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Vinco Vici Victum by TearsIMustConceal
Chapter 1 : Conquer and Destroy
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Disclaimer; I own nothing, it all belongs to JK.


Footsteps echoed loudly through the deserted, stone corridor as she hurriedly made her way to the Slytherin Common Room, careful not to run into anyone she did not want to see. Daphne Greengrass hastily wiped the falling tears from her eyes, which were falling at a steady rate, marring her beautiful face with streaks of black mascara. Finally coming to the portrait, she whispered the password, quickly before she ran through the common room, ignoring the students who were milling about on the forest green couches that littered the dark and gloomy home of the Slytherin’s. Once up the stairs and safe in the confinements of her bed, she drew the curtains and allowed herself to cry into her soft, green pillow.

Memories of what had just occurred in the Great Hall only five minutes before played vividly in the forefront of Daphne’s mind, repeating over and over again, like a needle playing over a scratch on a record. They were to be married, her perfect sister and him. Astoria had sat across from her, a sly, knowing smirk playing on her lips as Draco spoke about their impending marriage, seemingly blissfully unaware of his new fiancée’s scheming. The fair haired boy had continued to talk even as Daphne had stood up from the table, only pausing for a brief second to watch her before continuing on. Walking hurriedly through the Great Hall, she kept her head held high as she exited the room, passing beady eyes and sniggering mouths as she went.

It was her who was meant to marry Draco. She was meant to be the future Mrs Malfoy. Mrs Daphne Malfoy. It was a name she had been replaying in her head for the past year, a name that she had finally gotten used to, a name she now believed suited her. And now that name was meaningless, worthless and never to be used. And all because of her selfish, devious older sister.

And it hurt.

She didn’t love Draco, she knew that. She wasn’t stupid enough to think that she would love him straight away but she knew she could grow to love him, would grow to love him, much like both their parents had done. But even so, the knowledge that her sister as now taking her place was like knives piercing Daphne’s stomach.

She had come to terms with his arrogance, his uncanny ability to make any situation worse by merely opening his mouth and his determination to make Potter look like a prat, which failed on almost all occasions. She had learned to deal with all of this and to keep a smile on her face, ready with comforting, soothing words ready for when he stormed into the common room, blazing with anger after another confrontation with Potter. All that time and effort, gone to waste and Daphne was livid.

She hated Astoria, she always had done. She couldn’t think of a time when she hadn’t felt some sort of extreme dislike towards her sister, even when they were little girls, pigtails in their hair. She had never truly been able to say she loved Astoria. Maybe it was because of her cunning ways, her feigned innocence or her instant demand to have all attention be on her to moment she walked into a room. Or maybe it was simply because Astoria got everything she wanted with a flash of her perfect smile. Daphne couldn’t pin point it exactly but it was there and it ate away at her constantly. And now it was more present than ever, especially when her mind thought back to her sister’s smug face.

Anger bubbled up inside Daphne just at the thought. The tears had long stopped now she sat up in her bed, cross legged as she stared at nothing in particular. He had to do something. Something to stop her sister from marrying Draco.

Daphne would become Mrs Malfoy.

She had to be. She had put too much time and effort into the youngest Malfoy and there was no way she was going to let it go to waste. There was no way in Hades she was going to let Astoria steal her moment in the spotlight.

No way.


A month had come and gone and Daphne finally had the answer she had been looking for, the answer to solve the one problem in her life, Astoria. All she needed now was the means to go ahead with her grand plan. Heading swiftly down the corridors, her pace visibly quickened the closer she got to her destination and it was only as she reached it that she finally stopped.

She walked the customary three paces in front of the bricked wall and took a step back as she watched the dark, ominous doors appear in front of her eyes. Checking that she was not being watched, she slipped inside the room and shut the door quietly behind her. She glanced upon the room she was standing in and wriggled her nose in disgust. The place was filthy but she had expected nothing less when she pictured the image in her mind, it was exactly like the dusty old cellar that resided underneath her manor house.

Walking around cautiously, she allowed herself time to recognise the layout, where all the objects where placed until her eyes fixated upon the one item she was looking for. A smirk was now present on Daphne’s lips as she walked to the item, reaching out to touch the soft, silky material, which felt like heaven under her fingertips. The pale blue robes in front of her were the final part of her plan. They would be the downfall of Astoria Greengrass, that and her unending vanity.

The object safely tucked way and concealed by her robes, Daphne made her way to the Astronomy Tower, the smile unable to leave her face as she headed to one of the most secluded areas in Hogwarts, the perfect place for Daphne to carry out her plans undisturbed. Astoria was to meet her there, given that the first year she had passed the note to, actually gave her sister the piece of parchment. Once both of them were in the Astronomy Tower, alone, that was when Daphne would strike. Astoria would have no idea what was coming to her.

Waiting patiently in the tower, it gave Daphne time to think everything over. Her mind was moving ten thousand miles a minute, the thoughts whizzing around, consuming her entire being, as they had done for the past month. Was she ready to go through with her plan and face the consequences of her actions afterwards? Was she really strong enough to carry out her plans? Or would she back out and allow her sister to take the one thing she has ever wanted away from her? But the most important was the hardest one to ask:

Was she strong enough?

Daphne was in two minds. She wasn’t a bad person, underneath it all. Yes, she was Slytherin but not everyone in Slytherin was a natural born killer, some merely wanted to get on with life. Daphne had been one of those students, happy to drift along in life, hoping to avoid confrontation and danger if she could. But Astoria had tipped her over the edge and there was no coming back from that point.

