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A Bottle Full of Love by SlightObsession
Chapter 6 : Promise
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 A/N: WOW! nearly two thousand reads! :O I...I cant thank you guys enough. wow, i cant wrap it around my head. I never expected 802 (correct at written time.) reads, in two weeks on top of the thousand i already got. I LOVE all of you for reading it, and the reviews. i take on every review, and i try my hardest as possible to get them up once a week, 

Lately i have been having some personal problems, so i havent been writing :( sorry.

BUT, i will try and get another chapter on this week, maybe another two if i can.

I apologise that this chapter is short, its more of a filler chapter- it didnt feel right to put it in with another chapter. It is its own ickle one. The next one will be longer. I promise.

Anyways, better not keep you from reading this any longer!





Soon after the teacher dismissed the class, Ginny hung back to speak with Blaise, brushing off Hermione’s questions, telling her to meet her at their next lesson.

Ginny looked and saw Draco leave, and that left Blaise on his own-she made her way over.

‘’Err, Zabini?’’ Blaise jumped at her voice.

Looking at her, ‘‘what Weasley?’’

‘’Well, im guessing you saw what happened earlier between Malfoy and Hermione?’’

‘’Yes’’ Blaise had a cold look on her face-which annoyed Ginny.

Prat. ‘’Look, Zabini, cut the crap, yes im a Weasley but the war is over, you don’t have to put on the act anymore.’’

Relief flooded his face. ‘’Sorry Weasley, I…I just sometimes forget. Sorry.’’ He looked down nervously. ‘’Err, yeah I did see it. ‘’

They started walking to their next class.

‘’So…I was thinking about trying to set them up!’’

Blaise looked around at Ginny in shock! ‘’What!’’ he asked

‘’I know it might sound crazy but I think it would work! I mean, I know they have bad history, but it might be something. I mean, have you seen the way that look at each other- there is something there, but we just need to kick start it!’’

‘’Well…yes, I have, but I’ve not thought any more about it. I didn’t actually think to do that, only some muppet would do that.’’ He laughed to himself, then looked at Ginny, who had now raised an eyebrow ‘’exactly’’ he laughed even more.

‘’C’mon, let’s go to class. So, do you think we should do? Set them up?’’ Ginny started walking towards the door, gesturing for him to leave.

‘’I think we should, because I know he is lonely, and Granger seems good for him.’’ He walked towards her, and they started walking to their next class.

‘’Well, I came up with a plan? Want to hear?’’ He looked at her, bewildered that she already thought of it.

‘’Erm…go on then, if you already know it.’’

‘’Okay, here goes:

Number 1: we get them to be friends, spend more time together.

Number 2: The first Hogesmead trip is soon, so we send them together up there for that ball thing they have to create.

Number 3: over the Christmas holidays, we make sure they don’t go home, and we lock them in their common room.

Number 4:  when it’s Christmas day, we buy them presents from each other that we know they would like.

Number 5: we get them to admit their feelings to us, making sure the other is in ear shot of the other. Then BAMN! Together-ness!’’

Blaise looked at her unsure what to say. He was un-easy of the whole thing. ‘’wow, you have this sorted out, don’t you?’’

‘’Of course! Ever since I saw them laughing together at the start of term, I knew. I charmed the bottles to land on both of them at the same time at that party. But I had to lie to her, which I don’t enjoy, but, I know she will be happy in the end. I want the best for her. Ron really messed her around, and I want that to happy. Im not a big fan of Draco, but I think, he is the one for her.’’

‘’that’s…really nice thing for you to do for her Weasley.’’ He smiled at her, he looked at her, and took her in.

Her hair was now about 3-4 inches longer than when he had seen her last year. She was now taller and curvier. The freckles on her cheeks had become more noticeable but they suited her as her skin seemed slightly paler. Her faced was slightly drawn in, and tired. Her eyes slightly puffy from lack of sleep, but apart from that, she looked older and nicer.

‘’Like I said, I want her to be happy; I want to make her happy. She helped me a lot when Fred died, and without her, I wouldn’t have been able to cope. She and Harry were my rock, and I want to re-pay her’’ she looked down at the floor.

What do I say to that? There’s nothing to say to that! Hmm…

They entered the class room, and Harry looked up at Ginny, concerned. Ginny said her goodbyes to Blaise, and went and sat down next to Harry.

‘’Ginny where have you been?’’ Harry looked concerned.

‘’I was talking to Zabini’’ Ginny started taking down notes.

‘’About?’’ Ginny looked at her boyfriend, and smirked. ‘’don’t do that, you look like a Malfoy.’’

‘’Well…you’ll have to find out later.’’ She looked back down, and smirked to herself, knowing his reaction when she tells him.


Looking over towards the curly haired girl, he smiled; she was always looking into a book, whatever class it was. When he heard that she had done a patronus, better than the boy who lived, better than what he ever done, or anyone he knew off. He wondered what her new memory was. He had heard that her previous was something like her on a beach? She claims that it was a different but similar memory. He didn’t believe it though. He knew, it had to be what he thought it was. He did ask her, but he knew he wouldn’t get a reply. He didn’t think he wanted a reply. But he couldn’t ponder on it, otherwise…things could get bad.



‘’YOU WHAT?!’’ Harry looked at her in amazement.

‘’Im going to set them up! Like I said!’’ she folded her arms and sat down by the fire in the common room.

‘’Malfoy and Hermione?’’ he sat down to take it in.

‘’Yes, Malfoy and Hermione. I think they would be good together.’’

‘’Why Malfoy though?’’

‘’Because she’s good for him. And he is good for her.’’

Oh Ginny, what are you doing this time. Please, don’t get this wrong, I know you like your tricks, but, maybe this one is too far.

‘’Maybe, but, I don’t know. I don’t want her to get hurt.’’

''She wont. I promise.'' 

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