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Evans and Potter by LilyLunaPotter17
Chapter 12 : Awkward
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LOOK AT THIS SEXY BEAST (I'm not just talking about Sirius, I also mean the sexy chapter image easterlies @tda did)


‘Bye, Lily!’ Ella hugged me on the platform. ‘Have a good Christmas.’

‘As good as it can get when you’re staying at the Potters’.’ Lisa added. She was standing on the train waiting for me. Ella was staying at Hogwarts because her parents were away, visiting her older brother in Guatemala. Mary was also staying. She’d come to see Courtney off, but she didn’t so much as look at us. Lisa was going to stay with her aunt, uncle and four cousins because her mum had to deal with Lisa’s little sister, who was paralysed from the waist down, and her dad wasn’t bothered with her.

And me? I’d been invited to the Potters’ house when James and I first started going out. I couldn’t just change my mind. Plus, I really liked Mr and Mrs Potter, and they were always nice to me.

The last couple of months had been really stressful and confusing for me. Everywhere I turned, I would find either James or Sirius. When I asked James why he was stalking me, he scowled and stomped away. When I asked Sirius, he smiled and winked and walked off.

Moreover, James and Sirius started hanging out again. After weeks of dirty looks and avoiding each other, they were being best buddies again. To add to it, James had invited him to stay at the Potters’ too. And guess what? Sirius asked along Courtney. When he asked for James’s permission, James grinned eagerly. Of course, I wasn’t stalking them. I was just … passing by and happened to hear them.

Anyway, Lisa said her goodbyes to Ella and we got onto the train. Most of the compartments seemed to be taken, but we managed to find an empty one.

I slid the door open and shoved my trunk up onto the rack. Lisa did the same. As I collapsed onto the seat, Lisa shut the door and sat opposite me.

‘How are you, Lily?’

‘How do you think?’ I snapped. She looked a little hurt, so I quickly added, ‘I’m sorry, Lis’. I’m just sooo tired. I’ve not had much sleep and I’m so confused and worried and annoyed!’

‘Why don’t you just talk to him?’ Lisa said, leaning back on the seat. ‘Instead of making this all so awkward and skirting around him? Just because you’re not together anymore doesn’t mean you can’t be friends.’

‘That’s the thing,’ I sighed, putting my elbows on my knees and putting my hands to my forehead. ‘We weren’t friends before we were together. I don’t really know what he thinks of me.’

‘Of course he still loves you, Lily.’ Lisa assured me.

‘If he did, he’d believe me that I didn’t want to kiss Sirius. If he loved me, he’d have moved on and forgotten about it! Clearly he doesn’t love me, Lisa, or we’d be together right now!’

‘Aw, poor Lilykins is upset!’ At first I thought Lisa had said that, but then I looked up and found myself glaring at none other than Courtney Allison.

‘Piss off, Courtney. I don’t want to talk to you.’ I snarled. Courtney’s lipstick-covered mouth curled into a sneer.

‘Of course, darling. There’ll be plenty of time for talking where we’re going.’ She left.

Lisa shook her head. ‘That girl is messed up.’

‘Tell me about it,’ I replied, shaking my head at the door. ‘If I need to, I’m welcome at Joyce and Michael’s, right?’ I demanded.

Lisa nodded. ‘My aunt and uncle like you. They said you’re welcome round any time.’

Ah, I love my friends. Mary had been avoiding us as much as James had been avoiding me. She was really gullible sometimes.

The trolley lady came along. I didn’t really feel like eating, but Lisa bought a few sweets. She offered me some, but I refused. Ever since that ball, I’ve been eating less and less. My clothes were starting to hang off me like they were four sizes too big and I had to use Shrinking Charms every morning. It was getting kind of annoying.

When the train slowed to a stop, I found myself shaking hard. I reached up to pull my trunk off the rack, but almost dropped it because my hands were wobbling so much.

Lisa helped me drag it off the train, where James, Sirius and Courtney were already waiting with Mr and Mrs Potter.

‘Bye, Lily.’ Lisa gave me a hug and went off to find her aunt and uncle.

‘Lily! How are you?’ Mrs Potter said happily, pulling me into a hug and kissing my cheek.

‘Good thanks, Mrs Potter. How are you both?’ I asked, smiling at them both. I ignored Courtney pretending to vomit behind Mr Potter.

