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Igniting the Ashes by Cal585
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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Harry woke to dazzling orange. He rolled over to see if Ron was awake yet before realising he was alone. Ron had gone off with Hermione to find her parents yesterday he remembered with a groan as he closed his eyes. After spending the whole of last year with them he wasn’t sure if he liked being by himself.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door as an attractive face framed by long red hair appeared around it.

“Oh good, you’re awake!” said Ginny as she entered the room and sat down at the foot of his bed.

“I do believe your hair actually looks neater after you’ve been sleeping,” she informed him with a smile. “Anyway, mum says breakfast will be ready in 15 minutes.”

“Ah, plenty of time then to get down,” he replied sinking back onto his pillow.

“Depends what I choose to do in that time,” she said, leaning forward with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

But whatever she had planned Harry never found out as the next moment Mrs. Weasley’s voice boomed from downstairs causing them both to jump.


Ginny sat back and huffed before getting to her feet.

“Well if you weren’t awake before, you would be after that. Don’t make me wait too long.”

Harry laughed at her pleading look and shooed her from the room.

15 minutes later and Harry was down at the table fighting a losing battle. Every time a space appeared on his plate it was quickly filled with another sausage or egg by an ever attentive Mrs. Weasley. He’d tried declining the 5th sausage but this had only been met with scoffing and comments about how thin he was.

When he’d finally pushed the plate away, refusing to eat any more, Mrs. Weasley had very firmly told him that she was doing the washing up and that he could sit there and enjoy himself. Ginny leaned over conspiratorially with a wary glance at Mrs. Weasley’s back.

“Now that the others are all gone, she’ll be all over you, especially considering your hard travels. It’ll be even worse as she tries to make up for ignoring you earlier. You’ll never get a moment’s peace.”

Ginny looked rather glum at the prospect. However her fears weren’t realised as Mrs. Weasley announced that she had to return to the hospital. As Mr. Weasley was back at the Ministry, she left Fleur in charge.

“She doesn’t trust us!” Ginny exclaimed after she was gone.

“I wouldn’t trust us either if I were her,” said Harry as he relaxed back into his armchair in the living room. “I mean, obviously I’m normally trust worthy but with your bad influence, she might fear I’d break.”

That earned him a punch.

“Hey!” He cried indignantly. “I’m just saying, you’ve been obsessed with me since before you knew about boy germs.”

That earned him another. He tried to stifle his laughter as she glared at him.

“I’m obsessed am I? Well what if I just leave right now?”

“You wouldn’t, I’m your Chosen One” he grinned back lazily.

She raised an eyebrow at him as she got to her feet and took a few paces towards the door. He wasn’t sure if she’d follow through or not on her threat but he wasn’t prepared to risk it. He jumped up and grabbed her. Her self-satisfied smirk told him that she’d won.

Before he could say anything Fleur entered the room.

“Oh, ‘ey you two. You’re not confined to the ‘ouse if you want to get out a bit. Just be back before Molly and don’t zay a word.”

Ginny grinned up at Harry.

“Come on, there’s a lovely cafe in town we can go to!”

Harry, mind filling immediately with images of Madam Puddifoot’s balked at the prospect.

“Don’t be silly,” she assured him. “It’s really rather nice.”

He decided just to trust her.

“Thanks Fleur!” he grinned at her.

She winked back and left the room.

The cafe, Harry had to admit, was not terrible. In fact, it was rather pleasant. Sitting at a table outside, he glanced around the town. It was nice, if rather normal. Still he was glad that no one seemed to recognise him. He probably wouldn’t have this luxury very often.

“This is our first date!” Ginny beamed at him. “The number of times I sat here when I was younger imagining this moment.”

“I suppose so,” Harry responded smiling back. Mentally he recorded the date. Apparently this was one of those things girls expected you to remember.

“Did you often come here?” he asked after a moment’s silence.

“A bit,” she replied, thinking. “This town was sort of an escape for me at times. I loved coming here to get away from everyone for a bit. Feel a bit more like a girl.”

“You didn’t normally?”

“Well, I mean, of course I was always a girl. But living with 7 brothers, it is pushed to the back a bit. You’re just another one of them.”



They sat in silence for a while, just enjoying each other’s company and the few rays of sunshine. When they’d both finished, she spoke up.

“We should be getting back soon in case mum finds we’re missing. Thanks for your company it’s been really enjoyable.”

Hand clasped in hers as they strolled slowly back to the Burrow, Harry reflected that maybe this dating business wasn’t so bad after all. There had been no flying cupids, excessive pink or crying girls. Not even journalists.

He smiled across at her as she grinned back, a glint in her eye. Wary, Harry glanced around.

“Where are we going Ginny? We should turn down there to get back.”

“You’ll see. Just follow me.”

And with that she pulled the reluctant Harry after her. They walked for a bit before reaching the orchard where they played Quidditch and continued through. The trees extended on the far side of the paddock to the house, forming a small wood. It was into this that Ginny led him. After a few minutes of weaving through the brush, they emerged in a small meadow filled with wild flowers around the base of a small cliff. The cliff wasn’t very big but from the top, Harry imagined you could see out across the trees. When Ginny reached the area she stopped and looked around fondly.

“This was my secret space when I was younger. It’s so nice here.”

Harry looked around. With the sunlight glancing through the surrounding trees there was a certain serenity to the scene. A place where you could relax and lose yourself in nature.

“It’s beautiful. Thank you for showing me. Thank you for today, it’s been wonderful.”

He hugged her, pulling her close. He broke after what may have been countless days.

“We should probably head home...”

“There’s just one last thing,” she smiled up at him. “See the ivy over there?”

He followed her gesture and saw that there was indeed ivy draped across the side of the hill. As he approached he saw that there was actually a gap behind. Squeezing through he found himself in a small cave. Most of the space was taken up by an old wooden chair and a small chest in the corner. It was to the former his attention was drawn. Upon it sat an envelope, addressed to him. He opened it and looked inside, pulling out two tickets. Puddlemere United v Holyhead Harpies read the label.

He grinned broadly. He missed Quidditch and couldn’t wait to see it again. He was also very curious as to what the British League was like. He knew a fair bit about the Chuddley Cannons from Ron but had never actually seen a match.

“There’s two there. I was hoping you might take me.”

He laughed at her before engulfing her in another hug.

“Who else would I go with?”

She grinned but didn’t answer his question.

“They’re box seats!” she declared proudly. He could see she was just as excited as him about going. The Holyhead Harpies were her favourite team.

“How did you afford these?” he asked, curious.

“Well, I actually got them as a gift to pass onto you. You see, it’s not just a Quidditch match.”

“What do you mean?!” he demanded. “You can’t not explain!”

She grinned, enjoying the power.

“It’s Oliver Wood’s debut for the first team,” she finally admitted.

“Really?!” Harry exclaimed. “Wow, good on him. I can’t wait!”

“It’s only a pity we’ll make him look bad on his debut,” she smirked.

“We’ll see,” Harry replied.

Maybe this date business wasn’t so bad after all.

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