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Chains of Bronze by aquabluez17
Chapter 2 : 2 Year Later
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Heyy guys! Here's an update! I hope you like it! Thanks to all of the reviews last time guys! It really motivatived me to write more =) 

As a young child, I'd always been fascinated by the idea of healing. Even though I had seen the deed done very sparingly, I still found myself intrigued by the epiphany. The idea of helping people was so alluring to me! So my mother, being the endearing soul she was, taught me how to heal things the muggle way.  Or what a small child thought was healing, which happened to be about applying a band aid correctly.

I felt like I was on the top of the world. It was astounding how in sync I could feel with the potions compared to people, who I could barely converse with. As this euphoria still rushing through me, I'd decided. I would become a doctor! Or a healer, once I found out about magic.

As I grew older, my mother taught me how to heal everything she knew, which admittedly wasn't much. From small cuts to big wounds to sicknesses, but it wasn't enough. I needed to know more, demanded to know more, desired to know more, but Father refused to let me learn. He said it was unnecessary and that I was wasting my time.

When time came, my lack of knowledge shined through, as I couldn't help heal my own mother’s through her sickness. The one that took her away from me. But her memories stay inside of me as I help yet another person with the wisdom she imparted on me.

Now as I hovered, in our baby blue living room of 4 months, over my husband with a cotton in one hand and cream in the other, I thanked my mother’s muggle teaching.

~ Sometime Earlier

I shifted on the right side of the bed slightly, trying to get in a more comfortable position. My arms instinctively went towards my left, reaching for the body that I could hear breathing softly. Smiling instinctively when I came in contact with the person, I pulled them closer to myself while snuggling into them. My grip only loosened when I heard a soft sigh of frustration and a quick swat on my arms.

Smirking, I leaned back on the pillow, momentarily at peace. My eyes were still closed, with my other arm covering them. I felt myself drifting in thought while trying to figure out what the nagging feeling in the back of my head was about. When I felt an arm wrap around my stomach, I immediately realized what the problem was.

Shooting up from the bed in shock, I frantically glanced around the room trying to figure out what had happened. I felt the body next to me wiggle, as the person tried to move closer to me, but that didn’t really matter at the moment.

Oh my god. He's not here. Oh god. What am I going to do?! How will I tell James?! Oh god where could he be?! How could I've fallen asleep?!! Who falls asleep during their children's nap time?! I thought frantically as I moved the small hand on my stomach off of me. Just as I was about to start scouranging around the house, I heard two voices.


“Hey little man! How are you?" came the deep voice, making me sigh in relief.

"Daddy you home!" the little boy shrieked, making me smile as I let my head drop back on the pillow in relief. I stayed still while listening to their conversation. 

"Yes I'm," the man, James, responded. 

"Daddy, Aidey missed y'u," I head him confess, his voice coming out muffled since he was probably crushing James' legs.

"I missed you too Aidan. You're so big now!" James humored the little boy.

"Imma big boy Daddy! Emma a baby," his baby voice delcared in all seriousness. 

"Off course! You're the strongest of them all!" James replied, "Speaking of Mum and Emma, do you know where they are?"

“Mummy and Emma sleeping."

“Oh are they?? Well then we should be quiet now shouldn’t we?” I heard him respond, his voice becoming faint as he tried to make sure we wouldn't wake up. I smirked. He'd found out about my light sleeping habbits the hard way.

Laying back in the position I was before, I felt my lips curl up as I inevitably thought about my husband who had just come home after 3 days. Everything that had happened was so surreal! It always hit me like a wave. Surprisingly enough though, I wouldn’t change one thing.

After my Father had figured out about my pregnancy, in a matter of 2 days, I was married to a man named James Sirius Potter.

Everything about it was so wrong. We were marrying out of convenience and probably pity from his side. We didn't even know each other; we had never even spoken to each other! I didn't even know his name until the day I was married.

I found out his name at the altar since no one bothered to mention it to me before. I think secretly they were all wishing it was Richard just like I had been, or maybe they had just been taking pleasure from my obvious lack of knowledge.

I had dreaded the marriage, assuming that my life would be miserable but that was not the case. Sure we had our problems, but we still made it work. I was well provided for and even cared about.