‘Thank you for asking, Lily. Shall we get going?’ Mr Potter asked. ‘We’ll be Apparating back to Godric’s Hollow.’ We’d all passed our Apparition exams last year, so I concentrated hard on James’s house, which I’d been to once before. I gripped my trunk handle tightly, turned on the spot and delved into the darkness.

I always hated Apparating. I’d much rather use Muggle transport, or even fly, even though I’m terrified of heights. Apparating felt like being squeezed through a tube, but this time it was even worse. What with all the drama, I felt like my heart was about to burst and my eyes were going to pop out of my head.

When the squeezing finally stopped, I opened my eyes to find myself standing beside Sirius. We were alone – apparently they hadn’t arrived yet. He raised an eyebrow at me and touched my arm.

‘You alright, Lils?’ he asked.

I jerked my arm away. ‘I’ll be fine if you leave me alone, Black.’

‘Now, now, Lilykins, let’s not get feisty now!’ Sirius taunted, grinning madly. ‘Come on, how about a kiss to lighten the mood?’ Quick as a flash, he was standing right in front of me, too close for comfort. Luckily, there was a faint pop and Mrs Potter appeared behind me.

‘Come on, you two. Let’s get inside. James, Courtney and Kevin will be here in a minute.’ Mrs Potter led us towards the front door. She tapped the lock with her wand and it swung open. As we stepped over the threshold, there was another pop and I glanced over my shoulder. James, Courtney and Mr Potter had just appeared in the garden path.

I had never stayed at the Potters’ house before, but Sirius had. He bounded up the stairs, James after him, leaving Courtney and I hovering in the hallway awkwardly.

‘Sorry, girls, you’re going to have to share.’ Mrs Potter said, not noticing the dirty looks we were giving each other.

‘That’s OK, Mrs Potter. We don’t mind.’ Courtney said brightly.

‘Wonderful! It’s up the stairs, down the hall, third on the left. I hope it’s big enough.’ Mrs Potter smiled at us as we lugged our trunks up the stairs.

I didn’t get why we had to share. The wizard houses in Godric’s Hollow were all the same: small on the outside, huge on the inside, rather like wizard tents. Not all wizard-inhabited houses are like that, but Godric’s Hollow was considered a rich area, so the houses were rather … massive. The Potter residence had four floors, so I didn’t understand why we had to be confined to two bedrooms. I knew James and Sirius shared, because I heard them talking behind a door on my way to the room.

Courtney dumped her trunk on the bed nearest to the door. I put mine on the one near the window.

‘I’m not happy about this.’ Courtney said, her back to me as she opened her trunk.

‘That makes two of us.’ I replied, unlocking my trunk. ‘Leave me alone and we’ll both be fine.’

‘You know what?’ Courtney snapped suddenly, turning to face me. ‘I am SICK of your little mind games!’

‘What mind games?’ I asked, surprised. She shook her head as if I was the dumbest person in the world. ‘Look, Courtney!’ I said, suddenly angry. ‘It’s not me who’s playing the mind games here, it’s you! I don’t know why, but you’ve changed since you had that little … relationship with James. Ha! You know how they always say there’s always one person in the relationship who loves more? It was definitely you that time. James hated you!’

A smirk spread over Courtney’s face. ‘And it was you who loved more, Lily. You sure as hell don’t know a single thing about James, do you? He hasn’t loved anyone since you broke his heart back in fourth year.’

‘When did I break his heart in fourth year?’

‘When you rejected him in front of the whole school!’

I had to supress a smile as I remembered that day.

‘Hey, Evans!’ James called. I was walking out of the Hall, having finished my lunch and was going to head to my next lesson.

‘What do you want, Potter?’ I demanded.

‘Oh, you know, Lily.’ Here it comes, I thought. ‘Will you go on a date with me?’

I mouthed the words along with him. ‘Nope.’

‘Aw, come on! Just one little date! Please! Please, please, please, please, please, please, please –’

‘Alright!’ I yelled. Everyone turned to stare.

‘Really?’ James asked, looking very surprised.

‘Yes, of course. On the fourth of Never!’ I spat. ‘When will you get it into your head: I, Lily Evans, will never, ever, EVER go out with you, Potter! So just leave me alone!’ With that, I stormed out of the Hall.

