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Reckless Abandonment by FredWeasleyIsMyKing
Chapter 1 : Confessions
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Anything recognisable belongs to the amazing JK. Thank you again to ohmymerlin for beta reading this.



They lay silently in the bed, wrapped tightly in each other’s arms; the thin white sheet soft against their bare skin. Their breathing had gradually slowed down to a steady peaceful rhythm; the rise and fall of their chests now neatly in sync with one another.

Lydia’s fingers gently traced patterns on her boyfriend’s chest, as her whole body tingled with  the sweetness from his fingers dancing a pattern along her arm as he held her. She was quickly coming down from her high though. For the last ten minutes she had felt the warm body underneath her tense gradually. She knew in he was struggling with something but she hadn’t the slightest idea what. She’d cautiously mentioned it to him in passing the last time she’d noticed him get worked up like this, but he’d closed up and refused to speak of the matter at all. The advantage of knowing him well enough to know how to deal with this situation wasn’t with her either; after only six months of dating of which most of the time he was away with work, they were still getting to know each other’s little quirks and habits.

She smiled softly to herself as she thought fondly over the last few weeks. To say how unsure she’d been at first of the strange man who had entered her little shop with his just as unusual friend, it was a wonder she was now laying willingly in his arms more than a year later. She closed her eyes and remembered the first time she’d laid eyes on him.

 It was time for her mid-morning coffee break. The shop had been fairly quiet and she was bored. It was days like this she dreaded, with nothing to do but count the hours away. She was just about to shout to her assistant, Beth, to watch the till when the pair of them stepped foot into the shop. Dressed in unusual clothes and making enough noise for an army of people they were hardly what you’d call inconspicuous. One of them was tall and lean with messy black hair and round glasses perched on his nose, the other was more well-built and had hair that just grazed his shoulders. Feeling both fascinated and wary by them she changed her mind and stayed behind the counter and watched them out of the corner of her eye as they’d wandered around the shelves looking rather overwhelmed. Well, maybe ‘wandered around’ was a bit of an understatement for the boy with longer hair. It was more like she watched him being practically dragged around by his friend; his pout clearly visible from the distance away she was.

Not wanting to pounce on them straight away, she kept her distance. Most men who came in simply looking for something for their wives or girlfriends quickly became lost in her array of women’s beauty products. She had learnt a long time ago it was best to let them have the chance to realise they really did need her help before approaching them, otherwise she just scared them off.

After watching them stare at her selection of perfume with amusement for a little while she’d finally got up and started to make her way over to them. They had their backs to her as she walked down the aisle and as she got closer to them she heard the pouty man complaining to his friend about being in a ‘magle’ shop. She had no idea what it meant, but she certainly didn’t like the way he’d said it. She was very proud of her shop and she didn’t appreciate anyone bad mouthing it. He’d then gone on to insult her further by suggesting they could find what they needed from ‘Madam Primpernelle's’ instead. She had racked her brains but had no idea where that was. She made a mental note to check it out though; she liked to know her competition.

She started to pretend she was doing some stock taking as she continued to listen to the conversation between the two men, hoping they would tell her more about the other shop. 

'Come on Prongsie, what's taking so long?' The pouty one whined.

'I can't find it!' His friend grumbled, 'Go and wait outside if you’re bored. Or better yet, you could actually, you know, help me?'

The other just grinned at him and folded his arms as he surveyed his friend. 'Oh no Prongs, I wouldn't get anything out of helping, now would I? But you on the other hand Prongsie will probably get a damn good -'

'Padfoot, don't you dare finish that sentence,' the Prongs guy interrupted quickly, holding the bridge of his nose and squeezing his eyes shut.  'Besides, Lily's pregnant. That would just be... weird.'

The one called Padfoot gave a bark of a laugh. 'What’s weird about kissing Lil’s when she's pregnant? That’s all I meant,' he said innocently, 'obviously Jamsie-boy was hoping to get something more...' he trailed off still grinning broadly and now waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

'Pads your just impossible sometimes. You’re worse than a child,' Prongs sighed, although a smirk was now playing on his lips despite himself as he went back to searching the shelf. 

'Well, I'm just thinking of it like this: I'm giving you and Lily some practice for when mini-Potter comes along. I mean imagine if he has your stubbornness, arrogance and pranking streak together with Lily's bad temper! You two don't stand a chance!'

