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A Thousand Years by MrsFelton2000
Chapter 2 : Goodbye's and Hello's
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 Last chapter

“When am I meeting them?” I said calmly, hoping that the answer would calm me


My parents looked at each other with fear in their eyes and in unision, said




Hermione’s POV

I looked at my parents In shock. TONIGHT? Who do they think I am? Superwomen? Like I’m going to be able get over it and compose myself by tonight! Black dots began to fill my vision as I thought of worst case scenarios that tonight could turn out as. The ground was fast approaching me but I was completely oblivious.




I groggily opened my eyes to find myself looking right into those all too familiar grey sparkling eyes that look like a storm.


“Malfoy!” I screeched, shooting out of bed only to bang heads with him. “What the hell are you doing in my room? Let alone my house!” what the hell is he doing here? Shouldn’t he be prancing about his manor ordering elves about?


“Firstly, OW!” he exclaimed, clutching his now red forehead. Oops. “And secondly, I’m here because the Zabini’s couldn’t make it to meet you due to a family emergency. They wish for you to come to Zabini Manor to see them instead.”


Draco’s POV

What the hell? I come to Granger’s with farther to collect her and instead I get a headache. The reason that the Zabini’s couldn’t make was because Blaise passed out in the morning and still hasn’t woken up but judging by the fact that Granger had also passed out, I think it has something to do with their twin connection.


I studied the girl before me, she looked like a girl version of Blaise. She had long black hair that stopped at her waist and sweet bangs covering her forehead and falling into her eyes which were the Zabini signature bright electric violet. Her skin was tanner and she had a cute button nose right in the centre of her face. Her full pink luscious lips were parted and held a slight pout which made him want to caress her lips with his. Her figure was a lot more curvy from her previous one and she had shrunk size quite a lot from 5.8 to a shocking 5.1. Her tank top clung to her figure from the change and her pyjama bottoms were baggier and longer than before because her legs had gotten smaller and thinner. Overall she was everything he wished for.




“Sorry, did you say something?” asked Hermione, confused. Damn, did I say that out loud?


“Oh err.. no” I stuttered, hoping that she won’t carry on pestering me about it.


“ oh, ok. What time is it?”


“A little after 6” I said, checking my watch.


“WHAT?!” she exclaimed “Are we going to Zabini Manor?” She looked so cute when she was like this; flushed cheeks, blazing eyes and her hands firmly resting on the womanly curves of her hips.


“Yeh, your real parents want to meet you and maybe if you’re okay with it, move in wi…”

I was cut off by Hermione’s mum calling us

“ Hermione, Draco, the Zabini’s are here!”


 “ I guess it’s show time! Don’t worry you’ll be fine, the Zabini’s are wonderful people, I’ve known them since I was a baby!” I said to her as I noticed the look of pure terror on her face.  I grabbed her hand and started to make my way to the door.


Hermione’s POV

“Wait!” I exclaimed.  “I’m still in my pyjamas! You go ahead and I’ll be down in a bit.”


“Ok but if you’re not down within half an hour then I’m going to personally come and drag you down there myself” warned Malfoy. I think over the short time we’ve been together, we’ve silently agreed on a truce.


“Alright then! See you in a bit!” I called after him as he shut the door.


I quickly made a mad run around my room looking for clothes to fit me because they were either too long or too tight. Finally finding something to wear, I threw them on and moved to my grand dressing table which had a beautiful white wooden mirror attached to it. I grabbed my wand and cast a quick scourgify spell and magically straightened my long dark tresses. I applied some top and bottom liner, a few strokes of mascara and a thin layer of my favourite cherry pink glossy lip gloss which tasted of cherries. I put on my favourite dangly bell earrings and the matching necklace and a few odd bracelets and quickly scurried to my full length mirror for a once over.

I was wearing a pair of dark denim shorts that stopped very high up on my thigh and a short union jack t-shirt that you tie up at the bottom. Looped through my denim jeans was my silvery chain belt and on my feet I had a pair of red vans. Satisfied with my look, I stuffed my wand in my back pocket and made my way downstairs.


When I entered the room, everyone turned to greet me, a few gasps and sniffles sounded from the group of people before me. There were more people than I expected; My adoptive parents, Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, a man who I presumed to be my farther and a beautiful woman who I presumed to be my mother.


“My baby!” cried out the beautiful woman who burst into tears. Watching her cry made me begin to tear up as she pulled me into a tight embrace.


“Mother?” I whispered in a broken voice.


“Yes baby,” and at them words I burst into tears, not caring that every eye was trained on us.


As we broke away from each other, I looked up to meet the gaze of my real farther who had unushed tears in his eyes.


“Farther?” I cried as he pulled me into yet another tight embrace.


I felt him nod his head vigorously as we held onto eachother.


When I broke away from him I saw Blaise Zabini standing awkwardly next to Malfoy with his hands stuffed in his pocket like Malfoy. He had a sort of gothic look to him, dark yet warm and welcoming. He was wearing black skinnies, a tight black Goth band t-shirt and all black converse. He had shaggy black hair and the same electric violet eyes as me. He had a pierced ears and an eyebrow piercing. He had a stray tear trickling down his cheek as he watched me stare into his face.


I tentatively walked towards him. When I was with in reaching space, he reached out and grabbed me, pulling me into yet another tight embrace. We held onto each other more longer as we twins made up for lost time.


“Aww, look at them Adie, they’re already bonding as brother and sister.” Whispered an overjoyed Daniele (Mr Zabini)


Everyone giggled as me and Blaise carried on embracing, oblivious to what was going on. Soon enough we broke away and gave each other a broad grin.