‘He told me, Lilykins.’ Courtney said.

‘Told you?’

‘Told me that he doesn’t love you. Come on, Lily, you think he’d still love you after six years of rejection?’

I opened my mouth, opting for a clever retort, but no words came. I sat down on the bed, staring at the floor.

Courtney sniggered. ‘That’s what I thought. You’d better not bother unpacking. You’ll be out of here before Friday.’




I have to say, I’d expected my time at Godric’s Hollow to be traumatic at the very least, but I’d never thought I’d say torturous.

I woke up at half four. I tossed and turned in this unfamiliar bed in this unfamiliar house and couldn’t take it anymore. I slipped out of bed, put on my slippers and shrugged on my red-and-gold dressing gown and quietly crossed the room to open the door. I paused outside James and Sirius’s room. I could hear light snoring, which was good, meaning I wouldn’t be disturbed. I stole quietly down the stairs and headed for the kitchen. But something made my blood run cold.

The light was on.

I didn’t have my wand on me, but there was a poker near the fireplace. Distinctly, I remembered the time when I confronted James with a poker all those months ago. I opened the kitchen door slowly. The fridge was open. I edged towards it. The door shut and the person turned.

‘Bloody hell, Lily! Am I not allowed to have a snack in my own home?’ James screamed, dropping the food he was holding.

‘Oh.’ I lowered the poker. ‘Sorry about that.’

I expected James to scowl at me and leave, but instead he started laughing.

‘What? Why are you laughing at me?’

‘I remember when you prodded me with a poker.’ James laughed. ‘And plus, you look cute when you’re –’ He stopped himself. ‘Sorry.’

‘No, no. Carry on. I look cute when I’m … what?’

He shook his head. ‘It’s no big deal.’

‘Courtney told me something. I wanted to ask you about it.’ I said, feeling a little nervous.

‘Go on.’

‘She said you stopped loving anyone when I humiliated you back in fourth year.’ I said tentatively. James stiffened. His jaw locked and he narrowed his eyes. I could tell he was annoyed. ‘Um. Never mind. Sorry.’ I picked up the poker and started to back away.

‘No.’ James said. ‘Courtney told you that?’

I nodded. ‘When we first got here.’

‘She’s wrong, Lily. I’ve never stopped loving you.’ James whispered.

If the situation had been completely different, I’d have been so happy. But, unfortunately, this simple comment sparked something deep inside me.

‘You “never stopped loving me”?’ I demanded. ‘Well that’s not what it looks like from here! If you “never stopped loving” me, we might still be together! And why, might I ask, are you suddenly best friends with Sirius Black again?’

James shrugged. ‘I decided to forgive him. For you know … the thing that happened in the ball.’

‘What – so I’m the one in the wrong here? I’m the one who kissed him? Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, Potter, but you’ve got this whole thing completely messed up! If I didn’t like your parents, I wouldn’t be here! Okay? I didn’t come for you, I came for them, because they love me as a daughter and I didn’t want to let them down!’

‘You know what your problem is, Lily?’ James growled. ‘You think you’re so perfect! You think that nothing can go wrong with you! You’re not perfect, Lily! You’re not, OK? So stop thinking I can only love you and I can’t be friends with Sirius! You don’t control my life, so stop living in that stupid dream-world of yours and get your head around now! This is real life, Evans! Get used to it!’

‘You’re so arrogant! You always came after me asking me on dates when you knew I’d say no! You thought I’d give in to your good looks or undeniable charm! I only started to like you this year! And even now I’m thinking if falling for you was a good idea. Maybe it wasn’t. Everyone knows you as the Hogwarts Player. So from now on, that’s all you’ll ever be to me. Nothing more. Not even a friend.’

‘Fine! See if I care! I don’t want anything to do with you anymore!’ After he ended with the world’s stupidest comeback, he charged out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

I stared after him for a minute, then shook my head and headed back into the living room, dropping the poker off where I found it before climbing back up the stairs. Courtney was still asleep when I quietly opened the door, tiptoed across the room, draped my dressing gown across the end of my bed and slid inside.

I watched her for a moment – she looked perfect in sleep with her golden hair fanning out on her pillow and her face peaceful and innocent. So perfect that I almost forgot what she was really like. She was a vicious, spiteful girl who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted.

