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My Darling Princess by mary_ducks
Chapter 9 : Questions?
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 A new chapter, short by my standards one more after this one and this story will be done. I'd also like to give a special thanks to all of my readers who are still with me after all this time. I only hope they know what to reply to that.~Mary




“What do you mean she's not here?” Draco whispered angrily to Harry who was standing beside him clad in a penguin tuxedo, coat tails and all.

“I mean no one has seen her since last night.” Harry whispered back wringing his sweaty hands together.

“Harry you promised she would be here, this is important!” Draco growled anger bubbling in his chest like a a boiling pot of scalding hot water.

“I’m sorry Draco, look she knows she should be here Ginny and I made sure to tell her to come to dinner with us.” Harry responded looking for the flaming red hair that would alert him of his wife and children.

“Speaking of Ginny where is your ever annoying wife?” Draco asked also noticing the absence of a Mrs. Ginny Potter and her million children.

“I don’t know, I’ve called her multiple times but she hasn’t answered once.” Harry responded pulling out a sleek black muggle cell phone from his jacket pocket. His fingers hastily punched in Ginny’s phone number and practically begged for her to answer.

“hey this is Ginny-”

“Thank Merlin Gin you've finally answered!” Harry cried out happily.

“I’m busy at the moment so please leave a message after the beep.” Harry growled and almost threw the expensive phone on the ground in his anger.

“Let me guess, voice mail?” Draco asked taking a seat on one of the many lavish chairs that were surrounding a wide table that was slowly but surely filling up with guests but the two most important people were not there.

“Yup.” Harry replied slouching in his chair. His eyes roamed around the restaurant taking in the happy, rich families sitting as far away as possible from him and the odd assortment of people sitting near him. He saw Seamus having a heated discussion with Ron and Neville about something he did not know about, Pansy, Luna and Hannah Abbott (now Finnegan) were looking intently at a digital camera, most likely pictures from their last show in Berlin. His eyes also met those of Draco’s mom Narcissa who despite her old age (57 years though she claimed she was 40 and certainly looked it) still looked as beautiful as ever. But the closer you examined her it was easier to see the age lines around her eyes and mouth that silently yelled out that Narcissa Malfoy was indeed old. Harry remembered the first time he laid eyes on Narcissa in his fifth year, she had a beauty now that she did not retain then, she was happy now.




“Gin! Where's Teddy?!” Hermione cried as she hopped around her small apartment trying to strap on her six inch stilettos.

“He's right, oh Merlin he's gone again! Where did we see him last? Um was it in the bathroom?” Ginny asked running around frantically in circles that was getting her nowhere.

“Gin! Stop, you're going to-too late.” Hermione sighed as a loud rip emanated from Ginny’s ruffled black pencil skirt. “That’s the third time today Gin, now off with it.” Hermione said summoning her needle and thread for what seemed like the hundredth time that evening. Ginny slipped off the skirt without protest and slipped on a robe dashing out of the room red locks flying like angry flames behind her.

Hermione used magic to thread the needle and winced as she heard a loud expensive crash come from somewhere within the apartment.

“Gin what was that?” Hermione asked wearily, “ I swear if its the cookie jar again I am going to strangle all of you!” Hermione joked as she began the strenuous task of mending the damaged skirt once more.

“Gin, we're a half hour late Draco is going to be so mad at me.” Hermione cried as Ginny began changing the twins hand...for the tenth time in an hour.

“Look I’m sorry Mione but-”

“But what?” Hermione asked feeling horrible, she hated it when Draco was mad at her it made her feel ashamed and hurt.

“But, that’s just life.” Ginny finished lamely.

“But that’s just life!” Hermione screeched sounding like an owl, “How dare you! On your wedding day when you were running two minutes late you were screaming at me like a howler! don’t you dare come back at me with something as stupid as that ever again Ginny.” Hermione finished dryly, she felt like curling up in fetal position and crying herself to sleep again.

“Hermione don’t you dare use that tone of voice with me.” Ginny growled flashing Hermione the evil eye she used on her six children.

“That's it I’m leaving with or without you.” Hermione croaked wiping a few stray tears from her eyes. Grabbing her purse from a small coffee table, she walked to the bathroom and cleaned her face before going to the fire place.

“The Twin Dragons!” Hermione cried throwing a fistful of floo powder into the fireplace before getting in. she took a step inside just as her arm was gently pulled back.

“Hermione, stop I’m sorry and we both over reacted, lets just hurry and get the children ready with magic and we can go. Please Harry isn’t here, this will be the first night I see him in five months, and I need someone right now. I need my best friend.” Ginny whispered her blue eyes tearing up as she apologized.

“its alright Gin, I understand come on lets hurry up. I miss Draco just as much as you miss Harry.” Hermione said pulling out her wand and summoning the children. She and Ginny began to straighten out ties and bows making the children squeal with laughter or anger.

“Showtime.” Hermione said lifelessly as she stepped into the fireplace with three of Ginny’s children.




Draco looked up as the fireplace blazed green and was once again disappointed to see that Hermione was not the one stepping out, he slouched even lower in his chair at this point his chin was practically touching the mahogany table.