'I should hope he’ll be able to pull a prank. He is a Potter after all. Besides, with his father and godfather teaching him, how could he not be a prankster?' Prongs replied, punching Padfoot lightly on the arm. 

Padfoot laughed again. ‘I can’t imagine Lily being too pleased about that!’

‘Why? She came around to me didn’t she?’ Prongs almost looked offended.

‘Only took the best parts of seven years though, eh mate?’ Padfoot grinned cheekily at him, stretching his arms out and yawning. As he did he moved his head to the side and ended up staring directly at Lydia. She blushed as she realised she’d completely forgotten to look busy and was pretty much just stood gawping at the two of them, listening intently to their conversation.

‘Er, can we help you?’ Padfoot asked her. Prongs looked around and smiled in amusement at the blush tainting her cheeks.

‘No, no,’ she stuttered, embarrassed at being caught eavesdropping. ‘It’s me who should be helping you. Are you looking for something in particular?’ She managed with a smile, even though the voice in her head was whispering the word ‘idiot’ at her repeatedly.

‘I don’t know Prongs, are we looking for something in particular?’ Padfoot crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows, clearly annoyed she’d been listening to their conversation.

‘Come on Padfoot, leave her be. I do need some help as a matter of fact.’ The other guy smiled warmly at her and she couldn’t help but notice how good looking he was. She mentally scolded herself; he was married if the ring on his finger was anything to go by and therefore off limits. She wasn’t going to go there. The other one hadn’t mentioned anything about a wife or girlfriend though she thought.

She suddenly realised the two of them were looking at her expectantly, waiting for an answer. Her mind went blank as she tried to think of something to say.

‘You have strange names,’ she blurted out, and then quickly clapped her hand over her mouth. She hadn’t meant to say that. The men just looked at her with amused expressions. ‘I’m so sorry, that was so rude. I’ll just…’ She pointed back to the till and started walking backwards, her face now so hot she could probably fry an egg on it.

‘No, wait!’ called Prongs laughing, she stopped and turned around slowly. ‘They’re just our school nicknames. I’m actually James, this is Sirius. I could really use your help with this…’ His eyes glanced down at her name badge. ‘Lydia, if you don’t mind?’ He gestured back to the perfumes.

‘Sure,’ she said walking back toward them, praying her blush would disappear soon.


It had taken her over half an hour to serve them in the end. They seemed to do nothing but wind each other, and her, up. She couldn’t help but take a liking to them though; their laughter and easy nature seemed infectious. James had finally brought the perfume he was looking for, an older one that his mother-in-law used to use that his wife really liked.

Around a year later they were back. She heard them before she saw them, her lips curving into a smile as they burst into her shop once more. They were still upbeat and vivacious but looked a lot older than she remembered; as though the year had really taken its toll. She remembered thinking at the time that James would be a father now, and maybe his child kept him up at night, although that didn’t really explain why Sirius looked just as tired. She dismissed the thoughts as she served them though, chatting amicably with the two of them. It was just as she was giving James his change that Sirius had leant forward and asked her on a date.

It wasn’t that she was really against dating Sirius that she said no to him; she actually thought he was rather good looking. It was the annoyingly arrogant look in his eyes as he’d done it whilst waggling his eyebrows up and down a few times. It was the clear expectation he had for her to say yes that she disliked, almost as though he was doing a massive favour by offering to take her out. He’d winked as he’d done it too; a gesture that was evidently supposed to make her fall at his feet but just caused her to wrinkle her nose. She kept her voice polite and a smile on her face, not wanting to be too rude of course, as she lightly told him she’d pass as he wasn’t really her type, much to the joy of James. The funny thing was he’d looked genuinely surprised that she had said no.

Then it had started. For just over a month he had come into the shop pretty much every day and asked her on a date. She found it both irritating and quite funny at the same time, giving him the same answer each day and asking when he was going to give up. He simply told her she would be the one to give in first, even if it took seven years.

It had gone on and on until one day he’d changed his tactic. He came in and asked if she would allow him the pleasure of her company. There was something different about his eyes that day, they were still bright and full of mischief, but he had lost the expectations of her. He simply came in and genuinely seemed to want to go out with her. She’d said yes before she’d even thought about it, shocking herself as much as she had shocked him. Not one to be outdone, Sirius looked delighted and asked if she could spend that same afternoon with him as he was going away with work the very next day.

One of the joys about being the owner of the shop was that she knew she could leave if she really wanted to. She checked with Beth, and then quickly touched up her make up and changed into some spare clothes she kept in the back room in case they went to the pub after work.