I rolled over so I wasn’t facing her and squeezed my eyes shut, desperately trying to sleep, to escape into my own land of dreams.

But I couldn’t. All night I lay on my back, staring at the ceiling. When half-past eight finally came and I started to hear signs of life from the other rooms, I sighed happily and got up. After quickly checking there was no one in the hall, I zipped into the bathroom to wash.

When I got back, Courtney was sat on her bed, stretching her arms.

‘Good morning, Lilykins,’ she said, as if we were friends.

I didn’t bother to reply. Instead I knelt by my trunk and started to look for something to wear. When I’d decided upon a pair of jeans, jumper and sneakers, I pushed past Courtney and went down the stairs.

Mr and Mrs Potter were sitting at the dining table. Mrs Potter was drinking a mug of tea and Mr Potter was hidden behind The Daily Prophet.

‘Oh, good morning, Lily, dear,’ Mrs Potter said, smiling. ‘You’re up early. We expected you all to have a lie-in today.’

‘I couldn’t sleep,’ I muttered, bowing my head. Mrs Potter poured some cornflakes into a bowl and added milk (which came from the tip of her wand). She summoned a spoon from the drawer.

I sat down on the chair next to her and picked up the spoon gratefully.

‘Thank you,’ I said quietly. Just after I finished my cornflakes, James, Courtney and Sirius came down at the same time, laughing and joking as if they were old friends. I stood up and put my bowl in the sink.

All three of them glared coldly at me, so I brushed past them and left. I rushed up the stairs to grab a coat, then made for the front door. I had no idea where I was going to go. I didn’t know the area too well, though I knew they had a Muggle playground nearby. I just wanted to leave – but I couldn’t, not yet. I had to stay a while, because Mr and Mrs Potter were being so kind to me. I didn’t want them to think I was taking advantage of their hospitality.

I shut the front door behind me and staggered down the garden path. I stopped at the gate and turned right. I hoped this was the right way. After about ten minutes of pointless wandering, I finally found the park. There were a couple of young Muggle children with their parents, but I looked to be the oldest.

Not feeling embarrassed or shy, I plonked myself onto a swing and started rocking it gently, resting my head against the chain.

My life was so messed up, and it was all because of James. I’d been so stupid to fall for him, because look where it had gotten me.

A little boy, probably about three or four, waddled up to me and said,

‘Hello, big girl. Why are you sad?’

‘I’m not sad.’ I said. He was very cute and chubby.

‘You look sad. What’s your name, big girl?’

‘My name’s Lily. What’s yours?’

‘My name is Matthew.’ said the little boy proudly. ‘And you are crying as well.’

I quickly wiped the tears off my cheeks. ‘I’m not crying anymore, Matthew. See?’

He looked positively happier. ‘That’s good. Bye-bye, Lily!’ He reached up, clearly wanting a hug, so I gave him one. He gave me a cheeky grin and toddled off back to his mum.

She picked him up to put him on the roundabout and smiled at me wearily.

I put my head back against the chain of the swing. Suddenly, three people came around the corner: James, Sirius and Courtney. They barged through the gate and eyed me up like I was fresh meat.

All three of them swaggered up to me.

‘Ah, look at the little loner girl!’ Courtney jeered.

‘Piss off,’ I muttered.

‘Tut, tut, Lilykins. You shouldn’t use language like that in front of little children!’ James chided.

‘You ought to be taught a lesson.’ Sirius snarled.

I stood up. ‘Yeah? What are you going to do to me? Kill me? Hex me, in front of the Muggles?’

‘No,’ snapped Courtney. ‘We’re not stupid, Lilykins.’ She shoved me hard and I fell backwards, landing on the concrete and hitting my head on the swing. I looked up at them, seeing stars. They were laughing.

‘Hey!’ screamed a little voice. Next thing I knew, Sirius was bent double, clutching his unmentionables, James was lying on his back and a wad of Courtney’s hair was gripped tightly in a little pudgy fist. ‘Nobody hurts Lily!’ Matthew shrieked, his face going red.

‘Aw, look, it’s Lily’s new boyfriend!’ James snorted. ‘You’ve moved on quickly, my love.’

