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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 14 : Chapter 14
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A/N: I'm sorry for how short this chapter is, but I hope to make it up to you by getting a longer chapter out for you all :D

Let me know what you think :D



Normally Amelia wouldn’t have gone down to the common room so late at night, but she was waiting for James to reply to her. James had replied to her owl about twenty minutes after she had sent hers off, telling her that he was just feeling a bit shitty, Amelia knew he was feeling a lot worse than he was letting on. This started a whole night of them exchanging owls to each other. It felt good to know that James had someone to talk to about all of this, because as great as her brother was she wasn’t sure if James and Adam would talk about feelings and emotions with the same ease that James seemed to have with Amelia.

It was a surprise when Amelia realised that she had little over an hour before everyone else started to wake up, it was Saturday and for that Amelia was thankful, she felt absolutely shattered, but knew that she couldn’t sleep now and would have to have a nap later on. Instead she decided on going to have a shower and get dressed, before heading down to breakfast.

As she got out of the shower already dried and changed into her jeans, t shirt and jumper she noticed that her owl was perched sleepily on his cage, which sat on her bedside cabinet, a letter in its beak. She let out a small “aw” at seeing him and gave him a gently stroke to wake him up, taking the letter gently from his beak.

“I’m sorry that I’ve sent you off so much,” she told him softly in a quiet voice so as not to startle him or wake up the others in the room, he nipped at her fingers affectionately as she picked a few owl treats out of her beside cabinet and gave them to her owl. “You can go and have a sleep now,” she told him; he gave her a nudge of his head before he nestled his head under his wing, trying to get comfortable. She kept his cage in the dormitory when it was winter in case he wanted to have somewhere warmer to sleep then the owlery; none of the other girls seemed to mind as their owls done the same too.

Amelia picked up the letter and read what James had written back to her, telling her that he was going to go down to the great hall and get some breakfast as he knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep at all, especially not with Adam reciting some sort of poem in his sleep.

Amelia let out a small laugh at the thought of Adam sleep talking; he had been doing it in all the time Amelia could remember, before slipping on her socks and shoes and walking out of the dormitory quietly.

As she made her way into the great hall, she noticed that James was the only Gryffindor sat at the table; he was eating a plate of bacon and eggs. James was the only one of five people up this early, two of them being teachers, one being the headmaster. And two being Ravenclaws.

Amelia walked over to James and sat down next to her, he gave her a smile as she began filling her plate with her own bacon and eggs, adding a hash brown and a few mushrooms.

“It’s good to see you still have your appetite,” Amelia told James who was cutting up his bacon and swirling it in the runny yolk of his egg.

“Well there’s no point in wasting away is there?” he told her “I’m not hungry in the slightest but if I don’t eat then I’ll only be regretting it later on when I’m hungry and have to wait for lunch or dinner. Besides your brother has a big plan to make me busy.”

Amelia remembered the plans that James had told her in one of his letters to her, Adam had planned on taking James to Hogsmeade for the day, spending the day in Weasley Wizarding Wheezes so he can see his uncle, as well as going to Hogsmeade.

“He’s going to be buying me a lot of chocolate,” James told Amelia with a smile after he had eaten his bacon, “I think I’ll have to be upset more often.” Amelia smiled at him; it was good to see happiness on his face instead of the hurt he was trying to hide.

“He is very generous when people he loves are upset,” Amelia admitted, remembering all the times Adam had treated her. He was a very good brother, the best.

“I actually think he’s taking me on a date,” James admitted as he drank some of his orange juice. He placed the glass down on the side and wiped his mouth with his sleeve as Amelia continued eating her breakfast, she shook her head as she finished chewing and swallowed her food.

“It really wouldn’t surprise me with you two. Sometimes I wonder if you’re actually a secret couple.”

James laughed. “Can I tell you a secret?” he asked her.

Amelia nodded at him as he neared her to whisper in her ear.

“Sometimes I wonder that too.”

Amelia let out a laugh as James moved away from her with a smile on his face.

“I’m being serious,” he told her, “sometimes I wake up and he’s in my bed hugging up to me, claiming that he had a bad dream.”

“Ew!” Amelia cried covering her ears, “I don’t need to hear about that.”

The occupants of the hall all looked at her, as her voice echoed loudly; she gave them an apologetic smile as they went back to their breakfasts and conversations.

“Apparently they didn’t need to know about that either,” James said shaking his head, he looked up as he saw Adam was strolling into the hall, rubbing his hand over his hair which was sticking up in strange directions and his clothes were crumpled as though he had fallen asleep in them, which knowing Adam had actually happened whilst he was reading a Potions book. Adam’s potion fascination was beginning to scare both Amelia and James, which they had discussed in their letters with each other.

“Here’s my Prince Charming now!” James cried as Adam sat down opposite them, blowing James a kiss and pulling plates of food towards him, before picking up a fork and digging it into random pieces of food and eating them.

“Make sure you leave some for the other students,” Amelia said with a laugh, as Adam gave a shrug.

“You snooze you lose,” Adam said through mouthfuls of food, Amelia shook her head at him as she picked up a mint humbug and placed it in her mouth before James answered him.

“It’s seven in the morning,” James told him, Adam groaned at the time of day before continuing to reach for more food.

“Who on earth is awake at this time of day on a Saturday?” he asked.

Amelia yawned, her hand covering her mouth. “Us three crazy people?” she suggested. Her eyes were stinging and she felt quite sleepy, she shook herself as though to wake herself up and knew that if she was to stay awake for most of the day then she would need to do something to keep her awake.

“Hey can me and Kelly come with you to Hogsmeade?” she asked them.

Professor Longbottom had made it so that sixth and seventh years could make weekend trips to Hogsmeade if they so wished, but it could only be when a teacher was going to Hogsmeade as well, and as Professor Longbottom’s wife lived above the Three Broomsticks pub, he was almost always down at Hogsmeade to visit her, this was to make sure that if they had any trouble down there they could always come and find a teacher for help.

James looked at Adam who shrugged. “Yeah sure why not,” he told her. Amelia smiled as she reached forwards for some coffee, knowing that if she was going to be staying awake for almost all of the day she was going to need some caffeine


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