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Secret Malfoy by GabriellaGMW
Chapter 9 : A Weasel and a Swan
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Hello, well this has been a while, sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've been really busy and have had writing block for a while :( Anyway, read and review, favourite and... yeah :)

 18th DECEMBER 2017


A week had passed since the Potter’s visit to the Malfoy’s and the plans for the reunion were beginning to form. Harry had banned James and Albus from playing Quidditch until they told him what they had done to Lily at the Malfoy’s. They had told him immediately and even though he was angry at the pair, he had promised not to tell Ginny what the boys had been up to whilst they were playing Quidditch; besides, he had found it quite funny how they had put puking pastilles into the tin of sweets, it would definitely be a story to tell their Uncle George at the reunion, maybe he could add it to his pranking wall.

At the beginning of this year, George Weasley had set up a huge wall in his shop where you could bring in slips of paper and pin up what kind of tricks you had gotten up to with his franchise. It was supposed to be a fun and friendly way of remembering Fred, Harry was quite certain that the boys’ pranks would probably take pride of place on the wall.

They were, in fact, visiting George and Angelina today. James had been banging on and on about seeing Fred and Roxanne ever since he had gotten of the Hogwarts Express; it was surprising how similar James and Fred were to George and Fred’s namesake. It was like the twins had returned to Hogwarts with the way the teachers spoke about them.

As James was seeing his friends, Albus had been begging Harry over and over again to let him invite Hyperion, Lily had Roxanne and Dora played with them anyway. Harry had agreed almost instantly, giving him a good reason to see Hermione again when she dropped him off at Weasley Wizard Wheezes, she and Ginny were apparently going out for a coffee anyway.

Ginny was looking extremely forward to this coffee, one reason was because Hermione was one person she could go on and on about the reunion to and wouldn’t change the subject to Quidditch; Ginny might like Quidditch but she knew when enough was enough. The second reason was because Hermione had said that she was going to invite one of her close friends out with them; Ginny didn’t know who that was yet but Harry had a pretty good idea, considering Hermione was married to Draco Malfoy now.

At half past eleven in the morning, the Potter house was like a Care of Magical Creature’s lesson where Hagrid had decided they would play with Blast-Ended Skrewt’s again.

“James, are you ready to go?” Ginny yelled up the stairs as she pulled on her winter boots. The faintest trickle of snow was in the air and the sky was completely white, meaning that a lot of snow was on the way; Dora was extremely excited due to this snow and usually woke up at six in the morning just to see if it was snowing, if it was she would end up having some kind of fit.

“Yeah” James yelled back, just as he emerged from his room, pulling a Mrs Weasley speciality sweater over his head. It had a large J in blue on the front, as blue was James’ favourite colour; so much for Gryffindor pride?

By noon, the Potter’s were piling out of the Weasley-Johnson’s fireplace in Diagon Alley. Angelina smiled at them as they arrived.

“Oh hey guys, I was beginning to think you had forgotten” she said, walking over to help Lily up. The minute Ginny was out of earshot she leant down to whisper in her ear, “How did your scratching go?”

“You heard about that?” Lily whispered back and Angelina nodded

“Yeah, James sent an owl to Fred the minute he arrived home” she tittered lightly at how close the two boys were before letting go of her niece’s hand and returning to her cooking.

“I was thinking tomato soup and freshly cooked bread for lunch” she said, gazing out of the window to see that it was now snowing quite rapidly “to keep us warm”

The Potter’s all nodded happily before turning to walk into the living room, before they could a puff of smoke erupted from the fireplace and the graceful figure of Hermione Malfoy stepped out, Hyperion arrived shortly after, not so gracefully.

“Shut up” he spat to a laughing Albus as he got up and brushed himself off. Hermione rolled her eyes at her son before running over and hugging Ginny.

“Ready to meet my friend” Hermione said and Ginny glared at her.
“Why do you have to be so secretive?”

“I don’t really know, you’re bound to love her to pieces”

“Well then, let’s go and meet her” Ginny said excitedly, running towards the door. Hermione laughed as their children peered at them strangely; then they bid their families goodbye and exited the shop.

