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The Lonely Hearts by HeyMrsPotter
Chapter 18 : Chapter 18
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A/N Hope you enjoy this chapter, I got to write a little from Pansy's POV, I enjoyed being the bitch way more than I should have haha! Let me know your thoughts :)

Pansy came out from behind the coat of armour. She had dashed behind it on her way to the Great Hall upon hearing Draco and the mudblood Granger. She heard them giggling together, saw them kissing. She knew from their conversation that they had done it. Had sex. The thought made her feel physically sick. How could Draco do that with her? The filthy, know-it-all, muggle-born. Pansy had tried several times before to get Draco into bed. Every party she had been to at the Manor she had worn her most revealing dresses, showing plenty of cleavage and letting him know she was completely naked underneath. When that hadn't worked she had stolen a bottle of firewhiskey and tried to get him drunk, that had backfired when she had gotten herself drunk and fell asleep in one of the bathrooms. He had turned her down again and again, only to sleep with Hermione buck teeth Granger! What did Granger have that Pansy didn't? She was beautiful, her family were rich and she was a pureblood. Draco's parents had always wanted him to be with her, to get married and continue the pureblood line. Well, just because Draco was in bed with that mudblood last night doesn't mean it was too late for him to change his mind. Pansy would get Draco no matter what. She knew exactly what she had to do to get him. Deciding to put her plan into action sooner rather than later, Pansy gave the password to the Seventh Year common room and headed up to the bedrooms.

Hermione and Draco had agreed to shower, dress and meet each other in the Entrance Hall before heading into Hogsmeade together.

Hermione spent longer than usual in the shower, her mind replaying last nights events. Each part of her body that she washed brought a new memory, Draco kissing her neck, her legs wrapped around his waist, him whispering 'I love you' into her ear before nipping it between his teeth, his hands...everywhere.

She dressed quickly after her shower, eager to see Draco again. He was standing in the Entrance Hall when she descended the stairs, looking as handsome as ever. Hermione felt herself blushing as she was reminded of last night, it still felt surreal that she and Draco had lost their virginities to each other. If someone had told her a year ago...she shook her head in disbelief.

Draco was facing away from her when she reached the bottom of the stairs, she crept up behind him and placed her hands over his eyes.

"Guess who?" She whispered into his ear.

"Smells like a disgusting muggle to me." Draco sneered. He jerked his head away and turned to face Hermione, looking her up and down. "Just as I suspected, Granger."

"Draco...what...what's wrong? Why are you acting this way?" Hermione had taken a step back, staring blankly at her boyfriend.

"I thought I could smell a muggle and I was right." He said simply, smirking. "Although, I do wish you hadn't touched me. I'll have to spend half an hour cleaning my face with scouring charms now."

Tears were filling Hermione's eyes. "Draco," she whispered, "I don't understand, we...last night..." She whispered.

"Ah, I was wondering when you would mention that. You see, I had a bet on with some of the other Slytherins. They thought I wouldn't be able to get the precious Gryffindor princess, brains of the Golden Trio to shag me. Proved them wrong didn't I? Did you think you were special Granger? That you had changed me? How pathetic. Anyway, I'd love to stay and reminisce about our time together but I'm heading in to Hogsmeade with my girlfriend." Pansy Parkinson approached, a grin on her face.

"Hi Drakie, Zambini asked me to give you this, it's your, er, winnings." She glanced at Hermione whilst handing him a bag that was clearly full of galleons. She then threw her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth.

A crowd had started to gather and were watching and whispering to one another. Hermione watched the scene in front of her, frozen to the spot. It was as though she was watching someone else's life. Surely this was not her boyfriend, her Draco who had poured his heart out to her. Who had cried for his mother when his father had died, who had loved her like no-one else. It couldn't be. Her Draco wouldn't say such awful things and kiss another girl.

Then came the final nail in the coffin.

"Come on Granger, no need to cry. Surely a part of you knew this was all a joke? After all, why would someone like me love a mudblood like you?" With that, he turned and left, his arm around Pansy's waist.

Hermione could feel her knees weakening, the heavy sobs in her chest, tears streaming down her face. She heard people saying her name, could see their worried faces but her body wouldn't respond. Her brain, always so reliable, was still trying, and failing, to think of a reasonable explanation for what she had just witnessed. She saw Ginny's face and heard her asking what had happened. That was the last thing she remembered before collapsing on the hard marble floor of the Entrance Hall.

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The Lonely Hearts : Chapter 18


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