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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 44 : Explosions
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Chapter Forty Four

The next week passed in a blur, a hazy taunting blur. It seemed all weekend all anybody could ask me was questions about my dad, what his condition was like and if he was crazy. Some people seemed genuinely curious and interested in his illness, the majority of Slytherin seemed to enjoy taunting Jack and I about it but what got to me the most was the people who expressed sympathy and pity. I hated it, a week ago I’d been Oliver Benson the slightly nerdy Gryffindor who no one had a problem with fast-forward a week and I was Oliver Benson the boy with a mental dad who’d had to raise his little brother because his mum had to look after said mentally ill dad. I hated it. I wanted things to get back to normal and I sure as hell hated Abi and Hailey.

Hailey was known to be a bitch, one of the biggest in the school and she could give Astoria a run for her money. The worst thing about Hailey was that she never, ever expressed any sorrow or remorse for things that she had done and if the blame was placed in her direction she passed it onto somebody else. In this case it was Abi who had learnt in a very hard way that Hailey was not all she’d seemed to be as a friend. Not that I had much or any sympathy for Abi, she’d betrayed me in the biggest way and it actually made me feel a lot less guilty about the way that our relationship had ended. I didn’t really know what was going on with Lily and I, we were speaking but both aware that the fight we’d had still lingered in the background and affected a lot of the way we were when we were around eachother.

Being in the sixth year I had it somewhat easier than Jack; except for the Slytherins most people in my year were mature and had some idea that this may not be an easy topic for me to talk about. My age also let me brush off comments from the younger students quite easily as well, unfortunately Jack couldn’t. He was twelve, a first year and quite a young one in terms of manner and behaviour at that and kids could be very mean at that age. I wanted to shield him from as much of it as I could but I was repeatedly told I couldn’t follow him around all day. Jack was very, very down and it tore me up inside. All of his friends had stopped talking to him, the only person in his year that would was Lucy Weasley, which meant he was around me and my friends a lot more which was good as I could at least keep an eye on him when he was with us.

What made things worse though was midway through the week Jack and I got news from mum that dad was ill in hospital with pneumonia. We both wanted to leave but Mum forbade it, we told Jack it was because she didn’t want us to worry over nothing but I was pulled to one side and told that Dad’s condition was quite serious. I was so worried but I put it to the back of my mind for Jack’s sake. He was my main focus

“Don’t worry Jack, I’m sure Adam and Ryder will start talking to you again soon” said Lucy in a upbeat tone of voice as we were all gathered around the fire in the common room the next Tuesday night “They told me they were feeling bad for ignoring you earlier”

“I don’t care” said Jack grumpily “If they were real friends then they would have still talked to me this week but it’s like they are embarrassed to be seen with me”. I cast an arm around my brother and let him rest his head on my shoulders

“I could kill the little morons” said Hugo darkly. Everyone raised their eyebrows “…I won’t actually do it though”

“I could kill Abi” said Dom “You know, I always thought that she was alright. What a bitch, of course we all already knew Hailey was”

“I’m surprised Lily’s gone a week without punching either of them” said Roxy

“The only reason I haven’t done is because I don’t want these two to have any more hassle” said Lily indicating Jack and I “But trust me I’ve had very graphic dreams in which those two have paid violently for what they have done”

“Funny” said Hugo “The only times those two have popped up in my dreams they’ve been having a half-naked pillow fight”

Rebecca hit him hard around the head

I laughed

For the first time in a week I actually laughed and smiled for real and not just in an attempt to boost Jack’s spirits. This is why I loved Hugo, always able to put a smile on my face even in the darkest of situations. Jack didn’t laugh though; he just stayed rested on my shoulder looking into the fire clearly wishing all of his problems away. It soon brought me back down to earth, how could I be happy when Jack was so miserable? I tightened my grip on him and for a second he looked confused but then he looked up at me and gave me a short smile he then wrapped his arms around me.

“I wish me and my brother got on as well as you two do” said Roxy enviously “Then again, Freddie does go and get me food from the Kitchens in the middle of the night. He uses it as a method to pick up girls on his way down mind you but still it’s a nice thing to do”

“James and I are quite close” mused Lily “I know he’s an arrogant dickhead at times, but I know there’s nothing in the world that he wouldn’t do for me. Albus too, don’t tell them because I need to pretend I hate them but I’d say I’m pretty lucky with my brothers”

“Louis’ cool” said Dom “I remember when I was younger and scared of the lightning storm going on and I went into his room and he let me sleep next to him in his bed. I guess it comes with being twins though sharing a uterus for nine months bonds you for life”

“Molly’s a bossy boots” huffed Lucy “But, she does make awesome pancakes”

“I’d love to get all sentimental about Rose, but the bitch is pregnant and somehow it’s my fault” said Hugo “So she can go to hell and back quite frankly, I mean who the hell gets that distressed over a milkshake”

Last week Rose had asked Hugo to go and make her a banana milkshake but he forgot and made her a chocolate one instead. His thanks was having it tipped all over his head in the middle of the common room. His hair still smelt like chocolate

We all laughed again, even Jack this time and seeing him with a smile on his face made me feel a lot brighter. Lily looked up at me and smiled, I knew she wanted to go and have a chat so I made my excuses and said I was going to bed. Around five minutes later Lily came into the dorm as I was getting changed

“Tough week” she said

“More for Jack than for me” I replied (half-naked I may add) “But I think it’s going to get better, beauty of going to a school like Hogwarts. Whilst it’s big enough for gossip to spread like wildfire it’s also small enough that anything constitutes for gossip and most things are forgotten in like one or two weeks”

“Benson the eternal optimist” said Lily sitting down on my bed “Never thought that I would see the day you got a positive outlook on life”

“Are you saying I’m negative” I asked

“No” said Lily “I think you’re just more realistic than most people and of course you are with your life, you need to be a little less serious Oliver and just let yourself have some fun without worrying about others all the time”

I sighed. I knew she was right but it was hard. Jack was the kind of kid who had to be taken to the Hospital Wing at least once a week because he’d been doing something stupid with his mates and everytime he did it worried me even though nine times out of ten it was nothing

“Looking good by the way” she said and for the first time I was aware I was stood in front of her in only underwear “You been working out or something, definitely a lot less weedy than you used to be”

“No just genetic muscle coming through” I replied

Lily snorted

“Genetic muscle” she repeated “You do crack me up Oliver. Look, about the other week it’s so stupid I shouldn’t be so uptight and worried about what my family will say. You are the most precious thing in the world to me and I’ll be damned if my family ruin it for us”

Soon enough we were kissing and this time there was no Abi and no guilt to stop us

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Escaping the Friend Zone: Explosions


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