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The Piano by TheHallow
Chapter 4 : Blind
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“I Like you, I’m sorry I used to bully you! B-but I swear I’m not like that anymore! I’ve changed because of you!” I looked into those sky blue eyes, when I heard them say:
“I hate you.”
Then I woke up.
It was strange how those three words turned my dream into a nightmare; I wouldn’t have felt hurt if Rose Weasley said such things to me before. But now it has become a fear. I finally rolled out of bed and peeled off my pajamas, I will have to wash those later. After my shower, I put on my uniform, grabbed my book bag and strolled to the Great Hall for breakfast.

First session I have Charms oh goody, time to show my true natural talent at that… which meant no talent at all. But it is an important skill to know how to charm something into another or make an object fly and such.

As I finally got to the doors of the Great Hall I walked towards the Slytherin table and sat between Zabini and Nott, as to make it easy for me to escape Parkinson’s goo goo eyes.
When I finished breakfast Zabini and I walked to charms together, since we always have the same classes. We both want to be curse breakers to prove that we won’t be the “bad guys” like our previous generations. This week Slytherin and Griffindor are sharing classes, which should be eventful since Griffindors’ just dive in and most seem to blow up things by accident.

I tried to keep my mind off of Rose Weasley, and I was planning on keeping it that way.
As Zabini and I lined up outside the classroom, I heard a scoff behind me, “Well, Well Malfoy I wouldn’t have thought you would choose Charms first, I would have thought you would take the chance for a free period or at least something more dangerous.” What a cocky attitude.

I turned and saw the face of Jason Privey or JP as he liked to call himself.
I looked at him and calmly said, “Although I might not be good at Charms, it is fundamentally important to know what you can do with your surroundings when the situations arise.” There is no point in being angry, so I might as well be blunt instead. “Why else would I be here? That was such a poor question. Obviously you don’t know what Charms is for if you had to ask me.”

Some Slytherins snickered behind me, but I kept a straight expression as I watched Privey’s face turn a light shade of angry pink. Zabini sighed and went back to whatever he was reading; he never had an interest in such trivial occasions.

“Why you!”, Privey exclaimed. But right before his fist was meant to collide with my jaw a small pale hand grabbed his fist. O’s and woahs went out around me, as if a person was called to the headmistress’s office. I watched as her long red curls stood in front of me.

“JP, as a prefect I can’t allow you to punch somebody for stating the obvious.”
Everybody burst into laughter except for me, Rose, and JP. Zabini only smiled just a little, he must think she’s got guts.
“But-“, Privey exclaimed when suddenly his fist was twisted and pushed near the floor, “No buts”, Rose said as she barely exerted effort into the hand she was twisting. Damn, she’s strong. Remind myself later not to get on her bad side.

Privey gasped in pain as she finally let go of his fist. “You could have broken my wrist! I would have been out of the next Quidditch game!” He exclaimed at her, but she was already turning away, into the classroom, with her best friend Alice tailing after her, “You’ll live” she replied.
Gods she’s amazing

“That was quite a risk you made back there”, Alice told me as we took our seats on the far left side of the class, “Scorpius could have handled it”. She added. I could already hear her implied tone.

“Don’t even go there Alice, I am a prefect and I can’t just let somebody sock another student in the face without stopping it or doing something about it.” It was a perfectly reasonable explanation. Besides, I could bet that I am stronger than Scorpius Malfoy anyways.

“Whatever you say” Alice sighed. We both took out our notebooks and quills waiting for Professor Flitwick to climb up his high and mighty stack of books to tower over us all. I think he might have a height/ dominance issue.
While Professor Flitwick was lecturing on the many properties of water, Alice slid a note next to me.
Scorpius is looking at you

I raised my head slowly as to not cause alarm, and saw Scorpius looking at his parchment scribbling notes in a very cool manner.
“No he’s not.”

Well he’s not going to look at you when you look at him back!

“Why would Scorpius even want to look at me? I’m the weasel remember?”

My thoughts exactly.

I could hear her smirking Cheshire cat in that sentence.
I sighed and went back to my notes. Later when we were practicing on turning water into cough medicine, an explosion from other side of the class jarred everyone into silence. I looked over to where the bang sound went off to only see that JP’s water had exploded and his face was covered in black soot, his hair lightly fringing. The class burst into laughter and tears! That poor boy can never stop making a fool out of himself. It was mostly because he tried too hard at making himself something he wasn’t. Whether it was when he tried to look cool, to trying to look smart, he always made himself look exactly the opposite.

When the bell rang JP pointedly glared at me before grabbing his book bag and strutting out of class with his head held high. As if I was the one who made his drink explode.

Our next class was Care of Magical Creatures, and I was dying to see Hagrid, the game keeper, since I hadn’t seen him yet.

“Rose! Alice!” Hagrid exclaimed beaming, “How’re yeh lot doin’?”

“We’re good!” I beamed back at Hagrid

“What are we doing today?” Alice beamed while playing with Fang’s ears.

“I go’ a real good treat fer ya’ today!” He said almost bursting with eagerness, “Bu’ let’s wait fer the rest of the class”

When everybody had surrounded Hagrid he explained that we were going into the Forbidden Forest while almost jumping for joy.

