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Witch Swap by RonWeasleyFans
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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  Hey guys, hope you enjoy this chapter. A lot more happens and it's a lot longer, just as was requested by many of you in the reviews.


I do not own any of the characters you recognise from the Harry Potter books by J.K Rowling. I do not own the plot for the programme Wife Swap.




Hermione woke up on Wednesday morning dreading the day ahead. First she had lunch with Pansy’s mum who was sure to be disgusted that she was having a meal with a mudblood. If that wasn’t bad enough she had a dinner date with Pansy’s friends and Malfoy. The only thing that kept Hermione sane was the thought that Astoria would be there and would hopefully save her if things got too unbearable.


Lunch yesterday with Astoria and Blaise had not been nearly as bad as expected. It turns out Blaise was never involved with the Death Eaters and didn’t believe in any of the Blood Status Prejudice that most other Slytherins swore by.


What Hermione couldn’t understand was why these amazing, funny people hung round with Pansy. She had decided to confront them with her confusion about Pansy when they went to lunch the day before.



“So guys, I have to know, and please don’t take this the wrong way but why are you friends with Pansy?”


Blaise and Astoria looked at each other as if saying ‘should you answer or shall I?’


Blaise seemed to have drawn the short straw and said “Well Hermione, we can’t seem to get rid of her.”


Astoria and Blaise burns into fits of laughter. Hermione just stared at them curiously. Once the laughter had died down Astoria, still clutching her sides said “You get used to her after a while and she’s nice to us but mainly we only hang around with her because of Draco”.


“Malfoy? He’s worse than Pansy !”


“No really Hermione he’s great once you get to know him. You just have to give him a chance. God knows why Pansy managed to bag him. He’s so sweet and funny and not to mention absolutely gorgeous-“


“Hey!” Blaise said angrily. “One he’s my best friends and two you’re my wife!”


“It’s common knowledge darling. Obviously he’s not better looking than you.” she said sweetly, pulling him in for a kiss.


Blaise didn’t question his wife after that for he looked like a love sick puppy, staring into her eyes. Hermione laughed at how in love they were and couldn’t help asking herself: Are Ron and I like that.





A quiet knocking brought Hermione out of her thoughts and back to her bedroom in Malfoy Manor.


“Come in.” she sung at the door.


A mop of blonde hair came into view and soon the sex god body of Draco Malfoy followed.


“I was just wondering if you were up. You’re going to meet Mrs Parkinson in an hour and a half and I don’t think it will do you well to be late.”


“I know, I know. I won’t be long.” She crawled out of bed sleepily.


Only when she saw the look on Draco’s face did she realise what she was wearing only her bra and knickers. Whipping her arms around herself trying to cover as much skin as possible she screamed “Turn around!”


Draco merely laughed and walked out of the room casually.


Only when he closed the door and was sure Hermione could not see him he let his true emotions out. His eyes bulged as he breathed heavily trying to calm himself. He couldn’t get the image of her out of him mind.


Her sun kissed skin, dusted with freckles. Her curvaceous hips and flat stomach. Her Golden brown hair slightly messy from sleeping but still really sexy. Hermione Granger is a goddess.


He decided to go back to his room to splash some cold water in his face.


Get a grip Malfoy. Pansy never made me feel like that. I wonder what that feeling is.  He thought to himself as he flopped down on his bed and stared at the ceiling.


He suddenly remembered that he needed to get dressed for the day or he was going to be late so without another thought Draco pulled of his clothes and threw them into the wash basket. He was contemplating on what to wear for the day when he heard a soft knocking on the door.


“Come in.” He replied casually whilst thinking it weird that Pansy would knock to come into their bedroom.


A gasp from behind him made Draco spin round. Hermione was stood frozen staring at his naked body, except for his boxers.


It was Hermione’s turn to laugh this time and she casually strutted out of his room and said “I’m ready to go when you are.”


As soon as she closed the door behind her she stopped dead. Her eyes popping from their sockets like a cartoon character that had just had a shock. Her mouth: open like a goldfish. Hermione’s mind was reeling.


His muscular arms and legs from Quiddich. His rock hard abs lay on a lean stomach. His messy blonde hair all over the place giving him a mysterious and sexy look.


Hermione ran down to the main foyer and paced up and down until she heard footsteps getting closer. She stopped pacing and leaned back against the wall and looking at her nails trying to look casual.


After a moment Draco appeared from around the corner and said in a slightly higher and more formal voice than usual.


“I shall see you at six here to go and meet my friends. Wear something nice.”


He walked past her leaving her in the huge foyer waiting for Mrs Parkinson to arrive.




