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Dark Mistress by RowlingsGirls_22
Chapter 5 : Preparations For the New School Year
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                Today the Dark Mistress was to head back to Hogwarts. She was watching her belongings fly into her trunck that her house elf, Elmer,  had fasted an undetectable extension charm on. Sitting on her bed like an elegant porciline doll she occupied her self by petting a boggart. The so-called terrifying creature was a pleasant companion sent to her by an 'admirer'- as she like to call them- to give her a little spook.  

                It was said that no one knew what a boggart really looked like but it wasn't true for the White Lady, she had no fears as of yet. She, unlike her father, didn't fear love or death. Being a ruthless cold-blooded murderer made her love the metallic aroma of blood, looks of agony and blank looks of the deceased.  She was in a sense, fearless. 

                The young Voldemort could hear the pounding footsteps of someone approaching her bedroom chambers. After a moment of waiting, there was a knock at her door. 

                "Enter," she called airily. 

                "You're Queen of Darkness, Master of tourcher, esquiste lady, your father's most-" the Death Eater who had just stepped into her room, stopped short in his flattery as the boggart started to take form, scaring the grown man. "RIDIKULOUS! RIDIKULOUS!" he called trying to defeat the near- clone of his Leader. It wasn't exactly correct as he, like many others always had to have his head bowed. 

                "Enough!" she called as she got up and walked up to the replica of herself "It seems your secret is out Winters, you fear a little girl. Me?"

                "Y-yes m-mil-m'lady, y-you evoke fear on many of us," Winters stuttered, dropping his façade but regaining it as he pulled out and downed a particularly strong calming draught from his robe pocket "the Dark Lord sends his wishes and a message I am to relay,"

                "Well out with the message then," she said in a calm and demanding tone "I'd like to leave this haven as soon as possible."

                "He says that he wishes the powers of Salazar Slytherin be bestowed upon you, Miss." the Death Eater said as he knelt before her to kiss the toes of her blinding white stilettos. 

                "Tell him I don't need it." she smirked as she grabbed her trunk, patted Elmer in the head, headed out the door and apparated to King's Cross' platform nine and three-quarters. 


                It was during the feast that had Draco Malfoy on edge. Everywhere he looked; in the corner of his eye, he would catch a glimpse of a figure dressed entirely in white. It looked as if the figure was an angle kicked out of heaven, it would blur for a moment and for a split second, it would smile a smile that sent chills down his spine, making him sure that the figure would haunt his memories alongside his Dark Lord. 

                "Draco? Are you alright?" Pansy asked noticing his jumpy behavior, looking up every second or two. 

                "I'm fine Pansy." he sneered, twitching and looking sharply to the left corner of the Great Hall. 

                "You haven't touched your food and you're acting odd," she pressed on "this isn't like you, Potter just walked in with Looney Lovegood all bloody and you haven't said a thing. I know it was you that did that to him." 

                "What do you know Parkison?" he snapped trying to compose himself. 

                "You never give me enough credit, I'm not as air headed or ignorant as everyone thinks." she huffed in annoyance as she turned to applause with the rest of their house as they had just announced that Professor Snape would be the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. 

                "She right you know," a voice whispered in his ears. Draco had jumped up to look behind him and saw that there was no person behind him as everyone was still applauding. 


                It was about an hour after dinner and Draco had been walking around the school trying to clear his head while everyone was getting re-acquainted in the the Slytherin Dungeons. As he was walking he could feel someone behind him. 

                "Who's there?" he called out whipping around while drawing his wand. 

                "Put down your wand Draco" Professor Snape said calmly as he placed his hand on top of the younger one's. 

                "What do you want?" the Malfoy heir growled. 

                "You shouldn't be out here all on your own," the professor drawled with warning heavy in his voice. 

                "I know what the rules state, Professor." the younger one spat. "What do you really want?"

                "I want to help you," Professor Snape said forcefully. He looked around to make sure there was no one in the area "Come, I need to talk to you."

                "I know what you're going to ask; no I don't need your help." Draco said just as forcefully as the older male. 

                "Do not say those words in the open, Draco. You don't know who is listening." the professor demanded as he dragged the younger into an empty classroom. " I know what the Dark Lord wants you to do and I am offering my help, Draco."

                "Professor I've said it once, and I will say it again; I don't need your help." with that he shrugged off the professor's arm and stormed back to the Dungeons. 
                "Good job Draco." the voice said in his ear starting his paranoia up again. 

A/N: I told someone in one the reviews that I've had trouble with writing due to constantly being in writer's block. Please give me ideas, pointers, criticism, and help me in anyway. I want to become the best writer I can be but I need your help so please review. 

Remember to read and review to the other stories. 
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-DracosCookie :)

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