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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 45 : Mine
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 Chapter Forty Five

As creepy as it sounds, I really enjoyed watching Lily sleep the next morning. She looked beautiful as the faint January sun light shone into the dorm and highlighted her gorgeous raid her, slight freckles and her cute little button nose. I’d been pining for Lily since I was twelve years old and by some divine miracle my dreams had finally come true, not only had Lily and I slept together but there was nothing now to stop us becoming a couple. Girlfriend and Boyfriend. I was free, she was free and there was nothing left to stand in our way. I looked around the room; Hugo, Ryan and Ben weren’t in there though there beds had clearly been slept in, I looked at the clock and realized that it was nearly eleven in the morning. I knew I should get Lily up and get to class before we got in trouble but she looked so peaceful and beautiful I couldn’t bear to wake her up. I smiled and moved some of her hair from a face; a slight grin appeared on her face.

“Morning gorgeous” I said kissing her on the cheek. She turned to face me and kissed me back before stroking my face

“Never thought we’d get here” said Lily looking as if her wildest dreams had come true “You and me it always seemed like a fantasy that would never happen”

“Well it has so get used to it” I replied sticking my tongue out “So does this mean that you and I are… you know…”

“You know what” said Lily teasingly. Damn woman knew what she was doing

“Together… are you and I are together” I finished

“Well that depends” said Lily sitting up slightly and resting her head on my shoulders “Are you asking me if I want to be your girlfriend?”

“I suppose” I replied flicking her nose

“Good, because in that case the answer is yes” said Lily looking up at me “Yes Oliver of course I will be your girlfriend. Nothing in the world would make me happier; I don’t give a fuck if James or anyone reacts badly anymore. You are my boyfriend, I love you and anyone who has a problem with that can go to hell”

“Glad to hear it” I said with a yawn as I went into kiss her. We kissed for a few minutes until I began to feel a bit gross and decided to go for a shower. As I was standing in the shower I couldn’t help but smile to myself; I was Lily Potter’s boyfriend. Me, little Oliver Benson who’d fancied her since second year. The boy who’d written all those valentines cards to her, the boy who’d come so close to giving up because he felt she’d never love him back had finally got the girl of his dreams. I got out of the shower after fifteen minutes and noticed that Lily had fallen back to sleep, I kissed her forehead and tucked the covers over her. I lay down next to her and began thinking about the first time she and I had ever met, I must have drifted off to sleep or something because it suddenly felt like I was falling and falling.

The next thing I knew was I was at King’s Cross Station. I looked around the place and headed towards 9 ¾ and that’s when I saw us. My family. All of us; mum, Jack and I as well as Dad who at that point was still perfectly well. I wanted to go up and hug him but I knew I couldn’t, he was just a vision or a dream or whatever the hell this whole experience was. I walked towards my little family and watched the eleven year old me, a big gran plastered across his face, run through the barrier with his trollies for the first time. I followed my parents and the six year old Jack through and stayed with them as they said goodbye to my 11-year old self

“Now Ollie poo” said mum buttoning up her young son’s coat “Now I want you to have fun but I also want you to study hard. I know Hogwarts is exciting but it is a school as well”

Dad knelt down and patted the younger me on the back in a bone crushing hug. I remembered that hug well, this was the last time I saw dad before the symptoms of his illness began to come through. Eighteen months later he was virtually unrecognisable; I wanted to tell my eleven year old self to keep gripping onto dad, to never let him go and let him know that we’d always love him. But then I realized this me was 11, he didn’t know what the future held and he didn’t want to be seen being mushy with his parents in view of all his future school friends

As much as I wanted to stick with Dad, I followed my enthusiastic younger self onto the train and followed him as he keenly tried to find some fellow first years. I saw my first meeting with Hugo, Ryan and Ben and followed as they all sat down in a carriage. I then realized I was invisible to everyone as I fell over some kid’s bag with a thud and nobody seemed to notice. I looked around, I spotted a younger James shamelessly kissing a girl in only a way that a 13 year old could. Lots and lots of tongues. I also spotted a shy cute looking Abi sitting on her own with those god awful pig tails she used to have looking around for someone to talk too, I then saw Hailey come in and begin talking to her. I also witnessed a hilarious moment where Malfoy tried to get a carriage by announcing he was Draco Malfoy’ son, only for him to be hit in the face with an egg salad. I looked on the platform to see Roxy, Dom, and Louis looking envious as Victorie, a beautiful 16, boarded the train. I also saw Teddy have a lingering look at her bum. I chuckled to myself as I listened to the first conversation Hugo, Ben, Ryan and I all shared

“Well I think the pink poweranger is hot” said 11-year old Hugo. He always had been a horny little devil

The conversation soon turned to houses, subjects and families and that’s when Lily came in. As much as I wanted to amuse myself with seeing Lily’s ugly 11-year old pigtails in the flesh I instinctively looked towards my younger self as she entered our carriage and began shouting at Hugo for leaving her alone on the platform with Rose. Young Lily hit young Hugo over the head and introduced herself to younger Ben, Ryan and I. I was puzzled by younger Oliver’s reaction to Lily but then I remembered I (we’d) only started fancying her in the second year. First year was the year in which we were best mates. It made me sad that I’d forgotten that part of our relationship as I watched young Lily and the young me hit it off straight away.

“Oliver, Oliver wake up” hissed modern day Lily “Dude, you’ve been asleep for about three hours you lazy shit you do realize that we’ve missed all of our lessons”

“Well you could have gone I was the one asleep” I replied a bit pissed off to have been woken up from my dream, vision or possible schizophrenic fit

“I didn’t want to wake you up, you look very cute when you sleep” she said giving me a kiss on the lips “I’ve only been up an hour myself, we are so dead tomorrow you know”

“I know” I said taking Lily’s hand “But we will cross that bridge when we come to it Lils, I had the nicest dream though. I’m not sure if it was a dream or not actually, I was back at King’s Cross and I watched the first time we ever met”

“OK” said Lily looking confused “So what, you remembered it?”

“No it was more than a memory” I replied “Because it’s like I was actually there, I could touch things and see thing I had no recollection of happening”

“You are such a freak Oliver” said Lily giving me yet another kiss

“Who wants to be normal anyway” I replied. Lily nodded in agreement and dressed herself; she took me by the hand and led me out of the common room, the school grounds and down to the rock. Our rock. Our special place, the place I hadn’t been too for so long not since Lily had found me there with Abi

I climbed onto it and hoisted Lily up and we just sat there watching the world go by hand in hand. The entire world and the problems in it just seemed so irrelevant and far away from us at that time, it felt like it was only Lily and I in the world and I loved it. I loved her, and she was finally mine

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Escaping the Friend Zone: Mine


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