They spent the afternoon walking around the city, finally ending up in Regents Park where they sat on the grass and talked about themselves for a few hours. She told Sirius all about her shop, and how her Grandma had left it to her when she died. It had taken her a while to get used to it, but she was now happily running a successful business. In turn, Sirius told her a little about himself, but spoke mostly of Harry, James’s son and his godson. She’d watched his eyes light up as he talked about that kid, clearly doting on him as much as his parents did. He told her so many stories that had her laughing so hard tears leaked out of her eyes and she struggled to catch her breath. As it got darker Sirius asked her if she wanted to have dinner with him. She agreed almost instantly, blushing as he smiled at how quickly she’d responded.

The evening had continued in the same way, laughing and smiling, giving little details about each other away. At the end of the evening Sirius reminded her that he would be away for a while with work. Not sure how long he’d be, he promised to call in the shop as soon as he was back. It had took him three long weeks to come back to her, and when he’d returned he’d looked older than ever before.

‘Lydia?’ his hoarse voice whispered into the night pulling her out of her revoir.


Should he tell her? He felt he could no longer lie. If he was going to continue seeing this girl he was going to have to be honest with her. She knew he wasn’t entirely truthful with her anyway; he saw it in her eyes every time he had lied. He saw the… disappointment? Hurt? He wasn’t sure what it was, he wasn’t exactly knowledgeable on women and their expressions. All he knew was that it hated seeing that look and hated knowing that he was the cause.

He rolled his eyes inwardly at how pathetic he’d got. He’d always been a love ‘em and leave ‘em type, yet here he was considering a future with a girl he’d known for about half a year. As much as he hated to admit it, the thought really scared him. After all, he wasn’t James who had always known what he’d wanted and gone after it with all his heart for seven years, not caring how much of a pillock he made of himself. Nor was he perpetually nervous and shy like Peter, who despite this never seemed to lack a little female attention, having a few steady girlfriends at Hogwarts. Remus on the other hand was pretty much the complete opposite of Sirius; quiet and brooding and completely oblivious to the group of girls who had convinced themselves they were in love with him, believing they would change their mind pretty quickly if they got close enough to discover his furry little problem. He was nothing like his friends when it came to women.

He was just Sirius Black. Sirius ‘Never-stuck-with-a-girl-for-more-than-2-weeks-before-as-there’s-always-something-wrong-with-them’ Black. The girls he’d dated were always beautiful to look at but always ended up to be too clingy, too boring or too excitable. Always too something in the end. Lydia on the other hand wasn’t any of these things. She was definitely attractive, but not the type he usually went for. A short haired brunette with a pretty flat chest but nicely shaped lips to make up for it, she was more a pain in the neck than anything else. He could have sworn she went out of her way to infuriate him at times, but in the end they usually just ended up laughing it off. She was one of the first girls to actually say no to him too, and it was the challenge of the whole thing that had really caught his attention.

It was all James’ fault anyway he decided. After all, the only reason he’d asked Lydia out in the first place was because James had bet she wouldn’t fall for his charm whilst they were on the way to her little Muggle shop for the second time. Sirius couldn’t resist retaliating and had taken the comment as a personal insult. Getting shot down right in front of James however had not only proven James right, but had not exactly done wonders for Sirius’ ego. Not one to be beaten though he’d taken a leaf from James’s book and gone back to the shop every day for just over a month to ask her on a date until she’d finally agreed. James had found it hilarious until Lily reminded him it had took him seven years. Sirius had loved her a little bit more for that.

Now here he was, five months later, laying in her bed and for the first time ever in his life wanting to share a part of himself with a woman that wasn’t his other wand. He wanted her to know all of him, but he was worried that sharing that part would make her hate him or something stupid like that. He couldn’t believe how pathetic he had gotten. It wasn’t exactly the best time to be opening up about the Wizarding world either, with it being in the middle of a war, but this only made Sirius want her to know more than ever. It was dangerous out there, even for unassuming Muggles and she could at least be on her guard. The close shave he’d had with his dear brother was enough to prove that.

They’d been to the restaurant in town a few weeks ago, Sirius had been on a small mission for Dumbledore for the previous fortnight and so they were making the most of seeing each other again. As they had left, Sirius noticed a man through the crowd, stood across the road staring at the two of them. The mere sight of him had made his heart stop. As he had tried to get a better look he had disappeared into the night, but Sirius was sure it was Regulus. He’d been jumpy as he’d walked Lydia home, never letting go of his wand in the pocket of his jacket all the way, ready to strike at any moment. There had been no sign of him since, but Sirius wasn’t feeling in the mood to take risks with her life. He’d taken to putting protective charms around her house as he came and went, hoping it would keep unwanted visitors out.

