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Getting Past the Nerves by Summers_2008
Chapter 8 : double date
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 James decided that he Jenny, Addie and I were going on a double date a few days after Christmas. He made all of these plans and just told us to dress nice. I was really glad that Addie didn't run away screaming when I told her I loved her. I was also glad that she didn't freak out when she met my family. It could have been really bad if my mother didn't like her. My dad likes almost everyone, my mum can see through someone’s bull. Which I guess is a useful trait, but according to James it was rather annoying that he had to prove someone’s worthiness of the Potter name. I mean sure you have to have thick skin to hang around with us. Yeah we’re in the paper constantly I’m pretty sure that we would be in the quibbler too if Auntie Luna would allow it from her small writing staff. However she’s only lets anything good about us into the Quibbler. She never releases private information or even anything that we didn't want to get out for a while.

Anyway, James and I were waiting for Jenny and Addie to come downstairs. “So…. You tell her yet?”

“Tell her what?”  I turned to James.

He rolled his eyes and then continued “Tell Addie that you love her,” I nodded, “And she didn't run away screaming! You are one lucky sod!” James grinned.

“That he is,” Addie said grinning as she and Jenny walked down the stairs. James held his arm out for Jenny, I did the same for Addie.

We arrived in Diagon alley a few minutes later, James insisted on not telling us anything so we were blindly following him. Until he stopped outside a restaurant that was typically packed and the wait to get on the waiting list was long. “Table for Potter” he said to the host at the front.

“Just a moment please sir,” he went through his list. “Four tonight?” James nodded. “Right this way,” the host led us into the restaurant. The host took our cloaks.

“You look beautiful,” I said pulling out the seat for Addie.

“Not so bad yourself,” Addie grinned.  We were all seated when the waitress came to take our order. She was one of James’ ex girlfriends so she recognized us immediately. She had broken up with James because I vomited on her. James was pissed at me for that one but then was okay with it when he found out that she was into him because he was famous.

“As I live and breathe James and Albus Potter,” Addie grabbed my hand.  James ignored her and ordered our drinks. “I’ll be right back.”

“Who was that?” Addie looked from James to me.

“That was Emily Henderson, she was James’ girlfriend back in fifth year,” Jenny answered “Albus vomited on her and she broke up with James.”

“If I recall correctly it was you who told me that she only liked me because I was famous,” James wrapped his arm around Jenny.

“James you’re not famous your parents are.” Jenny laughed. “But yes it was me.”

“So drama just follows the Potters wherever they go?” Addie asked.

“I suppose that is so, I never really thought about it.” Jenny grinned. “most of the time it’s good drama.”

“Are you ready to order your food,” Emily asked frowning.  James ordered for him and Jenny and then Addie ordered our food, I was feeling nervous like I was going to vomit again.

“Is everything okay?”  Addie asked.

I waited for the nausea to pass, “I should have requested a male server!” James berated himself.

“James honey, you couldn’t have known,” Jenny tried to make James feel better.

Addie grabbed my hand, and looked me in the eye. “relax, breath,” then it happened. I vomited all over the front of her dress. I couldn't stop it and I stared at her for a moment then ran right out the front of the restaurant. I can’t believe I did that… okay well yeah I can. “Albus!” Why was she coming after me? “Albus Potter, stop running!” she demanded. 

“I’m sorry!” I said. “I don’t think this is…” I continued walking.

“Shut up!” she said. “this doesn't bother me, what bothers me is you ran!”


“But nothing, Albus stop!” Addie said. “Are you trying to break up with me?”

“Yes, no, I don’t know,” I stopped and turned to face her, she’d gotten most of the vomit cleaned up.  “I can’t put you through this.” Eventually she was going to get tired of my weird behavior and dump me anyway. “It’s not fair to make you deal with all of this” I pointed at myself. “Frankly I’m surprised that this didn’t happen sooner.”

“Fine,” Addie said. “Please take me back to your house, I’m going to pack and got back to the school and spend the rest of break there.” I obliged. As soon as we got home I went to my room.  It wasn’t long before Lily and my mother were in the room.

“What the bloody hell did you do?” Lily asked me angrily. I stayed silent. “What did you say to Addie?”

“Lily!” Mum said.

“What Mum? My idiot brother has messed up, the first good thing he gets he has to mess it up!” sure Lily had a point.  I still loved her, but they say if you love something let it go. She doesn't deserve to be cursed with my weirdness. She’s too good for that.

“I couldn't put her through it anymore!” I said “Please leave!” I turned my back to them. 




A/N: Sorry it took so long to get the next chapter out,  not to make excuses for my bad updating but, I just started at a new university, I've had to study like crazy and I've had uber writters block for months now! I'm pretty sure y'all hate me after reading this chapter. I hate me too... but it's going to get better I promise... I think.  anyway thanks for sticking around, hope to see a review or two! love, Summers (the extremely behind in updating her stories and should probably be fed to an over sized octopus that doesn't eat humans but in this case probably would ;) )




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Getting Past the Nerves: double date


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