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What? by ohmymerlin
Chapter 1 : What?
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Rose Weasley was breathing in and out very deeply and was pacing very determinedly back and forth.

Scorpius Malfoy was lounged on her bed, staring at the ceiling in silent thought.

Rose looked at him, opened her mouth, then decided against saying anything and kept up the steady rhythm of her loud footsteps.

“Rose, we can’t put it off any longer,” Scorpius finally said.

Rose grumbled, “We can try.”

Scorpius raised an unimpressed eyebrow and sat himself up. “No we can’t. We may as well get this over and done with; it’s just going to be worse if we hold off telling them.”

Rose scowled. “I don’t like it when you’re right.”

Scorpius smirked and gestured to the door. “Let’s just get it over and done with and then we can work out what to do.” He got up and held the door open for her, waiting for her to leave.

She stayed in the centre of the room, having an unfamiliar expression of nervousness. “What if they –”

“Rose,” Scorpius cut her off, “they won’t do anything bad to us, they’re still our parents, they still love us.”

She gave a tiny nod and walked out, striding to the kitchen where her parents were. Scorpius followed, staying close behind her.

“Mum, Dad,” Rose said abruptly, her earlier nervousness seeming to have disappeared, “Scorpius and I have something to tell you.”

Hermione and Ron Weasley looked at each other warily. Hermione smiled at both Rose and Scorpius. “Sit down then, we’re here for you.”

They sat down next to each other, feeling like small children. Ron and Hermione sat opposite them and Ron said bluntly, “What do you need to tell us?”

Hermione sent her husband a warning glance, trying to communicate to him that he needed to be a bit more sensitive, their daughter and her friend were obviously feeling very delicate.

But Ron didn’t take any notice of it and stared at the both of them, trying to work out what was wrong.

Scorpius glanced at Rose and she bit her lip nervously. “Now, you guys have to promise not to make a scene. Okay?” The two parents nodded and Rose said, “Dad, okay?”

“I know!” Ron exclaimed, “I promise not to make a scene! Why’d you point me out?”

Hermione rolled her eyes as Rose said, “Because you tend to overdramatise things, Dad.”

“I wonder who she gets that from,” Hermione muttered under her breath. Only Scorpius seemed to have heard as he coughed to hide his laughter.

“Anyway,” Scorpius intervened, “Rose and I needed to tell you something.”

Rose nodded. “Right. So, as I was saying –” She was cut off by a knock at the door.

She scowled and Hugo came running down, shouting, “I’LL GET IT!” Just before he was about to open the door, he said, “I invited someone over,” in response to Hermione and Ron’s shocked looks. They both knew their son was lazy enough to rival that of a sloth.

He opened the door and to their immense surprise, Draco and Astoria Malfoy were waiting at the door.

“I didn’t invite you,” Hugo said blankly, attempting to close the door on them.

“Hugo!” Hermione chided, “Don’t close the door. Come in, Draco, Astoria. Our kids were about to tell us something.”

Scorpius gulped at seeing his parents at the door. “What are you doing here?” he asked, playing with the sleeves of his jacket.

“We’re sorry to drop in unannounced, Ron and Hermione, but we just needed to pick Scorpius up, we forgot to tell him we had a family event,” Astoria apologised. “But we’ll listen to what they have to say first, and then we’ll get going.”

Rose and Scorpius gave each other worried glances. They shuffled so Astoria and Draco could both sit down and listen. Hugo was still waiting at the door, watching the six of them with a surprised expression.

“Hugo, go away,” Rose snapped.

“Rose!” Hermione scolded, “Don’t talk to your brother like that!”

Rose apologised both to her mother and brother and Ron said, “Mate, do you want to go back up to your room? You can come down later.”

Hugo groaned. “But I ran all the way downstairs. Do you not know how much effort that is?”

Ron rolled his eyes. “Just go upstairs, I’ll let you ride your broom down the stairs next time.” Hugo brightened and then bounded back up the stairs, ignoring Hermione’s protest.

“Anyway, can we get back to the thing we wanted to talk to you about?” Rose asked a bit impatiently.

“Right, sorry, do go on,” Ron said.

Rose cleared her throat and said, “Scorpius and I want to join the circus.” They received a blank expression and gaped mouth from all four adults.