He continued to stroke the soft skin of her arm as he held her to his chest, battling with himself over what he should do. He knew he could always go back to Muggle solution number one and modify her memory if she reacted badly. He scowled into the darkness as he thought of casting that spell. He didn’t like the idea of people getting inside his head and playing with his memories, making him reluctant to use it on anyone else. To him, interfering with a person’s memories just didn't feel right. It was so personal and was almost as bad as taking away their free will in his eyes.

It was now or never. He took a deep breath.

‘You’re such an idiot!’ She giggled, trying hard to give him her best disapproving look but failing as her lips twitched up into a smile. Sirius grinned back at her and put down the spoon he’d been balancing on his nose. He couldn’t quite believe how much he had enjoyed spending the day with her; especially to say he’d only started asked her out to prove a point.

‘Well, I made you laugh, so it can’t be all that bad,’ he pointed out to which she just smiled in response. He liked her smile he decided as he watched her from across the table. It suited her.

‘So, come on Sirius, I want to know more about you. What do you do for a living for example? I’ve told you all the fascinating details about my job,’ she asked, changing the subject. She leant forward on the table and rested her chin on her hands, waiting politely for the answer.

‘You did tell me an awful lot. I’m pretty sure I could run it for you now you know,’ he told her cheekily. She pouted and narrowed her eyes playfully at him.

‘Stop trying to change the subject and give me an answer for a change. Besides, you shouldn’t have kept asking questions if I was boring you so much!’

‘Okay, okay,’ he conceded, holding his hands up in surrender. He considered her for a moment then said, ‘I’m a magician.’ In the most dramatic voice he could manage. He loved telling Muggles that and trying to guess their reaction. Usually they either looked vaguely impressed or they gave him a disbelieving look. He watched carefully as Lydia raised an eyebrow and looked at him sceptically. She fell into the latter.

‘As in, like for kids parties and stuff? Abracadabra and rabbit’s out of your top hat magician?’ she asked, trying hard not to laugh.

Sirius smiled, thankful that he’d taken Muggle Studies at Hogwarts just to piss off his Mother. The first time they’d told him the Muggle version of a wizard he’d nearly pissed himself.

‘I can do much more than that, I’ll have you know,’ he said patiently. ‘I’m very good at it, if I do say so myself; I’ve been training for seven years.’

‘Really?’ she asked, surprised. ‘I didn’t think you were that old.’

‘I started young,’ Sirius said with a quick flash of his teeth. Lydia pursed her lips, but the amusement was still visible in her eyes. After a moment she burst into a fit of giggles.

‘I’m sorry,’ she laughed, working hard to control herself. ‘You just don’t seem the type to be a magician. I had you down as more of a… builder. Or maybe an electrician. You know, something with actual labour, something manly.’

‘You don’t think what I do is manly?’ Sirius said pretending to be offended. In actual fact he was a little offended, but she had no idea what he could really do he reminded himself.

She stopped laughing and her eyes widened just slightly as she thought she really had upset him. He could tell she was fighting hard to maintain the straight face though.

‘Um, sorry,’ she said, biting her lip. ‘I didn’t mean to question your manliness… I just… er…’ She looked lost for words as she struggled to decide what to say next.

‘Maybe I could show you a trick?’ he offered recklessly. ‘See if I can change your mind about my talents?’ He knew he shouldn’t, that it would probably get him into more trouble than it was worth but he just couldn’t resist. He took a cursory glance around and saw no-one was paying them much attention anyway. They were in a secluded corner in the quieter part of the place. He’d paid extra for that as he always did when bringing a girl out.

‘Don’t you need all your equipment or something for that?’ she asked curiously. 

‘No, everything I need is right here,’ he said tapping his pocket. ‘I can show you something if you like.’

‘Really?’ she asked eagerly. ‘Go on then please!’

‘Okay,’ Sirius said cautiously. ‘Now don’t laugh, but I have to use my magic wand.’ He drew out his wand slowly, knowing she wouldn’t be expecting it to look anything like it did. Her eyes widened at the sight of it.