Though I'd learned quickly that James refused to open up to anyone, including me. He always knew how I was feeling, even when I refused to tell him anything, but he said that it was part of his job to know. I still wonder if he meant his job as an Auror or as a husband...

Our two little kids were born 7 months after our marriage and he was the exact replica of a doting father. Every little complain I had with him would fly out the window the moment I would see the smiles on my babies’ faces when they saw their Daddy.

At the moment, we resided in Greece, but due to James’ job as an Auror we were always moving houses. He never told me exactly why we moved so many times since he could easily just use a portkey to travel wherever he needed too, but I didn’t question him.

It was the way we worked. He would say something, tell me what to do, and I would do it. It was easier that way. Fighting and getting involved meant that I cared. And caring only leaves a person in heart break... That was one of the reasons why my kids and I were cut off from the wizarding world.

Though he never told me the exact reason, a few days after our marriage when we had finally moved to Switzerland, he made me promise to never get involved with the wizarding world until he said so. At the time I had been puzzled since in my little town near the Ganges, no one had ever talked about a wizarding world. I hadn’t even known there were any other wizards in the world until James came along!

Curiosity taking over, I promised that I wouldn’t go anywhere near the wizarding world, as long as he told me all about it. He had grimaced a bit, as if he had bad memories from the place, but complied anyway. The next day, he even ordered the Daily Prophet to our house, explaining to me how I could keep up with what was happening in the world on my own.

Those two things, James’ job and my Daily Prophet, were the only things that connect us to the wizarding world.

In the muggle world, I was the wife of the young and handsome police officer, James Potter, Emylina Potter. And surprisingly enough, we both played the part well. Smiling when talked to, while pretending to hang on to every word the other said. His arms were always around my waist in, what the ladies in the room said, a protective grip. My arm would be either on his chest when I was turned towards him or holding his hand while playing with the golden ring on his left finger that I had put there.

We were the epitome of a perfect couple. They called us the “Loving Potters” and when someone would get married, the couple would be blessed to be like us. But that’s only in the muggle world; where not many people knew James Potter the Auror.

In the beginning I wondered if he was embarrassed by me. I was a small town girl who barely knew anything about the outer world. My feelings had only been intensified when I saw him, at this so called Auror functions he has to go to every so often, with another girl hanging off of his arm.

The pictures had been all over the Daily Prophet with the headline clearly claiming that the girl might be his girlfriend. In a fit of rage, though I still don’t why it bothered me, I had left the paper facing upwards on the breakfast table, watching for his reaction.

He had looked at it in shock and then glanced at me slightly. When I didn’t say a word, neither did he; and that is how we our problems are usually solved. After that there had been many articles with him in such events; each time with a different girl. I wondered if the wizarding world even knew he was married. But I never said anything. It’s not my place and I would be foolish to forget what kind of a marriage this was.

Sometimes, I just wished he would tell me why he had married me. I just wished he would share his thoughts with me, tell me about his family;anything! I don’t even know if he is an only child or has brothers and sisters. I wonder if he has a big family or a small one, like mine. Does his family love him? Are his parents alive or dead? Are they like mine were? I wouldn’t know since he never talked about himself, and I never questioned him.

He still never bothers talking about the wizarding world, even though he had promised. He claims that he got me the paper and that should be more than enough information. I wonder sometimes if his family is in the wizarding world, and maybe he is just hiding them from me. I try not to just rely on the paper to get more information about him, but it's all I have. And sometimes, he alters my paper or makes it disappear completely. I know that he has been hiding something from me but I don’t ask him what.

I should have known better than to trust a man. After all he’s just a father to my kids, not an actual husband. He has done more than any other man in my life had ever done, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything. In the end, I guess, it doesn’t even matter

Sighing at the strange yet familiar turn my thoughts had taken, I slowly got out of bed, wrapping the blanket over Emma so she wouldn’t wake up. Quietly, I walked out of the room, my tip toeing turning into a full fledged sprint the moment I was out the room. I came to a halt in the living room, my hair flying everywhere, making both of the boys in the room turn around to look at me. I watched as Aidan laughed happily, clapping his hands while James just wore his favorite ghost of a smile.

