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Living In London by CharliesRose
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10 - Belinda
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Awesomely creative Chapter Image by and.y (Yep, that cute little Crup is Monkey, is he not the cutest?) 



You know, there are some things you really don’t want t hear when you’ve had next to no sleep in the past few days and there are some words you just really don’t think you can handle hearing.

Well for me “hey” was one of those word.

I shrank back against the wall, sinking to the floor and staring up at the body above me. Albus was leaning casually against the doorframe, his hands tucked into the pockets of his trousers and a grin plastered on his face. He was in a better mood than I’d seen him in weeks, which was not something I could say for myself. His eyes were alight and his hair even lay a little flatter than it normally did.

This was quite the contrary to my old baggy shirt and unruly curls.

My eyes lit up.

I’d spent a lot of time with Albus in the several weeks that had rolled by since his Muggle-London-Incident. We met up with Rose frequently (though not Scorpius as much, he always seemed busy these days) but her job became more and more demanding, leaving me and Al with no one but each other to rely on to meet up with.

We weren’t close, I would admit. Albus wasn’t really the kind of person you could be close to, but in a way that was better. Our friendship didn’t rely on anything other than having a good time when we were with each other. It wasn’t as though we had nothing to talk about, quite the contrary in fact; Al had strong opinions about everything, particularly music, to which he preferred the stuff Muggles came up with. But I was never asked to pour out my deepest darkest secrets, because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to in return. It was like a breath of fresh air; a friendship that didn’t revolve around gossips and secrets. It was easy. And above all, Al was entertaining. He made me laugh, and on days when he was in a good mood, he was very easy to be around. On days he was in a bad mood, I just hoped I was easy to be around.

‘Looks like someone just rolled out of bed five minutes ago,’ Al chuckled, leaning casually on the door frame, I pushed his shoulder so he stumbled back a few steps.

‘Ten minutes, actually,’ I stuck my tongue out at him, opening the door wider as a signal to invite him in, ‘how did it go?’

Albus slumped onto the sofa, I never really imagined him getting used to being invited to my flat just to talk, but he seemed quite comfortable to turn up any time these days. He said he liked the company, now his godfather Neville was at Hogwarts all the time, along with his sister, and god-sister. And his godmother worked harder than any of us at the Leaky. I often wondered how she managed.

‘Hmm,’ Albus, sighed, plucking Monkey, who was sniffing his trainers enthusiastically, off the floor. That wasn’t a good sign. Albus never sighed after good things.

‘Well it’s not like either of us thought I’d get it,’ he rolled his eyes with a laugh, the good thing was he didn’t seem that bothered, but he’d seemed to have applied for every possible job down Diagon Alley without success and it was bound to feel a little unfair at times.

‘Al,’ I rested a hand on his shoulder, ‘it’s not like it matters, you don’t need a job-’

‘You were the one telling me I should go for it!’ he pointed out, but not sounding overly unhappy.

‘Shut up,’ I giggled, ‘you’re nineteen, you don’t need a job yet, you just need a vague idea of where you’re going. Unless you have no idea, it’s not like a job at a clothes shop is ever going to help you.’

‘I have no idea,’ he mumbled to under his breath.

I didn’t believe him, ‘Liar,’ I teased.  ‘What are your plans for today?’

‘Nothing, apart from dinner with you,’ he grinned, leaning back against the cushions of the sofa, ‘which is why I came here.’

‘Who says I’m having dinner with you?’ I pouted ridiculously.

‘Well I did, of course,’ Al shot back, ‘and you said I could last week.’ He reminded me, I hadn’t actually forgotten, I just wondered if he had.

‘I have stuff to do today Albus,’ I whined loudly, falling into the seat beside him, and leaning my head on his shoulder.

‘Like what?’ he snorted.

‘Well some of us,’ I returned, ‘don’t have godmothers do make food and stuff for us.’ I was sure I would regret these words but to my surprise Albus laughed loudly and shook his head.

‘Aw come on Belle,’ he grabbed my hand and pulled me down onto the sofa beside him, ‘do it some other time, I have nothing to do today, you are my only source of entertainment.’ He begged with a wide eyed stare. I turned my own eyes away in awkwardness.

‘Albus,’ I whined loudly, ‘I need to get food.’

‘You have food,’ he pointed to the open cupboard stocked with cereal and bread; about the only foods I still had in my house.

‘I thought you wanted dinner?’

‘I like toast?’ he remarked, avoiding my pursed lips and disapproving gaze.

For several long moments I stared at him, waiting for him to turn and face my death glare, but he didn’t and my staring was pointless, or perhaps not because the truth of the matter was that he wasn’t such a bad thing to stare at. ‘Fine,’ I sighed with a huff, ‘what do you want to do today then?’ I asked, rolling my eyes upwards to the ceiling.

He sat thinking, but didn’t take too long to do this, before coming to a conclusion, ‘let’s watch a movie.’

‘You expect me to give up my day to watch a movie?’ I asked in mock exasperation.

‘Well,’ he blushed, ‘yeah why not?’

Albus was horrified by my taste in movies; when he scanned through the disks of the few Wizarding DVDs that I had, his eyes were almost as wide as dinner plates, when he looked through the Muggle ones, they were wider.