‘That’s your wand?’ she asked, doubting him once more. Then seeing his face she quickly added, ‘It’s just I’ve never seen anyone use one like that before.’

‘You won’t have,’ Sirius said slyly. ‘There’s only a select few of us allowed to use them that’s why.’

A soft, ‘Oh,’ was all she could manage. ‘What are you going to show me then?’

‘Hmm,’ Sirius looked around the table. Eyeing his napkin he placed it in the middle of the table. ‘How about I make this fly?’ She nodded eagerly. ‘Okay, what was your magic word again? Abracadabra?’

She simply nodded again, looking between the napkin and Sirius’s wand.

‘Abracadabra!’ Sirius whispered dramatically but thought ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ hard in his head, swishing his wand and flicking it towards the napkin. It floated off the table a few inches and Sirius smiled as he saw Lydia’s jaw actually drop as she watched it.

'Lydia,' he whispered into the darkness, before he could stop himself. His voice sounded horribly strangled as he still wasn't convinced he was doing the right thing.

'Hmm?' was her only response.

He took a deep breath. 'I've got something to tell you. I want to tell you more about myself.'

That got her attention. She rolled onto her stomach and rested her chin on her hands, still half-laid on his chest, but remained silent. The questioning look on her face was enough to let Sirius know he had her undivided attention. He still couldn't believe how close they'd grown in such a short space of time.

Sirius closed his eyes with a groan and put his hand over his face. How do you even start telling someone something like this?

‘Sirius?’ Lydia whispered as she gently pulled his arm away from his face. He gave no resistance but kept his eyes squeezed shut. ‘Please look at me.’ She sighed. ‘What’s wrong?’

He opened one eye to see her big brown ones looking directly back at him.

‘You know on our first date, when we went to that restaurant in town? You asked what I did, for a living.'

'Yes...' she said slowly. 'You told me you were a magician and I thought it was ridiculously funny, but you are pretty good at it I guess.' She smiled fondly at the memory.

'Good at it? I'm bloody amazing I'll have you know!' he exclaimed, forgetting momentarily what the point of this conversation was. She just giggled and moved herself up until her face was level with his and planted a kiss on his nose and whispered.

'I know, I just don't want you to get a big head or you might not get in and out of my front door.'

'Ha bloody ha,' Sirius grumbled sarcastically. She kissed him lightly on the lips and smiled again.

‘You were saying?' she prompted gently. Sirius pulled himself up so he was learnt against the headboard.

Sirius considered her for a moment before saying, 'What if I told you the tricks I showed you weren't an illusion? That magic really does exist?'

'What do you mean?' she asked looking confused.

'Lydia, I'm a wizard,' he said simply.


She stared at him expectantly, waiting for his bark of a laugh, waiting for the punch line of the joke she was yet to get.

It didn’t come.

'I don't understand what you mean,' she said.

He sighed, 'Magic is real, Lydia. The wand I used to show you those ‘tricks’ isn’t just a prop; it’s an actual magic wand that I use to cast spells or to hex or to curse. I can do things Muggles like you can only dream of.’ Her mind went blank. She couldn’t comprehend what he was saying.

‘You’re a wizard and you cast spells with your magic wand?’ she said disbelievingly. ‘Sirius, you’re not making any sense. I don’t get the joke.’

‘It’s not a joke. I’m a wizard,’ he said as gently as he could, ‘I went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Scotland which teaches you to cast –’

‘I thought you went to school with James?’ she interrupted remembering the two of them had said their nicknames were from school.

‘I did,’ he said shortly.

‘So you’re telling me he’s a wizard too? Does his wife know?’ This was getting out of hand. She was starting to think she was the punch line of some cruel joke.

‘Yes, James is a wizard and Lily is a witch.’ He sighed, surprising her once again. Her head immediately filled with the image of the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz. Somehow he couldn’t imagine James married to a hag like that.

‘A witch?’ she whispered more to herself than to him. She lifted herself from the bed and moved back away from him taking the sheet and wrapping it around her body tightly and hugging her knees. She suddenly felt exposed somehow; the whole conversation was making her feel uncomfortable.

‘Yes, a witch,’ Sirius replied anyway, looking slightly hurt that she had moved away. ‘And not the kind you’re probably thinking of. She doesn’t have green skin and a wart on her nose. That’s just a Muggle stereotype.’ He smiled slightly at the thought. ‘Although, you probably aren’t far off when it comes to my mother,’ he added as an afterthought.

