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As The Days Grow Dark by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 15 : Evaluating the Situation
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Chapter 15

Kristen walked into the Leaky Cauldron, bundled up from the fall weather that was starting to appear. James walked at her side, keeping an eye on her and making sure she didn’t break down. Yesterday had really freaked him out. He’d never seen Kristen so upset before. Now they were meeting with their group of friends for the first time since Samantha and Drake lost their lives. He knew that this wasn’t going to be the most pleasant of social gatherings.

The table was relatively empty as they approached it. It was their usual table and every other time they had met like that it had been overcrowded. Now the only people who sat there were Andrew, Taylor, Fred, Jessica, Kailey, Jason, and Kim. It looked awkward without Samantha, Drake, Louis, and Alyssa. Kristen shuttered as she sat down.

“Hi,” she said, smiling weakly, trying to put on a strong face.

Kristen was one of those people who didn’t like to show how weak and vulnerable she could be. So she just pretended that she was handling the situation just fine even though she wasn’t.

“How are you?” Kailey asked from across the table.

“I’ve been better.”

Everyone was silent for a little while. It seemed so awkward and empty without the four faces that had previously joined them. This killer was really fucking up their lives.

“Do you think the same person who killed everyone else killed Samantha and Drake?” Jessica asked, even though she was pretty sure she already knew what everyone’s answers would be.

“I do,” Fred replied, “There have been way too many deaths for it to be a coincidence.”

“There’s only one problem,” Kim stated, “The killer who has been killing everyone else has always killed everyone. The one who killed Samantha and Drake left their daughter alive.”

“That’s a good point,” Taylor agreed.

“I’m with Fred; it’s way too much of a coincidence. There can’t be two different killers not working together who are both trying to kill the friends and family of the Weasley’s,” Andrew argued, “Maybe the killer was merciful enough to let Maddie live.”

“The killer being merciful?” Jessica asked, shocked that anyone could associate that word with the killer who had committed all of the heinous acts, “They’ve killed seven people so far including Samantha and Drake. I find it a bit difficult for them to be merciful.”

“Maybe they felt that Maddie didn’t deserve to die but Samantha and Drake did,” James suggested.

“How could anyone think that Samantha and Drake deserved to die?” Kailey asked, “They were the nicest people I’ve ever met!”

“While I agree with you Kailey, I think James makes a good point. The killer most likely has a twisted mind. Maybe in their mind, Samantha and Drake did something that they deemed to be terrible. However, Maddie is only a baby and hasn’t done anything terrible yet,” Kristen stated.

Everyone stopped talking for a moment and mulled everything over in their mind. Kristen made a valid point. It was the only thing that everyone could agree on anyway.

“So you’re saying that these people aren’t necessarily bad, but the killer seems to think so?” Kim asked.

Kristen nodded.

“Well then we’re all fucked,” Fred stated.

“How so?” Kailey asked.

“We have no way of knowing who they’re going to target next.”

“Besides, if this killer deems Samantha and Drake, the nicest people I’ve ever met, to be bad, I’m pretty sure each and every one of us is on that list of possible targets,” Kristen added.

“Which means that anyone who has any connection to the Weasley family could be killed next,” Jessica added.

“That means that any of us could be murdered any day now,” James continued.

“And none of us would know it until it was too late,” Kristen finished.




***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) Sorry most of these chapters are so short. Any more ideas on who Raven or Viper are? On who is going to die next? I'd love to know! As always, I hope you continue to read, review, and enjoy this story :D ***

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As The Days Grow Dark: Evaluating the Situation


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