“Babyy!” I cried as I walked over to take Aidan in my arms and swinging him in a circle as he gurgled.

“Mummy!” my baby boy cried out, his infectious laugh making me laugh too, “Lookie! Daddy’s home!”

“Is he know? Why yes he is baby boy,” I responded as I stopped twirling him and gently placed him back on his Dad’s lap, “Hi Daddy,” I said softly as I played with the jet black hair on Aidan’s head which stuck up in weird angles just like James’ hair did. Just like Richard’s hair had.

One of my biggest fear during my pregnancy was that no one would ever believe that my kids were also James’. Even though he did look a lot like Richard, it didn’t mean the kids would look like him, and the thought frightened me. What if one day James just couldn’t handle looking at kids who looked nothing like him and, left?

The fear had only been intensified when I found out we were having twins. I had all but fainted on the hospital bed, only James’ tight grip on my hand reminding me that I couldn’t just faint. I'd turned to him slightly, forcing my eyes away from the monitor which showed my two kids. I still don’t know what he had seen in my eyes or my face that day but whatever it was, it must have really scared him as well.

His gold brown eyes which were usually hard, had turned into this chocolatey brown as he got up from his chair. Moving me over on the bed, he sat down next to me. Immediately put his arms around me, he pulled me deep into his arms whispering softly in my ear over and over again, “Emy it’s going to be okay. I’m here. We're going to be okay,” and I knew, even as I felt tears dripping down my eyes and on to his shirt, that they were of relief. He had said the one thing I'd wanted..., needed to hear; just like he always did.

“Hi Emylina,” he responded, his voice coming out a bit strained, bringing me out of my thoughts, and forcing me to really look at him.

His hair looked like a mess as always, but his usually golden brown eyes looked dull today. There were small black rings around his them while his jaw was tight. I also noticed how he was favoring his left arm, making me assume that he had probably done something to his right, the same arm Aidan was swinging back and forth.

He was thinking about something really important. Something that would change our lives yet again. I assumed that since he only gritted his teeth while in deep thought. I just hoped we wouldn't have to move again. I'd actually made a few friends here.

“Alright honey. It’s time to go to bed! Let’s go,” I said as I picked up the little boy and went back up the stairs, placing him on the bed next to his sister.

When the kids had finally arrived, I realized that I shouldn’t have worried about their looks at all. They looked exactly like him, James. Aidan had the same ruffled up hair which stuck up in so many different directions. He also had the same jaw and nose that his father had.

Emma, on the other hand, had taken after me a bit more. She had my slightly crooked smile while her nose was a little button on her face. Her hair was much darker brown than mine though, almost the same color as her father’s eyes.

I think the biggest shock for both of us had been when the kids had opened their eyes. Emma had my light green almost yellowish eyes, while Aidan had stunning emerald green eyes, just like Richard. “Richard,” I had whispered involuntarily, feeling James stiffen next to me.

“We will call him Aidan,” he had responded firmly, while picking the newborn up in his arms; and that was the end of that conversation. I could never really forget the look of recognition he had gotten when he had seen Aidan’s eyes. The same look I'd probably mirrored.

I watched Aidan rub his eyes before closing them, yawning and then snuggling into his sister, falling fast asleep. Shaking my head at his antics I walked back to the living room, grabbing the first aid kit as I went down. When I reached the room, I saw that James was still sitting where he had been before. Though now, he had his eyes closed as his left hand was slowly massaging his forehead.

Walking to him softly, even though I knew he knew I was there, just by the way his hand stiffened, I sat down on the couch next to him. Forcing him to face my way, I started to open the first aid kit, muttering under my breath.

“The kids missed you. They were a right nightmare the first night when they realized their Daddy wasn’t going to be home for a while,” I told him conversationally as I removed a strand of his hair from his eye, while tutting slightly at how he looked.

It’s not like I was lying. The kids did miss him. I was just not telling him the whole truth, that I missed him too. It’s like the old saying, you only miss something or someone when they aren’t around and that was what happened to me. The day he left usually, was the only days where I truly felt myself panic. The same way I had when someone had told me Richard was gone. Every time I would fly around the house in a rush, gathering all of his things and then stealing glances at him every two seconds as if he would drop dead right there and then.