He wasn’t too far away, so I lashed out with my leg at his side. An agonized grunt told me I’d found my mark.

‘Nobody hurts Lily!’ Matthew repeated, pulling on Courtney’s hair.

‘Ow! Get off, you little turd!’ she yelled.

‘What’s a turd?’ Matthew asked.

‘Ha! Trust Lily to get a boyfriend who doesn’t know what “turd” means!’ Sirius laughed. Matthew, still clutching Courtney’s hair, scuttled forwards and punched Sirius in the you-know-what’s again.

‘Don’t make fun of me!’ Matthew said angrily.

‘It’s OK, Matthew,’ I said quietly to him. ‘Let her go.’

Looking reluctant, my little three-year-old saviour slowly unclenched his fist. Courtney reeled backwards, hissing and spitting like a cat and massaging her head.

James and Sirius stood up. They each took one of Courtney’s arms and they marched out of the park. Once they’d gone, I scooped Matthew up in a huge bear-hug.

‘You angel!’ I gushed.

He smiled at me, little dimples appearing in his cheeks. ‘It’s OK, Lily. They won’t come back, will they?’

‘I don’t know.’ I sighed. ‘I’m staying with them for Christmas.’

‘Why are you staying with those meanies?’

‘It’s complicated,’ I told him, giving him another hug. ‘Thank you so much, Matthew.’

I stood up and took him back to his mum.

‘You’ve got a very special son there,’ I said to her.

‘Thank you. Who were those three teenagers? I’ve only seen the two boys before, but I don’t know their names.’

‘Oh. They’re just some idiots from my school. Hopefully you won’t see them again for a while.’ I said, looking at the floor.

‘Right. Well, I think you’ve made a friend for life here.’ She nodded to Matthew, who was holding her hand.

‘He’s so adorable. I wish I had a little brother like that,’ I said wistfully.

‘You don’t have any siblings?’ the woman inquired.

‘No, I’ve got an older sister, but she’s not talking to me at the moment.’ I thought of my bitter sister Petunia. I remembered her straight black hair, how she’d always yearned for those stiff curls. I remember the last time she’d spoken to me properly – six years ago just before I’d boarded the Hogwarts Express for the first time.

‘I hope we see you again sometime, Lily.’ I didn’t ask how she knew me. Matthew probably told her.

‘I’m afraid I don’t think I’ll be coming back,’ I said. ‘I’m only staying here for Christmas at the moment. But who knows? Maybe I’ll get a house here when I’m older. We’ll see. Bye, Matthew.’ I kneeled to give him another hug. He wrapped his little arms around my neck and gave my cheek a little kiss.

‘Bye-bye, Lily!’ he sniffed. He burst into tears as I walked away.

Sometimes, I wondered what my life would be like as a Muggle. I loved it that I could do magic, but sometimes I wished I was just a normal person.

But I knew I’d never get that.



‘You’ve been avoiding me, Lily.’ It was three days after our encounter in the park, and I’d been sticking to the swings all day. I’d seen Matthew twice again.

‘I have a reason, Potter,’ I spat. He smirked.

‘What reason?’

‘Well, you said you didn’t want anything else to do with me. So I thought I’d hold you to that.’ I turned my back on him and continued to flick through The Daily Prophet.

‘You’re such a wimp, Evans,’ James growled. ‘You let everyone walk all over you. Why?’

‘Why shouldn’t I? I’d never get anywhere in life by bullying people.’ I said nonchalantly.

‘You never get anywhere in life by being a doormat, either,’ James pointed out.

‘Why are you bullying me?’

He didn’t reply.

That’s all they were, though. Just little playground bullies who had no reason to hut people. Only the excuse that their own lives were so miserable that they needed someone to take their anger out on.

James stared at me for a minute, his hazel eyes looking sympathetic and caring. But then he narrowed his eyes until they were almost reduced to slits and they were filled with some sort of fire I’d never seen before – it was more than hate, more than anger. It was so much more than that I didn’t think there was even a word for it.

‘Hey, Lily!’ Courtney called from the top of the stairs. ‘Come up here, I want to show you something!’

Naturally, I didn’t move.

‘Get your ass up here, you little twerp!’ Courtney screamed.

I put down The Daily Prophet and went to the bottom of the stairs.