“Let’s all sit down, anyone up for a cup of tea?” Asked my adoptive mum.

Several hands raised and with that, she scurried off to the kitchen.


“So, honey, would you like to know your real name?” asked my excited mother.


“yes please!” I said


“Your name is Adella Marie Zabini but we were wondering if you would like a nick name from us.”


“Dibs on calling you Ads and only I can call you that if that’s okay!’” said an excited Blaise who was sitting next to me


“Dibs on calling you Della and just to be clear only I can call you it!” said Draco from my other side (over the short time when we silently agreed on a truce, a friendship of sorts was formed)


“ okay, as long as I can call you Dray.” I said sweetly.


He nodded his head “Dray…I like that!”


“Okay then… we adults shall call you Ella!” exclaimed mother.


Just then my adoptive mother came back in with a tray of several steamy cups of tea. She handed a cup to its respective person and sat down in the only empty chair.


“Splendid now I’d just like to say a few things on behalf of my family.” Begin Lucius who hadn’t spoken yet. “Ella, we are terribly sorry for the way we have treated you in the past and we hope that we can put it behind us”


“Yes, we were blinded by our old ways and do hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive us.”


“Della, I’m sorry for being such a prick during most of Hogwarts. I never thought about what I did then and right now, looking back, I really do regret it. I hope we can become good friends though!” said a regretful Draco.


“Mr and Mrs Malfoy, I assure you, no such things should be said, I totally forgive you guys! Dray, I forgive you too, I guess we were just young and blinded by our old ways. Of course we can become friends!”


At that I turned to him and gave him a quick hug. He smiled shyly at me and averted his gaze to the ground.


“Dear, please, don’t call me Mrs Malfoy! Call me Cissa!”


“And you can call me Lucius, You wouldn’t want to be so formal with your Godparents now would you?!”


“My what now?!” I exclaimed. Wow, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy are my godparents.


“Your Godparents.” Repeated my mother. “Cissy and Lucius are your Godparents and Severus is Blaise’s Godfather.”


“Wow.” One word to describe my feelings. 


2 hours later


“Oh would you look at the time!” exclaimed my mother suddenly. “we’re terribly sorry jean but we must get going, it’s very late. Thank you for allowing Ella to move in with us, it really means a lot. No then my dearies,” she said directing her attention to me, Blaise and Draco. “Ella, You go upstairs and pack and you two can go help her to make it quicker.”


“Okay.” We all said in unision. And with that we got up and headed for the stairs.


Draco’s POV


Adella opened the door to her room and we all filed in. I was quite amazed by how big the room was. It was bigger than I thought, I guess I under estimated muggles. It was a large purple and black four wall room with a large oak four poster bed in the middle of the left wall. Her blanket was a deep rich purple and her comforter was made of black silk with floral black thread pattern on it which matched her pillow cases. She had a bedside table on one side of the bed and a large chest of drawers on the other. Both drawers and bedside table had many framed photos of Adella (as Hermione) and her adoptive parents and pictures of her, Potter and Weasley. In the corner by the door was large bookshelf (of course) that went from floor to ceiling, jam packed with books. She had random piles of more books against the wall beside it and around it.  On the wall facing the door was a large window framed with black silk curtains that had large purple flowers all over it.  The floor was laminate flooring of a rich oak colour and in the centre of the room was a large fluffy purple rug which had a ugly squashed face cat sleeping in the centre.  There was a grand dresser pushed up into the middle of the wall on the right hand side and a door in the far corner and a door next to the dresser. The walls were purple except for the window wall which had shiny black and silver striped wallpaper.


“Nice room you got here.” I said, truly in awe at the magnificent room.


“Thanks. It took for ever to decorate. I’m really going to miss it...” she trailed off as she ran her fingers across the old books on her shelf.


“Oh! That reminds me, every bedroom in the manor changes to suit the persons liking so when you go in there, it can replicate this room if you wanted it to and if you get bored of it you can change it to how you like!” exclaimed Blaise. Man, that guys great. I’m so glad he’s my best mate.


“Oh my god! That’s awesome! Okay then let’s start packing!” she announced and set to work by pulling out a trunk and dragging it over to the door in the corner. We followed her in and to our amazement; it was a closet full of Adella’s clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it! I had to say though she had great clothes that she would look hot in.


She waved her wand and everything went into the trunk, neatly folded or packed.


“How does it all fit in there?” asked a confused Blaise.


“Undetectable expansion charm and it also has a charm on it so that it’s as light as a feather!” said a happy Della who picked up her trunk and marched out with us in tow.


“How can we help?” I asked, feeling bad at how me and Blaise were just standing there as she did all of the work.


“Well if you don’t mind could you pack my books please?”


“Sure.” we said and set to work


Soon enough, all of Della’s belonging were neatly packed in her amazing trunk. We all made our way downstairs to greet the adults in the corridor.


Hermione’s POV

My departure from the Grangers was tearful. I love yous, hugs and thank yous were exchanged and I had promised to write and visit them as much as I could and with that, each teenager held onto an adult and we apperated away.



Authors note

Thank you those of you few people that have read this so far.  This chapter was a bit longer than the first so there you go. I would really love some more reads especially reviews because I only have one so far so thanks Naomi. Please please please review, it’ll help me be more motivated to carry on writing!! So you feed that box down there what it deserves!!!

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A Thousand Years: Goodbye's and Hello's


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