‘Where are the good ones?’ He asked, sounding aghast. ‘Cartoons? Horrors?’

‘I never watched movies, until a few years ago when my friend Isabelle bought me a DVD player for Christmas...’ I trailed off, sounding, and feeling, a little embarrassed. 'and horrors scare me...'

‘You’ve never watch horrors?’ he sounded, if even possible, more surprised.

‘Like I said, I never-’

‘You must watch Horrors, all the Muggles watch Horrors films, they’re amazing, they’re scary.’ As though this made them amazing? I’d seen some Wizarding Horrors; none of them were great, they had very unoriginal story lines, and I’d rather read... and not be terrified... 

I didn’t tell Albus this, though, instead I shook my head and kept to myself, hugging my arms around my middle.

‘Right,’ Albus nodded firmly, ‘I’m going back to my place to get some DVDs, you have a player right?’ That was one thing I did own, for the rare movies I picked up that I might actually watch. ‘Wait a moment.’

He didn’t take long to apparate, and return with an armful of movies.

‘Albus these are...,’ I sighed loudly, not finding a word to describe, flicking through them. ‘I’m not watching this.’

‘I refuse to let you go through your life having never watched a good Muggle horror film!’ he directed me towards the sofa and began tapping the DVD player with his wand to get it to work. For him, the colour immediately jumped to the screen.

He took up the remote control in one hand, and edged onto the seat beside me, careful to keep a little bit of distance between us, and began to play the movie, I watched his eyes train to the screen, the green reflecting the picture that was playing before us. Preparing myself for an hour of boredom, I turned myself to the TV.

It was anything but boring. The movie was about Zombies, which admittedly hadn't seemed so appealing, it was so sad, I was bawling at about twenty minutes in. The mother died in the beginning, she was killed by a psychopath and the son was left physically disabled and then the son was kidnapped and the father had to travel with the psychopathic Zombie to find the son...'

‘Why the hell did the father leave the disabled kid at home?’ I demanded, ‘where was he in all of this.’

Albus didn’t reply, he only sniggered smugly.

We got to the end of that film, and I’d found it so amazing I had to watch another Horror, unfortunatly more terrifying movie, and another and another until it was dark outside and Monkey was asleep at our feet. We changed position, curled up against each other over time, with Al’s hand resting on my shoulder and a thick duvet draped over us. I was too scared to protest by now.

‘Fancy some toast?’ I asked, laughing at how we’d spent the entire day watching DVDs.

‘I’d love some,’ Albus pushed himself out of the chair after me, and watched from behind his glasses as I rushed around the kitchen looking for plates, knives, and peanut butter. One cannot live without peanut butter. ‘So what did you think of my movies?’

‘I actually loved them, they were amazing,’ I admitted sheepishly.  ‘I’m sorry  “oh-amazing-one” that I ever doubted your choice in DVD, I shall be dreaming of Horror films forever.’ I teased. 'Probably not the greatest dreams but...'

‘Thank you,’ he leant forward to take his plate off me, and sat munching the toast I’d made, ‘Rosie loves them too, so I figured you might, and no one else will watch them with me.’

I laughed loudly, ‘well are you surprised, they are terrifying,’ I pointed out.

‘But they’re amazing,’ he pouted childishly. ‘And we’re all stone hearted really,’ he looked at his plate, finishing off the toast.

‘Maybe you Weasley/Potter’s are, but most people grow soft after a while,’ I giggled.

‘You just admitted to loving those movies,’ he reminded me loudly.

I couldn’t find an argument to counter that, so Albus raised his eyebrows and I was forced to admit defeat. ‘So what’s next?’ I asked.

‘What do you mean?’ Al replied, levitating his plate over to the sink and leaning forward on his hands, avoiding my gaze ever so slightly.

‘You know,’ I paused, ‘getting a job, you still going for that... and a house, and sorting your life out, what are you planning on doing.’

Albus took a deep breath and sighed, ‘to be honest,’ he shrugged, ‘I really don’t know, I’m going to get sorted, I just don’t know how yet...’ he trailed off and looked sheepish.

‘Is everything okay?’ I asked, after a long break of silence.

‘Yeah,’ Albus replied brightly, too brightly.

‘You’re cheerful voice sucks,’ I told him, he chuckled and looked away. ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’ I asked. Albus stood up, brushed down his shirt and looked at me quizzically for a moment.

‘No, Belinda, but thanks,’ he nodded, making for the door, ‘thanks for letting me spend the day here, and thanks for not asking too many questions.’ He ran a hand through his hair and I stood up, blocking his path to the exit.

‘We’ll do it again sometime, come by whenever you feel like it,’ before Albus could protest I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. It took him a moment to over come surprise, but he wrapped his arms quickly around me before leaving and the made for the door.

Before he left, he turned and looked over the flat one more time, ‘Belinda,’ he grinned, ‘I’m really glad we’re friends.’

And so was I. 





Hey Everyone,

Sorry an update has taken sososo long, and sorry this was just a filler chapter, but I needed to point out that they are friends, and they do hang out, and though Al is a little weird, he’s a good guy to chill with.

And I don’t own Harry Potter or anything else you may have read about it in this chapter.



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Living In London: Chapter 10 - Belinda


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