‘What is that word you keep calling me? Muggle?’ she said, even in the state of confusion she was in she couldn’t help but feel offended.

‘It’s just the word we use for non-magical folk,’ he said kindly.

Lydia sat there, her brain to numb to think. She vaguely wondered if this is what it felt like to have a mental break down, or maybe she was just losing her mind. She discretely pinched her arm as hard as she could, hoping to wake up in his arms, laid just as she was before this craziness started. No such luck.

The more she thought about it though, the more things started to make sense. His unusual clothes, the way he seemed to be impressed by little things she took for granted. So many odd little quirks she’d always put down to something else. It all seemed to… fit.

She swallowed hard. ‘What else can you do?’ she asked stiffly, not sure she wanted to know the answer. His face lit up suddenly.

‘I can pretty much do anything you can think of Lydia!’ She had never seen him talk so animatedly about anything. It made her smile to watch. ‘I can make objects fly or transfigure them into something else. I can curse other people... Knock them out or freeze them. I can make potions that can do incredible things, heal you or make you fall in love or make you lucky. We ride broomsticks in this amazing game called Quidditch, I think you’d love it Lydia, honestly! This is the best part though.’

He stood up off the bed and moved to the foot of her bed.

‘Please, don’t scream or anything. It’s just me, I swear,’ he reassured her.

‘What are you going to do?’ Lydia actually felt frightened, thinking of riding on a broomstick. She hated heights.

‘I can turn into a dog,’ he said calmly.

‘What do you mean ‘turn into a dog’?’ she asked, feeling stupid.

‘I become a dog,’ he said. ‘There’s nothing else I can really say. It’s me, but I look like a dog.’

‘A dog,’ she said slowly, it was all becoming too much for her again.

‘A dog. Just watch,’ he said a bit impatiently, backing away from her into the space.

He stood perfectly still for a second then rapidly started shrinking. A cry of shock left her lips and she jumped back, pressing her palm to her chest. Even though he’d told her what he was going to do there was nothing to prepare her for seeing it.

A large black dog now stood where her Sirius had once been. It bounded up to her eagerly and nuzzled her hand. She stroked it carefully; still scared it was going to bite her. The dog wagged its tail at her touch, its tongue hanging out its mouth. If she didn’t know any better she would say it was smiling goofily at her.

She pattered it on the head once again, and all at once something slid into place.

‘Padfoot,’ she whispered.

The dog barked happily in response.



Sirius left the house fairly early the next morning, deciding to have a walk before going back to his small flat as he needed the fresh air.  He hadn’t been kicked out as such, but Lydia had made it clear she needed some time. He had left his two-way mirror and explained how to use it, saying if she decided she wanted to speak to him, she could always contact him through that. She had eyed it with extreme caution, but he was grateful that she had eventually accepted it.

They’d spent most of the previous night talking after his little confession. He had told her so much about his life, showing her spells and talking so much that his voice had become hoarse. She had finally succumbed to sleep in the early hours of the morning and he’d simply watched her, looking for the slightest reaction to all he had said, until he’d finally drifted off too.

Thinking back now he couldn’t help but notice how quiet she’d been for most of the night, asking questions here and there but hardly giving anything away. He was desperate to know what she was really thinking, whether she wanted to become a part of his world eventually. He knew he had to be patient with her, but it was so hard. He certainly wasn’t gifted with it. Whether she could accept the fact magic was really alive in the world was now up to her and all he could do was wait.

As he walked, he suddenly had a vision of them together happily, sat around eating dinner with Lily and James, laughing and joking with not a care in the world. He imagined introducing her to Harry, something he’d refrained from doing because he was so worried Harry would accidently spew some magic that they wouldn’t be able to explain. She’d mentioned meeting him before after he talked about him so much and he knew she would love him just as much as he did. He smiled at the thought when a new image flickered to life in his brain that both pleased and unnerved him. He pictured himself sitting with Lydia, tickling a small baby in her arms. His baby.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted when a silver stag burst into being in front of him. It lowered its head and spoke with his best friend’s voice.

‘Padfoot, slight emergency. It's happened.’ James’s voice sounded thick as his Patronus relayed his message. ‘Please come when you can.’ The Patronus dissolved into thin air.

Sirius looked around and saw a Muggle man across the road stood looking at him in disbelief. Today just wasn’t his day. He swiftly modified the man’s memory and turned on the spot with a small pop, heading to the Potter’s with a feeling of dread deep in his stomach as he contemplated what he was going to find.

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