When a groan replied him he said, “Don’ worry you lot, yer only goin’ to the edge of the forest!”

When he finally stopped leading us into the outer skirts of the forest we had appeared in a small clearing. Only there wasn’t anything there.

“Hagrid”, I asked, “Are we supposed to be seeing something?”

“Well I suppose yeh can’ see ‘em Rose since yeh have grown up in a wholesome home.” He replied, I looked at him questioningly.

“Now wha’ yeh lot are either seeing or no’ seeing here are Thestrals!” Many students looked at him as if he had gone crazy, “I hope there arn’ a lot of yeh who can see ‘em but by a show of hands who can?”

A few hands went up including a certain tall blonde in the back of the class.

“Well then I am suh’prised to see a couple of yer hands, the reason why you can or can’ see ‘em is ‘cause only those who ha’e seen a person die can see ‘em.” Murmurs went throughout the class.

I had heard of Thestrals before from my parents, apparently Thestrals were the ones pulling the carriages to school and I had never seen one in my life. And I hope I never will. I was mostly surprised that I hadn’t guessed that we were going to see Thestrals the moment we came into the clearing.

Collecting my courage I raised my hand and asked Hagrid, “Can I pet one?”
I know, prude of me to ask, but I always wanted to know what they looked like, and if that meant feeling them then so be it. Mom said that she had ridden one once and its back was boney, but she wasn’t able to see them until she saw one after the war pulling a carriage.

Hagrid looked at me astounded, “Well I suppose yeh can, I ne’er had a studen’ ask me a questio’n like tha’ before.” Hagrid looked back at the invisible beasts and walked up to one, he gave it a piece of meat and everybody watched with a gasp as the meat was slowly disappearing. Hagrid petted what I supposed was its head and said, “a’right Rose coast is clear.”
I slowly walked up to Hagrid and I looked up at him, “Where is its neck?”
Hagrid smiled sadly at me, “Righ’ in fron’ yeh”, he replied.
I reached my hand out until I felt my hand touch something; I looked up and saw my hand stopped in midair. The class behind me gasped, quite melodramatically.

I stroked the skin of the creature and I noticed that I could feel it’s breath on my face. As I reached towards what I assumed was its back I could feel its eyes watching me. I felt a breeze on my face suddenly and I looked at Hagrid with what I assumed was a question on my face, “It jus’ raised its wings is all. It seems to be enjoyin’ yer company, Rose.” As I looked back, I stroked it until I could feel what seemed like a dulled horn. I felt around and noticed that it was covered in these horns. “Is this its spine?” I asked him. “Yup, sharp as usual Rose.”

I stepped back a bit and dropped my hand. Hagrid faced the class and lectured about Thestrals, Explaining that Thestrals are not considered very pretty creatures, which is why it was decided to make them invisible to those eyes purer than most. As he was telling the class that they looked similar to horses with wings but without the fat and fur, I felt the Thestrals breath on my neck and a small nudge on my hand… I felt blind.

For the next week or so, everybody knew about Rose Weasley’s courage and petting a Thestral without being able to see them.
I walked down the corridors hearing the different rumors and variations of the story, but my perspective was one I will never forget.
When I was young my mother died, she was very sick. On the night of her death she called me into her room and told me how much she loved me, my dad, and our family. She told me to live my life the way I wanted to, and not by what was expected of me. Then a few hours later she exhaled a happy sigh and let go of my father’s hand. She was gone. That was the last time I ever cried.

So when I saw Rose’s hand shot up and ask Hagrid the question, “Can I pet one?”, I was shocked.

I watched the entire thing, and my eyes watched only her.
Because she couldn’t see them she was putting herself in great danger, and if anything happened I would have been the first one to get to her. I already was wide eyed with fear planning a route through my peers to get to her. I heard her say, “Where is its neck?”
I watched her red curls as she lifted her snow white hand, the beast was watching her as she pet it. It liked it. And I hesitantly calmed my muscles from springing into action.

When she was done petting it Hagrid faced us again and told us all sorts of information on them… Apparently they are gentile creatures, well that I didn’t know. My eyes went back to Rose and saw that she barely flinched when an adult Thestral breathed down her neck and when its small cub or foal, whatever you called it, nudged her hand. They loved her that quickly.

Rose Weasley always succeeds at blowing my mind away.

“Rose of the Brave!” Alice called as she sat down to eat breakfast with me, “everybody is talking about the brave Rose who slayed a Thestral in front of the class even though she couldn’t see it!”
“Oh please, Alice! Don’t joke about those rumors!” I said through the Daily prophet.
Albus suddenly sat next to my left and said “So you got your finger bitten off by a Thestral?”
“UGH!” I exclaimed as I face palmed. “No Albus, I only pet one.”
“It was awesome though” added Alice, “Totally brave” that part definitely leaked her American Valley girl accent.
“Wicked!”, Albus said grinning from ear to ear. “Well anyways, I gotta go back to my own house! See you later Rose!”
“Bye Albus!” Alice said.
“When are you going to tell Albus you like him”, I said once he was out of ear shot.” She just stared at me with wide eyes and gulped.
Luckily for her James suddenly appeared and plopped right down next to Alice and said, “You wrestled with a Thestral!?”
This was going to be a long morning.

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The Piano : Blind


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