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What Could Have Been by OtherWorldlySecrets
Chapter 1 : A Week Before the Burrow
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AN: If I owned Harry Potter would I be writing here? FYI Bold is ANs and POV switches, Underlines are letters/notes.

*Hermione POV*

    I can’t believe it! I’m finally a seventh year! I can’t wait to get my Hogwarts letter! I hope I’m Head Girl, I’ve worked so hard. Suddenly, my new owl, Pennellopie, flew into my room carrying letters from Ronald, Ginny, and Harry.
As I start reading Ronald’s letter, I get disappointed. He’s trying to ask me out again. We went out after the battle, but I broke things off a month later. I know that may seem cold-hearted, but things weren’t going very well between us. We fought over the tiniest of things, such as where to go for dates, or how much time I could spend in the library or the bookshop. I did it to preserve our friendship. We've been friends too long to part ways after a silly relationship went bad. Sadly, both he and Molly want us to get back together, I’ll explain to her when I get to the Burrow tomorrow why I won’t get back with him.

    Ginny’s letter is exciting news! Apparently Harry asked her out when he arrived last week. I know what you’re thinking, “Doesn’t she normally get there before Harry?” I do, but this year, I’ve decided that I want to spend one last summer with my parents before I finish school and get my own place to live. Well, back to Ginny, I’ll have to get her to tell me everything when I get there!
Harry’s letter is… interesting. I don’t know what to make of it… apparently Malfoy owled him, trying to make friends. I guess it can’t be all that bad, his family did switch sides after the war.

    Suddenly, an owl that I don’t recognize flies into my room. I detach the letter from its leg and am surprised by who it’s from. The one and only Draco Malfoy! I start reading the letter, and have to sit down from what I’m reading. Malfoy wants to be friends. He’s apologizing for being cruel for the past seven years. He’s telling me that he thought what he was doing would win his father’s favor. Apparently he just discovered that his father’s Death Eater façade was an act. He wants me to respond soon.

    I’ll write to Harry and tell him what happened. I’ll also tell him that we should probably talk about this at the Burrow when we get the chance. I’ll write to Harry and tell him what happened. I’ll also tell him that we should probably talk about this at the Burrow when we get the chance. Maybe I'll talk to Ronald as well... I hope I can get him to see sense. He probably won't, maybe I'll tell him to try going out with Lavender again. He just needs to talk to her! I tried talking to him, but he would never listen. Everything had to be his way, and there was no room for my intelligent input on how to fix our relationship. If only he would listen to sense… 

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