Rose and Scorpius glanced at each other and Scorpius said, “We want to be cat tamers.” Very quietly, they both meowed. “We have costumes and everything, and we’re slowly teaching Astro and Myles to do tricks.” Astro being Scorpius’ cat and Myles being Rose’s very cheeky kitten.

Rose added, “These are our costumes, we made them ourselves.” She held up a black and white unitard, complete with cat ears and tail.

Hermione blinked at them and then Ron asked a loud, “What?!”

Rose repeated, “Scorpius and I want to join the circus as cat tamers. We’ve been practicing for two years.” Under their breath they meowed again.

They stared at them dumbfounded and Draco said, “I thought you were going to say you’re finally together!”

Rose and Scorpius stared at them in confusion. “What?” Scorpius asked his dad, feeling very confused.

Astoria explained, “Well we thought you two were going to get together soon enough. Ron and Draco even bet on it and –”

“Hold on,” Rose interrupted, “you bet on us?!”

Both Ron and Draco looked sheepish. Hermione said, “Well that’s how they finally got along because they knew you two would be wonderful together and –”

“Wait can we get back on topic here? You two want to join the circus?” Ron asked flatly.

They nodded and Ron sighed wearily. “Okay, so what do you guys need to do to join?”

Rose and Scorpius looked at each other in shock. “Wait, you’re cool with this?” Rose asked, her voice more high-pitched than normal.

The four of them looked at each other and shrugged. “If that’s what you want to do, we aren’t going to stop you,” Hermione said. “We will support you.”

Scorpius smiled gratefully and said, “Thank you so much, guys.”

Rose however had gone as pale as a sheet. “No,” she mumbled.

“Sorry what was that, dear?” Hermione asked, leaning forward.

“No,” she repeated, her voice getting stronger. “No. You’re meant to be saying how this is a bad decision and that we’re wasting our lives and we’ll never make it! YOU AREN’T MEANT TO BE SUPPORTING US, EVERYTHING IS BACKWARDS!”

She threw her chair back and stomped back up, screaming unintelligible things. All of them gaped at her and Scorpius said, “Hold on, I’ll be back.”

He quickly left, ignoring the mutterings and apologies behind. He went up to her room and saw her screaming into a pillow. “Rose?” he asked tentatively. Astro stared at him and went back to sleep, his bright costume perfectly clean. Myles however, was chasing the ends of his very frayed costume due to his incessant scratching of the silky fabric.

She looked up and he noticed that her eyes were glazing over slightly. “It just isn’t meant to go like this, they’re meant to be telling me I’m stupid.”

“Why do you want that?” he asked, coming over to sit next to her, putting an arm around her.

She huffed. “Because I spent so long worrying about it! I had a speech and everything and they’re just supporting me and being nice and normal parents! They’re never normal!”

Scorpius started laughing and she snapped, “What?!”

“Rose, you’re actually insane. You’re angry that they’re being normal?” She nodded and he sighed. “Just be happy that they’re being cool with it. Just think, this time next year we could be performing with Jean de Gaulle!”

Rose smiled and leant into Scorpius, feeling much more at ease. She could feel his heartbeat and she looked up at him, staring in his oddly coloured eyes.

“You have strange eyes,” she murmured. He smiled and her heart leapt at the tiny movement.

“They’re grey,” he said, his voice sounding very smooth and loud in her ears.

She shook her head. “Grey is a boring colour, your eyes aren’t boring they’re –” She was cut off by Scorpius leaning down and kissing her deeply.

She closed her eyes and wound her hands in his bright hair. His hands tightened at her back and they bumped their teeth on one another. They ignored it and kept kissing until they heard a crash and a yell,


There was a triumphant shout and another, “GOD DAMMIT!”

Okay just to be clear, this is a parody.

I love Rose/Scorpius but I just wanted to make this ahaha. :p

Also, Jean de Gaulle isn't a real person, just French names I threw in together, and if he is real I assure you it is a coincidence, he's not part of a cat-taming circus. :p

So hopefully, Camille you like this! ♥ I originally had it nothing to do with cats but cats HAD to be part of it. So I quickly put cat stuff in there because MEOW.

and I bet you recognise some of the guest stars ahahaha ;)

okay, THANKS FOR READING EVERYONE! Please leave a review on what you think! :D

(also, Camille: MEOW!)

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