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Too Lost in You by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 2 : Accidents
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Lorcan groaned as each step he took made his hangover that much worse. He didn't know if that was actually true or if he was just imagining his headache becoming worse, but he went with it as the ache increased in pain, lasting longer the more he did nothing to help relieve it. He opened his bedroom door slowly, so not to let the hinges squeak, and made his way to the kitchen. Coffee, he needed coffee and he needed it now. Preferably lots of it, he thought to himself, using a hand to guide himself to his destination while his other covered his eyes to keep out the blinding sunlight.

"Morning, sleepy head."

Oh, no. Please don't let it be true.

Lorcan slowly lowered his hand from his eyes, stopping at his cheek, and opened his eyes to see Dom standing in his kitchen, drinking something which smelt an awful lot like his coffee in what looked an awful lot like his favorite mug and grinning at him like he was watching the most amusing thing in the world. His dark blond hair was messy and stuck up at odd angles, he hadn't bothered to fix it when he'd woken up, and he was leaning against the counter in absolutely nothing but his underwear.

His freaking underwear. Lorcan looked up at the ceiling, not caring that it made him look like the mad man he felt he was starting to become. "You must really hate me."

"Are you that disappointed to see me, Sunshine?"

"Please don't call me that," he groaned, forcing himself to move forward to sit on the stool at his counter, on the other side of Dom. Lorcan lowered his head into his arms. "Just make me feel better."

He stayed in the same position, ignoring Dom's movements and focusing on the fact that there was someone higher up who wanted to him to suffer by making Dominique Weasley a seemingly constant part of his life. Especially when all he wanted to do was forget about the man, at least until the feelings of wanting more than friendship finally went away; then he'd happily like being around Dom again. Lorcan felt a cup being pressed to his hands and looked up cautiously. "Thank you."

Dom stopped in front of him and leant forward against the counter. "So, I got to witness you drunk again and you're still as chatty and fun as ever," he murmured, for which Lorcan was eternally grateful, though he frowned at the man's words; admittedly he was shamefully chatty after a few drinks, but he was told he was more embarrassing than fun. Dom knew that. "From the way you looked when you came out of your bedroom and your words, you're still very melodramatic when you're hung over."

"You know me so well," he muttered, taking a drink. He felt the hot, milky beverage burn his throat and warm his body. He immediately started to feel awake, now he just needed something for his headache. Dom placed a small potion into his hand, which Lorcan recognized as a pain reliever, and he wanted to kiss the man. Stopping himself from moving before he could act on his thoughts, Lorcan uncorked the bottle. "Thanks."

"What did I do?" Dom asked quietly. "You're glaring at me."

Lorcan downed the potion and cringed when the aftertaste hit him, then shook his head when the pain began to cease and he felt it was safe to do so. "I wasn't glaring at you, I want to glare at myself; I should really quit drinking," he said, only lying about what he'd thought at that moment; he'd been so good at not drinking until last night. "I can't believe I'm twenty-four years old and already thinking of quitting drinking."

Laughing humorlessly, Dom finished his coffee and lowered his cup into the sink. "You should quit a lot of things, Lorcan. Aren't you bored of sleeping around? Having a different person in your bed every night?"

"One, I don't have a different person in my bed every night; I refuse to bring someone here in case they come back. Two, keep out of my personal life and focus on your own; you're the one getting married, I will do what I bloody well like," Lorcan stated calmly, but harshly. He watched Dom's brow crease and his lip upper lip twitch, but he held back any commnents and walked away.

"I'm going to use your bathroom, get dressed and go home," Dom said. "You're told old to be babysat and I have a wedding to plan."

He sat and watched his crush's retreating back and felt his guilt for all his words rise in his chest like bile, but he swallowed it down and finished his coffee. They had known each other all of Lorcan's life and their fights were well known to the Weasley family; he'd give it until they'd finished work and then everything would be fine again.

Lorcan hated himself a little for thinking of how much easier his life would be if the day would not turn out how he knew it inevitably would, but no matter how hard or how much it hurt, he still couldn't imagine any life without the man in it. Lorcan knew he'd change nothing in the end; he'd hurt and he'd get over it and he'd have his friend. That was the way it would be and nothing would change that.

Dom came back into the room, dressed in last night's clothes and his hair still damp from his shower, quickly glanced at the brunet, who hadn't moved from his seat, and continued to the door. "See you later."

Lorcan smirked softly; even he knew the day's outcome. "Later."

The door slammed shut and Lorcan winced as the echo went straight through him, reminding him of his hang over; a small punishment for his words, he knew. He got up slowly and went to his bathroom; he needed a really cold shower.


Lorcan's day ended with him dirty and bloody, but considered it a better day than if his boss had given him paperwork. He just knew that if he'd been sat in his office all day, he'd have lost focus on his task and thought about Dom and their fight and everything that was going wrong in his life because of his inappropriate feelings for a man who was both straight and taken. But out in the real world, there was no room for losing focus; if you didn't pay attention, you were usually all but dead.

That was the price of working with dragons, but it was a price Lorcan was willing to risk.

Of course, his job was primarily to make sure any dragons around the UK were kept hidden from Muggles and to deal with any sightings if needed. But on a day like today, when a dragon is too near to Muggles or in some kind of trouble that could put both the dragon and the people around it in danger, they were the days Lorcan lived for.

He'd loved animals since he was a child, both of his parents were both Naturalists and they taught him as soon as they noticed his eagerness to learn. People told him all sorts of stories, but he loved Charlie Weasley's the most - every year, when the Weasleys invited them for Christmas dinner, he'd wait for Charlie to come (he'd made a promise to his mother that even if he didn't visit so often, he'd come at Christmas) and he'd tell Lorcan all about his work and the dragons, while Dom sat with him.

