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Flashbacks *Part TWO in The Dream Series* by Magnolia
Chapter 30 : Chapter 30
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................At the ministry..................

"Hello Ms. Windell"

"Hello Minister."

"What brings you to............?”

Dumbledore plopped in.


"Hello Cornelius!"

"Minister the reason we're here is.........."

Then Sirius came in.

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed fudge

"Calm down Minister." said Sirius in a gruff voice "Relax I am unarmed. I'm here for my trial"

"Hello Black."

“Cornelius, when would be the best time? I believe Sirius would like it as soon as possible.”

Sirius nodded

"Well Ms. Windell, Professor, I believe if I get a court together, and alert the press......."

"He would prefer a private trail Cornelius."


"A private trail if you please."

Fudge grumbled and then walked out of the room. When he re entered he was fallowed by a few others, and 3 dementors. He set a bottle down on the table and said "Drink it"

“Cornelius those aren’t nessicary” said Dumbledore who had never been a big fan of Dementors.

“Just a precaution Professor.”

“Cornelius, please?”


Sirius picked up the bottle and began to drink.

"What is you're name" asked fudge

"Sirius Orion Black"

"Where were you born?"


"Who is your best friend?"

"Remus Lupin"

"Who was your best friend?"

"James Potter"

"Were you James' Secret Keeper?"


"Was Peter Pettigrew his secret keeper?"


"Did you murder 13 people with one curse?"


"Are you, or have you ever been one of Voldemort’s spies."


"Did Ms. Windell really see you the day you came bursting she came bursting in my


Then he turned to Elizabeth.

"Ms. Windell I believe I owe you and apology"

"You do?"

"Yes, you spent several months in St. Mungo's that were unnecessary. And for that I

Elizabeth frowned 'SO now they REALIZE I'm SANE!’ she thought

"It's quite alright minister." She lied

Sirius went through several hours of questioning. And then finally Fudge said

"Alright you win. You're free."

Elizabeth had never been so happy (Well unless you count the day Sirius proposed.)

Sirius had a look of pure joy on his face. He shook hands with Fudge, and then after a few more hours of talking they left the ministry and headed back to Hogwarts.

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