Hermione slumped down on the brown leather couch in one of the many living rooms in Malfoy Manor. Lunch with Mrs Parkinson had been a disaster to say the least. After insulting the dress Hermione was wearing, criticising her unruly hair, snorting after hearing that she had a job and telling her in no subtle means that she was fat. Only then did the hell end.


A blonde head popped from behind the door and after seeing Hermione said “Why aren’t you dressed yet?”


“Do I have to go? Lunch with Mrs Parkinson was dreadful and I’m exhausted and frankly not in the mood to go out.”


“Of course you do, it’s in the rules. You have to do everything Pansy does for the first week.”


Hermione slumped further into the sofa. “Fine.” She said and began to stand up to go and get ready looking thoroughly defeated.


What has the old bat said to her to make her look so miserable Draco thought.


“What did she say to you to make you feel so bad?” Draco asked.


Hermione sighed. “I don’t mind that she criticised my work with House Elves. I don’t even care that she insulted my appearance. But she kept her distance from me making sure not to touch my filthy skin.”


Draco cringed.


“She asked the waitress at the restaurant if my kind were allowed in.”


Draco felt tears gather in his eyes but he swallowed hard and closed his eyes to prevent looking weak in front of Hermione.


“I ignored all of her comments and insults about my parents and my friends… and my blood. I thought it was just an old habit yanno? Most old Purebloods try not to discriminate after the war but slip up sometimes because they forget. And I get it can be hard to change your ways so suddenly, but it just seemed like Mrs Parkinson didn’t want to change. I think if it wasn’t for the camera’s there she wouldn’t have been as reserved as she was. She might not even have come.”


Hermione walked past Draco and headed straight for her room to cry and then get dressed.








Where is she? Draco wined to himself in his head. 

As if she had read his mind Hermione emerged and walked down the curved stairs into the foyer of the Manor where Draco was waiting wearing a blue suite with a white shirt and brown tie. His hair was left hanging and windswept almost covering his steely grey eyes that were stuck like a magnet to Hermione as she descended the stairs.



“Do I look ok?” Hermione asked reaching the bottom of the steps and doing a little twirl.


Hermione wore a blood red dress. The dress flowed to the floor and had a slit going up the leg. It was fitted around the waist and then flowed freely and elegantly to the floor. Hermione wore minimal make up except for the bright red lipstick to match her dress.


“Wow.” Draco whispered.


Hermione blushed and looked at her feet. Draco did the same.


Why does she have this effect on me? Draco thought whilst loosening his tie.


“Are you sure it’s not too much? I mean it’s quite fancy and I mean it’s not like I have the body to pull something like this off. Forget it I’ve changed my mind I’m going to get changed.” She turned around and as she was about to climb the first step of the stair case Draco said.


“Hermione Granger. You listen to me right now,” He took two large strides until he was right in front of her.


“I don’t say this often and I will not say it again. You look bloody breath taking. That dress suites you perfectly and what are you on about with not having the body to pull it off. Any girl would kill to look like you. You, Are, Beautiful. Do you understand?”


Way to go Draco, Just let it all out and embarrass yourself. God I’m such and idiot. Now she will know that I feel something for her.


Hermione stood in front of Draco, unable to form words for she was in too much shock.


Did Draco Malfoy just compliment me? Did he just say that I’m beautiful?


“Um, thank you. Shall we go?” She asked after sensing the awkwardness.


“Yes. Let’s go” Draco croaked.





The restaurant was amazing. Small circular tables surrounded a large dance floor. Waiters in black and white walking around with fancy silver platters. Hermione was definitely not too dressed up for this place.


Astoria and Blaise met them with warm hugs and Draco was so surprised at how easily Hermione got on with the two Slytherins.



Once they were all seated around a circular table with a brilliant white tablecloth and a vase of roses their waitress came over.


“Hello my names Maria, are you ready to order?” She said in a sing song voice.


“Yes, we will all have the special and a bottle of your finest oak matured mead please” Draco said not even looking at the menu.


Draco ordered for us all. What if I don’t like what they bring me? I can’t be rude and not eat it. But what if it’s shrimp? I can’t eat shrimp!


Hermione was knocked out of her silent panic by Draco leaning into her and whispering something in her ear.


“Calm down Hermione, I can sense you’re freaking out from here. If this is about me ordering you something then don’t worry, I know you will love it so calm down.”


Hermione didn’t need telling twice. For some strange reason, over the past few days Hermione had begun to trust Draco. He had never failed her yet so why doubt him she reasoned.


Tears were pouring out of everyone’s eyes they were laughing so much. One waitress had to come over and ask them to keep the laughing to a minimum.


At this Hermione said “Muffilato” and continued laughing hysterically.


“What was that spell Hermione?” Blaise asked in between giggles.