Though he never said anything, I am pretty sure he knew how I felt every time he left. Pretty sure, since I never actually told him. Speaking about our emotions really wasn’t a forte in the family, only doing so when the kids were involved. I only assume that he knows of my routinely distress due to the multiple times it has occurred; and since every time he leaves I go into hiding, so I don’t have to see him go. He finds me each time, ruining my plans.

It’s like a tradition. He would tell me he has to go on a trip, and I am fine ‘till the day he has to leave. Then I conveniently go into a frenzy and disappear just before he leaves, hoping that he won’t find me. Unfortunately, he finds me each time and every single time he envelops me in his arms and whispers the same thing in my ear, “I’ll be back soon Emy. Don’t worry,” and then he would be gone.

“What are you doing Emylina?” he asked as he watched me play around with the muggle antidotes, not taking my bait for small talk.

“Take your shirt off James,” I commanded him, thinking that I might as well just get it over with. For his credit, he complied right away, not once questioning my motives. Well I guess he already knew I wasn’t a rapist.

“It’s really not that bad Emy,” he said softly, relying on my nickname that he only used when he was trying to soothe me. Or, sometimes, when he was going to share something that would upset me.

“Off course it’s not bad. When is it ever bad?” I asked sourly as I glared at the big gash on his arm.

“Emy,” he sighed, grabbing a strand of my muddy brown hair and twirling it around his fingers absentmindedly.

“What do you need to tell me?” I asked him nonchalantly as I dabbed his wound with the cream and took out the white wrap.

“Emy... we need to move,” he replied, not beating around the bush or even acting surprised by my question. His words automatically stopped my hands, which were almost done wrapping his wound.

“Again?” I asked in a monotone voice, though internally I was about to start screaming at him for doing this again, even though he had promised last time that we were going to stay put for a while.

“Yes,” he responded stiffly, as I remembered what I was doing and finished the job quickly.

“Where to this time?” I asked as I got up from the couch and headed to the kitchen to warm food up in the microwave. I knew he would follow since he was probably starving, he always was. It was one of his quirks.

“To Britain,” he replied as he leaned against the wall, his arms wrapped around his bare chest, while he watched me move around the room.

“When?” I asked him as I set the timer on the food and hit start.

“Tomorrow,” he responded.


“Godric’s Hollow,” he said as I brought his food to him.


“We need to go to be in the heart of the wizarding world. Don’t you want to meet my family?” he asked softly, grabbing my hand and pulling me to him, so I couldn’t walk away. His arm wrapping around my waist, lightly resting above my hips.

“Your family?” I asked faintly, not sure if I had actually heard right. My breath started coming out shorter due to how close I was to him, with my hands rested on his chest.

He was a fit man, I would have to say and it still sometimes caught my breath. After all it’s not like I had never seen him like this. With the amount of wounds he always had after a mission and his love for sleeping without a shirt, I had seen him like this multiple times actually. Although you would never be able to guess with the way I was acting.

“Well off course,” he answered off handedly, though I could see the way he was clenching his jaw. Showing me, that he was really tensed about this situation.

“Sure. I’ll go start packing,” I responded, refusing to acknowledge the strong pounding in my heart as I thought about his family and if they would like me or our kids.

“Leave it. I’ll do it magically,” he told me stiffly, and just like that the little moment we were having was broken. His hand letting go of mine and his arm slipping away.

“Alright. I am going to bed... So good night,” I told him as I started to walk away in a daze before turning around and adding, “Oh and by the way. We have visitors in our bed. It seems as if Emma and Aidan both want to sleep with us.”

“Off course they do. Leave them. I’ll come up soon as well,” he told me, rolling his eyes which had instantly softened, when he heard the names of the kids.

“You’re spoiling them,” I responded in a sing song voice as I climbed the stairs, trying to stay calm. The information still hadn't sunk in. Did he really want me to meet his family?

“So are you Emylina. So are you,” he called back, making me smile and shake my head.  

I hope you guys liked this! Do tell me what you want to see more of. I hope it wasn't too confusing :P 

I would love to see what you think so leave reviews =)

Next update will probably be for Iridiscent Hearts! So until next time guys!

Mya <3

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Chains of Bronze: 2 Year Later


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