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Vermillion Bird by quixotic
Chapter 3 : The Search Begins
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“Why do we have a piano here?” I asked, perplexed. Scorpius and I were standing at the doorway of our new dormitory. The place was beautifully decorated in greens and blues to represent both our houses. We each had a bedroom and a bathroom to ourselves. The common room had comfortable chairs and a marble fireplace. To my utmost joy, a handsome bookshelf lined one wall of the room, filled to the brim with books. In the middle of it all stood a grand piano, which gave rise to my question.

“I happen to play the piano, you know,” replied Scorpius, looking a bit put out.
“Oh,” I said stupidly. Of course, being a Malfoy, the ability to play the piano must be imprinted in his brain, along with other aristocratic capabilities such as horse riding, fencing and wig powdering. Okay, maybe not the last one, but why didn’t that strike me before? My brain was probably still on vacation!

Scorpius sat on the piano stool and started to tentatively play a few notes. I plopped onto a couch and listened. He played a light, carefree melody with a blissful smile on his face, completely lost in the music . He played...surprisingly well. He paused for a moment to look at me. “I began to play when I was four,” he explained, “People thought that it was to develop an upperclass attitude, but I just loved the music.”
I gaped at him, guilty as charged. Could this boy be a Legilimens?
“My father plays the piano,” I told him, trying to veer the topic away from judgmental people, “but I was always hopeless at it.”
Now that I remember, Giselle used to be an amazing pianist, but dropped the talent when she joined the Quidditch team. Some people have all the good things in life.
Scorpius laughed. “I can teach you sometime...,” he offered but I shook my head.
“No thanks, I’d probably wreck that lovely piano,” I replied before heading off to my room. As I closed the door, I heard Scorpius begin to play the lively tune again, though it later morphed into a softer lullaby which finally coaxed me into a dreamless sleep.


Giselle lay her head down on her desk. First day of classes and she was already bored. Why on earth did she choose to take History of Magic after her OWLs? She must have been mental. As Professor Binns droned on, she raised her head to gaze out of the window. It was a windy day and the Sun was hidden behind the clouds. The Whomping Willow was eating unsuspecting birds again. Overall, it was the perfect weather for Quidditch and she was stuck indoors. Life was so unfair.
Giselle was an extremely clever girl, as Giana had often said, but had the attention span of a hummingbird. Quidditch was the one of the few things that could set her mind at rest. Up in the air, she felt peaceful Free from all the troubles life had to offer, free from all her fears.
Giselle’s greatest fear was being ignored, she always had to stand out in the crowd. Having an identical twin wasn’t helping her much in achieving that. Hence, during the summer, she had cut her hair until it barely reached her shoulders, just to differentiate herself from her twin. However, father had, unfortunately, forbidden her from colouring it blue.

When the bell finally rang, Giselle shot out of the doors. At last, she was free until lunch! She sauntered down the corridors towards the Quidditch Pitch doing a little ‘happy dance’. “Being an idiot again, Ravenclaw?” a cold voice sneered from behind her. Giselle tensed immediately before slowly turning around. She knew that voice very well.

“What do you want Fletcher?” she barked. Joseph Fletcher, the resident bully smirked at her. “I take it that you haven’t considered my proposal yet?” he asked. “Fletcher, I wouldn’t date you if you were the last boy on earth,” replied Giselle and the boy’s face contorted into a nasty scowl. “Guess you didn’t inherit your ancestor’s brains, Ravenclaw,” he snarled as his cronies closed in on her, “I think it’s time we taught you a lesson. He raised his wand, a terrible jinx at the tip of his tongue. Giselle instinctively raised a hand to her face, but before the jinx could hit her, a voice shouted, “Protego!”
Giselle looked up, startled, to find Albus Potter walking towards the group looking furious. “How dare you torture this girl,” he hissed at Fletcher, who cowered down.

Despite being the smaller of the two, Albus Potter seemed to possess an inner power that ruled over Fletcher’s massive size. Seeing their leader humbled, the cronies fled from view and Fletcher was on his own. “Don’t let me see you doing this again, Fletcher,” Albus spat and the boy nodded mutely before scampering away. Albus turned to Giselle who stared at him wide eyed. “Uh...thanks,” Giselle stuttered and Al smiled back. Before she could make a dignified exit, a rather frightened first year made his way up to them. “You’re wanted in the Headmistress’ Office,” he whimpered. “Both of us?” Giselle asked and the boy nodded before running away. Exchanging confused looks, the two of them made their way to the office.


I was walking back to the dorm, alone after Scorpius ran off to the Headmistress’ office. Apparently it was a matter of great concern that required his presence immediately, or so the puny second year had said. I hummed a tune as I strolled down the corridor. “Giana!” a voice shouted and I whirled around to see Giselle running to me her blonde hair fanning out like a golden halo around her. “You won’t believe it,” she said once she reached me, her eyes shining. “What happened?” I asked curiously.
Giselle stopped and looked around the corridor. Seeing that it was completely empty she said in a breathless whisper,“I got sent to the Headmistress’ Office this morning!”
At that point I was seriously questioning her sanity. Who would be this excited after being sent to Headmistress McGonagall?

“Is it about that Hat’s song?” I asked, my Ravenclaw brains working overtime. Giselle nodded. “McGonagall put us through several tests and apparently we passed them all!”
“Who is ‘we’?” I asked, throwing her off her story for a minute.
“Oh, Albus, Scorpius and I,” she replied nonchalantly, waving away that detail.
“I see. three are the children in the song?”
“Yes!” Giselle squealed. It took a moment for the information to sink in. Giselle was destined to fight an evil creature, that no one knew about. No wonder she was so excited. Not.
“But that’s not the best part,” she continued enthusiastically. Why was she this enthusiastic? She should have been scared out of her wits like I was, and I wasn’t even the one fighting a monster.
“We have special powers!” she squealed excitedly and I snapped out of my thoughts.
She put a finger to her lips. “No one may know about this,” she explained. Checking once more that the corridor was devoid of gossiping students, she raised her hands. “Recludo,” she whispered and her diamond ring began to glow. All of a sudden a huge gust of wind lifted me off my feet and blew me all the way to the end of the corridor. I gasped as my back gently hit the wall. “You can control air!” I exclaimed and Giselle nodded excitedly. “That’s amazing!” I said wrapping her in a hug. My insides begged to differ, unfortunately. I knew that Giselle was going to be in grave danger soon. One will blow, I thought, remembering the song. That was obviously Giselle.
“Isn’t there supposed to be four people, not just three,” I asked, suddenly.
“The other witch is yet to be found,” Giselle replied. Suddenly her eyes lit up. “What if it’s you Gia?” she exclaimed and I snorted. Me? The most ordinary and boring girl in the school? Yeah right.


Hi again! I still do not own anything except the plot and my gorgeous OCs. What did you think of this chapter?

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Vermillion Bird: The Search Begins


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