The clicking of heels brought Daphne back to current situation and she let a smile grace her features as her sister came into view.

“Astoria, I’m so glad you came,” Daphne walked to her sister, greeting her with open arms, which Astoria returned.

“You do realise we could have spoken in the common room? I would have gotten Draco to make everyone leave so we could be alone.”

Daphne ignored to mention of Draco, not allowing her sister to pull her usual stunt in winding her up, so much so, she finally snapped. It never ended well for either Greengrass sister. Instead, she plucked a bottle of champagne and two glasses from behind the chest Daphne had been sitting on and waved it enticingly in front of Astoria, knowing full well she was not going to turn the offer of a drink down.

A smile lit up Astoria’s face for a mere moment before it changed back into its usual, customary smirk. “Well, aren’t you just a cutie?”

Daphne refrained from unleashing a scathing insult on her sister and ignored her patronising tone, allowing the words to wash over her. Pouring them both a glass of the expensive champagne, she held out a flute to Astoria, who gratefully accepted. “To the soon to be Mrs Malfoy in a week’s time.”

Astoria grinned at the words and clinked her glass against Daphne’s before delicately sipping the liquid. Daphne watched on with curiosity as her sister continued to drink. It was at this moment that she knew everything was going to come together. Her plan was definitely going to work.

It had taken Daphne a month to brew the polyjuice potion, a month of sitting on the cold, hard stone floor in the third floor girl’s bathroom, ignoring the shrieking voice of Moaning Myrtle night after night as she brewed the time consuming, vile liquid. It had also taken her a month to learn how to disguise the potion in appearance, taste and the way it worked. Everyone underestimated Daphne but she was a smart girl. An extremely smart girl. And it showed. She had transformed the lumpy green consistency of the potion into something much more desirable and appealing, into a drink that her sister enjoyed.


Daphne was proud of herself. She had gone to extreme lengths to ensure her plan was fool proof and now she was about to see its results and effects first hand. Whilst her sister kept the champagne flute to her lips, Daphne reached around the chest once more and grabbed the perfectly wrapped present, holding it out to her sister.

“Here’s a little something blue, for one of the four wedding traditions. I hope you like them.” Daphne watched with interest as Astoria tore at the present, unaware that her appearance was changing by the second. Her hair became longer, her eyes a lighter shade of hazel and her skin began to tan. If Astoria had been the observant type, she would have realised the new changes but Daphne knew she wasn’t, she had bet on her ignorance and her bet was finally paying off.

"These robes are beautiful,"

“You should try them on,”

Astoria didn’t need much more encouragement as she shed her school robes and hastily put the silken, blue robes on her slim frame. Daphne watched as the robes fitted themselves to her sister’s form, fitting perfectly. Astoria squealed in delight as she twirled around in them.

“I look amazing,” She turned to Daphne and smiled, “Thank you.”

Daphne smiled as she watched Astoria, who was now a carbon copy of herself, something that she was finding slightly unnerving but she kept her face light and happy, as not to let on that something was happening to her sister.

Astoria continued to twirl until her body became rigid and she stopped. Daphne watched with interest as the smile left Astoria’s face and the silk ties of the robe wound themselves around what was in reality, her own neck. She was witnessing what she would look like if she died and Daphne had to admit that not a lot of people could say that.

“Daphne help,”

Her sister’s voice was raspy and quiet but the desperation was there, loud and clear to Daphne’s ears. She stood still as she observed her sister’s demise in morbid fascination. Daphne thought she would struggle watching her sister die, Astoria was flesh and blood after all but she was surprised that she was not troubled in the slightest. The only feeling Daphne felt was one of victory.

She was winning and her whole body knew it.

The robes continued to strangle the life out of Astoria, who was now teetering by the Astronomy Tower window, close to the edge. One more step and she would be finding herself on the courtyard of Hogwarts. Daphne continued to look on at the scene, only flinching slightly when Astoria’s body finally went still. At that moment, Daphne knew Astoria was dead but before she could step forward to check, her sister’s body fell to the right.

And then she was gone.

Daphne stood still, rigid with shock, amongst other feelings. She had done it, after a month of planning and nightmarish preparation, she had finally seen her plans through. And there was not one ounce of remorse coursing through her body. Walking over to the window of the tower, she peered over the ledge, careful not to make her sister’s mistake of getting too close, and looked down to see her sister sprawled in the courtyard, her perfect hair ruined and her limbs spread at odd angles. It was a strange feeling to behold, seeing your body lie before you, dead and gone and Daphne finally took a step back from the window.

Grabbing her flute of champagne, she downed it quickly and waited for the amber liquid to take effect. Taking a small pocket mirror out of the inside of her robes, Daphne examined her face. Her eyes were now darker, her hair shorter in style and her skin far paler than usual. The smirk she saw was a familiar one, not her own but familiar all the same and she knew her plan had worked.

She was no longer Daphne Greengrass. Daphne Greengrass was lying in the courtyard, having fallen to her death. Daphne Greengrass was never going to marry Draco Malfoy. Daphne Greengrass was now only a memory, a ghost. Just a girl lying broken on the floor.

She was now Astoria Greengrass.

Once again, she was the girl who was going to marry Draco Malfoy.

Her sister had lost.

And she had won.

A/N: So, i had so much fun writing this and as my first challenge piece, i'm pretty proud of it. Reviews are welcomed and would be greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoyed it!

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Vinco Vici Victum: Conquer and Destroy


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