Lorcan knew he wanted to work with dragons, had even started in Romania with Charlie not long after his Hogwarts graduation, but he'd missed his family, he'd missed Dom, and while he'd loved staying in such a beautiful, new country, being around the animals he loved, he came home and got a job in Regulation and Control.

Dom had been the one who picked him up from the airport and seeing him his first night back, having the familiar urge to wrap his arms around Dom and not let go suddenly feel stronger than ever, like he hadn't seen him in ten years rather than ten months, that was when Lorcan started to wonder about his feelings for him. The more time he spent with Dom, the more he knew he was officially screwed.

Working kept his brain occupied, stopped him from thinking about the blond in any way, but once he left the office, with a fresh patch of bruises covering his body and a still bloody gash across his cheek, the thoughts and feelings came back in full force, guilt from their fight mixed in just to make him feel worse.

The cool air stung Lorcan's face as he walked along the street to his favorite café and he groaned when each step caused him to wince as his leg tensed and pain shot upwards. But he continued to limp, considering this his own form of punishment for this morning; he was just grateful he had pain reliever at home and could go straight to bed.

He just needed to pick up a coffee, maybe even something covered in chocolate, too, then he could go forget all about the day.

The café was almost ready to close, he'd got there just in time and was the only customer. Lorcan walked straight to the counter, ordered his coffee and scanned the counter for the remaining cakes. He didn't notice that someone had walked up behind him.

"I had a feeling you'd be here," the new voice said quietly, causing Lorcan to jump and almost double over as the pain shot up his leg again. Dom caught him quickly. "Crap, I'm sorry, Lorcan. What happened to you?"

Lorcan shook his head quickly, gesturing to the concerned girl taking his order who was asking how he was. He picked the last chocolate bun, paid for his order and gestured for Dom to follow him.

"I wasn't paying attention and got in the way of a very angry rogue dragon," he muttered, wincing as he walked. He was sure he'd pulled something when Dom had scared him, but he didn't say anything, so his friend wouldn't feel bad. "But I'm okay. I just need to take some pain reliever."

"You need to go to the hospital," Dom argued. "They can heal you, give you something stronger than regular pain reliever."

Lorcan shook his head, assuring the man that he was okay, and pulled his arm away when Dom tried to keep him still, probably to apparate him to St. Mungo's. He prayed Dom wouldn't worry so much that he tried again, breathing a sigh of relief when the man decided to walk with him.

"I'm sorry for what I said this morning," Lorcan finally said, choosing to 'be the bigger person', as Lysander would say, first.

Dom's eyes widened in surprise, Lorcan rarely apologized first. Or at all. "It's okay," he answered for a few moments of stunned silence. "I'm sorry for taking your words as badly as I did and just storming out. I acted more like an immature child and I shouldn't have. You just bring it out of me," he joked.

Lorcan chuckled with him, nodding. "Personally, I think I make you fun and exciting. You're so boring when you're with other people. You should come out with me, we'd have a great time."

"And watch you seduce poor men and woman into letting you get in their beds?" Dom scoffed teasingly. "No, thank you."

"Maybe you can make me good, like I make you fun," Lorcan replied, nudging him gently. "Teach me your ways, about-to-be-married-Dom."

They both noticed the bitter edge in Lorcan voice and though the younger man silently prayed the other wouldn't comment on it, fate worked against him.

"Why don't you like Amanda?" Dom asked quietly. "You never have, but recently it seems to have gotten worse. I don't understand why."

Lorcan shrugged, his mind coming up with excuses and ways of avoiding the question alotogether, before he eventually chose to tell him the truth. Or most of it, at least. Dom was right; his dislike had gotten worse when Lorcan's feelings began to change, but before that it was simple. He could know that.

"You used to be fun," Lorcan groaned. "You used to go crazy and teach me things no one else would. We had a laugh. Then you met her just after you graduated and everything changed. She makes you boring, Dom!"

Dom opened his mouth to object, but the look in his eyes told Lorcan his heart wasn't in it, hopefully because he knew it was true, and Lorcan held up a hand to keep him quiet. "I still see glimpses when we're alone, when we're with your family and she's not around, but they are few and far between and it's getting worse. She's changing you and I hate it. I hate it," he repeated quietly.

"I miss you, Dom. The old you, the normal you. Don't let her change you," he finished. He gestured to the apartments they stopped at. "This is me. I'll see you soon, yeah?"

"Yeah," Dom said. He grabbed Lorcan's arm before he could move away. "We're okay?"

"We're okay," Lorcan agreed.

"And you'll go to the hospital if it gets worse?"

"Yes," he sighed, repeating it as a promise when Dom gave him a stern look.

"And... I'll try not to change," Dom said, winking, though he looked like he was taking Lorcan's words seriously. "Good night, Sunshine."

"Don't call me that!" he yelled at Dom's retreating back. He just managed to hear the man's short laugh before he disappeared.

Lorcan took the elevator up to his floor; the stairs looked unappealing when he imagined the pain that would come with climbing up six flights. He leant against the mirrored wall on the ride up, thinking back to his conversation with Dom and hoping more than anything that what he had said was true.

Please let us be alright.

A/N: Whoa, an update. The feelings I have right now are both scary and amazing, as I don't know when the next update will be - hopefully quicker than this one - but I'm so glad I am able to post. 

I hope you enjoy this chapter, if people are still reading. Please let me know what you think in a review. :)


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