‘Come on up, Lilykins.’ So, holding onto the banister, I slowly made my way up the stairs. As soon as I got to the landing, Courtney grabbed the shoulders and spun me round so I was facing the wall. ‘See that, right there? Just above the landing?’

I couldn’t see anything. I squinted, trying to peer closer.

Suddenly, the whole world was flipping over and over as I tumbled down the stairs. I hit the wall as I landed at the bottom in a heap.

Mr and Mrs Potter came rushing out of the kitchen. ‘Lily! What happened?’ Mrs Potter cried, helping me to my feet. My back was aching and I could feel my cheek swelling already. My right arm was stuck at a strange angle and my left leg was shaking madly.

‘Oh … um, I fell. Tripped over my feet.’ I mumbled. Mr Potter looked at me, his eyes full of concern, but then he moved slightly and looked up the stairs at Courtney, Sirius and James, who were leaning over the banister.

‘Where were you three in all of this?’ he asked.

‘We were just coming down the stairs!’ Sirius protested. ‘And Lily fell. We couldn’t do anything about it. We wanted to, though.’

‘Really? Because I’ve noticed that you three have been avoiding Lily for the past few days.’ Mr Potter said, glaring up at them.

‘We have not!’ James gasped, pretending to be offended. ‘Father, how dare you! I am ashamed my own flesh and blood would accuse me of avoiding my gir – ex-girlfriend.’

‘Exactly, James. Ex-girlfriend.’ I snapped up at him. I tried to stand by myself, but my leg couldn’t take the weight and I fell over again. There three of them snickered, but stopped once Mr Potter sent a venomous look towards them.

‘Come on, Lily, dear. We’ll take you to St Mungo’s.’ Mrs Potter helped me up again. Mr Potter stormed up the stairs while Mrs Potter, holding onto my arm tightly, spun on the spot and I was shoved through the tight tube again.

When we arrived in the foyer of St Mungo’s, I was feeling very, very dizzy and sick. Mrs Potter shoved past everyone in the queue to get to the front.

The wizard sitting at the desk was looking very bored, twirling his wand between his fingers and looking into a small mirror to fix his hair.

‘Oi, you!’ Mrs Potter screamed at him. He looked up. ‘She fell down the stairs!’

Scowling at us, the wizard pointed to the floor levels on the wall. Mrs Potter threw him a dirty look and rushed me off to the stairs.

Once we reached the right floor, Mrs Potter practically ran towards the nearest Healer.

‘Excuse me!’ She tapped the witch on the shoulder.

The Healer turned around. ‘Hello. Can I help you?’

‘Yes. This young lady has some nasty injuries. We need to get her helped!’

‘Yes, of course. My name is Healer Blethwick. Come this way, young lady.’ The Healer led me to a free bed.

‘Just sit yourself down, we’ll have someone with you in a moment.’ Healer Blethwick bustled out of the ward. Mrs Potter sank down onto the chair.

‘How did you fall, Lily?’ she asked.

‘Oh,’ I said. ‘Well, I was coming down the stairs and I sort of … didn’t see where I was going and tripped over my feet.’ I said, my cheeks red.

‘Don’t be embarrassed, Lily. I used to fall down the stairs all the time.’ Mrs Potter told me kindly. ‘I’m still so clumsy.’

Healer Blethwick came back, using her wand to hold up a tray filled with ointments and things.

‘I’ll need to give you an x-ray so we can see the damage –’ She put down the tray. ‘Stand up as best you can, dear.’ Using the bed as a balance beam, I stood up, holding my foot slightly out so I didn’t have to put pressure on it.

Healer Blethwick scanned her wand down my body, occasionally wincing and pulling faces. Once she’d reached my feet, she told me to sit back down.

‘Your arm is broken and you’ve sprained your ankle. Your knee is also twisted slightly, which is why you cannot stand on it. I’ll put your arm in a sling and give you a crutch. Your cheek has swollen slightly, so I’ll put a Deflating Draught on it. It won’t be effective immediately, but it will work over time.’

She busied herself unwrapping the material for the sling – then using her wand to make it wrap around my arm while she dabbed some strange liquid onto a cloth. When the sling was ready, it magically sealed itself in a knot behind my neck. She shuffled up to me and started to put the liquid onto my cheek.

