was me? Why was I in his dream? Is it because Im there every night and his subconscious knows? I don’t know, now I know why his demeanour changed so quickly, it was realisation. Maybe I should talk to him about it? No, that is a bad idea, show Ginny? No, that’s a bad idea. Maybe I should just leave it for now.

She put down the paper on the bedside table and fell asleep immediately.


She woke with a start, hearing him shouting again. I wonder if there is any sort of medication or magic that could help him.

She stretched and got out of her bed, putting on her slippers, she just opened the door to hear him stop shouting. I’ll still check on him. She opened the door fully, yawned and started climbing down the five steps. She was halfway through the common room, when Draco opened his door, startling Hermione causing her to jump.

‘’Granger?’’ Draco looked through the darkness waiting for his eyes to adjust, just making out Hermione’s outline.

‘’Malfoy! You’re awake?’’ Hermione sat down on the armchair tired, and kind of grateful he was awake.

‘’Yes, obviously. Why are you awake?’’ Actually, why is she awake? He sat down in the setae opposite Hermione.

‘’Why are you bothered?’’ she looked at him in annoyance. You’re a lot nicer when you’re asleep.

‘’Im not, im just inquisitive.’’ Hopefully she thinks im not, wait, why am I bothered?

‘’Why are YOU awake?’’ Hermione eyed him, knowing the answer already.

‘’because I wasn’t tired’’ he looked down into his lap, not wanting to admit the real reason.

Liar. ‘’I know why.’’ Hermione smirked.

His head bolted up. That smirk was almost good enough to be a Malfoy smi-wait, how does she know? ‘’You do?’’

Hermione could sense the feeling of nervousness coming from Draco, she studied him. Don’t worry, I wont tell anyone. She felt sympathy for him. ‘’Its because of the nightmares you’ve been happening isn’t it?’’

‘’What Nightmares?’’ Shit.

‘’The nightmares you’ve been having about your father, the war, I won’t carry on, I don’t want to upset you further.’’

Draco could hear the sympathy in her voice. He looked at her with a cold face-showing no emotion. ‘’How?’’

  Hermione sighed. ‘’In early September, you woke me up in the middle of the night. I thought you were doing it on purpose, but I got up, and I heard panic in your voice, I thought you were in trouble. I got up to see if you were okay, when I got up to your room, I could see you thrashing around. I didn’t know what to do. So I just sat there, on the end of your bed, holding your hand. I know you’re probably disgusted at the thought of a Mudblood holding your hand, but it worked. You stopped screaming, you looked peaceful. So, every night-since that night- I’ve been up, around this time every morning, to make sure you get some sleep. ‘’ She looked up at him. Im sorry, there was nothing else I could say. You probably hate me, I don’t even know why I do it. ‘’Then I found the page you wrote in the bed. I wasn’t snooping, but I saw my name written down, and I thought…I didn’t think, I just picked it up and read it in my room. Im sorry.’’

He was in shock. She is the reason they stop halfway through? Why is she apologising. What do I say? Do I believe her, why am I so full of questions that neither she or I can answer. Shit, I’ve never been lost for words, wait, I know.

‘’don’t call you self that, a mudb…you know what I mean.’’

‘’Oh, okay.’’ Hermione looked down, what do I do now? Go to bed I suppose. ‘’Well, goodnight then.’’ She mumbled and went to leave the room when his hand shot out and pulled her back.

‘’No.’’ he pulled her back to where she was sitting. ‘’Erm..thanks.’’

She done a double take, did a Malfoy just thanks me? ‘’Im sorry, did you, a Malfoy just thank someone?’’ she grinned, teasing him.

‘’Yes, and it won’t happen again.’’ Draco saw her grin, and felt the sides of his mouth rise.

‘’I know you won’t take me up on this offer, but im always here, if you need to talk to someone.’’ She smiled at him, a pure, warm smile.

Did she just offer me that? ‘’Okay.’’ What else is there to say?

Im still confused, why couldn’t he say Mudblood? Its not like he has never said the word before, hmm…’’Malfoy, earlier, when I said the word ‘Mudblood’ you cringed’’ (He cringed again) ‘’and then you couldn’t say the word, why? Its not like you haven’t heard/said the word before.’’

Draco sighed. Shall I tell her the truth? ‘’Because I hate that word, that stupid word. Merlin that is what started all this fighting. Blood is blood, it’s just the same. It’s hard, yes. Going against everything I’ve been brought up on, but im trying to change. Merlin, I am, but it is hard, and that is one of the things I have changed in.’’ He smiled, a genuine smile.

Wow…that’s um…new. Did he just smile- a real smile. It suits him, he should do it more often. ‘’I can tell, by the look on your face on the first day, when you saw everyone looking at you, that was first thing I said to Harry and Ron, ‘maybe he’s changed.’ Sometimes you slip, but I can tell you try.’’ And with that, she got up and went to her room, leaving Draco to go over what had just happened.

Maybe, maybe tomorrow night, I should stay awake, and then try it out, scream and thrash and see if she really comes, or that she is just lying.


The next day flew by, and night came again. Sticking to his plan, Draco made sure he drank plenty of coffee at dinner so he would be wide awake for when the time comes, and sure enough the time came, he started making noises and thrashing around in his bed, and she came.

She opened the door, and saw him, she sat on the end of his bed, and held his hand, singing a Muggle song.

He smiled, She came, I didn’t think she would. Why does she care so much? After all the things I have done to her, merlin there is a lot, she would still care enough to do this for me every night. Why do I care so much?

He opened one eye and studied her, she was a lot taller she had been the previous year. Her body more feminine, and her face was more elegant. She was no longer the buck-toothed frizzy haired girl, she was a woman who grew out of her tomboyish ways, and grew into a young woman that any boy would be lucky to have. That stupid weasel.

‘’I know you’re awake, I can tell, seeing you sleep for the past month and a half, I know when you’re awake.’’ He jumped at the sound of her voice, and she laughed.

‘’Should of known.’’

‘’They don’t call me the smartest witch of our age for nothing.’’ She winked, ‘’this is different, having a laugh with the famous Draco Malfoy. Who knew you could be decent?’’ she poked her tounge out.

‘’Well, people who truly know me, say im more than decent.’’

‘’The hundreds of different girls you’ve shagged, are they the people who truly know you?’’ she laughed, hoping he wouldn’t take offence.

‘’no! Actually. I meant, Blaise, and my mother. Anyways, who says I’ve shagged hundreds?’’ Granger, why are you so bothered

‘’Well, people.’’

‘’What people?’’

‘’Like Astoria Greengrass, she likes to spread rumours and gossip. Im not one for gossip, but Ginny is.’’


‘’No, her name is Ginny,’’

‘’obviously, but no, its not over one hundred actually. I don’t care for them much, the only time, a person knows I care for them, or have proper feelings for them, is when I call them by their first name. ‘’

Oh, so, them kisses, they meant nothing? Oh… ‘’You must care for Blaise a lot then?’’

‘’I do, we grew up together, we went through the same shit.’’



‘’I think you’re having a heart to heart with someone.’’

His eyes grew. ‘’Oh.’’




A/N WOW! i have nearly got 2000 reads. Guys i never expected that.

Thankyou so much for reading, i really appreciate it. i lost for words!

I hope this chapter is all good for you guys, and the next chapter might be a soppy one. *feels* but it should be good.

Please read and review, tell you friends, mother, brother, sister or father, post it on a blog?


Thanks for reading! 

Untill the next Chapter.

Love SlightObession xx

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