They arrived in a little coffee shop in Diagon Alley shortly after.

The pair sat down in a booth, waiting for the other member of their party. Hermione sipped a butterbeer latte whilst Ginny stuck to plain coffee.

They were just starting up a conversation on work when a familiar voice called out “Hermione?”

Hermione stood up and waved at the figure that had just entered the shop, her six months pregnant tummy bulged under her floaty flannel shirt as she walked over to the booth where Hermione and Ginny were sat, her eyebrows rose when she spotted Ginny, so did Ginny’s.

“Ginny Weasley?”

“Pansy Parkinson?” the pair said at exactly the same time and Hermione couldn’t help but giggle as they both went to correct the other on their last names.

“Actually it’s Potter”

“I’m a Zabini now”

They both turned to Hermione who was desperately trying to stifle a laugh.
“This is the lady you were talking about?”

“This is the old friend who begged me to see?”

Hermione glared at Pansy as the raven haired girl sat down next to her.

“I did not beg you to come and see her, you begged me to meet up with you and I told you that I was only free today”

“I only begged you to meet up with me because I wanted to talk to you about my baby” she hissed, clicking her fingers for a waiter. She ordered a hot chocolate with cherries, pecan nuts, and crumbles of custard creams on top.

“Curse cravings” she said as the waiter walked away with a bemused expression on his face. Hermione and Ginny started to giggle and the group began to act as if they had been the best of friends their entire life.

At quarter to twelve Pansy spoke up after Ginny had left the trio laughing from a story about her Quidditch days.

“You know Weas- Potter, you’re not that bad”

“Neither are you Zabini” Ginny said, smiling “Even if you are a Slytherin rat who tried to hand my husband over to the dark lord”

“Hey” Pansy said “Enough of the Slytherin rat, I am a swan”

“Oh yeah, I forgot you bit people when you’re angry” Hermione mused and Pansy scowled at her, then her scowl softened as she peered at Hermione curiously.


“So what?”

“Aren’t you going to tell us your big news?”

Hermione’s latte sprayed all over the table as she peered up at Pansy.
“W-what news?”

“The one that your husband told my husband, I am very upset that you didn’t tell me earlier” she pouted and Ginny frowned at Hermione.

“You have news Hermione?”

“Er...” Hermione knew what this news was; it was about her being pregnant. Draco had told her to tell Blaise but had forbidden him to tell Pansy.

“Come on Hermione” Pansy urged so Hermione told a deep breath. Looking both of them in the eye she smiled.

“I’m pregnant”

Ginny and Pansy’s faces were still for a minute until;

“Oh my goodness; why didn’t you tell me sooner”

“Ekk, I’m going to be another Auntie”

“Can I be the godmother?”
“No, I’m going to be the godmother”

“You’re already Eva’s godmother Pans” Hermione butted in and Pansy pouted

“Fine” she paused “And I’m Astrum’s”

“Not fair, she gets two and I get none” Ginny whined

“Because I didn’t see you for eighteen years” Hermione said apologetically “I promise you will definitely be this little ones godmother” she patted her tummy and Pansy and Ginny cooed at their friend. Hermione turned to Pansy and raised an eyebrow.

“Anyway, why are you so happy for me? Look at how fast this one’s growing; it’ll be out in a few weeks”

“Well I’m hoping she’ll be out before Aleasheanna goes back to Hogwarts, I want her to meet her little sister before she goes back”

“It’s a girl then?”

“Yeah, a little cute baby girl”

The three girls continued to talk about babies for the next hour until Ginny checked her watch and decided it was time to go. She and Hermione said goodbye to Pansy, who said that the three of them must meet up again, before walking off down Diagon Alley to pick up the rest of their families. As they walked, Ginny spoke up.
“So I was talking to mum about the reunion and she said we could have it on the twentieth”

“But that’s two days away?” Hermione said in shock and Ginny nodded

“Yeah, so you better plan how you’re going to confront Ron” she said with a wink before pushing the door open.

 So did you enjoy it? I hope you did, please review and favourite to tell me what you think...

P.S: Reunion with Ron up in two chapters XD 


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