While she summoned a crutch, she said, ‘I’m going to put a cast on it. The material is the same as the sling – if this was normal Muggle medicine it would take around three to six months – with this, it should be fine by tomorrow or the day after.’ She bent down and started to wrap the material around my ankle and knee. As soon as it sealed, my leg started to feel slightly better.

Healer Blethwick summoned a clipboard and quill. ‘May I take your name, age and date of birth, please?’

‘Oh. My name’s Lily Evans, I’m sixteen and my birthday is January thirtieth.’

‘You’re underage?’


‘Ma’am, I need you to sign this … it’s just that she’s still a minor – may I ask who you are?’

‘My name is Anne Potter,’ Mrs Potter said as she scribbled on the parchment. ‘Lily is staying with me for Christmas. She goes to school with my son.’

‘Brilliant.’ The Healer took back the clipboard. ‘Well, you’re free to go. When you’re better, please return the crutch to us.’

I hobbled out of the ward, Mrs Potter close behind me.

I had to endure another minute or two of tube-squeezing before we arrived back in Godric’s Hollow.

‘Lily! Lily!’ someone squealed. I turned.


‘Who’s this?’ asked Mrs Potter.

‘Oh, this is Matthew, he lives around here too. We met at the park.’ I said quickly. ‘Are you alright, Matthew?’

‘Are you alright, Lily?’ he asked.

‘I’m fine – I just fell down some stairs,’ I told him. ‘Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.’

‘You just appeared out of thin air!’

‘Did we? That must have been your imagination. Maybe you looked here and then looked away and we came then.’ I said.

Matthew wrinkled his little button nose. ‘Maybe …’ he said slowly. ‘When will you be able to play with me again?’

‘I don’t know,’ I said. ‘Maybe a few days. I’m here for a couple more weeks, I think.’ I hugged Matthew goodbye, then Mrs Potter led me into the house. We stumbled down the hall before entering the sitting room where Courtney, Sirius and James were lounging on the sofas in front of the fire.

‘Here we are, Lily. Just take a seat down there.’ With difficulty, I sat myself on an armchair and rested me crutch on the arm. Mrs Potter rushed off upstairs.

‘So, Lilykins went to the hospital, did she?’

‘Noo, I went for a pint,’ I snapped sarcastically at Sirius. ‘Bugger off.’

‘Ooh, Lilykins is feeling snarky today is she?’

‘Well, considering I was just pushed down two flights of stairs, yes, you may find me to be snarky today.’ I said.

‘Why didn’t you tell them I pushed you?’ Courtney demanded.

‘I’m not a snitch. Why did you push me?’

‘Um … accident?’



‘Knock, knock,’ someone said, and the door opened.

‘Potter.’ I snapped. ‘What do you want?’ My leg was all but better, my cheek had gone down to its normal size and my arm was perfectly fit for strangling people, whose names I will not mention (but whose names rhyme with Rames, Pourtney and Nirius).

‘I wanted to see how you were.’

‘Do you care, seeing as you were in on it too?’ I asked him, sticking my tongue out at him.

‘Hey, I did not know she was going to shove you down the stairs! Seriously, you’ve got to believe me.’ James pleaded.

‘Why should I, when you didn’t believe me about me NOT kissing Sirius?’ I said angrily. ‘Get lost, Potter, I’m packing.’


‘Yes. I’m going to stay with Lisa at her aunt and uncle’s.’


‘Why should I stay? What are you going to push me off next time – a cliff?’

‘Lily, look at me!’ Being the obedient girl I was, I did so. James was standing very close to me – closer than he’d been in the last few months. I wasn’t used to it yet.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked him. He said nothing, but he traced the lines of my face with his finger – my jawbone, my lips, my nose …

His lips were moving closer to mine – closer still – they were almost on mine –

‘No!’ I screamed, pushing him away from me. Well, it’s good to see my arm is back to normal. ‘I don’t know what’s going on in that messed up head of yours, Potter, but you are NOT messing up mine!’


AN: Hello people :) Thanks for reading this, I hoped you enjoyed it! (Yes, RosieWeasly11, I am talking to YOU)So, has my writing put you on Team Lily or Team ... um ... JamesSiriusCourtney *says really fast*? Let me know what you think about it! Love you guys xxxx

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