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Masks by LittleLionGirl
Chapter 3 : The Library, my CRS, and the Counter Attack
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A week passed from my strange encounter with Albus and I was sitting with Carr trying to do my homework with extreme difficulty. I am that one person that can never concentrate on their school work; which is potentially problematic; especially when you blow essays off the day before they are due. My CRS is now in critical condition you see. I daydream about what it would be like to fly with aliens, kiss a certain boy-that-mustn’t-be-named (Again NOT Voldemort here!). Then my brain moves on to what it would be like to be a rabbit whisperer, or maybe an elephant physical trainer… again my CRS is running amuck! Curse you idle brain!

Anyhow as I was saying I was trying to work with Carr so I could graduate when Allie walked by. Of course Allie is Albus Potter.

That’s right I gave the middle child of the man that saved the Wizarding world a girly nickname.


Because I am just kewl like that. I’m so cool I spell it k-e-w-l. That’s right; be jealous Muggles! And if you aren’t a muggle be jealous anyways.

Albus walked up and tapped me on the shoulder making me jump. One minute he was in front of me the next he was behind me like some sort of ninja. I mean he does look Asian; Zoe-Mmm-G! The middle child of Harry Potter is a Rice Cake!

“Hello Prat.” I said annoyed after my fear subsided from the attack of the rice cake.

“Well isn’t it the Princess of Prats.” he said with a chuckle that worried me, the day before he had already covered my bag in orange goo that smelled like cinnamon and mothballs. The worst part was the cleaning charms wouldn’t work on it so I had to wash my bag the muggle way. I STILL have no idea what in the world it was.

“I am not a prat.” I told him simply.

“But you admit you are a princess.” ‘Allie’ said with a chuckle.

I nodded at the statement; I Eilley Zabini am THE princess.

“So Princess- Are you and I still on for that date?”

“Just because I am a princess doesn’t give you license to call me by that title.” I said as I shook my head royally or maybe just crazily. I however am convinced it was royally.

A bystander in my year sneered at me and made an unheard comment to her friend; it took me a minute to realize it was the co-founders of the Albus Potter Fan Club. The APFC if you will; I on the other hand shan’t. That club is against everything I stand for; frilly dresses, support of peer pressure and loads of make-up. I believe in individuality, make-up should only be used as a form of Capital Punishment, and dresses are a form of social conformity! But the most important issue; that Allie is NOT hotter than Scorpius. What am I saying?! Allie isn’t hot at all!

“So that is a yes to the date?”

“No. It is a no to the date and your choice of nickname.” I said to the daft rice cake.

“Darn, Princess I will get you to go out with me one of these days. Right Carry-?” He said pleadingly looking for assistance.

She just laughed; I knew there was a reason I liked her.

He walked away with his head down once he realized we were immune to boy puppy-dog pouts.

Of course the members of the APFC ran after him; I wondered slightly which one would give him a pity shag. He was quite notorious for that; and the worse part? The girls always seemed to be okay with it.

Carrington hit me in the back of the head with her hand; a usual violent tendency of my best friend.

“Oi! What was that for?” I asked annoyed as I rubbed the smarting area on the back of my head.

“He just asked you out and you said no!”

“Well can you blame me? I mean he covered my bag in suspicious orange goop during potions yesterday.”

“You know not to keep your eyes off your things in general Elle- especially with him around.”

“I know- but I thought he would have knocked all of this off by now.”

“Well he hasn’t so you know what that means…” She said with an evil smirk I instantly understood.

“Counter Attack!” I yelled getting the librarian a crossed the room to shush me.

“- After you finish your homework Zabs...”


Two hours later we walked into the Gryffindor common room dressed head to toe with red and yellow camouflage; you know the kind that couldn’t hide you in ANY situation, and black war paint on our faces. I hummed the Mission Impossible music quietly as I did a pathetic summersault by a small stone statue. Carr was standing in the middle of the room trying to blow our cover letting the younger lions gawk at her.

I sneaked up behind the lot and yelled, “Constant Vigilance!”

I was amused by all of the chaos that followed of yelling, crying, and eye rolling by the older kids.

“You didn’t see a thing.” I said dramatically as I attempted to wipe their minds by dramatically clutching the air. Now that I think about it that was probably the wrong gesture…

Carly and I carefully started up the steps and into the sixth year room. I pointed my hand in the shape of a gun and tried to kick the door open. Let’s just say it was poor judgment. After I picked my sorry butt off the floor I “cautiously” threw open the door. I searched the room with my hand gun firmly remade and announced to my companion, “Clear.”

She rolled her eyes and walked in clearly amused but not taking a chance in ruining the mission with feelings such as amusement. We were spies on a mission. This mean death was a constant factor; but considering how accident prone I am the numbers didn’t shift to drastically. I set up our black duffle bag and the pair of us left our traps everywhere for our target: Allie. We had an assortment of magical glitter traps hidden inside most of his things from his school books to his nightstand drawer. The traps exploded glitter once the object you have them inside is opened. It was better payback for the blue paint than pink eyes since he could open anything at any moment. I also had some other tricks up my sleeve for Al; exploding candies were exchanged for the ones that filled his trunk, his pillow was pudding filled and his shoes were glued to the floor and smeared with peanut butter on the inside. It was hands down some of Carr and I’s best work: which is defiantly saying something.

“If anyone finds out were dead.” Carr said as we slipped out of the boys’ dorms back into the common room.

“Well no one is going to find out...” I said simply we were seven feet from the door.

I found a tall tan Fred Weasley staring at us amused, “Find what out snakes?”

…Man were we in a pickle.

Hey you lot. I think the editing has gone pretty darn far. Some of you might disagree but I like the fact that this feels like me going back and telling a story to a good friend: You my dear readers. I cannot believe my crazy little story has three times the reviews as it does chapters at this point! You all are very sweet for taking the time to read this story. I hope I am amusing you if nothing else. I mostly added the pranking due to requests and I hope I filled the order nicely. The next chapter might go through a bit of changes but I dunno how much yet. For those who have sat tightly you are now free to move about the cabin :) I am in a comfortable part in the writing and promise- I will EVENTUALLY continue :)



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