“Draco stop slouching like that, that table is mahogany!” Narcissa chided waggling a long pale finger at him. He sighed heavily and pulled himself upright but he was still slouching. He closed his eyes and his most favorite memory of Hermione was painted onto his eyelids. One year ago to the day Hermione had died and come back to life, and when she awoke Draco was the first to see her beautiful eyes look up into his. She had never looked more beautiful than she had on that day.

“I’m sorry everyone but it seems like Hermione and Ginny wont be joining us tonight so lets just order or meals and move on.” Narcissa said tightly she too was extremely annoyed with Hermione, Hermione was never late. Unless there was an emergency, she hastily stood up and ran towards the fireplace where, she crashed into the damned Hermione Granger who was giving her a sheepish smile.

“Hey Cissy.” she grinned shyly.

“Goodness child your almost an hour late we've gone through five breadbaskets already!” Narcissa rebuked pulling Hermione and the small children with her to the ginormous table where everyone was waiting.

“Look who I found!” Narcissa said pulling an embarrassed Hermione from behind her. Hermione stumbled forward and turned as bright and red as a tomato as she saw just how many people had been invited to the dinner.

“I’m sorry I’m late, we kept running into trouble with the kids and skirts and such.” Hermione choked out while blushing madly. Her eyes searched the table, she was met by the intense green eyed gaze of her best friend Harry and of so many others, but none of her Draco.

“Um, not to be blunt, but where's Draco?” she asked as a few claps of thunder made her jump in her shoes and shiver.

“He went outside to get some fresh air.” Harry said standing up as he saw Ginny and their magnificent children running around her.

“Okay thanks Harry.” Hermione called as she walked briskly towards a grand staircase, she had no idea why, but she had a feeling that's where Draco would be. She nearly yelped as another roll of thunder and a smack of thunder caused the lights to flicker on and off for a while. Taking a deep breath, she continued her march up the marble stairs.

“Draco? Draco, babe are you up here?” she called out hoping to see Draco but it seemed that the entire second floor was deserted. She walked back down the stairs shaking with every thunder and lightning strike.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a flash of platinum blonde hair from out of a window, shedding her fears as the door Hermione flew out into the rain and thunder hoping to catch him before he left.

“DRACO!” she cried out hoping he had heard her as she ran through the cold pouring rain drenching her shoes and dress. “DRACO!” she cried out again but as she rounded the corner no one was there, she sighed and leaned against the cool hard brick and allowed for a few tears to fall down her cheeks knowing they would be camouflaged by the rain drops that were attacking her face.

She stayed there for a few minutes before walking back inside where a group of witches and wizards were drying off the wet customers with a few drying spells. She must have looked horrible because a kind looking employee grabbed her by the arm and lead her to the bathroom where she cleaned up Hermione so that she looked almost like she did when she had walked in from the fireplace.

“thank you.” Hermione said gratefully flashing the girl the brightest smile she could manage.

“Go.” was all she said before Hermione opened the door and jogged out to the dining area once more when she saw him, he was marching towards the fireplaces, his hair and clothes perfectly dry. Kicking off her shoes Hermione ran as fast as she could towards Draco who was getting nearer to the fireplaces.

“DRACO!” she cried out as he lifted a handful of floo powder from a small pot, he threw the powder in and said the name of the place. His foot had just touched the floor of the fireplace when he was attacked by Hermione and they both tumbled into the fireplace and disappeared in a flash of green light.



“Bloody Hell, that bloody hurt.” Draco growled as he tumbled into his living room, clutching Hermione to his chest. Her heart was still hammering from her run and he could feel each of her heartbeats against his chest. “Hermione, are you alright?” he asked as Hermione curled away from him so she could take in a few deep breaths.

“Im-im fine just-just out of shape.” Hermione gasped sitting up.

“I think you're in perfect shape.” Draco replied latching an arm onto her slender waist and pulling her back onto the cool tile he was laying on.

“Im sorry.” Hermione whispered cuddling closer to him, trying to steal some of his body heat she was still cold from her run in the rain.

“For what?” he asked although he knew exactly just what he was apologizing for.

“For being an hour late.” Hermione replied, he could hear the shame and guilt in her voice.

“Its alright I forgive you, you know I can never stay mad at you.” Draco whispered against her neck.

“Thanks.” she whispered as Draco leaned over her and kissed her for the first time in three months. “I missed you so much while you were gone.” she said taking him trying to see if anything had changed.

“I know, I missed you to.” he told her kissing her again, not being able to get enough. They stayed like that tangled in each others arms just kissing and being the happiest they had been since Draco and Harry had been sent on their mission to South America.


“Hermione?” Draco asked standing up and pulling up Hermione as well.

“Yes dear?” she asked gazing up into his gray blue eyes.

“Will you marry me?” he asked kneeling down on one knee.



OMG totally predictable and everything oh well rate review read and love Harry Potter
(Disclaimer i do not own Harry Potter or anything affiliated  it, i only own my plot)
























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