“Oh it’s just a spell that causes anyone within ear shot to hear an irritable buzzing in their ears so they can’t hear what you’re saying. Very handy when you don’t want to be overheard.” She answered.


“That’s amazing! You’re bloody brilliant you are. No wonder you are the brightest witch of our generation.” Blaise complimented.


“Well I do try” Hermione said and flicked her hair like a shampoo commercial.


They all erupted in laughter at Hermione’s sense of humour that no one knew she had.



The only time in the meal when the foursome where not laughing was when the waitress came over with four empty plates and laid them down in front of them.


“Enjoy” she said and walked away back to the kitchens.


Hermione looked puzzled at her plate and then leaned in and whispered in Draco’s ear.


“Umm, Draco? Why is there and empty plate in front of me?”


Draco chuckled and replied “Close your eyes and empty your mind and you will see”.


How old does he think I am. Of course I’m not going to fall for that one- wait. What is Blaise and Astoria doing. Oh my godric, they are closing their eyes. Okay Hermione let yourself go for once. If this is a joke then let’s hope it’s a funny one. Close your eyes.


Hermione awkwardly closed her eyes and attempted to free her mind from her many thoughts.


There was a warm feeling in her stomach and then she smelt it. The smell she had not smelt for almost 5 years. Opening her eyes she saw it. Exactly like it was when she was a child.


On the previously empty plate in front of Hermione was now a plate full of her favourite meal. A roast dinner, exactly like the one her mother used to make whenever she would return from Hogwarts.


Looking around her in astonishment, Hermione noticed that all three of her companions also now had plates full of food.


Draco’s plate occupied some kind of pie whilst both Blaise and Astoria had a plate pilled with Paella.


“Aww sweety, you like my Paella that much?” Astoria said lovingly to Blaise.


“Well I did tell you that it was the nicest meal I had ever tasted in my live love.” He giggled and dived in with his fork.


“This is amazing,” Hermione whispered, not noticing the single tear run down her rosy cheek.


Draco looked up at Hermione at the sound of a sniff.


“What’s the matter?” He asked looking concerned.


“It’s nothing, I’m just being stupid. It’s just this is the meal my mum would make me every time I came back for holidays from school. I haven’t had this meal in 5 years.” She sniffed.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t think when I ordered it. Do you want something else?”


“don’t be sorry. What you have done is amazing. I never thought I would eat this again… Thank you.”


On a whim Hermione leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek sweetly.




The meal that night was incredible. The food was unforgettable. The conversation was so funny and interesting. Draco and Hermione found themselves laughing for the first time in what seemed like a lifetime.


“Tonight has been so great, I wish it didn’t have to end.” Astoria said sadly.


“Why does it have to end? Let’s go dancing!” Blaise exclaimed whilst grabbing Astoria and Hermione’s hands and dragging them into a taxi. Draco hopped in after them.


“To the best night club in the city!” Blaise roared to the taxi driver.




Hermione was so glad to have transfigured her dress so that it was shorter than the floor length dress she wore for dinner. This place was definitely a thigh high dress kind of place.


It took her a while to adjust her eyes to the almost pitch black room. The music was loud and quick, coursing through her body in perfect rhythm with her beating heart.


A flash of blonde hair was all Hermione was looking out for. She tried to stay as close to Draco as possible. Not because she wanted to be with him but because she felt out of her comfort zone in this place. She thought that people were staring at her.


“You really seem to have caught every guy in here’s eye tonight Hermione!” Blaise shouted over the music.


Hermione blushed a deep crimson and sipped her drink quietly.


Blaise’s statement seemed to be true for at least 5 guys seemed to have come over and asked for Hermione to dance.


She would refuse and politely thank them for the offer and continue to drink and talk with her new found friends.




Whilst Draco fumbled for his keys to open the door to the manor, Hermione let her mind wonder back to the night club.


“come dance with me my love.” Blaise said.

Nodding, Astoria grabbed Blaise’s hand and the two headed for the dance floor.

Draco and Hermione were alone together for the first time that evening and they suddenly realized how close they were sitting to each other.


Hermione’s head whipped up as her all-time favourite song came booming through the speakers in the club. Draco looked over to Hermione and forgetting his brain screaming no he said “Hermione, would you like to dance?” Hermione nodded immediately without thought and the two slowly trying to make their way through the crowd of people and over to the dance floor.


Once in the centre of the crowd Draco turned around and took Hermione’s hands and the two began to dance in perfect harmony to Hermione’s favourite song.


That was a memory that Hermione wanted to keep in her mind forever even if it was her old arch enemy dancing with her.


The two stumbled into the foyer and grabbing hold of each other for support headed for the living room where they both fell into a comfortable sleep hand in hand on the sofa.




Hope you enjoyed :)

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